By Clyde Lewis

"Flappity, floppity, flip
The mouse on the Mobius strip;
The strip revolved,
The mouse dissolved
In a chronodimensional skip."


One of my listeners pointed me to an article written by Robert Roy Britt called "Mars Won't Kill You." The article sticks to science and this is fine but then it goes on to attack astrologers.

"Planetary doom prognostications pop up again and again because a handful of astrologers and self-anointed visionaries persist in disseminating garbage about how the positions of the planets can affect Earth by generating earthquakes, storms or other catastrophes. The Internet has made publishing of these false claims easy and more frequent".-Robert Roy Britt

Once again I do not doubt scientists, I am just tired at their little jabs at people who use different methods to come up with other ideas to consider.

I always feel like I am being spoken down to and that some all wise scientist has to tell me all the time that there is no Santa Claus. I know that Planet alignments really don't do anything major. I figured that now is the time to find out just why the Planet Mars has a bad reputation.

Just prior to this article I had written an essay stating that Mars would have a Psychological affect on the planet and that if we are to look at past histories you could see why Mars has a nasty reputation.

I mentioned that in the past when Mars has approached there were reports of famine, drought, violent thunderstorms, and cataclysms. There have also been the reports of earthquakes, red tides and other such apocalyptic stuff that has been recorded in antiquity.

I was told by some that these types of things happen every day and that Mars has nothing to do with the natural course of the earth.

I urged my listeners to pay attention to the news and see if there were any transformational events taking place on the planet.

You can bet that I paid close attention to the news to see if there were any transformational events that I could claim to be a "direct hit" during the warrior Planet's approach.

While I could point to thunderings and earthquakes and a black outs as direct hits and transformation events, it would be silly to say that Mars caused this directly. After all, I was nudged a bit and winked at a lot and I even heard Don Imus say that if anything goes wrong we can all blame it on Mars.

However, I will declare that psychologically the planet is definitely being affected. Even though there are the coincidental earthquakes that shook areas without fault lines during Mars approach and a black out that continues to go unexplained I am going to tell you now just what Mars brought to the table when he drew his sword on August 27th, 2003.

Mars brought a Mobius strip into the picture and I will try to explain to you just what I mean.

A Mobius Strip is a continuous one-sided loop that signifies an eternal counter intuitive.

You can create one if you take a rectangular strip and rotate one end 180 degrees and attaching it to the other end.

Using this metaphor is way that I can explain what happened during Mars approach. Every straight line took a 180-degree turn and the "trickster" showed up and demonstrated how frightening the world is and how if we don't change our views it will become a bit more horrific.

I also learned that this 180-degree turn has somehow put me in a chaos state of mind and I am hoping that we are not living in a moment similar to the time before the attacks on the United States.

In order to show you what I mean I need to go back to 2001 a time prior to September the 11th.

This may be a bit familiar so please bear with me.

I want to take you back to a crime that was fueled by religious fanaticism. This was the bombing of the Alfred R. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

During the times of the attack on Oklahoma City there was an alleged "rightist" insurgence that was out to prove that the Clinton administration was a "criminal" government. The Militia movement was in the news and stories about Ruby Ridge and of course Waco were trigger events that had watchdogs wondering if they were going to be targeted by a fascist New World Order.

Timothy McVeigh's religious affiliation with the militant Christian Identity movement was conveniently suppressed by the so-called "liberal media". For the longest time I have declared that the actions of the terrorists at 911 are no more a characteristic of Islam than Timothy McVeigh's actions are of Christianity.

But pay attention.

If I were to tell you that McVeigh's actions are evidence of Christian terrorism I would be labeled anti-Christian. The date of the Oklahoma City bombing is of course the same day of the attacks on the Mt. Caramel Compound at Waco.

McVeigh felt that the attack on the Waco compound was an attack on a group's attempt to worship God how they pleased. He then blew up a federal building to send the message. He was later caught and on June 11th 2001 was executed for his crime.

If you remember there was some concern about his execution after federal investigators disclosed they had failed to turn over thousands of pages of documents to McVeigh's defense team. There were others that were saying that his execution would make him a martyr to the militia movement and those who believe that our government has lost touch with original constitutional values.

Months later the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked allegedly by Muslims who were fueled by strict interpretations of their religious beliefs. So in a matter of months we were seeing the actions of people who became obsessed with aspects of doctrine and dogma acting out their anger and taking innocent lives.

The pattern that I am seeing deals with the approach of Mars, turmoil in Government and an execution of a religious "martyr."

