By Clyde Lewis

There seems to be a misconception that there is a simple or single explanation for the UFO mystery. There are reports of multiple shapes and sizes of these unknown aircraft. However there is one particular type of airship that is becoming the norm for the new millenium and that is the delta shaped megacraft or mother ship that is black and ominous. While the UFOís of the past were fast and were able to make sharp turns these aircraft move 5-10 miles per hour and disappear. Some have reported landings of these aircraft. Just what are the eyewitnesses seeing, a spacecraft from another planet or is it an aircraft with terrestrial origins?

In the 50 or some odd years that we have been subjected to the UFO infestation we have received mounting evidence to conclude that there is definitely something flying in the skies above the earth that is unknown or anomalous.

Many people however will not be satisfied until credible scientists kick the tires and honk the horn of a full-fledged UFO or flying "space machine." This does not mean that we are to ignore the eyewitness testimony, the photographs, video, abduction reports, radar detection and physical evidence that accompanies the landing of such aircraft.

There have been numerous traces of burnt vegetation and crop circles have been becoming more intricate and fascinating. Some of the UFO phenomenon at the beginning of the 21st century can easily be misinterpreted. Most of it could be faked or hoaxed and obviously many hoaxes have been presented and documented as "real."

We are kidding ourselves if we buy into every single story that seems to surface and we must be cautious when viewing pictures and movies because they can easily be doctored with the aid of a computer.

I want to set the record straight by telling you that as a researcher and a reporter of this type of material you can often be fooled. But one thing you cannot fake is the sound of the eyewitness when he or she is caught in the act of being human.

The emotions that are racing as you hear a 911 call or hear a pilot saying that he has seen unknown lights coming straight for him are compelling and very real.

There is no argument when an emotional abductee shows scars on their bodies or suffers from conjunctivitis or some other malady after direct contact with a being or an aircraft of unknown origin you have to stop and ponder if it is all made up. The history and the track record speaks volumes.

Something is out there but whatever it is remains to be seen. We should not ignore the truth or the reality of what we are up against.

Even if the majority of these sightings have more down to earth explanations. Either way we need to conclude that if something is being done in plain sight and our questions are being ignored then it must be something sinister and clandestine that will only be explained on a "need to know" basis.

When humans are terrorized or suffering because of these activities then I believe we need to know.

This isnít a time for a debunkerís debate but a time to understand before we step on toes. Keeping your eyes to the skies is not enough any more, because according some reports the strange crafts are landing, and hovering. It is as if they were spying on us. Scrutinizing our behaviors and then fading away in some stealthy fashion.

There seems to be a habitual act of dismissal by mainstream journalists and politicians of this activity. Maybe it is due to the fact that there have been so many people out there who have jumped on outrageous theory and have held it as a "cosmic gospel" when they didnít even have proof that the gospel had even the slightest bit of validity.

There are a lot of people who want to distance themselves from zealous, new-age, armchair Ufologists.

Ringmaster after ring master has rallied the masses to pay attention to misidentified airplanes, helicopters, ball lightning and weather balloons because it sells prostate remedies and various herbs that even they canít pronounce without a phonetic lexicon. It gets to the point where it all sounds like a mismatch of made up stories.

Itís hard to tell which story is real anymore. So the mainstream will stick to the "lone nuts" to create a stereotype of what the UFO chasers and their ilk are like. Yet the credible data that exists gets lost in the report of the man in the doublewide who had his anus probed to see how full of it he truly is.

The fact is that 80 per cent of Americans believe their government has information about UFOís that they refuse to release to the public. So are researchers preaching to the choir with the familiar campfire fair that tells the same story over and over again?

Shouldnít we move on to other possibilities and more practical Ufology where we combine both the "alien" technology that already is here with the human technology that flies overhead in plain sight?

Its obvious (If you believe the polls) that people already accept the UFO reality, so why is consensus mainstream making fun of the majority?

We can also point out that in 1997 a CNN/ Time magazine poll that was released during the Roswell anniversary concluded that 64 percent of Americans believe that beings from other planets have contacted us and that it is being covered up.

There are at least 1.6 million individuals and a number of North American companies that have donated computer time to search for Extra Terrestrial signals from space.

So maybe its time to cut the crap. Maybe researchers need to understand that everyone has a reason to be curious now. So why donít we move on from the blurry photographs of yesterday and begin to come forward with conclusive eyewitness testimony. Letís put aside the new age theories about the purpose of the whole affair and get down to the nuts and bolts.

UFOís are both military and extra terrestrial. There are experimental aircraft being tested every day. Spacecraft from other planets visit us all the time.

There needs to be some sort of moratorium on pretending that these things arenít being seen.

Long ago there were monks and philosophers burned at the stake for even suggesting that life existed elsewhere in the universe and now its seems that people who come forward and join the majority are met by the so called skeptics which truly arenít skeptics.

