By Clyde Lewis

Many Ground Zero listeners will remember the first radio broadcast after the 9/11 tragedy. I was nowhere to be found. The reason was simple. I was told to deny everything that I stood for. I was told to not even bring up all of the information that I had reported before. I was threatened that if I did I would face serious consequences. Now that it has been delivered in the mainstream I can now say what I was forbidden to say before. Now things are a lot different and the people who always try to silence me are wrong once again.

Someone who read my articles with great interest once criticized me. He lamented at the fact that sometimes I say the same things over and over again and he could not handle the redundancy. Rather than write a scathing letter back to him I explained that at times I feel the need to look back at what I say for my own benefit.

I hate the idea of giving out erroneous information. I am not a very good swimmer and the backstroke is not one of my stronger suits. When you have been writing these things as long as I have you sometimes wonder if they carry the same impact as before.

So I thumb through the old articles and I see some of the nuggets that meant absolutely nothing at the time they were produced and then dig them out for the purpose of doing a sanity check.

Today it seems that I am constantly doing this.

When I woke up one day and heard the mainstream media acknowledging what was once some silly conspiracy theory, I was taken aback.

The reason was simple.

After the 9/11 attack I received a number of messages from sources that I have relied upon for many years. They told me that the Bush administration and the Clinton administration were well aware of the dangers that were ahead and that the country was destined to be attacked and that the attacks would continue.

I wanted to state for the record that the alphabet agencies were well aware of the threats and terror cells that existed in the United States. We were constantly warned and were told to be vigilant long before Bush took power in this country.

People want to point fingers at who is to blame and as I have said before everyone who did not take an active roll in speaking up are to blame for what we are living through now.

I have said before that silence is acceptance.

If one person speaks loudly he is considered a lone nut.

Well now perhaps I may not be as alone as I thought I was.

It seems to me that attitudes have changed. Maybe it would be better to state that the attitudes are getting back to normal. Americans are beginning to be real Americans. As I said to Michael Rupppert when I interviewed him, "The real America will prevail."

I am starting to have a positive attitude about the real America and it's ability to analyze and question its leaders.

It's our American right, it's our nature and it needs to continue if we are to live in a country free from corruption, and unhappiness.

The truth shall set you free and simply put; the truth has not been coming from Washington D.C.

Even though my attitude I becoming more positive there are still some things that I see that trouble me and I have to share them with you.

I would hope that you pay attention to the news and the body language that seems to be coming from such notables as Condoleezza Rice and Ari Fleischer. These talking heads have been able to buffalo and sling the horse hockey for too long and now when they are confronted with the hard questions they tend to avoid them with programmed answers and a tremendous amount of indignation in their voices.

While many networks continue to put out public service announcements hoping that undivided support will be rallied among the ignorant, it is hard to give that support when we begin to see that when confronted with less deference our government officials begin to get annoyed.

Especially after they have lied to us.

How can you support anyone that gets angry at the fact that the people that they serve want answers to their questions?

We put them there for our benefit and not their benefit. I think many people can no longer tolerate the kicking of the corpses left behind for any loose change that may benefit the powerful.

Forgive us for being so inquisitive Mr. Fleischer. But your soft spoken and arrogant spin has never impressed me and now the American people are slowly realizing that your smug replies to their questions are not working. They are not working because you are a liar too.

It was CBS news that broke the story that President Bush was briefed about the possibility of an attack on U.S. soil. It was then that the story had changed because the spin-doctors that wanted to protect the president came forward and stated that the president knew of possible hijackings and not about possible hijackings that included the use of planes as bombs.

The conversations in the newsroom were mixed that day. I was discussing the "revelations'" with colleagues and I was hearing excuses being made for the president from Disc Jockeys in other studios that are supposed to be informed but were far from it.

Bob Woodward of the Washington post was once again doing what he does best by stating in a May 18th 2002 article in the Washington Post that a memo was sent to the President August 6th 2001 stating that Bin Laden was planning attacks on the United States:

"The document, known as the President's Daily Briefing, underscored that Osama bin Laden and his followers hoped to "bring the fight to America," in part as retaliation for U.S. missile strikes on al Qaeda camps in Afghanistan in 1998, according to knowledgeable sources."-Washington Post

While the country continues to tell pollsters how much they approve of the president and how they will support lies and deceit with regard to the intelligence gathered before 9/11 perhaps it is time to point out some disinformation that is being used. This is the disinformation that is twisted in order to keep the confidence level high. These are words that somehow excuses the President and everyone who knew before hand.

Here is what Bush told the American people after the BIG SURPRISE that our officials knew before hand.

President Bush said in a statement that

"No one should doubt that if I knew there would be attacks "on that fateful morning," I would have done everything to stop them". -President George w. Bush

Now remove "On that Fateful Morning" and he becomes a liar.

"No one should doubt that if I knew there would be attacks I would have done everything to stop them."

He KNEW! - so "On that fateful morning" is a disinformation phrase to erase any culpability. It narrows the window in order to confuse the people and to erase any responsibility or accountability.

