By Clyde Lewis

There are those who believe that conspiracy theories contain only paranoid fantasy. In times of war those who indulge in speculative theory are always told that they should keep quiet and let the government rule with impunity. The truth is when governments make mistakes it is the right and duty of the republic to sound the alarm and try and stop the rulers from becoming petulant, erratic, and dictatorial. It is also the right and duty of everyone to sound the alarm about potential threats to the United States, Foreign or domestic.

When I was old enough to care about reading, 6 or 7 years old I was always attracted to books by Dr. Suess. There was always meter and rhyme that made it easier to remember words and phrases and soon I was learning about the Lorax, the Star Bellied Sneeches, and Sam I am.

One book that stood out in my mind as a kid was a little horror story that Suess devised and at the time I was unaware of it's political overtones. "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" became one of my favorite books.

When I became an adult, I finally realized the message of the book, and hunted it down. The story was simple enough. A ruler named Derwin was a king over a small place called Didd. Didd itself is truly a metaphor for the United states and I am sure Suess wrote it to demonstrate how rulers sometime give in to human frailties and fallibility.

For the longest time I had thought of how the Kingdom of Didd was subjected to the agenda of a ruler who one day wanted to rule the sky.

The children's story should be a warning or at least a modern parable of truth concerning where we stand now as a people who have been overcome by the unanimity of grief in the horrific aftermath of the World Trade center attacks.

I find it odd that while everyone read Suess at one time or another in their childhood, some folks really don't remember Bartholomew Cubbins, and King Derwin. They may remember Cubbin's 500 hats and how when he faced the executioner, he avoided death.

However Suess waxed a bit conspiratorial in his own right, with the Oobleck book. He was basically relating the story that sometimes the plagues, and horrors that attack a kingdom are carefully planned by someone with a great deal of power. The power to benefit themselves, and the power to convince others that what is happening will benefit the whole and not the few.

When these plans go horribly out of control, there are some people that go from door to door warning other people of the consequences. Trying to explain why the powerful may be out of control and that something needs to be done.

Those people are discredited by the power structure and by those who would find it deplorable to do anything to offend the King.

Before I put that cart before the horse I would like to relate the story of King Derwid, Bartholomew Cubbins, and a little thing called Oobleck.

King Derwin, was a great ruler of the Kingdom of Didd, and one day decides that he wants control of the skies above his kingdom. He calls his magicians together and orders them to create something that will demonstrate that he has ultimate power.

They devise Oobleck, a green viscous liquid that drops from clouds like rain. At first Derwin loves the creation. He loves the fact that now he has control of the skies. However it is realized by Bartholomew Cubbins that the King's plan has gone completely awry. Oobleck turns out to be a toxic substance, that gets into farm machinery, and covers people and animals, stopping them cold in their tracks.

When Cubbins tells the King that Oobleck is dangerous and that it will eventually destroy the Kingdom, Derwin becomes acrimonious. This is where King Derwin becomes dangerous. Because even though he sees that people of his kingdom are dying, he struts around his castle beating his chest and saying that Oobleck is good and he assumes that because he wants Oobleck to continue falling his subjects must want it too.

Regardless of the loss of life, the loss of productivity, and the loss of the kingdom's farms and businesses.

The King can't see that what he wanted so badly was literally ruining his kingdom, and that he could not see that something that he devised was actually a monster that was devouring his kingdom.

In the meantime, Bartholomew Cubbins runs through town telling people that a biological and environmental terror is falling from the sky. He runs to the royal bell ringer to sound the alarm. But the bell is covered in Oobleck and the bell won't ring. The Royal Trumpeter has his fingers and lips glued to his trumpet and a snotty glop of green Oobleck finds it's way into his horn and silences him.

Bartholomew then has to run from door to door, but in some cases it's too late. Weary people are positioned like statues dripping with the gooey substance, unable to move. It is as if they are dead. Oobleck is a biological threat and actions of the King created this ecological catastrophe.

Cubbins has no choice but to rebuke the King and demands that he apologizes for what he has done. He demands that Oobleck be stopped and that if it continues to rain down The King will face the same fate as the people. Well eventually Derwin is overcome by the Oobleck and loses his ability to govern. As the curtain is about to fall on the King , Suess writes

"There he sat Old King Derwin, proud and mighty ruler of the Kingdom of Didd, trembling, shaking, helpless as a baby."

I guess it goes without saying that this little story can be used as a metaphor for what his happening today.