A skeptic has an investigative mind that uses the data to prove or disprove a theory. The so-called skeptics that exist today are truly cruel and smug little cynics that look for some reason to burn eyewitnesses at the intellectual stake.

I also hear from the masses that it would satisfy them if the government was to give them the "Yes Itís true response" about UFOís and I say to them, youíll get your wish but it wonít be pretty.

You donít think that a government that has been mum on UFOís and extra terrestrials for over 50 years is going to give you the truth? No way. They will engineer their whistle blower and he will give you a half-truth if not an outrageous lie that all of the uninformed will buy without question.

If you donít believe me then thumb through a copy of the "Roswell: Case Closed" Airforce document putting dummies, airplane crashes, and space vehicles all in one mish mash that reporters printed and claimed "made sense."

Maybe the whistle blowers have already been planted. Or perhaps those who have the power to devalue the whole thing are already in our midst placing absolute loony doomsayers and alleged Military operatives in key positins to distribute misinformation to the public about the phenomena. Maybe putting a few fake aliens on websites and giving "whacko" attention getters the pulpit at UFO conferences is just the beginning of the engineered whistle blowing.

You think a UFO landing on the Whitehouse lawn will happen? Of course not. Intelligent life forms want to speak to intelligent life forms. Iím not trying to be funny either. Why the hell would some green, tentacled, slimy alien want to talk to some half assed bureaucrat? The logic astounds me yet I hear that this would prove the existence of aliens to some people.

So what would it take to convince you that these craft exist? What would it take to get you to consider that UFOís are not an either/or argument but that they are both man made and extra terrestrial?

How about modern reports that havenít been clouded by the obsession of alien piloting?

Now, Iím not saying that alien pilots arenít out there taking the saucer out for a Sunday drive but sometimes it just taints a report to speculate about its pilots without investigating it first.

Some of these UFOs are eerie and while they may look like secret black ops planes they deserve to be filed in the UFO category because no one has seen aircraft like these before, and now they seem to turn up in the strangest of places.

These UFOs are big black triangles two, maybe three stories high moving slowly and in some cases hovering. They seem to have a low humming sound to them and they usually just appear out of nowhere.

They have been called mother ships because of their enormity. Some of the stories surrounding these huge behemoths range from the terrifying to the hilarious.

One of the major Triangle stories in the United States that gained mainstream attention happened in Phoenix Arizona back in 1997. The Phoenix lights have been arguably the most intriguing UFO sighting to capture the imaginations of not only the citizens of Arizona but also the entire nation as full page stories appeared in USA Today and eyewitness testimony of a large triangular craft was being splashed in bold type.

While many skeptics have attempted to explain the lights away as flares it must be said that if flares were placed in the area the night of March 13th 1997 they were industrial strength flares. Most common flares that are used are flares that burn approximately 6-10 minutes. The sighting of a huge triangular craft with lights at the base and one at the end lasted over two hours.

The flares also would have had to travel two hundred miles in the same formation. The UFO was sighted flying from Kingman to Tucson. At first report the craft was reported to be boomerang shaped, and others claimed it was arrowhead shaped and about 100 feet long. Other witnesses said it was much larger. The craft was estimated by pilots to be bigger than several football fields, creeping silently slowing at times to 35mph, with altitudes as low as 300 feet.

Regardless of the data collected the media has now satisfied itself by stating that the "Mothership" was in fact Military flares used in exercises, even though when pressed on the issue Luke AFB denied that any exercises were taking place until the UFO story went completely out of control.

Even Governor Fife Symington made light of the issue when at a press conference stated that he had a special agent appointed to look into the issue.

The press was all gathered for the truth when a man in an exaggerated alien costume appeared thus tainting the investigation into whether or not a huge craft was sighted by anxious observers.

Maxine Killkut was on her way through the desert area between Wells Nevada and Ely back in 1995 when she claims to have seen a large UFO that she remembers looking like a flying mountain with lights.

She took a closer look with her binoculars and noticed that the ship had portholes that she claims could have fit a large home inside. The panels on the ship had large divits that she confided to researcher Linda Moulten Howe looked like the divits in a golf ball.

She has been terrified to come forward with the account fearing that she would be the subject of ridicule. She could not believe how large the craft was. To those who have traveled in that area it goes without saying that it would have been really terrifying to see such a large aircraft out in the middle of no manís land.

Another remarkable Triangle Mothership sighting happened in Illinois on January 5th, 2000. Reports out of Milstadt this time came from police officers on patrol. This got the attention of the mainstream news however it was unanimous amongst the townspeople and the police that this aircraft was not extra terrestrial however it did not act like a typical aircraft.

On April 21st the reports started flooding in again, as dispatchers were calling the police out to investigate another Triangle sighting in the east St. Louis area not far from the original Lebanon /Milstadt Illinois Sighting.