If you recall I related a story in a previous article about my state of mind in 2001 and how I saw Mars in the sky back then and how its appearance was affecting me psychologically.

"The other night I was looking up at the stars and I noticed a large orange ball in the sky and it looked out of place. I thought at first that perhaps it was a flare or a plane that was hovering above. I came to my senses quickly and realized that it had to be the planet Mars.

It had a brilliant orange glow and I stood there transfixed for a moment as I beheld its beauty.

I felt as though I was having some Deja Vu.

I remember two years ago this summer I was walking with my girlfriend at the waterfront near my home and saw the bright reddish orange ball in the sky. It's glow rippled in the waters of the Willamette River.

As my girlfriend and I stared at the sky I broke into some silly romantic train wreck. I speculated out loud that if there was life on Mars, that perhaps two Martian lovers could be staring back at us wondering about how life on earth could be.

Realizing it was some lame attempt at boyish charm she giggled and said that if she were given the opportunity to go to Mars she would pass it up. I asked her why and she replied that she believed that the air on Mars would smell like blood."

After I had contemplated Mars and it's mythological "war" moniker, The United States had just impeached a president, Bush had already made his "Angel in the Whirlwind Speech," McVeigh was executed, and then months later the country was attacked on September 11th. After the attacks we learned that it was an attempt to destroy our financial base, and later we learned that it was a failed decapitation exercise where the terrorists were hoping to kill the President and maybe even congress.

Now here we are in 2003.

Mars has approached, I once again contemplated its war moniker, California is ready to oust its governor, and Bush has already kept his promise about the "Angel in the whirlwind," with his Shock and Awe attacks.

"The Whirlwind was a vehicle for the terror of God. Yahweh was known as the God of the winds. The angel that rode the whirlwind was Metatron.

Metatron became the foremost intermediary between the divine and the human, possessing experiences both of the Earthly and the Heavenly.

He is linked to many legends. He is the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac; wrestled with Jacob; and led the Israelites under Moses out of the wilderness. He was also the keeper of records. He would also be the archivist of the genealogies.

His female equivalent is Shekinah. There are many ways to pronounce the word, but in a chilling coincidence American Soldiers had a new way to pronounce it when we mounted an air attack in March of 2003.

On March 19, 2003 the U.S. military began the war to oust Saddam Hussein. A massive bombardment took place and a decapitation campaign was broadcast on CNN. The name of this attack was called "Shock and Awe."-From N.W.O The Widening Gyre and the Planetary Bargain

We have also created another executed "martyr" for the fringe Christian sects.

Paul Hill.

This case is confounding and the reason is because here we have a Minister that shot and killed an abortion doctor along with his driver. This Minister is executed and those who probably believe in the death penalty protest his execution. This is a transformation exercise where "programming" falls into stalemate.

This can fuel the fires of civil war. Not just any war, but a holy war between philosophies not shared by all Americans, but philosophies that certain Americans want enforced.

Another case where the holy battles are being fought is with the case of what is being called "Roy's Rock," the saga of the Ten Commandments being removed from Alabama's state courthouse. Justice Roy Moore is also being regarded as a hero even though he defied a US Supreme Court order for a monument of the Ten Commandments to be removed from the chambers.

"The courts say our kids can't pray in school, they can't read the Bible in school, we can't have the Ten Commandments posted in a courthouse, and so it goes on. This is what happens when you get just a few folks, these judges, who think they are God and act like God at the expense of God. There's no question religious rights in America are being eroded. I call it the second American Revolution. There is an oligarchy that's trying to rule America, it's called the federal judiciary and it has to be stopped."-Flip Benham

I actually heard a "conservative" talk show host praise Moore for his actions. This was a nationally syndicated host that I thought was supposed to be a "no spin" host?

How would people react if I encouraged an illegal act?

A Gallup poll showed that 77% of people surveyed believe "Roy's Rock" should be put back on display.

In the Book of Psalms there is a scripture that says that a nation is blessed if it chooses the "Lord" as it's God. Those who wish to participate in the new American Holy War of course can use this scripture as evidence that they are correct in standing for what they feel is right.

The problem is that the loose ends are making their stand a bit eerie.

"America must repent and turn to God. It is her only hope of avoiding complete annihilation!"-Reverend Flip Benham

Tensions are high and the vocal of the religious right are saying that there are several signals to show that the war is beginning and the righteous are suffering at the hands of those who want to reject God when he mingles in government affairs. It is becoming more and more apparent that eventually there will be no escape from the "Lord."