The people accepted Oobleck, some even showed their support of the King by eating it and those who did eventually became sick. Eventually the panic set in and what was once embraced became a nuisance. What was once supported left people with a huge amount of loss. They were all hopelessly caught in the goo and didn't listen to the messenger warning them of the dangers.

The moral of the story, so it seems is that it is important to stand up to a political regime when it is apparent that they are doing something that may be a danger to it's people. There are policies and ideas that can be implemented by misguided human beings that are in power, which can very well be dangerous to the body politic.

Now, you are probably thinking that this childhood parable is going to be my little warm up act to tell you that our leaders are idiots and that we should all rebel.

No. That would be wrong. It would also be self-defeating when we are, at the moment, fighting in retaliation for a surprise attack that happened on September 11th 2001 where many innocent lives were lost.

What I want all of us to pay attention to is the tenacious attributes of Bartholomew Cubbins, the messenger who warned the people about what was to come and how he had to finally go from door to door even when he was thinking that it was all too late.

I don't have to point out to you that even now, in times of the "new war" that leaders are fallible. But maybe it needs to be said again so that there can be that little reminder that tells us that it is unwise to anthropomorhize our leaders into impersonal tyrants for the sake of patriotic aspirations.

King Derwin was a person pursuing power and he had magicians who created his new weapon or "toy" to rule the air.

In reality, our Government is an aggregate of people who pursue power. Power is addictive and people will do desperate things to secure their power and to gain the confidence of the people.

They hire warlords and generals, to create and to facilitate a means by which a leader can maintain control. Our "Oobleck can be Bio weapons threats, environmental abuses, escalating conflicts in the middle east, and the stripping of civil liberties for safety.

I can also see it as greed and ego.

Our leaders sometimes use plausible deniability to allow for the festering "Oobleck" to accumulate and when people warn others of the impending danger, some are all to willing to follow the leader rather than some crackpot alarmist.

We are now being hit on all sides with the metaphoric "Oobleck" and when the messenger cries out he is ostracized for speaking about it. When someone points out an inconsistency in the information that has been given by the Derwins in Government (that think they know what is best for us) we tend to police ourselves thinking that it is best that those who are crying out should be silenced, rather than listening and paying attention to patterns and situations that seem to be leading up to a complete and utter defeat.

What I am about to say may not be popular and at the moment I am in no position to sugar coat my feelings about anything.

It is time to reveal that the "new war" is not new. I feel as if it is being said to convince me that it is a war where we are implementing some new tactical expertise. It isn't.

It's one big orchestrated lie.

In my opinion, what we are seeing is a blueprint for the real carnage. One big experimental "mental masturbation" to get us used to war, and to desensitize us for when the time comes for full-scale megadeath.

After watching the news clips, and hearing about information blackouts, alleged spins from both sides and the fact that we have done nothing out of the ordinary, I am going to say that this new war is the same old war that was fought in Kosovo and the Gulf.

The events that we see in these campaigns are dress rehearsals for the war to end all wars. This "new war," has nothing but a new gimmick, and that is selling the American people on the idea that it is new and improved. I was supportive of the President and his decision to hold off on retaliatory strikes, but now after a month of planning I am wondering what is so new?

Are we to believe that the time we held back from retaliating was used to devise the same old strategies and play the war games like the ones we always play in the Gulf? This whole war looked promising, but now it seems to be falling a bit short. Loaded with cliches and political grandstanding.

Didn't you seem to get a feeling of Deja vu about this whole "new war?" Have you felt as though you have heard all of this before? Did you notice that the bombs bursting over Kabul, seemed to look like the bombs bursting over Iraq?

What did we hit? What kind of targets were leveled? Old campfires and tents? It has been fun seeing how bunker busters bombs go into the ground like a hot knife through butter, but are we getting anywhere?

It looks as if we are giving Bin Laden what he wanted in the first place. After all he has had a lot of practice runs. Or could it be that there have been all kinds of groups carrying out experiments to see how far the envelope can be pushed?

I am now going to play the part of Bartholomew Cubbins. I am shouting out the message that the "Oobleck" may be a device from some secret shadow group. A group fortified by big money. A group capable of carrying out small attacks to test the world's resolve.

I am not at all insinuating that our Government staged this event. That would be silly.

However that does not mean that there is a possibility that money coming from a conspiracy of the highest order is propelling us into an all out war to bring chaos, and upheaval. This way the building blocks for control can be laid, and the foundation for a new and improved global government can get under way.

The philosophies and activities that have brought about our "new war" have been machiavellian and blatantly covert as information from the enemy has been shut down and information about our casualties are surely being manipulated to reflect a "victory" over helpless goat herders and desert vermin.

