By Clyde Lewis

In the infancy of the new century it is beginning to look like someone is trying to tell you something. However sometimes itís hard to hear the messages because they are drowned out by the TV. The stories of spirit encounters range from the mundane to the outrageous. There are many people who have had encounters that have been far more outrageous that can be dreamt by anyone. The new encounters are being presented in books and movies and while many people think that they are impossible one needs to listen and tune in to the messages that only exist on a more alternative frequency.

Throughout my childhood I was treated to many stories and myths that captured my imagination. When I became a man I set aside those stories for the morning paper paired with bitter coffee and dry toast. I always wonder why we decide to drop such things for the more mundane. I guess that as we get older we want to simplify. However there are many things we read as we get older that flashes us back to the memories of childhood and the stories that fascinated us.

Lately I have been haunted by the story of Alice in Wonderland. I know that sounds slightly insane, but I have to draw from it because I look around me and I wonder just what is real or insane anymore and wonder if the borders that fence off Wonderland have been torn down. You see it everyday in the news, in church, on the streets and you hear it on television and radio.

I have heard the term far to many times that it seems the patients are running the asylum. It is then that I realize that the world is becoming a frightening place with people who are losing their minds on a daily basis and wonder if all of the stories we hear that are outrageous are purely hysteria.

Much like Alice we donít want to be among the weirdos, and we donít want to acknowledge that perhaps a little has rubbed off on us as if it is a contagion.

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.

"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here.

I'm mad. You're mad."

"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.

"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."

Our realities are being challenged every day and personal reality is changed at the speed of a television or radio transmission. The words and the visuals are flashing at us constantly and sometimes fantasy images can eventually make themselves very real with the aid of technology and chemistry. There are contrasts of perspectives and shocking revelations that have you re-evaluate your beliefs on a constant basis.

Attitudes change like yesterdays underwear and some of us have trouble keeping up. The Queen tells Alice how easy it is to believe impossible things as you get older and claims that she believed in six impossible things before breakfast. Maybe it is definitely a metaphor where adults will tell you to believe in God, and Satan yet will deny you the possibility of Monsters or specters lurking in the shadows to take you away while you dream.

I live in a small home on the waterfront in Portland Oregon. The house that I live in is nearly two hundred years old and from what I have heard belonged to a Scottish family. It is situated near an old library that has antique research books and looks like the haunted mansion that always winds up in a Disney movie. The House is big enough for two other tenants and me.

Portland is a beautiful city with trees carpeting the landscape and gentle rains that fall almost on a daily basis. Coffee seems to taste better here and people are usually quiet and keep to themselves. I usually hang out at the corner market and make idle chit chat with the manager who happens to be an attractive 20 something woman named Marta.
Between my Job as a producer and a talk show host I value the quiet time I have in my home and I have never really thought about my house being haunted however I do know that perhaps the place I am staying in has visitors from time to time.

There has always been a question as to whether or not I have spirits passing through my home or if my home is a place where they know that they can come and go as they please without any problems.

All old homes are haunted I am told. They are magnets for spiritual activities. Some claim that they transmit energies and attract several entities and that no matter where you are you are being protected by "guardian spirits" those who have passed away and sometimes spirits that have never been born.

A friend of mine named Jimbo has always said that he thinks that I have spirits in my house. I have laughed at him and he is not one to be a believer in such "nonsense" however he has said that the Lair Hill area where I live has a history rich in haunts and that maybe Iím a lucky one.


I laughed at the very idea, until recently.

Being alone in a strange place can easily bring out feelings of isolation and loneliness. I am fully aware that the brain can play tricks when you are either spiritually needy or physically needy so before you place a judgement on my experiences keep in mind that I am fully aware of what all of this could be. Rest assured the experiences Iím about to relate are not proof of anything paranormal.

However they could be.

People often tell me not to cast my pearls before swine however a pearlís beauty is only in the eye of the beholder and so if you feel these are gems of proof then so be it. I have had experiences with spirits in the past but none of them have been this subtle and delicate.

