By Clyde Lewis

Cleaning Up Political Dessention on The Internet

Welcome to the New World Order. If this is what we are to believe it is. The NWO is such a strange term because immediately, it will either attract every conspiracy nut known to man,Black helicopters swooping down on our cities, to control the inhabitants an jail them , or it will wake people up to what might be happening to the constitution of the United states. Especially the ability to express yourself if you feel that your government is breaking the rules. The constitution entitles us certain liberties regarding speech and expression. This generous offering is given to we the people, to print, speak, act out or transmit any information that may be uplifting, downgrading, or totally against the community standard. This offering that is given through the inspired work of our country's constitution gives you the right to print, speak, act out, or transmit anything that may show disdain for the Government of the United States. The members of the United States congress swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United states from enemies both foreign and domestic. This 1st amendment right gives you the right to print stories, truths, and lies in the press. The power of the press extends through all forms of print, presentations, transmissions, both public and Private. There are provisions to protect the general populous from malicious or damaging propaganda. These laws are Libel and Slander laws that protect, those who are in the public eye, and private citizens as well.

The conservative back lash at the world wide web is evil and sinister, and many people who do not use the web will be judging its value by what is said by those in government who look at it as a new tool in feeding subversive propaganda. The conservative media which looks at the internet as a disinformation tool that spins yarns of conspiracy, the supernatural, warped Logic, has already positioned itself as a credible source for news that needs to campaign for Journalistic standards on the net. The fear that exists is that those who control what you know are losing their grip. It is obvious that they are.

It is argued that those who get official consensus reality from credible news sources like the New York Times, CNN, and the network big three, will clash with those who get consensus reality from the Web. There will be no social watering hole to quench the thirst for information. The mental individuality factor will be at an all time high and social confusion will result. It is like this, for the first time, there is no final word on anything.

For example, It used to be the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated John F. Kennedy. This has been accepted history. Thanks to the media, theorists, and the net. 70 percent believe that Kennedy was the victim of a government coup. 50 years ago an alleged weather balloon crashed at Roswell Army airbase. It was reported that a Flying Saucer crash-landed and the army airforce claimed it was a mistake. Thanks to the Internet and pundits of an Alien cover up we have become a culture that is now looking to government as the ultimate liars. It just doesn't lie with Aliens. The net as uncovered sex scandals in the Whitehouse, supposed murders and threats carried out by the commander in chief, conspiracy theories in the deaths of Martin Luther King, Presidential aide Ron brown, Vince Foster ,and the list continues. This is the free press. This is the alternative media. This media is available to anyone and disinformation can be printed as fact. However, before you wonder what is the truth, you must realize that the mainstream track record of journalistic integrity is suspect as well.

Lets look at how views have changed in the gathering of information, and you will see your right to the truth being clouded. In 1949 the FCC issued this statement regarding Broadcast Journalism.

"The basic purpose of American broadcasting is the development of an informed public opinion through the dissemination of news and ideas concerning the vital public issues of the day."

And now the U.S. court of appeals tightens the definition by stating,

"The Nation allows its air waves to be used a matter of privilege rather than of right. The companies which today are profiting so handsomely from radio and TV may in the end find it in their own best interest to treat their businesses as a public trust."

Yet the evidence proves that management organizations who own interest in Broadcast groups are forsaking that trust, not serving it.

Does anyone truly believe that if there were a scandal involving the General Electric company, that NBC would be reporting that story openly and fairly? What about sacrificing information at the cost of ratings revenues. While children die in the streets, from starvation we are curious as to the whereabouts of Monica Lewinski, or the cash price of a mink sold at auction that was once worn by a dead Kennedy.

Those who fund your news organizations are the ones who give you their side of the truth.

Back to the people's printing Press or the Internet. It has been the plan from the very beginning to control this vital source of unaltered or raw information. While we are being the ones who are filtering the news through our own belief systems the Government controlling the Net is a very disconcerting thought. There are many examples of how your Printing press, and your ability to tell stories and tell lies has been undermined, and many people will not believe this, but I will try to give you what I see is the truth about your modern and exciting information source.

We need to go back to a bit of alleged disinformation regarding your place in the big scheme of things.

I guess it comes as no surprise to you that those who claim to be freedom fighters are unwittingly destroying our most cherished freedoms. It was I.F. stone who said "Every government is run by liars and nothing they say should be believed." If you feel your rights are slowly slipping through your fingers consider this; it has been silently known that The United States of America has been in presidentially decreed state of emergency since 1933 that allows a President the right to powers otherwise denied by the constitution. Some of the examples range from suspension of free speech, government take over, and relocation of the citizens of the United States of America. With that in mind we need to understand that the government would not shock us by pulling a socialist shenanigan, they would move quietly and cautiously.

So how is it done? They monitor movements on the net. They can entrap you, and lie to you. The more you speak out about this injustice you are forcing the government or anyone with the cash to fight you to hide its actions and lie to you even more. They believe that as long as they make us think that we are empowered we will make progress, and that they will not lead us to Socialist enslavement. In the meantime, behind the façade of "business as usual" The government can secretly expose any threat to their control, using the media to cover it up. Don't believe me? It's been done.