Little by little the events that have been foretold are transpiring. What was once fringe is now becoming normal, what was once rejected is now being accepted.

It has all been well planned.

Want a little proof?

While we were busy paying attention to the peccadilloes of our elected officials, there were many who were worried that while this was happening, something was going on behind the scenes. It is the old Idea that you are always looking at one hand and not knowing what the other hand is doing.

Well there was a crafty plan afoot because whether you like it or not, the "king's" "magicians" were creating "Oobleck" and were preparing to drop it in the laps of the Kingdom. When it finally hit-- people were surprised.

Did we ignore the Bartholomew Cubbins' of the world who were saying "pay attention something bad is about to happen-and it has been rehearsed and planned little by little?"

I am beginning to notice that we have somehow ended up in a loop and that the past events from 1998 to 2000 were all preparatory for what we are experiencing now.

For example:

Does anyone remember the hijacking of a Russian plane to Saudi Arabia by Chechnyan nationalists?

Let us refresh your memory if you don't.

The BBC Reported 6 months before the WTC attack:

"Security forces in Saudi Arabia stormed a hijacked Russian plane at Medina airport, freeing more than 100 passengers and crew. Three people believed to be one of the hijackers, a Russian air stewardess and a Turkish passenger were killed. The officials said the other hijackers, who had identified themselves as Chechens, were arrested.
They are reported to have been armed with knives and possibly a bomb." -March 16th, 2001

Now the "New war" loses it's newness when you read a CNN report that appeared the day after the attacks in New York and Washington DC.

The headline said it all "The hijackers knew what they were doing."

Well practice makes perfect here is why

"How soon after departure the hijackers took over the planes remains unclear. But a handful of crew members and passengers managed to call authorities and loved ones on the ground, informing them that
the planes had been commandeered, in some cases with deadly force, by assailants brandishing knives and who claimed to have bombs." - CNN September 12th, 2001

Yea blink a couple of times and then reread that. Read it again just so you know that your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

Now another dress rehearsal in this multi act play concerns the mainstream fear of a Bio weapons attack. People are now concerned about an "Oobleckian" threat called Anthrax.

It's all because of a little envelope that was left at the American Media Building in Florida. The offices are responsible for the tabloid papers such as the Enquirer, the Sun, the Globe, and The Weekly World news.

Anthrax spores were allegedly left in an envelope in the offices and the incident left one man dead and many others hospitalized. Two testing positive for Anthrax as of this writing. There will probably be more.

So, with all of the "fears of bio terror in the new war" how did this suspicious envelope get opened?

It's simple.

This scenario is not new. The surprise however is that there really was a bio agent inside the envelope.

There have been a few people desensitized by all of the Anthrax hoaxes that have happened in the past 3-4 years.

In early 1999 reports in the mainstream press were taking notice of numerous reports of Anthrax threats being delivered to people through the mail. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that between October 30 and December 23 1998, seven major anthrax threats were documented.

That figure multiplied exponentially.

American citizens were getting packages and letters that were said to contain the spores and phone calls were made to health clinics warning that Anthrax was placed in ventilation systems. All were hoaxes. Any idea why these hoaxes were carried out?

Practice makes perfect and people were beginning to take for granted that these envelopes and rumors of mail order viruses were nothing to worry about.

Adding insult to injury, and creating more apathy about such scares was an urban legend that floated around the web. The story goes that a mutated virus known as the Klingerman virus was allegedly being sent to people in a blue envelope. Inside was a bag with a blue sponge in it and a note saying "Congratulations you have been infected" This was another hoax, however once again it needs to be stressed that this is where you could be in danger.

Now we have been told there is no such thing as the Klingerman virus.

It has been reported that there is no such thing as the Klingerman virus. Now maybe it would be wise not to take it for granted. I'm not saying to panic when strange packages arrive, but use discretion.

Think of it.

You get a blue envelope that says Klingerman Foundation on it and you open it saying "Ha ha I heard this was a hoax."

There waiting for you are real Anthrax spores!

It's a horrible thought. Urban legends have actually become realities before.

If you don't believe that all of the Anthrax scares weren't desensitizing people

Look at this:

In a New York case where a gelatinous substance was sent in the mail declaring it was anthrax, police were called in immediately.

Some of the police walked into the infected areas without protective gear. When medical teams warned them that they should shower the police ignored them saying that it was a hoax. In one case a cop assaulted an EMT. After authorities threatened the officer with his job he eventually complied.