The dates of the incidents are unimportant however I have been told to make note of the dates and times these strange feelings and happenings take place. Just because someone I know actually thinks there may be some sort of connection with the homes in my area and residual haunting.

The first incident that I recall was that while I was in bed I would awaken at 4:30 AM every morning to some one singing in a different language outside my window. I had asked my upstairs neighbor if he had heard anything like that early in the morning. He told me that he was a singer but that he would never sing anything at 4:30 in the morning and definitely not in the damp air that Portland is famous for.

The only way I can describe the song is to try and write it phonetically.

It was something like Pa lay aleah tock Ėah Tu lay pos. It sounded Latin if anything and I could only figure that the sounded word pos (pronounced like the word pause) would either be Paz or Pox which are two words that mean peace in Spanish and Latin. Tu is also Spanish for the word You.

I resolved that it was my neighbor singing and paid no mind to it.

Adjusting to different surroundings can be difficult when you spend most of your life in one place. I was born and raised in Utah and Portland seemed so far away from family and friends and there are times when loneliness becomes solace and yet there are many other times where it becomes downright unbearable. You do many things to cope. I would walk the parks and read a lot of books. Sometimes I would spend a lot of time in front of the computer writing.

Portland also is the home for Seasonal Affective disorders. If you are not too careful the gloominess of cloudy days and rain can make you fatigued and apathetic. It can also make you emotional and in some cases sick. I have my own personal demons to deal with and it was one day I felt an exceptional melancholy spirit in my room.

It felt like a female or a child. I couldnít see it but I felt itís presence and I didnít know what to do. So I remembered what an old Antioch Priest once told me.

He told me that spirits just need to be shown the door and they need to be asked why they are with you. It sounds silly, but when confronted, a spirit will either attack or flee.

So I sat in the corner of my room and as if I were praying I said out loud with tears in my eyes, "Who are you and what do you want?" I heard nothing but I felt that the spirit was backing away. "I then smiled and asked "Do you ever feel lonely, is that why you are unhappy?"

Suddenly, where I was sitting a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds outside and the spirit whisked past me through the open window. I felt a cool breeze as it passed and I felt relieved.

I had told a friend of mine on the Internet what had happened and another friend of mine, Karin who lived in Illinois.

I told Karin that I was sure that everything would be fine in the future and she told me she wanted to come and visit and possibly work in Portland with me. I was floored; it was an opportunity to meet someone that I was very fond of. We had been professionally linked through another talk show and she always impressed me as being the consummate professional and very talented.

She arrived in Portland weeks later hoping to find work. Our meeting was great and she and I spent a lot of time together while she was making her plans for a job in the Portland area.

One night I invited her over to my place for dinner.

After she arrived she had told me that she felt a little dizzy in the house and that she didnít know why. I suggested it was because she was hungry and so I made dinner.

Later that night she said that she could hear bagpipes playing. She kept telling me to quiet down so she could hear them. I couldnít hear anything that resembled bagpipes and so I let her listen. She asked "Canít you hear it?" I told her no.

There were also other nights where we could hear crunching and scratching sounds in the walls. I figured that they were carpenter ants. She thought that it was a mouse.

I checked and found no mice and still we wondered about termites or ants in the house.

Karin had moved her fax service and phone service to my place so that she could get messages. She had planned on using the back room as an office and I was happy to have her around.

One day Karin told me she was having problems with her voice mail. She played me a message on her voice mail that sounded eerie. It sounded to me like a jackhammer that was being used underwater. There was also some gibberish that went underneath it and it lasted for a good long time. It kept her from hearing her other messages. Eventually the weird sound barrage was gone and she was able to conduct business as usual.

Karin also claimed to have seen things in her peripheral vision and that she too heard singing but not a man singing but a woman with a high pitched voice that sang words that were undecipherable.

Karinís visit was relatively short. She ended up moving on to California where she was offered a new Job. I then was called to New York on business and was gone the rest of the week.

I returned and once again found myself waking up at 4:30 in the morning to the sounds of singing. It was faint but definitely a man singing words I have never heard before. This time I got up and walked outside and saw no one on the street. There was a street crew working early on the bridge over the Willamette River and so I went back in my place and couldnít sleep.

