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by Clyde Lewis
March 26, 2006

"We have seen the birth of the Planet of the apes"—Conquest of the Planet of the Apes

When I was a boy I remember that we had one of the coolest movie theaters in my hometown. It was called the Plaza Cinema, and it boasted the largest screen in the state. It was large, but the drawback was that the sound system was poor. So we watched great films on the large screen with the midget sound system.

One year there was a huge promotion at the theater where they invited patrons to "go ape."

It was a promotion where all of the original Planet of the Apes films were shown back to back. For $5.00 you got a large popcorn, a hot dog and a medium coke along with the fun of watching all five ape films.

That was a bargain.

My friends and I got up early so that we could be the first in line to watch the films. The films were shot in my home state of Utah and so we were treated on the evening news with updates on how the films were made and how they were shot in the area of Lake Powell.

As kids we did not see the hidden meaning of the films. We just watched them for their magic. Kids are always fascinated when animals talk and seeing anthropomorphic apes hunting humans was both exciting and nightmarish at the same time.

Of course the ape films were a fantasy, a metaphor for the future, a metaphor that tells us that in the future men who appear to be like beasts could eventually overtake the earth.

Apes and beasts are not bound to human morality. They are not burdened with the challenge to govern themselves in a manner that is civil. They are creatures that act upon their appetites and instincts.

There is one thing, however, that can be said about the ape that makes him superior to the human of this new American century, and that is the ape has never determined that in order to rule the jungle he must destroy it. The ape has not figured out the method of command and control, might makes right, problem reaction solution or any of the other destructive group dynamics aimed at maintaining chaos in order to insure the that the war within becomes a continuous exercise in futility. There will come a time where we will forget how the war began and why we even fight. We will always assume that we were at war with everyone. The war on terror will become a fact of life, and it will become as normal as the battle of good versus evil.

The New World Order is an attempt to create a civil religion. A religion based on global, corporate control, a system that will demand your servitude above and beyond that of a model citizen.

The New World Order has been authored and drawn up by men who have lost their moral compass. They reward conformity and punish contrary beliefs. They wish to homogenize the world and develop a built—in system of checks and balances that squash diversity and provoke cultures into fighting amongst each other.

After it is determined that their machinations have become successful, the assimilation of the demonic horde begins, and soon we will not be able to tell the difference between the men and the beasts.

The utopian idea of multiculturalism is dying a slow and violent death in the world. From the safety of our homes we have beamed into our living rooms images of angry Muslims with signs that say "freedom go to hell." Blonde blue—eyed news anchors blink aimlessly like cows reading dictionaries as elite Globalist primates hold up these extremists as examples of how Muslims are a dangerous threat to our freedom.

However, the riots that we are seeing on the nightly news in response to political cartoons featuring the Prophet Mohammed are staged for the purpose of creating a clash of civilizations. This clash is not only a monkey wrench to peace but it also has been a part of the blue print to insure the New World order, the Imperial hegemonistic cult.

If it can be demonstrated successfully that our perceived enemy is uncontrollable and savage we look upon them as rabid animals. We have no empathy with them and will not feel guilt when we level their cities and towns, rape their women and kill their children and elderly.

While all of this ugliness goes on every day without a flinch the trivial things in American culture are spotlighted in order for us not to feel any guilt or responsibility for the death toll that keeps climbing in the name of our so called freedom.

The real news occurs under the cover of darkness and is banished to web blogs and other Internet sites deemed "conspiratorial" or "paranoid."

We receive only fragments of the story and it is up to the individual to put the puzzle pieces together in order to understand what the future holds for them. But unfortunately there are many people who are not interested in their futures because they simply don't think that there is a future to be had.

They are told that their support is helping in the spreading of democracy all over the world but are simply too apathetic to care about how this democracy is being established.

Bombs will drop and blood will spill in other countries, and as long as it doesn't cause personal anguish in our own country, it will continue. As long as our leaders can polish their medals and make speeches composed of words that are often heard in the locker rooms of wrestlers the majority of people will acquiesce to the desires of our leaders as long as their illusory war stays outside of our borders.

How is liberty preserved when we watch people being burned to a crisp by phosphorous bombs? How is freedom being demonstrated when we see Muslim extremists taking hostages and beheading innocents?

This is not a war on terror; it is war of terror, and the nightmare is that it is not stopping. It won't stop. It can't stop. We have seen the birth of the planet of the apes. We are not exporting freedom or democracy; we are delivering terror and barbarism.

Both sides are hunting down and killing human beings.

