By Clyde Lewis

Coincidences always get my attention. The Deaths of John F. Kennedy Junior, his wife Carolyn and sister in law Lauren was the catalyst in a fact finding mission. It wasn't to pinpoint a conspiracy; it was something far more unthinkable. Sometimes the Science fiction mind gets the best of me and I have to throw a theory against the wall like pasta. Sometimes it sticks.

I was fumbling through the channels on a Friday night not able to sleep. Summer finally breathed the humid unforgiving hot air into my Portland apartment and rather than toss and turn, I found comfort in a glass of iced tea and the glow of the television.

It was late and even with cable television and it's "variety" it was either a fat burner info-mercial or a rerun of a Science Fiction film. The film was called Millennium. This isn't the Fox TV series that features that party animal Frank Black, but a movie that starred the ever sexy Cheryl Ladd and every bodies favorite bearded movie veteran Kris Kristofferson.

The story deals with time travelers from earth's future who go back in time to recover plane crash victims before they die and replace them with dead humans who apparently are the norm in a future earth where the population is diseased and dying off. It's the time travelers way of reseeding the future world. Has anyone heard of perhaps SEX! Especially with someone as comely as Ms. Ladd.

Needless to say the Film is poorly executed but it has one of the most memorable Airplane collisions ever experienced in film. The plane loses its sense of direction in a cloudbank and then recovers to find itself below another jumbo jet. It's an intense scene and the impact can be felt as the plane bursts into a huge ball of smoke and flames and digs a crater into the earth as it slides across a countryside.

The next morning I woke up at about 11:30 am. I heard my room mate on the computer and smelled the morning coffee brewing.

As I was slowly moving to the coffee pot my room mate looked up and said

"Today is your lucky day"

"What did I win the lottery?" I snarled.

He laughed and said,

"Is it too early for a Conspiracy theory?"

I woke right up and asked,

"What is up?"

"JFK Junior is missing! He was flying a plane with his wife and his sister in law, the plane went down off the tip of Long Island."

I was shocked. Not because I cared about JFK junior, but because I could not believe that another Kennedy assumed room temperature. Not another Kennedy! I hate the Kennedys. I turned on the television and it was the Kennedy Network on Every station, I knew it was going to be a long day. After watching my umpteenth news blip and listening to Larry King rephrasing his already mundane questions about poor John John, I threw together a news item for the Ground Zero audience and then I went to a movie. I wanted to escape the whole "He was a saint "rhetoric.

After I returned from the movie I felt pressured into trying to find a conspiratorial angle in all of this and I just couldn't. The guy wasn't in politics, however people were speculating as to whether or not he would have ran against Hillary Clinton for the Senate in New York, fueling the old "Clinton Knocks off who ever is in the way " Conspiracy theory.

It just sounded too easy. I mean sometimes you gotta know when to say when.

JFK Jr. was obviously a reckless idiot. His own wife was afraid to fly with him. It was reported (depending on whom you believe) that he only clocked 46 hours of flight time. He flew in poor weather conditions and the guy tempted fate by putting the birthday of his late dad on the side of his plane and used it as his Identification number.

So I check my e-mail and I get this letter telling me that it was a Masonic hit.

Yea well, maybe his dad's execution was a sick Masonic Ritual, circumstances show that perhaps it has a bit of truth behind it and if I didn't know David Icke I probably never would have guessed.

I just can't see it happening to a guy who was more concerned with vanity and appearance than Masonic sorcery, and besides he wasn't a politician or a Mason that I know of. Just an attorney, who was married to a hot blonde. He also published a terrible magazine called GEORGE that came off as an elitist version of SPY. He wasn't affiliated with the CIA and quite frankly threatened no one.

The only dime store conspiracy theory I could think of is the "diversion" idea. You cause a little chaos so people will look the other way when another cover up is taking place.

There were so many things that needed to be covered up too.

  • Diversion from Number one: The 30th anniversary of the moon landing and all of those hokey tributes showing astronauts faking zero gravity.
I only saw one documentary on Fox news and it was pathetic. Was that one or two inches of space between their feet when they jumped around like fleas on a hot brick? Kill a Kennedy and you can get A&E to drop their moon retrospective for highlights of Jackie O' riding bareback on a horse.

