By Clyde Lewis

You have heard the "trigger" words in the media. "Ethnic Cleansing" "War Criminal" and "Nazi." These words provoke feelings of hatred towards a manufactured enemy. Checking the facts you'd be surprised at which government is calling the kettle black.

When I was a boy I was bombarded with Nazi imagery. Every day I could flip the channels and from Hogan's Heroes, to the Sound Of Music you would see the cartoon swastika on television. My family was of German descent so while learning the German language I was compelled to study Nazi history and learn why Germany was hypnotized into following a man by the name of Adolf Hitler into a notoriously bloody nobility.

Being raised on Science fiction, it was Fritz Lang's Metropolis and books like Starship Trooper that showed me that in the Future there was always the idea of a Hitlerian Social structure that would keep the inhabitants of Earth in line. Between Orwell's 1984, and Huxley's Brave New World I had the seed planted in my head that many Science Fiction writers could see the political structure deteriorating long before the doomsayers of today.

I was most impressed with a Star trek Episode called "Patterns of Force." This Episode dealt with the idea that tenants of Nazism when they are applied to any government will corrupt entirely.

The story deals with a Missing Researcher. If I recall he was an agriculturist who ends up missing. When the Enterprise approaches the planet Ecos to investigate why they had lost communications with the researcher, it is fired upon by a nuclear warhead.

Well of course the Enterprise wonders why the planet has nuclear capability and they decide to beam down. They beam down and what they see shocks them. Kirk and Spock realize that a Nazi movement has swept the planet, complete with the ethnic cleansing of a targeted group of people. This was the law because an act of a Coup undermined the original leaders, and a secret government lied to the people and led them to believe that their leader was making these evil laws for the benefit of the "system" and the well being of the people.

Spock and Kirk were thinking that this researcher violated the prime directive and established a government. A Government that used parts of Nazism because according to Spock Nazism was " the most efficient government system the Earth ever knew." It preached patriotism, superiority, manifest destiny, standards and practices that were not only enforced by the storm troopers and Gestapo, but also by the people who would police their neighborhoods for Jews who by mandate were considered enemies of the state, and the bane of humanity.

The bone Chilling Moral to me was that there are those who still would like to see "the most efficient system" be reestablished and used as a global government. That they would try and do it without a Hitler, however it is impossible to do so because in a system of absolute power , corruption eats its way slowly to the surface. So slow that the very act of deception and lies go unnoticed. The nature of deceit is that it always comes dressed, packaged, and presented as if it were the truth. Plato once described a "Nazi" like order that would have to utilize deceit, death and racial or ethnic targeting in order to keep people in line:

"Our Rulers will have to employ a great deal of fiction and deceit for the benefits of the subjects and no one but the Rulers must know what is happening, if we are to avoid dissension in our Guardian herd.

We shall have to devise an ingenious system of drawing lots, so that our inferior Guardian can, at each mating festival, blame the lot and not the Rulers.

And among the other honors and rewards our young men can win for distinguished service in war and in other activities, will be more frequent opportunities to sleep with women this will give us a pretext for ensuring that most of our children are born of that kind of parent. Children of the inferior Guardians, and any defective offspring of the others, will be quietly and secretly disposed of."

Sounds like a familiar "system" of control and tyranny.

Obviously Hitler was not stupid. These ideas had existed long before his reign of terror. However Nazism fell hard because of the inhumanity that resulted. However the ghost of Nazism is very real. Perhaps its not a ghost, but an idea with a new advertising agency or group pushing it's agenda.

Where one man failed It seemed that the torch was passed. There will always be others to carry out what seems to be the "efficient" system of eugenics, targeting and manipulation. Where order comes from chaos, manufactured or otherwise.

While many times Ground Zero has mentioned the possible embrace of Nazi values in this country and how we have emulated the "most efficient government system the earth ever knew."

It didn't happen over night. It has taken 50 years of social engineering and grooming to keep a blind eye to the establishment of the 4th Reich. It is not blamed on any Democrat or Republican, but on the people who have been brainwashed in the myth that their country is choice above all other lands.

