By Clyde Lewis

In The Politically Correct 90's you don't need a magic bullet to assassinate a President. Just a libido.

None dare call it a "right wing conspiracy?" Hillary Clinton did. Hillary Clinton was unfortunately right. Some one was out to assassinate the president. However there was no gun used. No lone Nuts. No magic bullets. Just an Intern named Monica Lewinsky. When reading this you will probably think that I am defending Clinton. I am not. The government that is with us now is a disgrace. Both Republican and Democrat should be ashamed of what is transpiring. They should also be careful. We as voters should not be passive, and should not ride a wave of hysteria, when making our decisions in the Voting booth. Remember Clinton is a liar, and the majority of his accusers are liars. They have woven a web that they themselves will be caught in. Making it open season for a new change in government. Being passive is accepting the outcome. If you can allow this to continue I fear the future. I await the hostile take over.

I remember Reading a book called Getting Even. It was a book of detailed dirty tricks you can play on someone for revenge. One of the articles stated that there is one thing that no one can ever recover from. A sexual scandal. Once it is revealed that someone is involved in sexual foul play and it is blasted from the rafters for all to hear it is the ultimate in character assassination. This includes rape, child molestation, or adultery. Fornication is glamorized for some reason. A lot of people forgive fornication.

Our government is full of conspiracy. A war is being waged between parties. It is obvious. Our elected officials are picking and choosing what is important to enforce. The rest is something that is theorized as the passive conspiracy. The passive conspiracy has more power than an active one. For the longest time things are ignored and since they are ignored they remain in place. For example, if our government truly had a motive for eliminating drugs, drugs would not be a social problem. It would be removed. The government passively allows it to continue because it is largely a black inner city problem. They pretend to be declaring war on the problem. Nothing in government is done unless it will benefit, plain and simple. Things are enforced and acted upon when there is an agenda. When a reward is given. A reward for certain individuals within that conspiracy. The players who create either a passive or active conspiracy always benefit from it. Some one wants to see Clinton fall. Someone will benefit. I am no Clinton fan but we need to understand what is happening here. President Clinton has been assassinated 90's style. The cost was $45 million dollars. The weapon was sex. The motivation? Only Monica Lewinsky knows.

Throughout history assassination conspiracies have been rooted in hidden dirt. Finding an Achilles heel with their apparent target. Then someone is convinced that it is his or her duty to attack that target. They are promised a reward. Some are convinced to give up their lifestyles, some give up their lives. Assassinations are public spectacles. When they are completed it can shift political powers. One of the things that Ken Starr, Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky have over looked is that when these things take place, not only does the target fall, but the agents who cause the target to fall end up falling as well.

The unanswered question is what is the motivation for finally enforcing a morality play on a president who is doing what other presidents before him have done? Let them without sin cast the first stone. The moralists are sinless in their own eyes. I do not condone adultery but Clinton was right when he said that his sexual indiscretions were between him, Hillary, Chelsea, and God. Maybe the public did have a right to know in a "tabloid" sort of way. Did it constitute a $45 Million dollar witchhunt? Only you can answer that question. The republican right wing should be ashamed of themselves.

George Washington was remembered not for what he was really like. But for what people really wanted him to be like. He was a heavy drinker, a land grabber, and he had sex with Sally Fairfax, the wife of his best friend. This was all the gossip, it was kept under wraps but no one spent money to investigate one of our founding fathers. I don't think anyone will look down on a father of a country for these reasons now would they?

Thomas Jefferson had sex with one of his slaves Sally Hemmings. This is debated amongst historians. As a bachelor he had sex with the wife of his neighbor. John Walker.

There were speculations that Lincoln was unfaithful to his wife as well. Warren Harding was an adulterer. He had two documented affairs while serving in the Whitehouse. Nan Britton and Carrie Phillips.

FDR died in the arms of his mistress, and John F. Kennedy had sex with hundreds of women. Some he would boast that he couldn't even name. How did he avoid major scandal when he was alive?

The point here is that rumors of sexual indiscretions have plagued our presidents for a long time. Why are we holding Clinton to a higher standard? The American people forgive him. Conservative Republicans do not. They will not sleep until he is out of office. It is apparent that they have tried many times to frame Clinton in a sexual scandal. From parading a repugnant Paula Jones to finally finding a patsy in Monica Lewinsky is an embarrassment to this country.

Ask yourself this question. Do you know of anyone who saved a prom dress that had a semen stain on it? Does anyone have a trophy like that in his or her home? What would posses a 21 year old intern who has had sex with the President to save a dress with a semen stain on it? Was she plotting an evidence trail? Then there were the rumors about Napkins with semen on them that she saved. More evidence? Look at this. Honestly ask yourself does this sound fishy?