  • Diversion from number two: The apparent assassination attempt on Al Gore. This is coincidental when you consider that Gore was allegedly supposed to be assassinated in mid air.
According to Sherman Scholnick, two or more airplanes were all headed reportedly for a crash with Air Force Two carrying Vice President Albert Gore, Jr., as his plane flew over the Chicago area. The incident apparently occurred July 9, 1999, but was kept "suppressed"until a small story ran in the Chicago Sun-Times, July 14, 1999. So far, others in the mass media have steered clear of the story. It will probably be avoided entirely now that our golden boy is the front-page poster child for taking the train.

  • Diversion From Number three: World War III continues to simmer :
China put its military on high alert and during the whole Kennedy info-mercial there were stories about China wanting to invade Taiwan. The United States issued a clear warning to China, saying any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means would be of "grave concern" to Washington.

  • Diversion from number four: Has anyone paid attention to Nostradamus?
The year one thousand nine hundred ninety nine and seven months
From the sky will come a great King of Terror
To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.
Before after Mars to reign by good fortune.

It also is a convenient diversion from millennial hysteria. If you are a follower of Nostradamus everything is falling in place picture perfectly. A Meteor the size of freight train explodes over New Zealand, a Kennedy falls from the sky and the king of the Mongols seems to resurrecting again with the Chinese getting antsy. Nostradamus loses his popularity to a to a Kennedy I wonder if he saw it coming?

Truthfully we could end here. If it's a conspiracy theory you are looking for. Killing off a Kennedy would be a sick way of diverting your attention and most people who pay attention to the stories surrounding a story are already aware of what's been happening. The Pentagon getting involved with the search of a private citizen raises my eyebrows but so does synchronicity.

I ask that you allow me to indulge in a bit of the unthinkable, After all, anyone can give you the in your face theories that take very little imagination, or you can open your mind a bit and notice that time seems to be rippling.

As you can probably surmise I am not developing a conspiracy theory, but a theory that couples the supernatural and surreal that seems to follow the Kennedys whereever they go.

For the first time News organizations that reported the tragic loss of John F. Kennedy Junior either sought the advice of Priests or completely discredited the idea that a curse haunts the Kennedys.

The Kennedy Death score card morbidly graced websites and became the topic of discussion on morning talk shows. No matter what your opinion is of the paranormal it's seemed that closet believers were pulling out their checklists in an eerie connect the dots. The paranormal was not ignored this time. How ironic. The unthinkable is becoming plausible. Another Kennedy cut in his prime under suspicious circumstances. What are the odds?

What is the price you pay for fame and Power? How much would you pay and whom would you associate with? Maybe the Devil has come to collect? When you mess with powers that are greater than you and you tamper with Mother Nature maybe the earth has a way of repaying old debts. Perhaps The Kennedys have been involved in other things indirectly.

On August 12th 1983, Montauk, Long Island , guards, guard dogs, and regular helicopters were on patrol. A bright light spotted two brothers standing cold and confused. They were captured and escorted five levels below the Montauk base. The Brothers were Edward Cameron and Duncan Cameron Jr. Of course any good supernatural storyteller will tell you another irony is that the Kennedys are in fact related to the Camerons.

If their names sound familiar its because they are the two brothers who claimed that they traveled through time from 1943. Scientists at Montauk claim that a temporal axis opened up and took them from their post on the USS Eldridge and placed them in 1983 during an experiment in stealth technologies. This experiment will go down in history as the much disputed Philadelphia experiment. The experiment in the 1980's at Montauk was known as Project Phoenix.

From July 16th 1943 to August 12th 1943 these experiments in bending time continued.

The Project known as the Phoenix experiment was allegedly a time travel experiment and both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix experiment clashed exactly 40 years apart and accidentally created a hole in hyperspace.

Suppose for a moment that the area around Montauk is not magnetically stable. It's easy to conceive.

After all, the claims of an interdimensional doorway would explain why one of the greatest hotspots for UFO's and magnetic occurrences is New York. With Montauk at the Eastern Most tips to Pine Bush to the Northwest accounts of strange Phenomena are reported all the time. One in particular is ghostly dark fog and dark shadows. While Pine Bush is far away from Montauk one has to wonder just how unstable the dimensional fields could be in an area where man tampered with quantum dimensions and electro magnetic energy fields for mind control and time travel experiments.

Preston Nichols & Peter Moon are two authors who write extensively about these experiments and how they allegedly were carried out at Montauk. The experiments were basically mind-bending exercises but soon it was realized that the machinery could open portholes in time. Allegedly this discovery was expanded upon, and a new group of people were brought in to specialize in the study of time and time travel.