That the enemy of the day can be seen on CNN and on Americas most wanted at the flip of the switch. That the diseased are that way because of a plague on those who are sexually defective, and that people who are not Christ Supremacists are following, pagan and Satanic philosophies.

We are seeing the 4th Reich developing because we have piled all of the responsibility of choice, defense, and protection on men who make promises so that they can take office for the soul purpose of protecting special interest groups and secret societies that hide in the shadows and carry out their own agendas at the expense of your freedoms.

We have been duped by a one party government that disguises itself into two major groups. Both of which are for the same agenda. Think of all of the hidden groups that are demanding the attention of our Armies and our tax dollars. Take for example NATO.

The Associated press reported that Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a Russian writer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Commented recently that NATO's bombardment of Yugoslavia was morally no different than Hitler's actions.

Solzhenitsyn was held in Soviet prison camps for eight years, and he turned his experiences into his life's work: books including "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" and the three volume "Gulag Archipelago," which chronicled the atrocities in the Soviet Union's prison camps. He was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1974 and returned to Russia only 20 years later.

While you may hold a Russian as a poor example and anti American one can only look at the actions that have blatantly been overlooked regarding not only the NATO Strike but other Nazi like activities carried out in the name of freedom.

What we have seen is a constant bombardment of Yugoslavia until it has fallen to its knees. One day NATO will march into a country and that country will lay down their weapons and surrender, much like the French did in World War II when the Nazis arrived. When you are out numbered and out bombed what else can you do?

The truth is no one would ever suspect that a new system is slowly allowing itself to get in under the radar because we put blind faith, into leaders and police forces to protect us from the evils of the world.

The Evil has been around since 1947. When the CIA replaced the OSS. Leftover Nazis were working with U.S. intelligence to make the CIA the strong arm of the Military industrial complex.

This was accomplished with backroom dealings with our gifted leaders. With the torch passed from Allen Dulles (who was later fired by JFK and after Kennedy's death became a key member of the Warren commission) to John McCone, to George Bush " the most efficient government system the Earth ever knew" had it's feet in the Oval Office. George Bush of course was a member of all of the same secret groups that Bill Clinton was a part of and so the torch was passed to yet another leader who had a gift for convincing the country of it's superiority.

Adolf Hitler obviously was a gifted speaker. He was enough to get the German propaganda Machine ready. Women loved the Fuhrer and there were times when behind the doors of the Nazi Party , Orgies were held by "breeding stock" who wanted to make the perfect race. With the power of Hitler and the propaganda machine he was a "Teflon" leader that people followed like Zombies.

The United States has allowed itself to make the same mistake. Only the most charismatic of leaders get to be our president. From the legendary JFK, to the poised Ronald Reagan, to Bill Clinton.

We reject our best instincts in the voting booth. We Vote by image and not by credentials. We vote for the best advertising and Public relations agency.

In the whitehouse we hear rumors of sexual escapades, Visits from Movie stars, interns and blatant acts of pedophilia. With every administration there are rumors of sexual deviance and total disregard for the people that they represent. History will hold President Clinton as the sexual playboy in the Whitehouse, however Kennedy, Bush and others were all tainted with sexual taboos.

Hitler would attack defenseless countries to somehow show that Germany had power. He also did it for other reasons. Mostly to rally public support for his political self interests. The United States has been doing this since the times of George Bush perhaps even sooner. From Iran, to Iraq and now Yugoslavia.

We have bombed them mercilessly in the name of NATO in order to conquer these countries and their resources. We have created indefinable enemies to rally support for presidents and their political self interests. We make heroes out of Generals and soldiers who have killed people "by accident" and the propaganda machine tells us that these deaths are necessary. We are told that hidden in these poor countries are fortresses of war. Chemical weapons and terrorist camps.

The result is a "no fault" war and a programming mechanism which compels us to support these actions or be labeled as traitors.

The Nazis were able to protect the Fuhrer from many assassination attempts and scandals and yet no mater what rumors were raised about Hitler he was able to bounce back from them without a scratch. How many times were we coining the phrase "teflon" when it came to the senile mistakes of Ronald Reagan?