The camera opportunities are just as humorous. It is as if they were staged. Monica is front row staring longingly at her homeboy. Wondering when they will have sex again. Then come the hugs. The smug look on her face. The ad in the paper. The tape-recorded conversations. This has all the makings of a pre meditated hit. Doesn't it? Replace all of those things with the pre meditated conspiratorial assassination senario. Monica looks like a 90's Manchurian Candidate.

What reward will Monica receive? What reward will Linda Tripp get? Who is behind the politically clean kill on the character of President Clinton? What message are we sending the American people? Are the American people going to ride the hysteria and give the Republican right what they want?

President Clinton may have lied. But we forget that President Clinton did not have to testify. The 5th amendment says that he does not have to incriminate himself. That was thrown out in this case. His 4th amendment invasion of privacy was thrown out as well. His familial affairs are now a matter of public scrutiny. He has no private family life. We are witnessing the internal strife and civil war within government that will eventually destroy the constitution, and the government itself. Do you trust Clinton now? He is a Liar and an adulterer. Do you respect the office of the president? Do you trust the rightwing group who masterminded this witchunt? Look at your government. Look at your leaders and role models. The ones who are throwing stones are probably the ones with the most grievous of sins. Government is showing us that they are fighting a war. A war that is against itself. The chaos it creates will bring down this country eventually. The biggest sin of all is the passive conspiracy. If we are passive in the voting booth and allow this war to continue, we deserve what we get.

As Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray , Sirhan Sirhan , Timothy Mcveigh and others condition us to live in fear . Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, and Monica Lewinsky will condition us to live with the idea that government is a cesspool of sexually corrupt individuals. Ever since the ghost of McCarthy, the Kennedy assassination and the Nixon debacle we have been conditioned to not trust our government. Are we seeing the final nail in the coffin?

So as corruption in our current government grows like a cancer, and as violent crimes increase, the result will be our begging for a policed state. Which will solidify the possibility in an upheaval of everything we once held dear. The cherished rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is because we have become passive. The Drug war is entertaining to watch on COPS, the President having sex is a sick spectator sport that can be condensed on Hard copy, and we live in a land that is blessed by God. The mythology and the spectacle have become the doctrine. The distrust is now working it's way into consensus reality.

It is unfortunate that anyone who tries to say that the Emperor is not wearing any clothes will immediately come under suspicion. I am just as guilty of doing this as anyone else. It is because we have unwittingly allowed ourselves to be brainwashed. Brainwashed in believing lie after lie. We have bought the sales pitch. We all have the potential of becoming the new Manchurian Candidates. It is evident when neighbors kill neighbors, when children kill children. Are you beginning to see why? Someone or something is convincing them of their reward. The Cycle will continue until the system collapses. Till the truth is revealed. Any citizen of this country , with a government like this should have paranoid suspicions. If not, you were probably dropped on your head when you were a kid.

If President Clinton lied. He lied to government officials. Have you ever told the whole truth to a government official? Nobody wants the feds to know what they are really doing. We are all technically criminals in the eyes of the government. They trust you about as much as you trust them. You see why I say that a police state just may be around the corner? When criminals are led by criminals someone has to step in and right the wrongs.

Clinton did not deny any of the charges against him, doing so wouldn't have convinced anyone with a suspicious mind. People unwittingly say to themselves "I am dishonest with the government because they lie to me." The latest scandal in Washington makes that statement true. Clinton lied, or did he lie? His double talk is even more difficult to decipher. We are all becoming Deconstructionists to a certain degree.

Deconstructionists convince themselves and others that nothing that is said, written or broadcast can be trusted to say what it means or to mean what it says. The far right wing conservatives are the biggest Deconstructionists of all. A group that can find something wrong with a President who has had a successful term in the Whitehouse. That certainly can't be trusted. A group that boycotts Disney, because of their evil condoning of homosexuality. A group that feels that holiday's names should be changed to avoid pagan confusion. You see what is going on here? This whole mess can be blamed on the paranoid Deconstructionism brought on by the right wing. These are the same lunatics who claimed there was a communist under your bed back in the 50's.

The truth is this. Anyone can be paid to testify, to lie and confuse. Anyone can plant and encourage disinformation. Add one cup of fear. Mix it together and you'll have hysteria. I hope that we can see the snow job with in the apparent blowjob story that the Conservatives are giving us. They are not going to solve our problems. They are the reason for our problems. They believe the way they can put their paranoia to bed is to put them back in control. Well they have given my paranoia a huge resurrection. They have turned me into a Deconstructionist. Nothing they tell me, show me, or scare me with can be trusted to say what it means or mean what it says. I can see why "have a nice day," the mantra of the seventies has been replaced with "Trust No One."


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