The Collinsville and Caseyville police departments, along with the Illinois State Police and St. Clair County Sheriff's Department all received reports of UFO sightings. Many people saw bright lights attached to a huge aircraft that did not roar but created a low hum.

One of the funniest stories about an encounter with a Flying Triangle occurred in San Francisco. If the accounts are true then perhaps there is something more to the phenomenon that we havenít yet imagined. Peter Davenport who runs the most impressive National UFO reporting Center in Seattle Washington took this report. This report has been transcribed in its entirety and the name has been withheld to protect the identity of the witness:

"On the evening of Super Bowl Sunday, January 30, 2000, I was hauling up a line of crab traps off Faralon Island aboard our 25' boat. My dog started to bark furiously. I looked up and saw a huge triangular object hovering above with NO sound.

I was hit by a beam of white light and fell backward. I grabbed my Ruger 10-22 rifle loaded with a 100 round banana magazine and stared firing as fast as I could until the clip was empty. I was able to shoot out the light.

While grabbing for a second clip, I saw a hatch open up on the bottom side of the object and two people leaned down to yell, "Stop shooting at us you idiot!" The only other noise I heard was a hissing sound like air escaping from a flat tire. As the object moved off to the south, I saw a helicopter come out off the top and move in next to my boat about 20 feet off the water and only feet away. Someone in the side door held up a camera and the flash shot off a picture of me in the boat holding the rifle.

The helicopter made no noise and had no markings on it. It was solid flat black as was the huge Triangle. The chopper then took off toward the Golden Gate Bridge climbing up.

The Triangle slowing gained altitude and was last seen heading south. At first I thought it was an alien UFO and was genuinely startled by it. However, I now believe it was an experimental military platform for transporting a small fleet of black helicopters that leave and enter out of the top of a huge silent floating triangle the size of a football field. A rigid airship if you will." (National UFO Reporting Center)

Perhaps these Triangular "Motherships" are secret military flying aircraft carriers designed to position themselves over areas where military exercises take place. It would make sense when you consider that in the cases mentioned here, two Flying Triangular craft were seen near major Air Force bases. The Phoenix Phenomenon happened near Luke Airforce base, and the Milstadt/ East St. Louis case happened near Scott Airforce base. Both Bases have denied the existence of any experimental or "carrier" prototype platform craft in use.

You can only theorize and throw spaghetti at the walls and hope some of it sticks. As Ufologists and investigators look into the reports of strange aircraft it is assumed by most debunkers that we donít even consider the possibilities of experimental aircraft that are being used by the military. It needs to stressed once again that we do understand this.

Saucers were first introduced in the 1940ís during World War II and planes that eventually surfaced were the Flying Wing, the U2 spy plane, The SR-71, the B2 Bomber and the F-117. The newer models are still secret, and a part of the keen observerís legends. The stalwart UFO observer will tell you that if there was ever evidence of Alien technology being flown, these planes are the prime example.

Technology that appears magical to us probably has an even greater impact on those who are not used to seeing such aircraft in their skies. These Motherships have also been landing in various areas around the world. In other cases they are crashing.

A terrifying ordeal in Brazil was recently reported after the residents of Sao Felix City claimed that a large thundering came from a cloudless sky. An object flew low and crashed in the jungle nearby.

The Investigators had suspected that perhaps a spy plane had flew over head and crashed. There was no mention of Alien activity, just an odd looking aircraft that was enormous and thunderous. The Villagers there said that it hit the ground like a bomb, causing the earth to shake.

A Kaiopa Indian tribe described the object as a large flying object that looked triangular. The forested area of the crash site was still burning 16 days after the crash. Archeologists searched the entire area and found no debris from the large object, not even an impact crater. The confusing thing was something immense had definitely broken the trees like twigs, cleared a large area, and left behind a weird indescribable odor.

When a phenomenon is witnessed by more than one person it is the rational explanation that there is some truth behind it. When people report seeing strange objects by the thousands you have to presume that something is out there. When it becomes a world wide anomaly people should pay attention.

Debunkers will conclude that it is a fast way to make a buck.

Not everyone who reports a sighting cashes in by writing a book or getting on the lecture circuit. If UFO reporting was big business then everyone with a sighting would be self made millionaires. It is true that there are some people out there who have made it a living to tell their stories, but they are truly a minority.

It is hard to believe that all of the testimonies given could be all wrong. However we must also realize that some nations are more UFO obsessed than others. That is why that in the future it is important to maintain a balanced attitude about the much-maligned UFO.

If you are thinking about reporting such activity understand that credibility and clarity of the sighting should be considered before you blink and squint at extra bright landing lights on an airplane. Try to collect eyewitness testimony from credible people to back up your claim. Above all, if you just happen to have a camera on hand to snap the event, take off the lens cap and focus, focus, focus!

Keep your eyes on the ground.

Theyíre landing!


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