The phrase that was used in the Clinton administration when Clinton would bounce back in the poles after a public relations debacle was always the "come back kid." No matter what went wrong. No matter how many lies were told, no matter how many screw ups, our leaders always seem to bounce back, after all they are only human.

Maybe too human.

The propaganda machine would do damge control whenever a president's health was bad. Our Leaders were so human that the government took great pains to hide their medical problems, such as Reagan's Alzheimer's disease. The fact that Bush was under the influence half the time he was in office was well hidden. Dan Quayle was the fall guy most of the time.

According to the Documentary "American hero" Bush had this habit of taking Halcyon and Scotch against the advice of his doctors. While Quayle was often shown to be a buffoon it was Bush who had the ability to speak in broken sentences and unintelligable phrases. President Bush Made this wonderful quote that History will forget and when you read it you will see why:

"You can't be president of the United States if you don't have faith. Remember Lincoln going to his knees in times of trial and the Civil war and all that stuff. You can't be. And we are blessed. So don't feel sorry for, uh don't cry for me Argentina.

I 've got to run now and relax. The doctors tell me to relax. The doctor told me to relax. The doctor told me. He was the one. He said relax." -George Bush

The Starr Report had revealed that Clinton had herpes. Something that I am sure the people really wanted to know.

Hitler had successfully hidden the fact that he had Venereal Disease and Parkinson's disease, which was revealed after his death in 1945.

The Nixon administration may have been the omen that we should have paid more attention to. We needed a quick fix after his impeachment . By accident another member of the Warren commission took office. Gerald Ford was never elected by the people. The people then selected Jimmy Carter who arguably was the president that no one liked.

Since the Ford and Carter Administration we were lolled to sleep and awakened to a world that slowly resembled the pre nazi era. Socialist agendas were being pushed in the United States and the foundation was being laid for a Totalitarian rule.

Reagan was the charisma we needed, but he was getting too old to keep up, and so Bush was the sinister element that later became President.

George Bush the CIA company man who knew that the economy needed to be rebuilt and so he raised taxes even when he asked us all to "read his lips." Bush even took credit for the tearing down the wall that separated East and West Germany to gain the confidence in the New World Order.

However there were a few that realized that Bush was as responsible for the wall coming down, as a rooster crowing was responsible for the sunrise.

Hitler did the same thing. While also building a Social security system, he increased taxes and revitalized Germany's economy to win the confidence of the people. His national health care plan gave Germans the health and confidence they needed to follow a man that would lead them on the road to ruin.

The United States had attempted to make a health care plan for all Americans. After the increased taxes the economy got good points. It all sounded too good to be true. It was enough however to lead a country into a false sense of security. To put the citizens into a "government can do no wrong" attitude. With the fall of Comunism in Russia we felt even more superior. Our Government eliminated the cold war. Of course they did. They created it with the CIA. New enemies had to be created and so Manuel Noriega was the Villain who drugged our nation. The Middle East was responsible for creating terrorism, and Saddam Hussein was the mad man of the Middle East. All on the payroll of the CIA.

Hitler made Germany the land of milk and honey and the crime rate was lowering. The Lowering of the crime rate was attributed to the SS and the Gestapo the police force that Hitler created to secure Germany. The true reason for the police increases and the expansion of the Military Complex was to protect the new Government from anyone who could see through the manipulation. By targeting the Jews He created enemies of the state to divert attentiion. Another safe guard was to control the press.

Clinton had increased the Police Force in the United States and according to the press the crime rate went down 15% and that Inner city gangs were dissolving because of the new police force. Many questioned if the press was being controlled and that the Liberal Media was twisting their stories to make Clinton look like an angel while scandal was Rocking the Whitehouse.

Even when Hitler's staff questioned his motives he became paranoid and ordered deaths to those who opposed him. There have been rumors of the same activity from the Bush administration to Clinton's circle of death, which includes Vince Foster, Press secretary Ron Brown and a number of others who had crossed Clinton.

Hitler used the Army and the SS to Burn down a Warsaw Ghetto to kill armed Jewish extremists and eliminate enemies in his own flock. In similar Fashion the People of the United States watched in horror as extremist Christians in Waco were killed when it was suspected that the FBI and the BATF set fire to their Mt. Caramel compound.

