By Clyde Lewis

In the book of Eziekiel, The Bible tells of a temple not of this world made with cherubs...and two faces were to a cherub, the face of a man, toward the palm tree from here, and a young lion's face. As you can see. There is a similarity to what we see on Mars and what Ezekiel saw in the Bible. NASA is showing us that all of what we thought we saw was all smoke and mirrors.

It was called Frame 35A72 it was taken of the Cydonia region of Mars. It was an alleged city captured in the frame, showing what looked like pyramids as well as a gigantic face that was estimated at 1.6 miles long by 1.2 miles wide . Many claimed it looked like a Sphinx. Scientists called it nothing but shadow tricks, and pure coincidence. Much like seeing elephants in the clouds as you gaze into the azure sky. But it was all too perfect. All the way down to the pyramids that surrounded it. One even appearing to be a five sided D&M Pyramid Much like the image of Divinci's "man in a Squared Circle." Now the mainstream media has posted pictures that tell the truth. NASA was correct. The Face was a 22 year old Myth. Some are saying that NASA is giving us the clouded story. The Pictures are relatively inconclusive. So is it truth that we are reading in the headlines or another attempt at disinformation?

The New "truth" regarding Cydonia is vindication for some and for others disappointing. For many years NASA has had an interest in the red planet, for reasons to this day still remain top secret. I say this because each time we have gone to Mars it has been to see if ancient life existed or still exists to this day, and each time we have come up with nothing. It wasn't until 1976 that the first indications of possible ancient life were beamed back to an anxious earth. It appeared to be a face. A face and perhaps an ancient city of pyramids nearby. Scientists declared it a trick of erosion and light. Then came the flags of cover-up. Just what was NASA covering up? Who would be harmed with the knowledge of ancient life in the cosmos?

There are so many fringe possibilities to the Cydonia scenario that one could speculate until he was called a conspiratorialist fool. Now we have the moment of truth, the new pictures. Even now, there are those who refuse to believe that these pictures represent the face that they had seen for 22 years. It's almost as if we are children who just saw how the magician does the rabbit out of the hat trick and are now disappointed. Has anyone ever stopped to think that NASA has bigger hats now, and many more rabbits? That eyes can look but not see the big picture. Ears can hear, but do they listen ? NASA has been telling us in so many words that perhaps there is reason to believe that there is life out there. Trying to find it is like finding dandelions on the moon, and with what we have been hearing about our moon lately , it wouldn't be surprising.

The truth is that there have been several things that have happened since the first pictures were sent of the City of Cydonia. Some are suspicious and need to be reviewed over and over before we put the idea of an ancient or present civilization living on the Mars Surface to sleep.

In 1988 Russia sent two probes into space to explore the the Martian moon, Phobos The reason why they were sent was scientists were saying that the orbital speed of Phobos was accelerating and then slowing down ... as if it were being piloted by remote control. The first probe disappeared without a trace. The second probe was destroyed by something strange. Prior to the destruction of the second probe some very peculiar photos were sent back. There was one photograph in particular that was circulated and then retracted. It was a cigar-shaped shadow cast on Phobos' surface. It was the shadow of something strange in orbit just beyond the probe. Then one last photo was transmitted. That photo was never released to the public. NASA claims that it contains sensitive information. Whatever the "sensitive information" was, it was shared with the Russians. . NASA was pressured again to investigate the Cydonia region to see if it was all just an illusion. The Mars Observer was fired into space and just before it entered into Martian orbit it stopped working.

I point these things out, only to show you, that for what at first was a trick of erosion and light became an obsession for both U.S. and Russian Scientists. While some scientists claim it was always an inside joke at Nasa that the face was not real. No one on Earth was laughing.

Now the new pictures are here and conveniently there is no face. Just little scratches on Mars. Now the question is whether or not this is a trick of Erosion, or a trick of deceit. Several years ago The Associated Press reported that Congressional investigators uncovered a two-page set of instructions that tell NASA how to handle fringe inquiries regarding the Cydonia region and an extraterrestrial connection. It is rumored that If there were any inquiries about subject matter that would be considered "fringe,' there is to be no information given regarding anything that may be extraterrestrial or sensitive to the progress of the space program. This needs to be carefully analyzed. We can't fault the government for that. However we need to question why there is so much interest in a planet that for decades has turned up no life. Or did it? After the Martian Rock announcement were we only getting part of the story? Did NASA scientists suppress possible evidence of microscopic life, detected by the Viking probe? Did our existence begin out there and through some act of Panspermia? The God's were able to "Go down (to Earth ) and make man unto their own image?" What was that Image? Maybe the face is more important to our religious beliefs than NASA realizes. Maybe if NASA read Ezekiel they would understand that extra terrestrial travel, visitations and monuments are all there in black and white. Ezekiel 41:18 talks of a temple that has the face of a man and a lion. "And it was made with cherubims and palm trees, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub; and every cherub had two faces; So that the face of a man was toward the palm tree on the one side, and the face of a young lion toward the palm tree on the other side: it was made through all the house round about. From the ground unto above the door were cherubims and palm trees made, and on the wall of the temple."

