By Clyde Lewis

The Alleged Moon Hoax argument flares up again and this time some new pictures surface. If we are to believe that man set foot on the Moon in 1969 then we should also be able to see that it could have been possible to fake pictures, and television images. The only problem is that if we concede that they faked some of the record then the slippery slope would be that perhaps they faked it all.

A few weeks ago I was invited on the Dee Snider program originating from Hartford Connecticut. I was asked to appear on the show to talk about the alleged moon-landing hoax. Dee Snider who was the man behind the 8o's rock leviathan Twisted Sister sounded tired and probably wasn't sure about what he was about to hear. After being on the air with Snider and his crew for almost an hour his "peeps" were very receptive and his audience was very fair and openly discussed both sides of the issue.

Even people who thought the whole idea was absurd even made great points and I walked away feeling good about my first outing on a show that wasn't paranormal or conspiratorial in any way.

Snider commented that I made some good points and thanked me for staying awake at 4:00 AM to do the show.

I received e-mails from people who were curious about my appearance and wanted to read about the controversy.

I had pointed them to many websites that claimed we did go to the moon in 1969 and I gave links to my postulating in my web forums and on my website.

There was one e-mail however that was sent to me with several attachments. I opened them up and what I saw shocked me. There were pictures with an explanation as to what I was seeing.

I am not able to verify the validity of the pictures but the explanation raised my eyebrows. What I was given was some very interesting pictures that may demonstrate that the Moon Images we saw in 1969 were made right here on planet earth.

I was told that I could share the pictures with whomever I felt needed to see them and that I should give the explanations that he enclosed. He told me that there will be many people who will not believe the explanation but if they investigate them that they will see that the pictures are real and that the areas would be familiar to those who know what happened in 1969.

I contacted my Webmaster John Hart and told him that I was going to present them and I asked him to help me present them to anyone who reads this. So here are the pictures and the explanations.

This first picture is supposed to be a mock LEM that has been suspended from a crane.

This crane was allegedly used to not only suspend the LEM but to also suspend astronauts. This, the e-mail claimed was why Harry Schmidt was able to trip and simulate one sixth gravity.

These photos are the Large Crane from an aerial view at NASA's Langley research center. This is supposed to be the crane that was used to create the landing of the LEM and the ascension from the moon.

If this picture is not a fabricated fake then this is very disturbing. This is also allegedly taken at Langley. It is a large backdrop that was used to simulate the approach to the Moon. The faked effect could be accomplished by using a rail camera that could be moved towards the backdrop simulating approach. I asked Maxx to zoom into the picture to demonstrate how a close up cropped image looks like the moon's surface.

I asked Maxx to also manipulate this photo. The original is on the right. It is a simulation photo. Notice that there are footprints all over the ground. Similar to the moon photos. There are also flat surfaces and edges similar. As you can see a touched up photo can look like the real thing.

This Photo is obviously taken either in Florida or in Houston. Look at the mock LEM and what appears to be a mock crater. There was really no explanation with this. It was merely marked "self explanatory."

This picture was entitled "Iceland expedition" the caption said that the Astronauts went on routine missions to Iceland. The picture of the mountain in the background looked reminiscent of a moon mountain. I once again asked Maxx to zoom in and manipulate it to demonstrate that it could be changed to appear moon like.

Now I know these photos prove nothing. They are not evidence that we never went to the moon. They are photos obviously sent to me to show that it could have been faked.

I have a number of people who frequent my site that are skeptics and they bring checks and balances to the site.

I have a feeling that they think I hate them for doing what they do. But I don't.

Now I am waiting for them to tell me that the technology to manipulate images didn't exist back then. I am awaiting the argument that special effects that could create such a manipulation did not exist in 1969.

Well to those projected arguments I want to point out something that I find most interesting. Being a science fiction buff, I read a lot of magazines and books about movies. One movie in particular is the 2001 a Space Odyssey.

There is a curious speculation about the Moon landing that is held by many believers in the hoax. The speculation includes the possibility that the Moon Landing "fraud" was a masterpiece devised by the conglomerate that funded Kubrick's work.

Now, you may say that this is a reach and that these folks can't be serious.

Well here is a little point to ponder. Kubrick hired spacecraft consultants Frederick Ordway and Harry Lange, who had assisted some of the major contractors in the aerospace industry and NASA with developing advanced space vehicle concepts, as technical advisors on the film.

Ordway was able to convince dozens of aerospace giants such as IBM, Honeywell, Boeing, General Dynamics, Grumman, Bell Telephone, and General Electric that participating in the production of "2001" would generate good publicity for them. Many companies provided copious amounts of documentation and hardware prototypes free of charge in return for "product placements" in the completed film. They believed that the film would serve as a big-screen advertisement for space technology and were more than willing to help out Kubrick's crew in any way possible.