"The Only Good Human is a dead Human. The only thing that counts in the end is POWER! Naked merciless FORCE!"-General Ursus from Beneath the Planet of the Apes

President Bush once asked the question "Why do they hate us?" He intimated that it is unbelievable that anyone can hate America. Why should they hate America? We bring nothing but peace and harmony through death and long suffering.

We are told that we are noble and what we do is best.

The real reason for this open display of disbelief is to demonstrate wounded vanity and planting the seeds in the minds of Americans that our actions are without consequence and that whatever we do to others is justified because their culture clashes with ours.

His ideological window dressing is failing now because there are many people who are beginning to see that we are trapped. That the solution to remedy our distress will also come with death and longsuffering.

We are waiting for our comeuppance. Many know that it will be just a matter of time where the score will be settled and we will suffer again and the chain reaction of hate will never go away.

Liberation is no longer the objective; the objective is domination. The Iraqi civil war and the rage that has infested the people in the Middle East will spread like a cancer throughout the entire world.

The world will witness what has been foretold. A religious world war.

While there is a tendency to make what is happening a partisan argument, it has to be repeated and demonstrated that we are on a dangerous course that has been set by men who participate in an open conspiracy to leverage their positions of power to pursue agendas of empire building.

These men appear to embrace liberty, freedom, and God while advancing causes and actions that are an affront to those traditions that we have hoped to espouse as citizens of a brave, new and prosperous world. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are merely rhetorical and serve only as emotional triggers instead of practices.

Men that lead in America today invoke God, but do not deserve his blessing, nor do they deserve their positions, because they have desecrated that which our forefathers have fought and suffered for.

"The Devil begins with froth on the lips of an angel entering into battle for a holy and just cause." -Grigory Pomerants

Meanwhile, many Americans downplay or otherwise criticize those who point out that there are a few people in power who are acting in their own interests rather than for the greater good of the world.

There are those who rationalize that what we are participating in is a war against those who will bring down our way of life. Our claim is that the fight is for democracy and freedom.

Regardless of what we are fighting against or fighting for, the overall truth is that what we are seeing is extremism, furthering the goal of the imposition of "moral clarity" by military force.

Those who are obsessed with their own nobility over the nobility of others have a tendency to allow their ends to justify their means.

When in the middle of the fight it is difficult to understand the full consequence of what our actions might bring to our doorstep in the near future. Radical attempts at utopia while sounding noble create chaos and division and thoughts lead to action and actions may result in dystopian traps.

Things have been happening so fast lately that it is hard to keep up with the news. Everything comes whizzing by so quickly that the best our brain can do is to pick up on certain key words and phrases. Somehow we lie to ourselves in thinking that we have a well—rounded view of current events.

In a world where we are told that the news has no spin, we see that the spin is evident and it appears to be whirling in a vortex that spirals down the memory hole of what can be termed the attention deficit democracy.

I find it quite disturbing that in all forms of media from radio to television, even in print, there is a trend towards manipulating you and me for the soul purpose of edifying the state, its civic religion and the corporate interests that have their grip on the advertising dollar.

The trend seems to be an intolerance of any messenger that the state finds offensive, or that attacks the corporate stronghold. Caring is now being shown as the ultimate sin for any reporter or messenger because the networks look at war, murder and death as ways to facilitate the common crisis. War, murder and death are big business.

With every crisis comes an opinion poll, with every fear comes a four—part series on Oprah, and every solution is miraculously given by some talking head that has cashed a check given to him by some government hired think tank and PR firm.

I am sure you have heard this complaint from me numerous times and I am sure that eyes have rolled and heads have shaken as the silent opinion is that it can't be all that corrupt.

I can surmise that maybe the fluff pieces that are offered by the cute blonde reporters that are trying to make it big by reporting the recent taffy pull, or the marathon run for the cure for breast cancer, are less corrupt. However it can be argued that these distraction pieces have at least saved us from the rehearsed euphemistic banality of our half—hour newscasts.

It has to be this way; otherwise, a newscast falls victim to the click of an "informed" American who has to catch up on the latest episode of Spongebob Squarepants.

It is the media's way of putting truth between two slices of lie.

The rest is all show business.

You can actually depend on the nightly news to give you an education in death, a thrill ride of terror and a solution that has government approval. The majority of news that you get every day has no continuity, no sense of history, and no real depth.

The media used to be a tool of warning and a tool of preventative food for thought. Now after a major event happens in the world, we see the media being used to spin a story in a direction that is favorable to political and corporate interests.

"The function of journalism is not to tell the drowning man that the dam has broken, or to warn the community that the dam is cracked and that they should run for the hills. The function of journalism is to warn the community that the dam is in danger of cracking." —— Jerimiah L. O'Sullivan Dean of the College of Journalism Marquette University

The illusory world that spins on the flickering box of light and wires has become a vital component in spreading the message of the culture of death and with it comes a reaction that allows the pain, decay and humiliation to be rewarded.