Soon a workable porthole or time doorway was constructed using the electrical power of the radar systems, and the mental ability of the subjects, wherein a subject would focus on a particular point in time and with the power of the radar equipment, a wormhole would manifest somewhere on the base. This sounds very familiar to Ground Zero listeners who know of remote viewing and the accounts, which developed into the Science Fiction story of Stargate. Soon Montauk had different levels and different buildings to conduct these experiments.

These experiments were similar to the ones previously attempted by L.Ron Hubbard, John Whites sides Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. Alister Crowley first introduced this dimensional tampering. Crowley allegedly performed Magik experiments using certain incantations and magnetics to bring about Interdimensional Chaos.

So now we get back to the story of the Cameron brothers walking through a time porthole fresh off the Eldridge and the Philadelphia experiment. By this rime it is August of 1983 , the management of Montauk decides that the project had simply become too unstable to continue so they abandon the project, One has to wonder if the unstable portholes still exist today.

It Gives you reason to speculate. It was July 17th of 1943 when the switch is flipped and the time travel experiments commenced. Perhaps these experiments create small ripples in time. Dimensional Vortexes that are magnetically charged.

What if a ripple happens some 40 years later and that in the 90's we see unstable magnetic portholes open causing a streak of electricity that can knock planes out of the sky? It's Random and usually strikes in the summer and fall months causing planes to crash.

In September of 1998 a Swiss Air Jumbo Jet starts having engine trouble over New York and is told to land in Boston. The plane can't land and dumps fuel before it crashes in the ocean. Later people speculate that perhaps the plane had the same trouble as TWA flight 800.

July 17th is the day that John Kennedy Junior's plane went down near Martha's Vineyard.

Three years to the day TWA flight 800 goes down, John Kennedy Junior disappears off radar screens while flying to a wedding. The declared prince of the US Royal family and President Kennedy's only son falls from the sky while on a flight path in the general area of the destroyed TWA flight 800. The whole TWA crash was investigated by none other than Pierre Sallinger. President Kennedy's former press secretary. Sallenger claims that there is a cover-up and then is silenced.

Both TWA 800, Swiss air 111, and Kennedy's plane crash in the same Vicinity of the abandoned Montauk base. Could it be that Montauk is the key?

Since the Montauk area has a shadowy history in time synchronization we can also point out another coincidence. This plane crash occurred just one day from the 30th anniversary of the Chappaquidick incident involving Ted Kennedy. Ted Kennedy also was in a plane crash. It also happened the day after the 30th anniversary that a rocket lifted from the earth to the moon. A challenge that was given to earth's scientists by JFK Jr.'s Father John Fitzgerald Kennedy Sr.

There are so many time coincidences in this crash that it's uncanny. It's like the whole thing was one big catch up in the space time continuum. As if the universe had a score to settle.

I do admit that Plane crashes happen all the time. But how is it that all of these crashes are significant to history? Loss of lives, and the tragedy of a missing Kennedy and his family over the dark waters at the tip of Long Island.

Could it be that there is some Nexus or Anomaly over New York that has to do with the Montauk Facility? Perhaps there is a case for something that is equal or worse to the Bermuda triangle where compasses and controls go chaotic and pilots are lured into a false sense of security while flying in Phantom fog?

If Magnetically charged particles, or a Wormhole opened up, wouldn't there be a streak of light or explosion that could ignite the fuel of the plane causing it to explode?

Man does not learn. Even now with Montauk allegedly shut down, a nuclear accelerator designed to replicate the Big Bang is under investigation by international physicists because of fears that it might cause "perturbations of the universe" that could destroy the Earth. One theory even suggests that it could create a black hole.

Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL), one of the American government's foremost researches bodies, spent eight years building its Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) on Long Island in New York State. It was test fired on Friday July 17th 1999!

Other physicists are concerned that there was a tiny but real risk that the machine, the most powerful of its kind in the world, has the power to create "strangelets" - a new type of matter made up of sub-atomic particles called "strange quarks." Literally creating artificial Black holes. In space, black holes are believed to generate intense gravitational fields that suck in all surrounding matter.

Before you panic, one needs to realize that the probability of an accident happening is very small according to researchers.

If there was an accident we would know it. Things would start to disappear without a trace in a flash of light.

The Kennedy disappearance is obviously unrelated.

Or is it?

I guess that is what the Bible means when it speaks of "a twinkling of an eye."

Don't blink you could end up like John F. Kennedy Junior.


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