In an Interview that I read concerning the remastering of the movie it was reported that Senior NASA Apollo administrator George Mueller and astronaut Deke Slayton nicknamed "2001's" Borehamwood, England production facilities "NASA East" after seeing all of the hardware and documentation lying around the studio. That was an interesting nickname. Would this insinuate that perhaps special effects models and sets were at NASA also? It's a valid question.

Even today, most audiences and critics still find "2001's" props and spaceships more convincing than those in many more recent science fiction movies. Con Pederson one of the special effects artists even knew Wernher Von Braun.

One of the most remarkable things that I recall is that big companies paid for the sets. One set that had a big bill was Discovery. A 30-ton rotating "Ferris wheel" built by Vickers-Armstrong Engineering Group. Vickers-Armstrong was a British aircraft company that shelled out $750,000 dollars for this effect. It rotated at 3 miles per hour and was big enough to create a lasting impression.

I guess if we can believe that we landed on the moon in 1969 - we also have to allow the possibility that it could have been faked.

I have read all of the arguments against flags blowing in the breeze and shadows cast by the astronauts that go everywhere. I have heard the scientific explanations of the Van Allen Belts. I have also heard all of the arguments about why we do not see stars in the pictures.

But one thing that makes the whole moon shot a Hollywood movie to me is when the LEM ascent module takes off. The camera that has been left behind on the Moon is there to record the take off into space. The camera tilts up. It follows the ascent module up. Now I can understand a radio remote camera today. But I wonder about a radio remote camera in 1969. Video Cameras back then were large. Now using what I know about television production, the astronauts would have had to pack a large camera, power supplies, a radio link, and a radio link for the video. Who controlled the upward tilt of the camera? Was it Houston?

The Eagle has flown the coop! Watch the Birdie as it ascends. NASA needed a remote camera in 1969 to tilt up and follow the module. Did the technology exist? If it did, how could they have packed all of it in such a little flimsy spacecraft?

By Apollo 17 it was reported that there was a remote camera. It seemed the as the years progressed everything could be explained away. President Johnson even has put many of the details about the moon landing as classified and not to be opened until by 2026.

By then most of the participants should be dead.

No one will care after that. By then it won't matter. No one to blame.

For the record I welcome criticism from all of those who think that the insinuation that the Moon landing was faked because of what it does for those who wouldn't even think about reading up on NASA.

I think that what I do is a good thing. I know that is arguable. However I believe that no one would talk about any of our greatest achievements unless somebody take a contrary position.

However it would be disingenuous if I said that all of my motives are for some humanitarian effort of getting kids to read about the greatness of our space program and the government.

I decided to dig up the moon hoax controversy after I was subjected to the Airforce report on Roswell back in 1997. They used all kinds of incongruent details to say that what the people of Roswell saw in 1947 was a top-secret weather balloon and anthropomorphic dummies.

They assumed that all of the events were smeared together in time and that men who served in our Military were hallucinating and seeing little green men. These Army Airforce personnel were charged to protect our country and were later mocked and ridiculed for even stating that they saw a disk that was unfamiliar. That they saw bodies that looked freakish in the hot sands of New Mexico.

The Air force formed the same specious arguments as the "moon hoax" believers do.

The Air Force was certain that their tidy little conclusion explained why they needed hermetically sealed coffins as reported by Mortician Glen Dennis. This was why the witnesses were threatened by military personnel who warned that if any one spoke they would be picking their bones out of the desert.

This is why they allegedly ordered a B-29 to fly the dummies and the weather balloon to Fort Worth and then to Wright Patterson Airforce base. This is why General Ramey showed to reporters the "Top Secret" weather balloon. This is why a "Top Secret" Weather balloon was on the front pages of papers around the world.

The Air Force thought that it was wise to point out that many of the eyewitnesses to the events at Roswell were becoming senile and meshing many events into one solid one.

However the witnesses once again pointed out that it was the airforce that had meshed the events together, The project in which anthropomorphic dummies were used was called project "High Dive" and it was in operation in 1956. The project was not classified and the dummies were clearly marked so that if a wind carried them aloft and they were lost, civilians were offered a $25 dollar reward for their recovery.

Another problem with the report was the inclusion of pictures that purported to show space probes that easily could have been mistaken as "flying saucers." The photographs in the report were taken not in 1947, or 1957. The pictures provided were a Viking space probe and a NASA Voyager-Mars space probe taken in 1967 and 1972!

Here are the "case closed" photos that the Air force believed would silence all of those Alien "Nuts." The photos were misleading and were shown in order to demonstrate that people in 1947 saw "dummies" and probes. The only problem was the dates and times did not match the story provided by the Air Force.

The media swallowed up the story and to this day there are many books and in depth news stories that claim that this explanation is satisfactory.

So I guess you can believe what you want to believe. The government has the power to create or fake anything. With the right kind of influence and they can make dragons and slay them, they can create bogey men and then debunk them, and they can land men on the moon to give us reason to dream and then limit our reach by keeping us in orbit around the earth.

We should go back to the moon.

We should give man a new reason to look up.

Because right now it seems that most people have their heads in the sand.


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