He also used it again when he said

"Had I known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to kill on that fateful morning I would have done everything in my power to protect the American people."-George W. Bush

"On that fateful morning" is disinformation.

It is frilly dressing to eliminate any culpability. It's Operation Humpty Dumpty all over again.

When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, "it means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less." "The question is," said Alice, "whether you CAN make words mean so many different things." "The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be master -- that's all."-Alice in Wonderland

I want to once again point out that a huge fib was told at a Florida town meeting where Bush used creative phrasing that was a blatant exaggeration. In the Ground Zero Article "Operation Enduring Humpty Dumpty" we read:

While at the Orange County Townhall meeting in Florida Bush was asked a question:

QUESTION: One thing Mr. President, is that you have no idea how much you've done for this country, and another thing is that how did you feel when you heard about the terrorist attack?


Thank you, Jordan.

Well, Jordan, you're not going to believe what state I was in when I heard about the terrorist attack. I was in Florida. And my chief of staff, Andy Card -- actually I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works. And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on, and I use to fly myself, and I said, "There's one terrible pilot." And I said, "It must have been a horrible accident."

But I was whisked off there -- I didn't have much time to think about it, and I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my chief who was sitting over here walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower. America's under attack."

The above statements seem innocuous enough. However there seems to be a problem with Bush's statements regarding his claim that he saw the first plane hit the tower.

"And I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower"

He then modifies his statement by claiming that outside in the hallway a television set was on. The first plane hit the tower at 8:46 am. The event was not carried live. So how did he see it?

Sources say that amateur footage of the first plane hitting the tower was shown a day or two later.

Now, he then modifies that "TV statement" by saying that his impression was that the pilot was "one terrible pilot." Well yes he was one terrible pilot because mandatory altitude minimums were imposed over Manhattan after a military plane hit the Empire State building.

Also, if the President had seen the first plane hit, and furthermore if he had seen coverage of the aftermath of a plane hit - then as president why didn't he address to the press what he just witnessed. I mean wouldn't the President upon seeing a plane hit or witnessing the fire coming out of the tower make a statement like:

"My fellow Americans I am here today with these wonderful Children who are the future of this great nation. Today I am about to unveil an education plan that will insure a better and brighter future. But first I would like to say that I have just witnessed a terrible tragedy. This morning I saw a plane hit the World Trade Center, and while I am here with all of these children and we have business to attend to, I want to ask that we have a moment of silence for the passengers and crew and anyone else who may have been hurt or killed in this tragedy."

But no, all he could muster was:

"There's one terrible pilot."

I do remember that President Bush had a poker face when Andy Card relayed the message that the towers were hit. Even after the towers were hit and America watched in fear President Bush read a story to schoolchildren.

Bush in his statement at the town meeting confirmed this. He knew we were under attack. But he kept on reading to schoolchildren.

In the article I asked incredulously if he lied. The reason I did it was because I was told by my superiors that I was wrong and that the President was not lying. So in order to be as fair as possible and to pay my bills I had to play dumb.

Well now is not the time to play this game.

The President is lying.

He has been from the beginning and he did know what was going on.

He had CIA briefings and afterwards told the American people that this was going to happen. We ignored it then and so it was easy to believe all of the lies.

This is so surprising?

When it comes to prevention he could have ordered those planes to be shot down or escorted them to airports when they veered off course and headed for New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania.

No interceptions were made when planes were off course.

Yet another Washington Post report stated that a federal report prepared in 1999, two years before the attack on the U.S. warned the executive branch that Osama bin Laden's terrorists might hijack an airliner and dive bomb it into the Pentagon or other government building.

Does this mean that in the transition between Clinton and Bush no one told anyone about this?

I highly doubt it.

Why? Well take a look at what Ground Zero reported.

In the Ground Zero Article "Sleeping with the Enemy" written before Bush became President, Bush spilled the beans as to what was about to happen when after a briefing from the CIA made this statement:

"I have all the confidence in the world that the Clinton administration and the next administration, which I hope is the Bush administration, would do whatever it takes to send a chilling signal to terrorists that we'll protect our property and our people, The warning ought to be that, as we decide this election, people ought not to take advantage of our nation,"-George W. Bush

The Bush administration hopes you will forget this stuff. So when he says that "if he knew that on that fateful morning " that the terrorist threat would be this horrible he would have done something he is using disinfomation.

He once again is lying to the American people.

National security advisor Condoleezza Rice made a statement that if anyone is paying attention damned everyone who is pushing this little bit of disinformation.

She stated that even though they knew that something was going to happen that a plane used as a missile or bomb was a new perspective that the "intelligence" would never have thought of.

Big Oops. She is lying too.

This convoluted disinformation campaign has more continuity errors than a budget horror film.

I have pointed out on many shows previous and after 9/11 that the CIA and other agencies had full information on copycat hijacks and dress rehearsals prior to 9/11.