All 4 agents that were killed in Waco during the raid were former bodyguards of Bill Clinton. It was evident that the agents were shot execution style with bullet holes in their temples. However their deaths were considered a result of friendly fire.

It was after that event that our Nazi colors were beginning to show even more. One year later the Bombing of the Oklahoma Federal building stripped us of our Innocence. It was an excuse to strip us of some of our most cherished freedoms. Terrorism laws were passed and people were willing to give up their way of life for safeguards that would limit freedoms. Timothy McVeigh was arrested and was proven to have militia connections. Many citizens demanded the abolishment of these private armies.

Kevin Hill Pointed out in the Ground Zero Article "Ride the Hysteria" that in February of 1933 The seat of Germany's parliament, the Reichstag, was incinerated by order of Adolph Hitler. The subsequent propaganda blitz brought about not only the execution of a patsy, but set the stage for martial law. This created the atmosphere for the transition from democratic republic to totalitarian state.

Hitler wanted more than anything to be accepted by the ethnic Germans. To do so he had to create an enemy that was a threat to the state. He ordered the Shooting of the German ambassador and blamed it on the Jews. Which were hated in Germany.

The Rodney King beatings and the OJ Simpson trial showed that America still had racist issues and that more events such as these would cause Civil unrest. With communism dead there needed to be a new enemy. The new enemy was ourselves. The new protector was Government because they would pass laws to keep us from the beasts of hate crimes.

The United States suffered a rash of church burnings and bombings. The churches belonged to mostly Black congregations. While it was rumored that covert groups started these church fires, The Clinton administration began to breed the old standby of racism in the country by pinning it on white bigots. Then cleverly it was leaked that some of the churches were set a blaze by blacks themselves.

Then there was the gang problem. Drive by shootings, gay bashing, and drug use. The Country seemed out of control. Why did the activities in the country not mirror what was in the press? Enter the ineternet. The peoples press not only attempted to tell the truth, but it became a tool of disinformation as well. It was the first time people could see unfiltered news and the ugliness of what the Government was "really" up to.

People demanded action. Clinton increased police forces and changed hate crime laws. Making it easier for a person to be tried on what they are thinking at the time they are committing a crime. There were laws passed that if you destroyed a church, you would pay a higher price. If you killed a police officer in the line of duty you would get a life sentence. Religious zealots rose up out of the ashes to tell us that Satan had a hold of our nation and that the New Age was an evil cover for practices of Witchcraft and Satanism. Right wing elements wrapped themselves in the flag and preached Family Values, Pro- Life, and Anti-gay campaigns.

They pointed to the internet as a source for pornography and information that was anti-government and anti-God. That it was corrupting our nations youth. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell became the voice of the new conservative right wing rebirth.

It has been said that Nazism resembles right wing movements in America. Many Right wing groups secretly believe that too much democracy can result in total anarchy. Right wing organizations believe in controlling the press and creating a form of Christian socialism which leads to a form of State Worship or a nebulous state religious ethic.

This ethic forces the Government at large to call upon unseen forces heavenly or otherwise to guide and direct the affairs of the state. What we see is a militant form of Christian, which I call the Christ Supremacist. His weapon of truth is the bible, God is his general, and the flag is his "Title for Liberty." To tread on it, is to tread on the very God that blesses and guides the New Kingdom.

Put a Christ Supremacist in office the state becomes run by zealous Megalomaniacs. The very seal of the United States has a Latin message above the pyramid. It says "Annuit Coeptis" which means, "He has favored our undertakings." The pyramid is unfinished because the United States continues to grow under the watchful eye of God. The God of the State. The government sees itself as strong, enduring ever improving and divinely guided. Hitler felt the same way about the third Reich.

Hitler felt that a state religion should be in place and that the flag representing Hitler's new Germany should be regarded the religious symbol. Hitler was a Christian Zealot as well who wanted to have in his possession religious artifacts. He would make it public knowledge that he would tithe the church as a public relations coup.

