Technology and Itís Abilities To Fool
By Clyde Lewis

"America is a nation of liars, and for that reason science fiction has a special claim to be our national literature, as the art form best adapted to telling the lies we like to hear and to pretend we believe."óThomas M. Disch."

One of the differences between me and other conspiracy and comic book philosophy buffs is that I strive for neutrality. In the same breath neutrality does nothing for your ability to entertain and create conversation and so some times it is important to take a subject and entertain it as reality.

That is why my bias leaks out occasionally and Iím only human.

Taking and entertaining Ideas and using them to entertain, enrage, provoke, and motivate you. I am not saying that everything I say on the air is fallacy, but what I intend to do is not only say these things out loud for you to hear, but for me to hear as well.

They lead to heated discussions that generate deep thinking outside of the box that cannot be captured by a reference book, or any story agreed upon by the consensus.

I want to challenge thinking. Destroy the old History and create the moments in history that we cherished. Even if it means trampling on what is considered sacred.

Why is it so sacrilege to challenge the egos of science?

Science is not law. It is a series of analyzing, making educated guesses, and holding trials to prove theories. Scientists can sometimes do tests for things that they couldnít possibly believe in. Sometimes what they say is contradictory to what they do.

I mean why do Scientists believe in God but try to prove evolution?

What is history?

Just something that is agreed upon by influential people who have the money to create what we care about. What we remember and what is important to remember.

We donít have time to remember all of the details, and feelings and attitudes change.

So we tend to forget how we felt when the bomb was dropped on Japan, or when Kennedy was shot, When Martin Luther King was gunned down or when we landed on the moon.

Those attitudes are lost like tears in rain to coin a phrase from the movie Blade Runner.

All we have now is black and white typeface and pictures, video and film, special effects, THX, Dolby, CGI, and pretty people giving us disposable history.

Many people who once believed that Kennedy was shot by a lone assassin are the minority now because of Movies like Oliver Stoneís JFK and dogmatic specials showing different angles of the Zapruder film.

If you are one of the few who still believe in the Warren report you may want to stop and ask yourself why?

But then again there are others who will stop and say who cares?

I donít play to them I play to the oneís who question.

I came to the conclusion early on in my career that Science Fiction may be doomed after the turn of the century.

By then, I thought that moon bases and routine rockets to the moon would be an everyday occurrence.

Well they arenít.

We are more interested in Inner space than outer space. We are more fascinated with true crime, and political scandal.

You whip them together in the 21st century and it is obvious that the result would be popularity in conspiracy theory.

Conspiracy theory is the new drama. It is the new SCI ĖFI it is the mystery that provokes the individual to study and to eliminate the nightmare of the "what if." It also perpetuates it in some sick and twisted Irony.

Is it any wonder that after the demise of Mulder on the X-files the series still lives? Can we see the glamour of the Matrix telling us that all things in this world are an illusion and in order to break the lie we must change and open our eyes to the truth? That conspiracy exists between those in the matrix and those chosen to fight against the G-men, or Men in Black that look at humans as viruses?

Is it getting through that we must destroy in order to create? Replay the old speculations in order to put them to bed once and for all or use them to further our crusade?

Conspiracy theories are theories and they are not facts. They can be written as such to be respected or ridiculed. They are opinions, which may or may not be true. They infer the existence of relationships between facts, which may in fact have no relationship and draw conclusions based solely on such inferences without any other proof.

What is factual is that most Conspiracy theories have been proposed for some reason and have received media attention for reasons I cannot seem to put my finger on.

One such "theory" is the Idea that we never landed on the Moon. The thought of NASA faking the moon landing is nightmarishly possible. It has been demonstrated by Scientists that Basic physics explains away the old arguments that were presented in an article that I wrote called "Good Luck Mr. Gorsky, and other Lies about the Moon," and The Fox television special "Conspiracy Theory: Did we go to the moon?"

However for every explanation there seems to be another question and new photos and video documentaries about the possibility of moon hoax keep coming.

Here are just a few more photos with discrepancies that need to be pointed out:

This photo was allegedly taken 100 miles above the Lunar surface and yet the shadow cast of the rocket nozzle is enormous.

Here is another example of the fluttering flag that looks as if it is blowing in a breeze.

This image raises all kinds of suspicions because NASA has always maintained that no colors "shine through" because the Moon has no atmosphere.

These three images are identical, However NASA claimed that image number one was Michael Collins practicing space walking inside an aircraft. That Number two was an image of Collins space walking during the Gemini 10 Mission, notice that the background has been darkened and number three obviously has been flipped but NASA claimed that it was Collins doing the Gemini 10 walk again.

