By Clyde Lewis

We think, therefore we are. As a man thinks so he is. We think that our thoughts are private. We may be seeing a time where are thoughts may not be our own. We may even have thoughts that are planted. We may have unpopular thoughts that are exploited. Ugly thoughts that are expressed out loud. Are there times where the mind becomes a menace to the society at large?

It has been said that truth is the first casualty of war. However it seems that everyone wants to choose the truth that best fits his or her philosophy today. truth has become subjective in times of war. It also can be said that other casualties are beginning to surface. Opinion and individuality are being sacrificed in some social groups and the struggle is not in the fear of who will strike next but in who will lash out verbally and raise to the surface thoughts that are so loathed that they end up being legislated.

There are a courageous few who try to bring this up and are met with hostilities. This of course is all a part of the other war within the war. The war between the intellect and the soul. Some make arguments based on conscience and others can't see past the waving flags and cart wheeling clowns. Most can't see past the boiling hatred and collective vengeance for lives lost and the voluminous tragedies that are a fact of the war.

This is where we must stop and ask ourselves when does the hate stop and the actions begin? Are actions more powerful than thought? Is expression against the majority a crime against the consensus opinion? Are the opinions we have a product of experience or have they been formed by well thought out mental grooming?

The bombardment of propaganda and well thought out speeches do not erase the fact that perpetual war is unhealthy. It solves nothing. It merely breeds more hate. It may not surface immediately and the underlying resentment can affect generations.

The grooming of the police state has begun and the end result is the inevitable servitude that is given out of fear.

It is irritating to read opinions that are different from your own. Your beliefs are well groomed by your environment, education, and life experience. There are some of those loose facts that can slip by you and when they reveal themselves they sometimes can humiliate you.

You say, "How could have I been so stupid?" Or "How was I to know that this was going to happen?"

People are only people and when they are caught up in life's obstacles they can fall asleep at the watch and wind up paying the devil to get out of their hell.

Deals with the devil patch things up temporarily but the wound remains and the scab that covers it can always be picked away showing the puss filled contusion that originally existed.

Thoughts are the same way.

Our thoughts are our own to an extent. However it must be realized that there are many of us that do not bother to think for ourselves. We have wounded souls that we have to patch up quickly. We must get over hurt, we must push ourselves when we are spent and we don't allow ourselves time to think before we act.

That is why some of the worst decisions are made during crisis.

Some people don't even bother to think and hope that someone can do the thinking for them. Noam Chomsky calls it "the manufacture of consent." It is the act of using tools to control the bewildered herd.

Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, once stated:

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it."

The scary part about the war is that propaganda and the perceived opinion often mislead the bewildered herd.

It is subtle mind control.

Human instinct is to survive.

Yet in this new war on terrorism we not only fear the attack but we want to perpetuate it at the same time.

That is confusing.

Survival instinct breeds fear when we are confronted with the possible attack, yet the mind control of the bewildered herd brainwashes large groups into thinking that the only way to eliminate fear is to continue to attack. This guarantees a retaliatory response and life ceases to exist at Ground Zero.

So it is a vicious circle. It is the picking of the scab.

You want to live and you're willing to die trying.

Oh the curse of Doublethink.

What colors do you see?

Blue Red Green Yellow

Now you see how confusing that is. However with enough conditioning you could easily get used to the new way of thinking.

The propaganda industry during wartime is purposefully generated to get a reaction out of you. It is there to get you to change your mind about a group of people and their intent.

For example the "Cold War" was first used as a tool of manufactured paranoia about a Soviet Strike against the United States. With enough conditioning it was possible to make our allies into enemies after World War II.

Now we are friends with the Russians and all is well again.

There was never a Nuclear strike against the United States from the Soviet Union yet we were brainwashed into thinking that it was going to happen.

The Cold War eventually became very real.

However it seems that it was a self-fulfilling manipulation.

How did it start?

Well the truth may surprise you and then again it may not.

As the Second World War was coming to an end Wehrmacht Colonel Reinhard Gehlen served as chief of Nazi Intelligence and he began to see the writing on the wall. The Nazis were about to meet their doom and Gehlen was out to make plans for the future.

He had already amassed a great deal of Russian intelligence after interrogating and butchering some four million Russian prisoners. It was then that he plotted course that would darken the world for at least another 50 years.

He ordered his senior officers to secretly microfilm the stories he had collected. He then put the information in airtight drums. They were later buried in secret locations in the Austrian Alps.

Gehlen then gave himself up to the Allies.