So I figured I was up for the morning and so I decided to fix me some coffee and couldnít find the basket that you put the filter in. I looked all over and couldnít find anything. So for some odd reason I decided to look in the trash bin and sure enough it was there. Someone had thrown it away. I certainly didnít.

I also noticed that a pair of my pants was missing. I looked all over and couldnít seem to turn up anything.

Now things were getting kind of odd.

Later that morning before I left for work I decided to knock on the door of my neighborís room and there was no answer. Apparently he moved away while I was gone. So obviously he wasnít singing.

So now I wonder about what exactly is happening in my home.

I am no stranger to synchronicity and I definitely have no problem with the possibility that the house I live in may have some haunting going on in the wee hours of the morning.

There have been many surveys that indicate that people believe in evil forces, ghosts, and guardian angels. Sixty percent of Americans claim that they believe that they have encountered a ghost or entity that is either malevolent or benevolent.

Eighty percent believe in Satan and all that he represents. Demons, haints, and spirits who come out of hell to have relations with humans. There was a news story that was recently published that raised my eyebrows regarding a rapist who when questioned about why he raped and sodomized thirteen women said that as a child he too had been raped by a headless woman while he was sleeping.

Dennis Rabbitt, the "South Side Rapist" claims that he had a dream when he was 12 or 13 years old and it changed his life. In it, he said, a woman got on top of him and had sex.

He goes on to say that he could see everything on the woman except that she had no head. He claims that he awoke terrified and then took a shower and went back to bed, he then claims the woman came back to rape him again. He said he had not thought of the dream in years when it came up during a police interrogation after he was arrested 14 months ago.

The serial rapist said a St. Louis police sex crimes detective, Mark Kennedy, helped him understand what it was that was happening to him. Kennedy explained to him about the Succubus. This is a frightening conclusion when you consider that In medieval European folklore, a succubus was a female demon who visits men in their sleep to lie with them and have sexual intercourse.

The man who is victim to a succubus rape will not awaken during the act but will experience it in a dream. Experts say that the succubus Phenomenon parallels with the alien abduction scenario that has been spoken of today. Studies have shown that as much as 40 percent of the population has had such an experience at least once. Each one is unique in itís own right from the experience of paralysis which renders the victim helpless.

Doctors claim that these experiences can be explained away as the release of hormones during REM dream state that paralyze the body and keeps it from acting out the contents of the dream. Usually the hormones dissipate before the dream ends and dreamer awakens. In rare cases, however, the hormones are still suppressing the bodyís motor functions when the sleeper has awakened and finds herself paralyzed.

The waking brain tries to find a rational explanation for this paralysis and so invents the evil presence or entity. In still rarer cases, the phenomenon is accompanied by sometimes horrifying hallucinations, such as black forms, demons, snakes, and evil men or women. However what science easily explains away does not explain why men and women have these dreams where sexual intercourse is performed. Paralysis only explains half the story.

The deliberate raping of an individual in their sleep cannot be explained away as a nocturnal emission or paralyzed state.

One Such story was related in a Playboy article featuring Lucy Liu the sexy Asian star of Ally Mcbeal and the new action movie "Shanghai Noon." It has been talked about in many interviews that Liu claims to have had sexual intercourse in a dream with a spirit. She claims that the encounter was satisfying.

The being came down entered her body and then she reached orgasm. The being then floated away. She now senses that the being watches over her at times. Many cases however are not that clear and leave you pondering other possibilities. Such is the case with the woman whose story was made into a motion picture.

The Entity starring Barbara Hershey is a frightening tale about a woman who lived in Culver City California. She claimed that she was raped repeatedly by an evil entity. The movie depicts the incident quite effectively.

As we can see there are many stories that indicate that the monsters or spirit entities do come in the night. They come in through the window and haunt your dreams. They can take you underground, or up in space and they are ruthless in getting you to perform for them.