Is the Lunar Rover vehicle really out of proportion to the astronaut?

Contrary to popular belief I am open to all kinds of thoughts on the matter.

But they say a picture says a thousand words and these pictures arouse suspicion that perhaps NASA either faked their Moon program or doctored the photos for publicity reasons.

I have many critics who tell me that there is more evidence to show that we went to the moon . The answers can be proven with Science. But the reality is that either NASA has a PR problem or they are having a hard time getting their stories straight.

When eyebrows raise, theories are made to try and fill in the gaping inconsistencies.

If I were to walk up to somebody and asked them what they knew about the moon, they would look at me funny and rattle off all kinds of inconsistencies.

But tell them that we never landed on the moon and you get oratory to fill all kinds of science books. Show them that we didnít land there on television and the general consensus becomes confused.

I know full well that a lot of conspiracy theories can be contrived solely for purposes of what could have been and not what actually happened. They can also be used to illustrate flaws in history.

Ask yourself, Why is it that Conspiracy theorists get worse press than the conspiracy perpetrators?

Hmmm could it be a Conspiracy?

I have always advised my listeners to "Think Openly and analyze Critically" no matter what I present as "fact." Because a certain amount of skepticism is healthy not only with the stuff I talk about, but with what is generally regarded as consensus reality.

When I say consensus reality I mean the AOL, Time Warner, Disney, Rupert Murdock version of reality which the majority people seem to believe at face value.

Television is the ultimate tool to convince people of a ĎTruth." Notice that I say a truth and not the truth.

You turn on the television and whether you know it or not you are exposing yourself to a 30 Hz hum. Many are used to the hum but it still is there. The majority of the populace has been desensitized to the hum because it is present in rooms that use fluorescent light.

The way to test your sensitivity to the hum is to walk into an electronics store and listen carefully to the frequency that escapes from the many screens. For some the multiplicity is unbearable.

It has been argued that this hum can trigger a trance like state and in some cases cause wandering thoughts and attention deficit. For some people it is difficult to pay attention in a room with Fluorescent lights. There are also a few people who become photosensitive to computers sometimes it can trigger photosensitive epilepsy.

Have you ever felt drowsy after staring at your Computer? Or when you are in a business meeting on a room of fluorescent lights? You either have a sleep deficit or your brain has been manipulated into believing that the hum is associated with moving flickers and images.

Your attention span has been manipulated by jump cutting in Television shows. Television producers realize this and so they don't want you to loll into a listless state so the images bounce back and forth.

Due to the arrival of television, it has been argued that the human brain has now been programmed into demanding cut shot images. The images need to be fast and succinct in order to keep the mind active while it is caught in the hypnotic 30 Hz hum.

Television has been called the plug in drug, and with good reason. You allow yourself to be calmed by a hum that is all part of the consciousness-lowering, mood altering experience. Add the tantalizing flicker of the images and you have a drug that puts you in a pleasurable and passive mental state.

These arguments are used by people who believe that Television influences you.

The media cannot dictate how we are to think, but they do set the agenda on what we should be thinking about. People absorb what is immediate. They take for granted that what is seen is reality. They believe that the news is honest and correct.

The responsibility of the newsroom and the media is to conduct itself in the public trust. If they ever knowingly revoke that trust they are shut down. The people have embraced the media as the only source for news and information for their well being.

When commercial radio was in itís infancy the true test of its effectiveness was accidentally demonstrated when Orson Welles produced and preformed H.G. Welles War of the worlds.

Mark Kaller, who wrote "War of the Worlds" Propaganda of the Alien threat states:

"The effects of this dramatization showed many things. First, how powerful and influential the electronic media can be. Second, how current conditions in society can foster this type of hysteria. And finally, how these events could present future events in elaborate speculative."

It was an adaptation of Welles doomsday epic about Martian invasion it was played on the air as if it were real news event. War of the worlds was a crude radio play by todayís standards. Back in 1930ís the tableau played out and those who were unaware that it was a radio play went into a panic.

We can look back on it now and wonder how something so simple could make people so frightened. How could they be fooled by such shoddy workmanship? How could a few sound effects and actors create hysteria that swept the nation? Kaller later explains that In a CBS poll taken a week after the broadcast, forty-two percent of people polled who claimed to have heard the broadcast said they tuned well within it. Because of that, most people assumed it was a news report, not a play.

Of course, 12 percent said they heard the broadcast from the beginning and thought they were hearing a news report as well. Some people simply weren't paying attention to the broadcast announcements early on.