An FBI spokesman told the Deseret news, a Utah newspaper that in early 1999 it seemed that every day there seemed to be an Anthrax threat. All Hoaxes. In the meantime victims of these hoaxes were told to take drastic measures. Like washing with soap and bleach, bagging their clothes.

Some were hospitalized, forced to take antibiotics that caused yeast infections and diarrhea.

In every case victims had to wait days for their results. By that time they could have been dead if indeed they were infected.

Could you imagine the terror?

Even terror is not "new" anymore.

The hoaxes kept on coming. There were more anthrax envelopes that were sent. One threat, made during a snowstorm in Kansas City, Missouri, left 20 people outside of a Planned Parenthood Clinic. They were scrubbed down and showered outside in the snow enduring freezing temperatures.

All of these threats, and we forget? All of these threats and no suspects?

Who was pulling the strings? Who licked the stamps?

Here we are in 2001 and Anthrax is a trigger word in the terrorism lexicon now that an incident has taken place in Florida. Was it all a preparation for a larger attack? Were the authorities monitoring cleanup, alert response, and crowd response?

Now the sales of Cipro, the antibiotic that treats Anthrax are up and the unfortunate thing is that a Bio attack now would be devastating, given that the flu season is about to begin.

Anyone with a hint of a sniffle will be at the hospital wondering if he or she has Anthrax or worse. Crop dusting planes were grounded after the WTC attacks because it was believed that terrorists would use them to lay a trail of spores in the sky above a heavily populated area.

But weren't we all here before? Feeling Deja vu yet?

In 1998-1999 everyone was looking up in the sky and claiming that Chemical trails left behind by unmarked planes were making them sick. Many argued that the sicknesses and the trail sightings were conveniently done at the beginning of flu season.

Was this yet another dress rehearsal for the future war? Were we monitoring the effects of contrails? Maybe spraying flu on the citizens to see if any of them would show up in doctor's offices?

Well I think we already determined in a past Ground Zero article that this could be true. In the Ground Zero Article "Trail or trash" there was speculation that there certainly was a watch on "flu" movements. Many connected it to the Chemtails:

"The Contrail hysteria was born as people in Washington State were having bouts with all kinds of terrible maladies that lasted for 6 months to year despite doctors attempts to cure the problems with courses of five different antibiotics.

People claimed that on many occasions they had spotted a plane with no markings dropping these trails in X or grid patterns and then later contracting these strange illnesses that doctors just couldn't beat.

This initiated responses from the population that were in the throes of the flu season to jump up and take notice. This unfortunately may have tainted the research and then a strange coincidence took place.

The Roche Pharmaceutical company began running commercials asking the American people if they could please contact them using a Toll free number describing their flu symptoms and if they are noticing anything different about their sickness.

The number to call was 1-800-I GOT FLU. The number would ask if you would like to participate in a Q and A and if you wanted to try a new drug called oseltamivir phosphate or Tamiflu™."-Trail or Trash/ Ground Zero (c)2000

Apart from the chemical scare, another burning question is whether or not there was a precursory threat on the World Trade Center?

Of Course there was!

The World Trade Center was already a target as terrorists attempted to bomb it with Cyanide bombs in 1993. Was the first attempt at destroying the world trade center a trial run that we ignored? Obviously if you believe a story that was reported in Newsweek:

"At the time it seemed an empty boast, if a chilling one. On Feb. 7,1995, Ramzi Yousef, considered the mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, was being escorted in shackles back to New York City. The FBI had just seized Yousef in Pakistan, and agents felt they could crow a little.

An FBI SWAT commando pulled up his captive's blindfold and nudged him as they flew in a helicopter over mid-Manhattan, pointing to the World Trade Center's lights glowing in the clear night. "Look down there," he told Yousef. "They're still standing." Yousef replied, "They wouldn't be if I had enough money and explosives."-Newsweek

I shudder to think that they ignored that statement. They had to know that the towers would eventually be destroyed.

They could have been in denial, acting like school children after a classmate starts shooting. There is always that "he said that he was going to shoot us, we thought he was kidding" sound bite that is often played after the playground is a wash in blood.

Needless to say there was a warning.

The events of the 11th of September were surreal as we watched planes plow into buildings like a knife slices bread. The smoke and flames filling the New York Skyline. Then came an even greater horror. The building collapsed from top to floor raising suspicions by conspiracy theorists that bomb charges were placed in the pillars of the building. Bringing it down. Many paranoid theorists believed that our government did it. Immediately the government suspected Osama Bin laden as the kingpin responsible for the horrible act.