This is not the "Lord." Not the "Lord" that I know.

I was scolded in an e-mail today for claiming to be a Christian and not siding with these militant creeps.

Paul Hill said before his execution for the slaying of the abortion Doctor and his driver, that he would get a reward in heaven.

Now, ladies and gentleman please heed those words.

How many times have I heard the neocons and other extremist "Christians" say that the Muslim fanatics commit acts of terror for their reward on the other side?

Well this terrorist is on their side and it is evident that some of these extremists believe that his execution is a martyrdom.

But is it martyrdom for the second American Revolution?

Or is it a transformation event?

It is certainly "not the terror we are looking for" a phrase that I have stolen from President Bush.

It is terrifying however.

Justice Moore is not a terrorist, he has just engaged in some civil disobedience. In contrast, If you are protestor against the war or against the Bush administration's policies many will label you a terrorist.

Paul Hill was a terrorist and he was a terrorist with a cause that actually was given television time in order for him to spread messages of his great reward, and other nonsense.

We wouldn't even air anything by Osama Bin Laden and yet Hill gets to speak to those who are of the same mind waiting for their moment to carry out their idea of justice blessed by their God.

Death penalty opponents and others called on Gov. Jeb Bush to halt the execution; some of them warning Hill's death would unleash more violence against abortion clinics. The governor said he would not be ``bullied'' into stopping the execution. So it was carried out. Hill suggested others should take up his violent cause.

This is so medieval.

Is this the 21st century?

"I expect a great reward in heaven, I am looking forward to glory. More people should act as I have acted.''-Paul Hill

By the way, Several Florida officials connected to the case received threatening letters last week, accompanied by rifle bullets.

Are you getting the picture yet?

Is this the beginning of a bloodbath?

This is beginning to look very frightening.

It is a cycle that is one sided, heavy on the fanatical side, and the story twists in such a way that makes it impossible to make out a definitive outcome.

This is a Mobius strip, a continuous one-sided strip that repeats itself with a twist.

Sometimes things transpire and I have a hard time explaining them to people because I can see images and I can feel disturbances that awaken me to synchronicity all over again.

I was once told by an irate e-mailer that he hated how I would go back and reference some of my old writings and accused me of being lazy.

He told me that this shows that I have given up on researching things and have resorted to just cutting and pasting old thoughts instead of coming up with something new.

I noticed it too.

I think that the reason I have done this periodically is because there are many people who read my articles who are unaware of what I have written before and some of my articles are just continuations of thoughts that I have had.

I look at it as reacquainting readers like a Batman serial says "Last week you may remember that the dynamic duo accidentally caught Alfred massaging Aunt Harriet" or something to that effect.

I have been using all sorts of metaphors to explain what I have been seeing. People have even pointed them out to me and saying that they find it a bit eerie that I am seeing these things. Others think I am crazy and I am beginning to sound delusional.

For a moment I would like to go back to my observations with William Henry regarding George Bush and his reference to the "Angel in the Whirlwind" and how that metaphor of a vortex has special meaning to all of us.

We had pointed out that this metaphor is a metaphor for terror. Terror that uses a religious code word to trigger a revolution. We are now moving closer and closer to the spinning vortex, which places us at the epicenter of a dangerous New World.

I have been having very interesting dreams lately and I was asking all of my audience if they were having them too. I was obsessed with other people's dreams a few weeks ago because I really didn't want to feel all alone in my strange dreams.

When I remember my dreams I am overcome with fear that if I share my dreams that I will be ridiculed and in some ways I feel remorse and guilt for not sharing them.

It is a frustrating paradox.

I am told that things happen for a reason. When I see a repeating pattern I have to point it out otherwise I will be angry with myself for not doing so.

For the first time in several months I actually prayed. I just had to talk to God.

Prayer for me has never been a formal ritual. Mainly because of my definition of it. I compare it to putting my life force in a spiritual bottle and throwing it into the river of the ether. Somewhere someone will find it and get it to "God" and hopefully it would make a ripple in the continuum of my life and the lives of those that I pray for.

I actually prayed for understanding of what I have been seeing. I also asked for a way to explain what was happening.

I spoke with a friend of mine named Sarah about what I was feeling and she told me that I was having a sense of Déjà vu and that I was seeing a repeat performance. If it continues will create some sort of rift that would rock our way of life.