Another factor was educational and socio-economic status of people. In that same CBS poll, 46 percent of those who thought the broadcast was a news report had a grammar school education, while 28 percent had a college-level education. At the same time, 49 percent had a lower economic level, while 35 and 37 percent had high and average economic levels. It was interpreted from further questioning that those with higher education tended to check successfully to see if the broadcast was real or not, than those with a lower education.

Here we see the power of the media.

Howard Koch Author of ĎThe Panic Broadcast" says that the reason the War of the Worlds Broadcast caused panic was because of the fact that certain characters who sounded authoritative were used to convey the information to the listeners. He goes on to say that People are ready to believe almost anything if it comes from a recognized authority, they accept it without question if it comes from a recognized source that is supposed to be acting in the public trust.

Learning from that comment it is possible to use authority figures to engineer opinions to get behind agendas that benefit the few. It is the gradual grooming of a population.

With the visual age it becomes necessary to tune up the images and make them look flashy and keen to the intellect.

Television images of the past look more crude and less enticing. They look like they are from another world. Bleached out, grainy, and low in fidelity, these images and propaganda sold the world on the need to for more arms to protect us against the Red menace. It gave us tear-jerking moments like John John Kennedy saluting his father John F. Kennedy as his body rolled past.

It gave us unforgettable images of the little girl and the H-Bomb with President Johnsonís voice.

The general public sees no reason for violence and conflict yet we marched into Vietnam. The first televised war. They donít want to see their country committing acts of murder and violence and so there must be a diversion. A circus to keep them happy. Give the public what they want. Give them Kennedy and the challenge to go to the Moon. Create heroes. Quiet the fears of a nation who thinks that the Soviet Union is filling the heavens with nuclear Bombs.

It was being called "the crisis of democracy." Protestors were finding themselves in the political arenas challenging the authorities that were lying to the people.

The government was scrambling to find something to render the American people passive and apathetic again.

The Moon had to be it!

We choose to go to the Moon!


Many reasons.

A successful manned mission to the moon would offer the type of pride and distraction needed to render the public apathetic to the thousands dead in the Vietnam Jungles.

It would secure our race for cosmic dominance.

It would secure the demand for money through taxes to fund operations behind the scenes to further the war machine.

Adds new meaning to the word Moonraker doesnít it?

Luna is a potent lure. It is the subject of our dreams and our aspirations. To break the bonds of Earth and to touch down on Extra terrestrial soil. It was a tool that was used to tell us all of the lies we wanted to hear and to pretended to believe in.

It worked.

Television was there to prove the Moon landing. Every angle, every close up, every possible shade of gray. Neatly controlled, carefully scripted, neatly put in a box to remember and read about in history books. Science was there to prove that it was all-real after the fact. No one in their right mind would question such a remarkable, patriotic feat. There was 800 pounds of moon rocks, Teflon, Tang, and tickertape parades.

It is now 30 or so years later. History tells us that Man successfully landed on the moon. Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the moon. There are countless books that show picture after picture. Websites now talk about it and the Space program routinely sends shuttles to space. There is a Space station that hovers above us.

If we look to the west we may get a glimpse of it in the evening sky.

However in this time of instant information. Skepticism about power has grown, and attitudes have changed on many, many issues. People are beginning to question the very things we have taken for granted.

Like the Moon landing.

They are seeing that perhaps they may have been fooled by crude special effects and have been indoctrinated by books and scientific answers.

The herd is becoming confused and restless. Television is giving them images of fallen heroes, and lying politicians. They begin to start questioning everything.

The playing field has changed and the age of anxiety is also the age of paranoia and instability. Much like a cold war with an unseen enemy.

This is our reality now.

Instead of talking about the last war we talk about the next war. Instead of talking about past accomplishments such as the moon landing we try and reveal that maybe they were lies to cover up our past sins.

The people with real power are the ones who own the consensus reality, which is a pretty narrow group. They publish books and fill them with ideas and lies to protect only them. They own colleges and universities, they indoctrinate the young into believing the old propaganda and agreed upon histories.

There are protests in the streets. Fighting, school shootings, drug abuses, people demanding action, a crisis in democracy, with shady elections and questionable activities such as routine carpet bombings on small poor countries.

We hear the media generate rumors of recession, poor economy, Internet threats, and terrorist rumors.

We are seeing big business trying to control our media and feed us with what they think we need to know. They control it all. With the power of the media we can be told not to trust our better judgement. We can be told that the biggest enemy is ourselves.

Be prepared.

The answer to all of our woes is to find that unknown somewhere in the sky.

Whether it be alien, or godlike, tiny, or immense there will be a way to deliver it to you.

If it doesnít exist.

It can be manufactured. And be ready by the six oíclock news.

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