Senator Orrin Hatch put the Flag Burning Issue before Congress and to this day demands that we look at the American Flag as a religious symbol. It has also been proposed that anyone who burns one is committing a hate crime of treason against the United States.

The Flag Burning issue has been tabled many times and each time congress has reworded the issue in order to get the American Flag to become a religious Icon.

In order to to keep public opinion in check Hitler controlled the press and burned books. He also killed those who spoke against his New World order.

Republican Senator Charles Grassley and Orrin Hatch have proposed that the Internet be controlled. That the net is a cess pool of filth and needs to be stopped. This all Based on a bogus TIME magazine article that was released in 1995. The same organizations and big money corporations that give us our presidential and congressional candidates already control the mainstream media.

So the media will report whatever is told to them by spin doctors and talking heads. Perhaps the CIA was still running the show. It was George Bush who clearly stated the New agenda for the millennium. When George Bush Ordered the Bombing of Iraq he declared that it was not a war but a campaign for the "New World Order."

The New World Order of course was a "trigger" word that sent a clear message to everyone that the new fascism had begun, there are those still who think that the New order of the ages still has not arrived, but it already did with the Nazis. It just took 50 years to have it slowly bubble back up to the surface. The next step was to disarm the people. In 1992 House to house searches were being done to confiscate weapons in Chicago.

Operation Clean Sweep was unconstitutional and until recently the Government apologized for the "urban warfare" training. But that did not stop them from continuing "Operation urban warrior" where guns were seized again and US citizens were accidentally fired upon. The US Citizens were getting used to the idea of soldiers on the streets. However there was a stubborn faction of America like the NRA which cherished their right to bear Arms.

As Hitler was gaining power, he needed to disarm his people so that he could land the final blow. The annihilation of the Jews. Concentration camps were set up and the Jews were targeted for execution.

After the Columbine incident where 13 victims were shot and killed on April 20th 1999 (Hitler's Birthday) The United States Government upped the ante for stricter gun laws. Many citizens were calling for the disarmament of the United States. Hidden in the shadows and the headlines were stories from people who claim that they had seen Black helicopters in rural communities landing and building Concentration camps all over the United states in remote Areas.

Ronald Reagan authorized the Building of such Detention facilities, under Operation REX 84. These facilities were allegedly built for use by FEMA during national emergencies. The 23 initial camps are supposed to detain between 32,000 and 44,000 people.

There were several reports being made on alternative news shows that more of these facilities were being built as late as the early spring of 1999. Many claiming that Barbed wire fences around the facilities had their barbs turned inward to keep people from escaping.

The United States' anti terrorism spending has exceeded $10 billion dollars and according to critics comes with no clear plan or strategy. However it may not come as a surprise as to why the government is increasing its anti terrorism spending 800 percent.

We know of Executive order 92549. Martial law can be declared at any time, if it isn't already. When it happens it will be declared by the people. It will also be policed by the people at all times because after all, fanatics of government and patriotism goose-stepped to Hitler's Music even when it included the abuses and deaths of the retarded, disabled, or those who were considered crazy.

Even when it included the deaths of people in far away lands that were alleged threats to the well being of a well oiled fascist order. Even if it meant the detainment and capture of Jewish Neighbors, who usually starved to death or were gassed and burned in ovens.

Countries trembled at the power and Influence of Adolf Hitler. Because he had the support of the majority of the republic. Those who opposed him were demonized in the German press and many were tried as war criminals or traitors. Not in tribunal but in back rooms with machine guns. Shot execution style. Hitler spoke with bombs and Stormtroopers.

He used intimidation and his influence. Many of His military officers despised him, but did their duty. Because they had to.

There were some that could see what Hitler was doing but didn't care. It sealed their safety and their superiority. They got used to the idea of being the master race. The superior military power. We have gotten used to the same thing. Ask any white red-blooded American male who is superior in the world.

Now the big question.

Would you be able to handle the idea of being the citizen of a country whose military power was not superior? Where everyone is treated equally in spite of his or her differences? Black, White, Straight or Gay?

If you answered no,


As Mr. Spock said to captain Kirk in the Star Trek episode "Patterns of Force" as he put on a Gestapo Uniform. "You'd make a convincing Nazi."


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