Whether it is an intrusive act, or an act of love the tricksters can use you for their own design. If someone talks about it they are considered mad in some circles. In others they are the vital link to a chain of events that have been talked about for thousands of years. The more you read about these events you can analyze for your self what is purely conjecture or ravings of a lunatic.

People have the great fear of opening up and talking about such encounters because they are afraid of ridicule. Let us say that coincidence and all things projected aside still cannot even explain all of the so-called encounters with beings that travel from realm to realm and timeline to timeline.

There are so many levels of reality and many more frequencies that a being can inhabit. Many people are realizing that ghosts roam on certain frequencies and that they can be picked up on tape players, television sets, telephones, even two way radios.

These ghost signals or electronic voice phenomenon have been demonstrated constantly making the case that ghosts could very well be electronic impulses or signals that materialize in different ways, whether it be audio or visual.

Many of these audio and visual anomalies sometimes do not act the way we think. Sometimes ghost images can take the form of orbs of light, wispy vortices, even human forms. Audio impressions come out as simple sentences whether buried in the back ground as whispers, or loud and clear as if the spirit was face to face.

Claims of the dead contacting us through electronic means his highly controversial. However the idea of the spirits contacting us through electronics is not a new one if you consider the Ark of the Covenant a two way radio to the spirit world. It is obvious that the Ark itself was a rudimentary device for contacting spirits, even contacting God.

Thomas Edison also believed that electronics could very well be the answer to communication with other worlds and even the spirits that inhabited alpha frequencies. He tried many times to create electronic devices for the use of communicating with the dead.

We hear stories of voices coming out of speakers and while it is possible that CB radios, and ham radios could send voice waves over simple equipment, how is it possible that a lot of what is heard is in direct response to what the researcher has asked? That is why it is so important to ask questions out into the ether in order to test the responses.

"Fortean Times" a magazine that challenges claims of the paranormal did a simple article on EVP and mentioned that Friedrich JŁrgenson, a Swedish bird-watcher, purchased one of the early portable tape recorders to sample bird songs in remote areas.

In 1959, while monitoring one of his recordings, he noticed strangely garbled fragments of seemingly human speech had somehow made their way onto the tape, although he was absolutely sure that he had been completely alone when he made the recording. He was so mystified that he started experimenting, successfully recording a huge number of similarly extraneous voices during the next four years. The voices would respond to his comments and would call him by name. ≠ in his opinion, the tape recorder was acting as a form of electronic communication link to the realm of the dead.

In the age of EMF sound waves and claims of voices speaking in the brain it can easily be misconstrued as EVP or aural phenomena. However there are still so many encounters that continue to baffle the hard core skeptics. There is also a rise in ghostly encounters and aural voice phenomena during heavy solar activities. Which raises the question of magnetics and whether or not they have an effect on the brain.

We do know that the Aurora Borealis does have an effect on electronic communication where radio broadcasts are given a boost with heavy solar activities.

So in the mix of it all is the truth. There is no clear cut explanation as to why these things happen and there are many logical ways of explaining what may be a simple electronic glitch.

I have always been of the opinion that our spirits are electronic energies and how we choose the manifest ourselves is what we call our residual image. So if an electronic spirit exist sin the Ethosphere it is only logical that it would be able to place itself in the middle of the electronic gadgets that we have created.

Calling the spirit an energy source is blasphemous in many circles because many would like to compare it to something far more magical but when you truly think about it the ability to power an organic body of flesh and bones is magical in and of itself.

When the body loses its energy source where else will it go? Is it out there waiting to be absorbed or is it waiting to be heard on some alternative frequency? The answer can only be found in you.

After all the human brain is one of the most powerful receivers of all messages whether they be electronic or from some other source. Good or Evil the frequencies exist in a realm of multiverses that are as infinite as the stars in the sky.

Sometimes you can be a conduit and a receiver of inspiration and the voice of inspiration comes to you without even breaking a sweat.

If you cant hear the voices then perhaps something as simple as a tape recorder, or telephone is all you need. Go ahead and say hello maybe if you are patient someone might say hello back.

The loud speaker will speak out to you and if you canít hear it at first donít worry most things that are important are often passed on in a whisper.


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