The media has become the catalyst for the competing creeds and has reduced real emotional reprisal into a side show carnival of corrupt comedy.

Traditional forms of media have become a unique monkey wrench that tightens the bolts that hold together a flimsy premise for war. When the plot becomes tiresome and the attention wanders there are triggers that seem to be released in a preplanned timeline in order to guarantee a clash of civilizations.

This is what I mean when I say that the terror we see is well organized, permitted and manufactured by the power elite.

Lately I have heard the term desecration being used on the nightly news, Desecration of the Qu'ran, desecration of mosques, desecration of human bodies, desecration of American flags.

Everything is being desecrated.

This means that everything has been placed in a religious context. To desecrate means to deprive something of its sacred character.

This includes the publishing of cartoons that show the Prophet Mohammed in a profane light. I am not a Muslim and I believe in free speech but I do not support free speech as a monkey wrench for peaceful conduct between creeds or colors of skin.

Free speech has a responsibility attached to it and publishing cartoons that are blasphemous to a targeted group will create anger and violence. I would like to know how many newspapers would be willing to publish pictures of the "coon" image that plagued us in the past, or the big eared, large nosed mongrel that represented the Jew in Hitler's Germany.

Free speech gives you the right to publish whatever you please. There were so many people who felt it was their right to publish pictures of Mohammed and stand all oblivious to the possibility of it inciting any anger or instability with the Muslim people.

The cartoons were only part of the problem.

Immediately after the controversy exploded about the cartoons of the prophet Mohammed in a Denmark newspaper, another trigger was released to deliberately anger Muslims, and that was the videotape showing British soldiers beating Iraqi teenagers. The footage was shown all over Europe and it again triggered more anger from the Muslim world.

The video was shot secretly "for fun" as a home movie from a rooftop in Basra in southern Iraq by a corporal and shown to friends at a home base in Europe.

The footage shows soldiers pulling four Iraqi boys in their early teens into their army base after a riot and beating them with batons, then punching and kicking them repeatedly on the body and head. It also shows the soldiers kicking the teens in the genitals. One soldier can also be seen kicking a dead Iraqi in the face. The unidentified cameraman can be heard laughing and urging his colleagues on with vulgarities.

There was also a repeat performance of reports about Abu Ghraib in Australia as previously unreleased photos of tortured Iraqi Prisoners were being shown on national TV.

One of the videos broadcast appears to show prisoners being forced to masturbate for the camera. Some photos are said to show corpses. There are also images of prisoners with body and head wounds.

Some of the pictures have now been re—broadcast on US networks and on Arab satellite channels al—Arabiya and al—Jazeera.

Now when I was trained as a journalist I was always told that the release of a news story, photo or video was always predicated upon its newsworthiness. Whenever we did a satirical bit on a morning show we always had to wonder if what we were doing was really satire or racial stereotyping.

There are criteria involved that keep us from being reckless. These types of criteria also exist in the form of decency guidelines provided by the FCC. However the countries that produced the cartoons and the videos do not have these same types of restrictions.

While the mean—spirited videos and cartoons are protected by freedom of speech, it has to be stated that the continued publishing of the cartoons and display of the news footage showing angry Muslims is contributing to the demonization of a culture.

It widens the cultural divide between groups of different ethnic, spiritual and racial backgrounds. Messing with the definitions of a culture can have its horrible consequences.

The release of the cartoons, the coverage of angry Muslims, the beating of the Iraqis and the re—releasing of the Abu Ghraib torture video are all part of well constructed plan.

A plan meant to mold a negative opinion of a culture that differs from us.

The facts are now uncomfortable. It is just one more thing to feel guilty about. One more thing to be angry about. When facts are uncomfortable they are generally ignored, or dismissed because of the reflexive pain that they create.

So the stories you hear on the nightly news have to be tailored to carry people towards the nationalistic current that promotes self interest instead of the interests of others who are not quite like us.

The story that will not be heard on the nightly news is a story that tells a basic truth.

That truth is that our policies abroad created the chaos that we see in the world now. We have provoked, desecrated and abused people in the world for our own self—interest. We have been reduced into surrendering our transcendent minds for minds that function on the lower level of existence.

Our animal selves are beginning to show. We have been marked with a spirit that exists in the most vicious of beasts.

These continued abuses have now been brought home. There will be inevitable repercussions from perceived illegal activities conducted by our governments, and these illegal activities will have the blessing of both Republican and Democratic leadership.