I demonstrated in the Ground Zero article "Operation Oobleck: The Blueprint for Terror" that all of this had happened before.

The BBC Reported 6 months before the WTC attack:

"Security forces in Saudi Arabia stormed a hijacked Russian plane at Medina airport, freeing more than 100 passengers and crew. Three people believed to be one of the hijackers, a Russian air stewardess and a Turkish passenger were killed. The officials said the other hijackers, who had identified themselves as Chechens, were arrested. They are reported to have been armed with knives and possibly a bomb." -March 16th, 2001

A day after the attacks on America a report from CNN looked almost like the one that was released by the BBC some six months before hand.

"How soon after departure the hijackers took over the planes remains unclear. But a handful of crew members and passengers managed to call authorities and loved ones on the ground, informing them that the planes had been commandeered, in some cases with deadly force, by assailants brandishing knives and who claimed to have bombs." - CNN September 12th, 2001

I pointed out using CNN and BBC news reports that terrorists would use bombs and box cutter knifes to take control of the crew and then use a plane as a missile to take out places of open infrastructure.

To quote the 1999 Hudson report:

"Suicide bombers belonging to al-Qaida's Martyrdom Battalion could crash-land an aircraft packed with high explosives (C-4 and Semtex) into the Pentagon, the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), or the White House." Rex A. Hudson 1999

We are now being told the President knew nothing and that had he known that the enemy was going to use airplanes to kill on that fateful morning he would have done everything in his power to protect the American people.

I will once again ask this question and I want an answer-

Who ordered the grounding of interceptor jets when these airplanes went off course? Alarms would have been ringing everywhere. When I bring this up many people try to fumble for an answer because they are uncomfortable with the idea that nothing was done. They can't believe that anyone would deliberately allow this to happen. Someone could have ordered an interception. There was time to scramble planes.

My first Article that I wrote after the September 11th attack pointed this out I brought up the Payne Stewart flight where the pilot and all on board were dead.

The plane went off course while en route from Florida to Texas and crashed into a pasture in the north-central part of South Dakota after flying for four hours apparently on autopilot. Two F-16 fighter planes had been following the jet looking for signs of distress.

The Federal Aviation Administration asked the Air Force for help after air-traffic controllers lost contact with the crew of the Learjet near Gainesville, Fla., not long after it left Orlando.

First, a fighter jet from Tyndall, Fla. was diverted from a routine training flight to check out the Learjet. Two F-16s from another Florida base then picked up the chase, later handing it over to two Air National Guard F-16s from Oklahoma, which handed it over to two F-16s from Fargo, North Dakota. Those fighters trailed the Learjet until it went down in South Dakota.

Now keep in mind that for 35 minutes, from 8:15 AM until 9:05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA and the military that four planes were simultaneously hijacked and taken off course. No one has notified the President of the United States. He claims at a Florida town hall meeting that he sees the first plane hit the first tower and says "That's one bad pilot."

It is not until 9:30 that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings had occurred, an event that has never happened in history.

The President chooses to read to children.

After the dust had cleared and the fear of the people had been well installed. It was revealed that Bush had appointed a Shadow Government. A government for the government by the government.

Bush resurrected the "Continuity of Operations Plan" in case an extremist walked into Washington D.C. with a suitcase nuke and wiped out the entire government.

However the "shadow government" may have already demonstrated their ability to change the outcome of elections, create sympathy for their reign in the mainstream media, allow militant fanatics to enter this country and attack innocents which insures the Hegelian philosophy of crisis, problem, solution.

The people will demand the "police state" and will encourage the establishment of a leviathan government that pays no mind to certain unalienable rights.

After all that I have written, after all that you have read can you see the slope we are sliding down? You can dismiss me all you like but my past articles and my investigations have demonstrated that this convoluted activity is plain and open yet very little protest is being demonstrated by the American people.

It is as if we have rolled over and played dead.

This is obviously the act of a shadow government and probably the mother of all conspiracies. No one can even fathom who all was involved and to what extent.

In the meantime we need to ask ourselves just who is giving their confidence and approval rating to an administration that lies to every American Citizen.

Lying is nothing new for a politician, however lies don't help in giving any kind of peace of mind to the many victims of one of the most horrific events in the history of the United States.

Dick Cheney now has unleashed a dark miasma over the United States by claiming that the next terror attack is coming. This one will be far worse than 911.

What can be far worse?

This allows for the imagination to take hold and your deepest darkest fears take shape as your face resonates with the pallor of utter mental torment.

Prepare for the sum of all fears. Yes as I have said before we are slipping towards megadeath.

The only way this can happen is if there is a mass poisoning, a biological contamination, or the usage of Small Atomic Demolition Munitions or Suitcase nukes. These bombs are capable of wiping out thousands of people.

Ask yourself this question.

Who is the enemy?

Its not who they want you to think it is.

It is far more horrifying than you realize.

The enemy is the person who attempts to silence those who are trying to sound the alarm. The enemy is the person who will not listen because the truth is uncomfortable.

The enemy is the ignorant.

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