The Angel in the Whirlwind set the stage for America to tread on a path of warfare and turmoil. The mainstream media ignored the code that was given. The media also ignored the code words used when George W. Bush let the word "crusade" fall from his lips when describing the war.

There was a silent agreement that was held in esteem by the American people that a fanatical Muslim element was responsible for the attack on the World trade center and the Pentagon.

It was then declared that the biggest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was indeed terrorism.

Terrorism was a term that was used as an umbrella for all things that were considered evil. Evil was a vague definition for some people and others knew that when these words were used it meant that this was a war of good and evil.

Good and evil of course used in a religious context. It was a war against those who have been declared enemies of the state and enemies of the Judeo Christian way of life.

Today it seems that while there are many denominations and many religious beliefs we have somehow narrowed them down to two.

Christianity and Islam.

We have been told that religious terrorists today are insane men who are motivated by strict interpretations of Islam. This definition is once again a part of the silent agreement that there is no reason to worry about anyone who is fueled by strict interpretations of Christianity are not capable of committing acts of terrorism in order to push an agenda.

Most Americans agree that it is best to have a President that believes in "God" because, according to an American majority this precept is what our country was founded on. We are told that God guides our country and that it is protected as long as we adhere to the laws that God has provided us in the bible.

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the lord"-Psalms 33:12

There have been many authors that I have read that I felt were a bit prophetic in warning us of impending totalitarianism. George Orwell's 1984 gave us the vision of dystopia brought on by the controls of information pertaining to politics. It made people think about their governments and what they do to insure a means to control. The book gave us a reason to be a bit leery of the agenda's that are pushed by governments by using the media to control the information.

When I was a kid it was required reading.

Now I don't believe it is required and looking around me I can see how the warning has been ignored because of the way many things that our government does goes unchallenged in the media.

Now I am beginning to believe that Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's tale should be required reading and it should be used as a warning about what is happening today in this country. Here is a passage from the book that sounds like it belongs in the newspapers of today:

"It was after the catastrophe, when they shot the president and machine-gunned the Congress and the army declared a state of emergency. They blamed it on the Islamic fanatics, at the time . . . .

That was when they suspended the Constitution. They said it would be temporary. There wasn't even any rioting in the streets. People stayed at home at night, watching television, looking for some direction. There wasn't even an enemy you could put your finger on."-Handmaid's tale pg.225

The result of all the chaos were those who had anointed themselves as wise Christians telling their flocks that the reason this was happening was because the nation had fallen from the grace of god. So there had to be changes made. There had to be restrictions on liberties and freedoms to keep this from happening again.

Further on in the book it talks about how nobody really cared or paid much attention to the changes and restrictions. The story is prophetic as many approved of at least some of the changes. However, the government in the name of all that was "Godlike" began increasing restrictions on people and their activities, and they paved the way for more significant restrictions.

There are many people who say that the book itself is a bigoted attack on the Christian right. However back in 1985 I really do not believe that anyone would have imagined the mess that we are seeing and some of the words that have been spoken by those who claim to be "Christian."

Take a look at what is happening.

We are living in world where those who claim to be looking out for Christian virtues are becoming sinister, oppressive, and extremely hypocritical.

Therefore these individuals are not Christians.

In the 1980's Atwood pointed out that the totalitarian extreme of a fascist Christianity would be similar to the menace that took hold of Germany before World War II.

Now it seems that others are saying the same thing and are immediately dismissed.

Many are angered at those individuals who say such things.

I believe that the anger should be towards a group of individuals who continue to push a totalitarian agenda based on moral absolutism from the Bible. The anger should be generated at all of these individuals who to this and declare it a new "American Revolution."

Many people have asked me about the transformation event that was to take place when Mars came at it's closest to the earth.

With all of the odd occurrences it was hard to pick just one but I have to conclude that the event that will change us as a people will be the obvious rebellion of Justice Roy Moore and the ten commandments being removed from a government building. This compounded by the execution of a murderous and unrepentant minister named Paul Hill.

On August 27th, 2003 Mars the bringer of war was at it's closest and on that day a new war was forged. It was America's new holy war. A silent war that if left unchecked will pit brother against brother. Remember the Mobius Strip and how we will repeat a cycle with a twist. The last time a religious fanatic was executed in the United States, he was one of our religious fanatics. We were then taken by surprise by religious fanatics from the Middle East. Their attack was aimed at our leaders and our money.

If the Mobius Strip is used as a metaphor for what is to come, I eagerly await the twist of fate that will arrive.

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