Once again I ask, haven't we been here before? The Alfred P. Murrah Federal building in Oklahoma city was destroyed by a bomb and conspiracy theorists said the same thing. Charges were allegedly placed in the pillars, there was quite possibly more than one explosion, and our government apparently did it to cover up records that were stored there about Waco according to the vocal fringe.

The mainstream news reported that the government had first suspected that Osama Bin laden and Islamic fundamentalists were responsible for the attack. History now shows that we passed judgement too quickly after it was found that Timothy Mcveigh was pulled over and there was evidence to show that he was the mastermind behind the bombing.

The Murrah Building folded in on itself like an accordion after the explosion and the World Trade center folded and toppled in on itself causing it to come crashing down.

It's toppling in on itself was eerily similar to what happened to a Wedding social hall in Tel Aviv. On May 24th 2001 amateur video from a wedding held at the Versailles wedding chapel captured the horrific scene as scores of dancing guests suddenly dropped through the floor. Nine people were arrested in connection with the collapse of the wedding banquet hall in which 23 died and an aditional 250 were injured.

This event was allegedly not an act of terrorism, just a coincidence worth mentioning. Another coincidence with the Versailles and the Murrah building was their immediate razing before a complete investigation could be carried out. Conspiracy theories are also floating around about the Versailles and why it collapsed.

Since the year 1998, Ground Zero has written articles that dealt with similar scenarios we are now facing. In 1996 Ground Zero was originally marketed as the "National Paranormal Network" as we encompassed the aid of several talk shows and websites that espoused the same types of reporting about anomalous activity. That moniker fell apart and became meaningless in 1998 when I started to see strange inconsistencies coming from our own government.

Something was not right and it began to look as if the nation was being stripped of its liberties little by little. As write this I contemplate the words of President Bush when he said in his speech that when the terrorist attack took place that terrorists attacked "American Freedom." Do you honestly believe that a goat herder who eats grass to stay alive thinks about you and your "free" life? Do you truly believe that Osama Bin Laden resents that you are "free?"

Are we that heliocentric?

Think for a moment. Stop and breathe. Ask yourself what "freedoms" we have that the terrorists resent? What American freedom did they find most offensive? Do you think that Afghan families care about your freedoms when they are trying to live with starvation and disease? Disease that could be cured with medicines that were either destroyed in bombing raids, or held in a U.N. embargo?

What freedoms are terrorists going to attack when America willfully embraces a police state?

This is not a new war. This is an old and tired powder keg that has had a long fuse and now we are seeing it explode. It's hard to feel free when military groups from 18 countries are ready in mass to patrol our borders. I suppose American freedom includes U.N. planes flying over my home as the military of my homeland is being over worked and under appreciated.

When they say that this terrorist hit took years to plan they were right.

Take a look at an infamous quote from Henry Kissinger and tell yourselves that this war is "new."

"Today American's would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.

It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government. You have to understand. Future wars will be fought by capitalists and anti-capitalists as society polarizes. When that happens, control of information will be as important as control of territory used to be in conventional conflicts. If you can stop your enemy from destroying your information, then you have a good chance of winning the war."-Henry Kissinger 1992

How blatant is that statement? The "new war" obviously had been in the works for some time.

It also took years for our government to figure out how to take advantage of a massive attack. How the massive attack will put us in a panic. How panic and hysteria would force us into embracing and welcoming the police state.

I was watching the police state unfold after the attack on the Waco compound. Then came Oklahoma City, Columbine, and the drug war. Let's talk about "American freedom" to people who have been shot and killed accidentally in botched drug raids. Let's talk "American freedom" to those who are imprisoned for having a demonized plant in their possession.

Back to the Oobleck Metaphor that started this discussion in the first place.

Ground Zero has been sounding the alarm the whole time. We have been like Bartholomew Cubbins. We started reporting "news of the inevitable future" in 1999 and everyone said that I was an alarmist, and a fear monger.

I was told that the country would never be in the state that I proposed. A state of fear willing to give up freedoms for safety. Other talk shows blared the fears of a Y2K shut down. Psychics and remote viewers were saying that comets were going to hit the earth and that the world would be in a state of panic by 2000.

Nostradamus was quoted, the bible was quoted, when the ball dropped on December 31st 1999. It was quiet. Too quiet.

People got comfortable and complacent. No one expected that this country was about to edge closer to a police state, when the election process fell apart and there were those rumors of an armed coup against a democratic administration.