Under interrogation Gehlen made a deal. He and his staff cut a deal with the OSS and the Pentagon to absorb his information and his expertise. As part of the deal, his name was stricken from Nazi POW lists. Gehlen created the "Gehlen Org" and moved it to West Germany in 1955.

This was in direct contravention of the Yalta Accord. He was a war criminal and the accord demanded delivery to the Russians of all Axis officers involved in Eastern Front atrocities.

It was a sly manipulation by a crafty Nazi spy. We of course we were allied with the Russians against the Nazis. America later switched sides to ally with Nazis against Russia.

The Gehlen Organization played a role in the creation of the "missile gap," providing CIA with reports on Soviet missile developments supposedly based on contacts with German scientists captured by the Russians at the end of the war.

Gehlen was known to exaggerate Military capabilities of the Soviets stating that they were combat ready with a ten to one advantage over western forces massed to attack west Germany as early as 1946. However the truth was far more mundane. The troops were overextended, battle weary with no numerical advantage and with half their transport vehicles drawn by horses.

Yet the propaganda continued to create a Soviet bogeyman that was basically created under the manipulations of a liar. The soul purpose of Gehlen's works were to increase the chances of a Military conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States.

The eventual outcome would have been the destruction of the two superpowers that brought down the Nazis.

Our virtual destruction would have been carried out based on a lie.

How sad that we do not learn from the manipulations of the power elite.

So many people don't think for themselves, and the ideas that are fed to them though various forms of media are very hard to resist.

So they tune out any opinion that just doesn't seem to fit with the manufactured consent.

Does anyone remember the affects of manufactured fear before the July fourth celebrations of July 4th 2002?

Polls were taken before the event and after it was continually broadcast that there may be a symbolic attack. The majority of the American people were convinced that something was going to happen.

Something did happen but it wasn't as dramatic as Americans were led to think.

Or was it?

Americans were immediately treated to a breaking news story. The Firecrackers had not even popped and the barbecues were not even lit when the news of a shooting at the El Al ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport came over the wires on July 4th.

The corpse of the suspect Hashem Mohamed Hadayet wasn't even tagged when the Israeli government called it a terrorist action. This in spite of initial reports that the suspect may have been a disgruntled former employee.

These statements also contradicted the reports made by local, state, and federal officials, who demonstrated that there was no evidence that it was a terrorist attack. Then came the claims that he was tied to Al Qaeda. In fact the Israelis and the conservative media did everything but call it a 911 lite.

This had all of the elements of a personal grudge and yet Hadayet was immediately labeled a terrorist because he was an Egyptian-born Muslim, who turned up at the counter of the Israeli national airline, heavily armed, and started shooting.

Then came the idea that the shooting was "hate based".

We were already trying to piece together the thoughts of a dead Muslim.

The guy had a failing business; he was angry and took out his frustrations with a gun.

However our collective prejudice will probably assume that this was a terrorist attack. Perhaps we want to believe that we can read the mind of a dead man.

Maybe we should put his dead brain behind bars.

So I guess that if it was a terrorist attack then Muslims who blow themselves up in Israel shoot up airports in the U.S. If this is a consorted effort to bring terror to airports again then surprise, surprise the security checks are worthless.

Now if you think the 4th of July was full of fear and paranoia you probably can't wait for the anniversary attacks that will happen on September 11th 2002.

I can promise that it will be the headlines in the next few weeks.

As a matter of fact I can write the headline myself:

Anniversary Attack: Security Alert for 911

Osama Bin laden is still alive and vows to attack United States on September 11th.

FBI intelligence reports that Osama Bin laden is indeed alive and he and his merry band of Al Queda terrorists are planning a series of horrifying attacks on American, British and Israeli targets on the Anniversary of the Attacks on New York and Pentagon.

Intelligence reports state that communications were overheard at a 7-11 that Osama has big bombs that can easily blow up and stuff.

People are advised to remain vigilant.

Stay glued to your television sets so that we can tell you what to think, whom to hate, and what course of action you need to support.

Waving your flag will console you for a few minutes however it may be best if you take a few Tylenol and crawl back into bed.

However you may want to fill up your SUV with Arab gas and drive into the mountains, find a steep cliff and relive that moment from the movie Thelma and Louise.

The President said from an underground bunker "We are a strong country, a powerful country, we are vigilant and we will destroy terror."

If you notice the propaganda is easily decoded and in it's simplest form shows how silly and repetitive it becomes. It is repeated over and over to reinforce your fears and your hate and before you know it you won't even care who we attack. It is obvious to me that this war is nothing but a mass mind crime. It is a non-lethal weapon to get a group of people to hate out of fear.

Once again it fortifies the war within.