When Ezekiel saw the wheel and the "extra terrestrials" piloting those wheels he mentioned several animal representations that we can only figure to be code words for things he did not understand. He also mentions that these "creatures" were Cherubim. "And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle." Ezekiel Continues with an even more detailed account of what Cherubim do in chapter 28: You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the holy mount of God; you walked among the fiery stones. Cherubim walk among the fiery stones? Stars perhaps? Only a theory because I am no biblical scholar. Do they build a likeness to Cherubim as angels or guardians to a fortress? On Mars (Cydonia appears to have pyramids, fortresses and perhaps temples, with an alleged face that may or may not have a Lion's mane and human face) on Earth (Egypt has similar Pyramids, with a Sphinx that appears to have a human face and a lions body, once again showing the same pattern ) What does it all mean? where did the symbolism come from? Ancient Astrology perhaps. Lions which may be the Leo constellation, eagles like in Antaris Bulls as in Taurus . Even Humans like the Aquarius water bearer. All these symbols are shown in Ancient Architecture. Since it has been speculated that The face appears to be a Sphinx of some type it all adds up. These metaphors represent celestial bodies or stars. Does this indicate men or emissaries among the stars? Cherubim and fiery stones? Face in the heavens? The face of God? The god of light ? The god of War? What if there was a battle in the heavens? That each planet had a fortress that was erected to the gods? To protect the inhabitants? Don't we read about the great wars in the heavens? Either future or past? I say "past" because In the first chapter of Ecclesiastes . we read that There is no new thing under the sun, that it was all made before, no new idea, it's all been made ages before now. Could that include ancient Cities, and ancient civilizations that exist or existed on other planets? Perhaps ruled by a different God? There has to be more than one. Remember "Thou shalt not have any other Gods before me." The Hebrews knew of other Gods but they worshiped only Jehovah. Did these other Gods dwell on other Planets, supported by travelers, or messengers? Could they still exist? Why do we continue to go to Mars when time and time again we come up with nothing? Could it be that something has called out to earth? How about someone?

The Face on Mars is still under scrutiny, there will be arguments about it's relevance to our past or future. Still, we must acknowledge that in our past we have already been shown that this is nothing new, so why suppress that which is to be revealed? Who would benefit from this cover up? If one truly exists? Could Major religions support the idea that creation did not begin here but out there? That we are only visitors on this rock, and that others like ourselves have visited other rocks, or fiery stones?

George Orwell wrote "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." Which can mean that NASA controls the writings in the history books, they tell us we have landed on the moon even though there is no evidence to prove it. They tell us there is no face on Mars yet we have seen the image, and then have had it vanish before our eyes.

The Governments write the history of the winners. The churches give us a version of their truths as well. In 1992 the Papal commission of the Catholic Church finally admitted to making a mistake. They admitted that they were wrong in opposing Galileo's findings that the earth moved through space. Galileo was imprisoned and all of his works were burned. There you have what is known as a coverup. Jesus Christ was assassinated because he claimed that he was a divine being. There you have an example of a silenced witness. If there is a threat to a group's culturally accepted assertions we see strange human behavior and facts either disappear or become distorted. Perhaps one of the largest pieces of the "God" puzzle may be found in Cydonia. We will never know. Old ideas still die hard. Ideas that were placed in your mind when you were a child still remain. Are we ready to accept the arrival of an extra terrestrial deity no matter what he or she may look like? I suppose yes, but only if it looked like what the preferred belief of the world was at the time of the arrival. Last I checked, a society of one mind is a nasty little thing called a New World Order. Many religious leaders of our time are telling us that this is evil.

Ray Bradbury, The author who taught me to dream wrote in the Martian chronicles of a family that decides to leave earth. The earth has been destroyed and there is no turning back. The little boy asks the Father "When will we see the Martians?" Unaware that the true Martians died many years before. The Father takes the family to a canal on Mars. They look in and see their reflections. The Father says "There are the Martians right there." "But father" the boy cries "It's me , you Mom and the Baby." The mom says to the young boy "You see we are the Martians now." The boy had a change of perception.

When we see a face on Mars, maybe what we see is ourselves, our own image. It is alarming. It is unbelievable. But the reality we have received in the papers is that the face was never there. Reality by consensus is not necessarily reality. It can be preferred reality. Not fact. Preferred reality will get in the way of truth in every instance. That is why cover ups exist. That is why disinformation can be accepted as information. That is why learned men can look like fools. That is why the religious make knee jerk reactions to the new avalanche of knowledge and science. No one wants to lose their Jobs. No one wants to see the collection plates end up empty. Or virgin statues without candles. That is why the Truth will remain in a never ending circle of doubt.

So does the face exist? Only you can determine your own truth. I have only given you the information needed to make your judgements. The Pictures speak for themselves. NASA speaks for itself. Governments Speak for themselves. Churches speak for everyone. Everyone who believes. If anything new challenged that belief, who would benefit from a coverup? You must answer these questions in your heart. I already know the answer.


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