We watched the fiasco of the elections and argued partisan rhetoric. Gun sales went through the roof.

That should have been the signal that everything was going wrong.

Still, people looked away.

Ground Zero talked about the conspiracy of apathy. It was frustrating to give out warnings when the country cared about sports, wrestling, presidential blowjobs, intern impropriety and Britney Spears.

Those were the good ol 'days!

Now we long for the day when we can give a damn about any of it.

The "Oobleck" had been falling out of the sky the whole time. It covered everyone and we didn't even care that eventually it would freeze us in our tracks.

We are now pointing to Osama Bin Laden as an "enemy of freedom." He is a criminal. It's too bad that we couldn't put him on trial. A police state shoots first and asks questions later.

The enemies of freedom are those who are demanding the police state. The enemies of freedom are those who are trying to silence those who are speaking up and calling the "new war" a "new bore."

We are being told that we are "united" in our resolve, yet all I see is bickering. All I see are journalists being fired for speaking their minds, criticisms being thrown at talk show hosts like Bill Maher, ideas being squashed by self appointed authorities who believe that any idea that is against an escalated war is unpatriotic. We hear our President chastising congress for leaking intelligence information that could put our armies in jeopardy.

We aren't ready for war. We don't even know the real reason for it. The mainstream thinks it's because the attack was against Americans. However other countries were in the WTC. This was an attack on the world. On the global economy.

We forget the reason for this war. It is to promote globalism. This is a world concern and everyone in the world are entitled to their opinion. Even if it is a painful view, or an unpopular one.

We forget that the world now is on the internet. Views from all over the world are expressed in various forums and BBS's. Alternative views are proposed on websites.

Yet we begin to see self-policing of thought. Something that we were warned about in Orwell's cautionary satire, "1984."

Have we agreed yet on what we are up against?

Has it sunk in yet?

We are up against the same thing King Derwin was. We have let ego and pride get in the way of what needs to be done.

We need to defend, and then amend. We need to learn from history. We are in need of community and family. We need a common goal that isn't tied up in rolling over the bones of those who oppose a New World order.

That is the dream.

Can we drop the hysteria for a moment and breathe while we still can?

Are we so stuck in the gooey and sticky Oobleck that we can't move?

Forgive the Oobleck metaphors, but I think they apply!

It's dime store wisdom from a children's book. I am not ashamed of pulling all sorts of resources, especially when they inspire.

When I write or do a show, it has to be about something that I feel that within two weeks or a year will probably manifest itself in the pop culture. The sad part is, that there are a few people that dismiss what I say, and forget it. Other people want to discredit our process of disseminating information. Others understand the purpose of Ground Zero and they seem calm and aware of what is happening, because they have found solace in their own truth.

They find good sport in debating the information and they don't take it for granted. They practice the Fortean spirit.

I am not ashamed of what we have accomplished. What I am truly ashamed of are those who sacrifice the free thinking process by eliminating thoughts and words that don't jibe with controlling interests.

The thought police are now here. It is our responsibility to call them on their non productive behavior. We are at a time where tensions and fear can actually open old wounds and philosophies you thought were dead will return.

Ghosts of such things as the SS, Gestapo, and Joseph McCarthy will appear. Later we could even see the return of Internment camps. But that sounds alarmist doesn't it?

It needs to be said.

I must say that my conscience is clear. I say these things because I care. I certainly am not making a mountain of cash doing this. Yet for some reason I still do it. Some are telling me that I am killing myself. That my lifestyle is isolated, and that my standard of living is becoming less bearable.

Maybe so.

Maybe some day I will come to my senses and go quietly. Maybe I will have that family I have always wanted and the job that pays benefits and insurance.

At the moment it seems that I am in voluntary entrapment. Trapped by my own urge (and ego) to tell the world about what I see, and how I see the blueprint of terror being forged by those who we have trusted to protect us.

I write this stuff, and talk about it and point out these things and maybe I am crazy. But I certainly don't want my listeners and my friends, to be up to their necks in Oobleck.

All it took for the Oobleck to go away was King Derwin saying I'm sorry.

All it took was for him to say "Stop please, I apologize."

All it took was the humility to say "I need to change."

I have heard the word coward being thrown around a lot since the World Trade attacks. Who has the courage to stand up, fight the good fight, and know when it is time to stop?

We have already been told that this war will be going on for at least ten years. I would hate to imagine the body count from a 10-year war.

The New war is just one more addition in the blueprint for terror.

A blueprint that apparently has been drawn up for a house of cards.

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