You may wonder why I believe that both sides of the political spectrum will embrace these illegal activities. Well, isn't it obvious that leaders do not speak for us? The masses might think that they do because they have worked hard to smooth over their activities with doublespeak.

Time and time again they stroke the masses when they openly speak of republic and democracy, but in secret they speak of Empire and hegemony. Openly they hint at an agenda of imperial cultism, but when they are challenged they immediately speak of God, destiny, and peace through war.

They speak for clandestine operations, and intelligence briefings that are given to them by alphabet agencies. There are many Americans that know that those that came before us fought hard to prevent the establishment of an empire here in the United States.

Our Government has now made sure that we will never be at peace.

There is a law of physics that states that there is no action without a reaction. The same appears to be true in human nature.

If we look at terrorism from a historical perspective - we can understand that the bloody handiwork of the Black September Movement, Osama bin Laden and even Timothy McVeigh was motivated by rage that was focused on their perception of our governments reckless disregard for a society's basic human rights.

Their actions were provoked.

Now we are watching our constitution being interpreted in favor of a declaration of war on the American people. While it has been proposed that our treatment of the Middle East brought on our troubles with Iraq and Afghanistan - imagine what Some Americans must feel now that their rights are being eroded. There are many Americans who protest their government and feel that this is accomplishing nothing. How long before we see our own terrorists?

Homegrown terrorism is now being cultivated.

Some Americans will be the next terrorists. Your neighbor may be the next insurgent.

The war will have to be brought into your backyards and neighborhoods. It is the next phase. It is the next step in maintaining a well—controlled and fearful populace.

The worries about errant backpacks and idling vans near day care centers will take a back seat to electronically detonated bombs and people who are willing to shoot to kill or even use unconventional methods to kill scores of innocent bystanders.

How difficult would it be to drive a car into a tanker truck in rush hour killing maybe four or five people? It doesn't quite have the impact of planes hitting buildings but it still manages to end lives and cause pain and suffering.

What about the use of IED bombs in the United States? How long will it take for them to be imported to the United States and used every day? I know that this is some wicked free—form thinking but it has to be considered when we are told that the terrorists will stop at nothing to kill us.

After all, they hate us.

They hate us enough to kill us on our own turf. So it is allegedly important and "legal" for our Government to wiretap every American because we are all suspects.

The mainstream news has failed to report that when George W. Bush says that he wants to know when Al Qaeda calls-there is a hidden reason for all of the cell phone monitoring. They not only want to know who's talking to whom - they also want to know what code is being sent to detonate IED bombs.

Each device is unique, but all contain a fuse, a detonator, explosive fill, a power supply for the detonator and a container. The simple explosive devices can be concealed in everything from ready—to—eat meal boxes to animal carcasses and can be detonated by cell phones, pagers, garage door openers and remote control toys.

Former National Security Agency analyst and whistleblower Russell Tice —— who has acknowledged being at least one source for the sensational New York Times expose of NSA eavesdropping confidently told MSNBC's Chris Matthews in a "Hardball" interview that the terrorists already knew the government was listening in on their conversations, and it was only the poor American citizen who was unaware of this invasion of privacy.

The New York Times piece by James Risen and Eric Lichtblau appeared on Dec. 15, igniting a firestorm of debate, promises and threats of congressional investigations and calls for the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

But what are we to make of this? How does one connect the dots and figure out what is happening?

Well you look beyond the headlines and in the business section of a British magazine I found that the FBI is looking into a surge of sales of large quantities of disposable cell phones.

After some investigating into the matter I remembered that cell phones allegedly detonated the bombs that exploded in Madrid.

At a Wal—Mart in Midland, Texas, individuals said to be Middle Eastern tried to buy 60 disposable cell phones until store clerks got suspicious and notified police. On New Year's Eve, store workers at a Target store in Hemet, Calif., told police that someone had purchased 150 disposable Trac Fones.

I started seeing a swarm of these reports on the Internet where authorities in other states reported that more people were buying large quantities of these phones.

Terrorism seems to have become more sophisticated in the 21st century-but of course the result is always the same.


We have to face it every day and when you focus on your own death there really isn't a reason to keep living. When you lose that will to live, strange thoughts take shape and perhaps a suicide that is planned can include the lives of others on a bus or a train, or even a shopping mall.

When a credible opposition rises up in the American Republic against the American Empire - the war will come full circle and civil war will create the need for a grid system of complete control. A worldwide police state will be the norm in order to protect a fearful planet from a threat that interestingly enough has existed from the beginning of time.


Terrorism began the day that the monkey realized that the bone he held in his hand could be used as club.

Millions of years of evolution and we are still monkeys.