Let me take you back to the mid 1990's when the Internet was starting to force it's way into mainstream popularity. When people saw it's potential they began looking for all kinds of information. Like children looking up the word Fuck in a library dictionary, and giggling our natural tendency would be to look up the word SEX. It became a popular application on the Internet. It was July 3rd 1995

When TIME magazine ran a Cyber Porn cover story. It was based loosely on a college paper written by a College undergraduate named Martin Rimm. Rimm stated in the article that the Internet was nothing but a hive of indecency. He scared parents into believing that if their children were playing with a keyboard that they could easily access a candy store of erotic and deviant sexual activity. Anything from Pedophilia, Sado Masochism and bestiality. When he was pressed for questions about his findings, he refused to answer. He signed an exclusive deal with TIME. TIME magazine's Phillip Elmer Dewitt wrote that what was written on the net might be bogus, error-ridden, or just plain wrong. As if TIME magazine wasn't lying to the American people about the Cyberporn scare. As if it were meant to be, The Time Magazine was waved around by Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley with the warning "That our Children need to be protected from this filth." Scholars came forward to say that what Rimm reported was false and exaggerated. But the damage was done. Rimm's Big Lie was widely broadcast.

By the time more sober observers got around to taking the story apart, millions of people around the country realized that this new toy had dangerous side effects. This from a Magazine that was saying that Gangsta Rap is a great influence and fun music, Just to sell a few records. After all Warner Brothers records needed to make a buck. It turned out that Rimm was an author of the Pornographers hand book. It was then Time magazine ran a retraction criticizing the Rimm story. However Politicians have found their hook for the virtual cleansing of the net, and the elimination of your right to free speech. In 1996 Senator Orrin Hatch from Utah, another ignorant conservative, was hot on this issue. Many Senators probably never knew the difference between a mouse, and a penis in their hand, but still told us the Internet was evil. So Congress passed the 1996 Communications Decency act Regulating online Indecency. Government: 1 Freedom of speech: 0. This nonsense of course supported by Americans who believed a lie.

The next step in destroying the free speech on the Internet is dividing it's ruling Class. If you can define who is the ruling class. Some activists on the Internet talk of "fighting for an information infrastructure that empowers rather than brainwashes." It is a fight between the "Official News Organizations" and the evil unfiltered news of the peoples Press. The mainstream media is now continuing the manipulation of non users of the internet by telling them that we need to control hackers, child pornographers and terrorists lurking in dark rooms ready to trap your children we are told that plans to build bombs exist on the wb , even though the same information can be found at most libraries, and we here of Internet Cults that commit suicide because of disinformation about Aliens on the net. So in order to eliminate that all we need to do is drum up support for wiretapping and censorship on the net. The American people once again fearing the "Red Menace" and the Evil Satan , will unwittingly allow this to happen. Once again, your rights will be taken.

The government also can entrap you on the net. Once again showing that a rat will go to cheese. Which everyone knows happens, but using it to show corruption on the net is another tactic for control, of your printing press. Operation "Honeypot" was such a case. , The FBI in cooperation with America Online corporation created a computer site that provided illegal pornographic materials. For two years they made lists of people interested in such materials, and entrapped them in illegal acts. This where are government plays big brother, which is totally unconstitutional. You are supporting this if you remain silent.

The same Senators have also tried to divide the nets classes by creating a lawsuit against Bill Gates. Say what you will about Microsoft, criticize and make fun of Bill Gates, but the Government will try and control the net by causing an upheaval in the computer industry. This alleged Anti trust violation is being fueled by some truth, but in the long run, it is a device to divide opinion amongst those who feel that the net can be used to empower the populace. This is the pre millenium Cold war, and it is a war between The Government and we the people, who wish to use the net for our own information gathering. Like it or not the net has the power to weaken any centralized government if we receive information leading us to believe that corruption is sneaking in. Take away communication and you can enslave a nation.

Plans are being made to create an approved "Internet mainstream"--and to shut down the corners of cyberspace that resist central control. The sad thing is, it will become impossible to buy, sell or trade any types of material that may be regarded as subversive, or contrary to consensus reality. The ruling class, those who have the "Fuck you" money to say "Fuck you" will not allow your empowerment. It will nean the destruction of them. Why would they allow new technologies to "empower" anyone but themselves? What if you had valuable information that would expose an injustice? The system's police stand ready to jail or execute anyone who wants to preach political dissention. Who will support this unconstitutional move? Uninformed Americans, Congress, corporations and the White House itself. Many are like mushrooms, they are kept in the dark and are fed nothing but shit. The internet is there to enlighten. Any act to disrupt the freedom of the net should be exposed, opposed and countered. Inform your parents, and your teachers. Inform voters that are ignorant. Save your empowerment. You may wake up tomorrow with out it.


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