John Stuart Mill was a philosopher who lived in the 1800's. The British born writer penned an essay called "On Liberty" where he explained that perhaps the very opinion of dissent you reject should be the one that you should pay attention to. He used Socrates as an example. They put Socrates to death for being a "trouble maker." Socrates challenged the popular opinion criticizing and questioning and being a nuisance.

It seems to be the ugly Irony that those who seek the truth are the very people that will reject it if it does not fit with their ideologies.

"In America the majority raises formidable barriers around the liberty of opinion; within those barriers a person may say or write what he pleases, but woe to him if he goes beyond them. "-Alex de Tocqueville

It has been reported that the Iraqi State media quoted Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan as saying that American Muslims are praying for an Iraqi victory in a war with the United States.

Farrakhan made these comments while visiting Baghdad.

"The Muslim American people are praying to the almighty God to grant victory to Iraq."-- Louis Farrakhan

After his arrival in DAMASCUS Farrakhan visited hospitals as well as the Ameriya Shelter, which was bombed by U.S.-led allied forces during the 1991 Gulf war, reportedly killing about 500 people.

After the comments I was able to flip through talk shows all over the dial. The over-all consensus seems to be that Farrakhan be tried for treason.

There were also a few who stated that if he urges prayer to aid in the destruction of our troops, then he should be tried for hate crimes against the United States.

The same group that wanted "God" Included in our pledge for political reasons is now the same group that wants to hang a man that is using "God" for his own political agenda.

Now do we want him tried on a thought crime? Are we going to imprison him for his religious beliefs?

Louis Farrakhan has used his American right to dissent. However it is beginning to look a lot like thoughts are being dangerously judged. This leads to a slippery slope of legislated thought. Freedom of Speech comes under fire, and freedom to think is being analyzed.

Especially unpopular thought.

Some of the best thoughts are written thoughts. There is no doubt that what you read and your choices of entertainment are also under a microscope. Some books are written with views you believe in. Others are written with views that may enrage, or inspire. Some are written out of protest. There are others that have material that is considered objectionable by the consensus.

FBI investigators are covertly visiting libraries and checking reading records of people they suspect are in league with terrorists. They have been granted the permission to spy in this manner by the Patriot Act, signed into law by President Bush last October.

Yet on the 4th of July we celebrated our Independence.

A day set-aside for the celebration of independent thought and the triumph of the right to a free mind.

Our whole celebration on the 4th of July is set aside to think about and ponder the ideologies that had their roots in dissent and revolution. Without Freedom of thought, or the freedom of dissent there wouldn't have been independence and no America.

To contrast the spirit of the age old 1776 with that of modern America, the revolutionary war would have been a non-event.

Think about it-- major media would have protected the political establishment in much the same way that they have ignored the spreading public opposition to the "Patriot Act."

They would have demonized protestors and freedom fighters as anarchists, troublemakers, and dare I say it? Terrorists.

They would have labeled Paul Revere as an alarmist, and a doom monger. Bill O'Riley and Rush Limbaugh would have criticized him for telling people that the sky was falling, when he was sounding the alarm for the invasion.

We probably would see Revere being chased by Police agencies on a special addition of COPS!

He would then be a fugitive fleeing from justice.

If Patrick Henry were alive today he would have had a Television show. He would have screamed "Give me Liberty or Give me death!"

Later Big corporations like Sears and Sony would have pulled their advertising and then after a huge reprimand Henry's "Politically Incorrect" show would have faced cancellation.

In the meantime Ari Fleicher would get up and smugly state that "all Americans need to watch what they say, watch what they do."

Yes friends any revolutionary thought would then be squashed by Attorney General John Ashcroft.

He would rally the fascist loving people together and state that the revolutionary thoughts scare people and only aid terrorists and erode away the national unity.

The extremists would be the very people who are trying to tell you that something is wrong with today's America, and No God in the Pledge is going to save a country who has forgotten why we were established in the first place. All real Americans who have the revolutionary attitudes are subversives now and are disliked.

The First Amendment gives Americans the right to think about whatever they want. They can think about all evil, profane, holy, and reverent things they want. They can pray for anything they desire. They can worship any God that they want. Even a Satanic God, or a pagan Goddess. They can worship a statue of Christ, or even a Hoover vacuum cleaner and no one should be spied upon, micromanaged or jailed for doing so.

If their evil thoughts are put into practice then they are breaking the law and are jeopardizing the freedom of others. It is not any government's business what ideas we entertain.

However it seems that the Government feels that it is necessary to not only to tell us what to think, but to spy on us when we don't think in the way of the bewildered herd.

Keep your mind where they can't get at it.

Keep it at Ground Zero.


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