Thoughts from the Alien Overmind

by Clyde Lewis

We have only glimpsed the vague outlines of the truth. Buried in us is that event that triggers the thoughts of our own demise. This has been called the Overmind, taken from the works of the great science fiction master Arthur C. Clarke. The Overmind is the potter’s wheel. We are the clay that is being shaped on that wheel. When the clay is shaped it is prepared for its firing. There it will become changed, purified and preserved for posterity.

As I ponder over the events that have happened in the past year or so I often recollect my experiences as I read one of my favorite books, "Childhood’s End", written by Arthur C. Clarke.

Clarke has often said that knowledge of many things gives you power, and knowledge of things that the laymen doesn’t know gives you the ability to perform what is perceived to be magic, or, in the case of all that I write about, accidental prophecy.

I know that at times I have received mail claiming that I write tabloid lies for entertainment and perhaps my speculations can be a bit much.

I have to say that my ability for connecting the dots has gotten a bit better now that I have taken the time to study the histories that are rich with information.

I love giving the information to you and while my interpretations are my own, I hope that what I give you helps you understand the way things move throughout history.

When reading "Childhood’s End", we need to understand that cataclysm, resurrection and evolution happens in cycles. There is a major event that happens to a civilization, a crisis that causes either change or chaos. The collective consciousness reacts to the event, creating what is called the "Overmind." Some people who are affected by this critical mass of groupthink have premonitions of future events, sometimes dreaming or remote–viewing them.

The Overmind could very well be a trigger point in the collective consciousness that creates a psychological handicap. The Overmind could be the very point in which we subconsciously give up and understand that the days that we have on this planet are numbered.

We either prepare for the impact of what the end might be, or we become callous and marauding, allowing for the Overmind to take hold and become another alien thought process that rejects all reason in favor of the profane and predatory nature of mankind.

The very demons that we have created in our mind manifest and their purpose will be what we have always feared. They will come and they will create an Armageddon and eventually a rapture that take people away and leave some of us behind.

In Ancient Egypt there was a group of buildings where the library of the temple was kept. Groups of elite priests would gather here and study the secrets of magic and the ways in which fire or great power could be called down from heaven.

The priests that gathered in these buildings would help the layman understand the meaning of his dreams and help him learn how to cast spells, perhaps for the purposes of falling in love or curing a particular illness. The priests would also dispense magic amulets to help to cast off malevolent influences. The building was known as the House of Life.

Secrecy was an important part of maintaining the power amongst the priests. They would keep books or papyri from those lay men who could read.

In papyri that have been translated, there have been many stories about magicians and pharaohs who would come and go from the planet, and would return to tell their people of future events. For each such event of ascension from the planet, there would be a record of great pillars or walls of fire.

These fires signaled a time of transformation or purification.

Thutmose III, or Thothmes III, ruled Egypt jointly with his wife (and half sister) Queen Hatshepsut from 1501 BC and, after her death, as sole Pharaoh from 1479 until 1447 BC. Historians regard Thutmose as having been one of the greatest rulers in all of ancient Egypt. A very well known story of Thutmose is recorded in the Tulli Papyrus. The name is derived from the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former director of the Vatican Egyptian Museum. It is a well–known Egyptian text that records an extraterrestrial event that occurred during the reign of Thutmose III of the 18th dynasty.

In its translation, we read that there was a commotion among the people regarding an island of fire, or a circle of fire, that came from heaven with a horrible smell.

There have been translations of this text and the most popular one is as follows:

"In the year 22, of the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day among the scribes of the House of Life it was found that a strange Fire Circle was coming in the sky. It had no head, the breath of its mouth emitted a foul odor. Its body was one rod in length and one rod in width. It had no voice. It came toward His Majesty’s house. Their heart became confused through it, and they fell upon their bellies. They went to the king, to report it.

His Majesty ordered that the scrolls located in the House of Life be consulted. His Majesty meditated on all these events which were now going on.

After several days had passed, the fire circles became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shined in the sky more than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of heaven. Powerful was the position of the Fire Circles.

The army of the King looked on, with His Majesty in their midst. It was after the evening meal when the Circles ascended even higher in the sky to the south.

Fish and birds rained down from the sky: a marvel never before known since the foundation of the country. And His Majesty caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth of the gods. And it was ordered to be recorded for His Majesty in the annals of the House of Life to be remembered for ever." — Annals of Thutmose III

Thutmose was also the ruler during the time of two of the most horrible volcanic eruptions in history.

Mount Vesuvius erupted in the 15th Century B.C. and so did a mountain on Thera near the island of Crete. During this period there were reports of large earthquakes and tsunamis that flooded Crete and other places in the Mediterranean.

Thera is now known as Santorini, and is part of the Cyclades off the cost of Greece. This island was a Minoan colony in the Bronze Age. This event had such an impact on history that theories have been spun from it.

There have been many modern UFO theories concerning the circles of fire and it has also been proposed that Thera coincidentally shows up in the timeline that was spoken of by Plato in reference to Atlantis.

No other event could have been massive enough to destroy an entire island. Plato spoke of the destruction of Atlantis happening 9000 years before his day. Theories abound that the translations were wrong and that a simple mistake in translation would put the destruction of Atlantis not at 9000 years before Plato, but 900 years before, which coincides, with the eruption of Thera.

It also may explain the end of the Minoan civilization, and could be the connected to the column of smoke that guided the Israelites in the Sinai desert in the day time and the flame that guided them at night. A biblical passage in the book of Amos may have described this event.

"And my Lord the Lord of hosts is the one who reaches against the earth and it melted, and all residents in her will mourn. And all of her will go up like the stream, and will sink down like the river of Egypt. The one who builds his steps in the heavens and has established his vaults upon earth, the one who calls to the waters of the sea and poured them out upon the face of the land, the Lord is his name. Are you not like sons of Cushites to me Sons of Israel? An oracle of the Lord. Have I not brought up Israel from the land of Egypt, and the Philistines from Crete, and Aram from Kir?–Amos 9:5–7

During these times we read in the ancient histories that extraterrestrial phenomena would always accompany catastrophic events. There would be climate changes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions following the appearance of an extraterrestrial anomaly.

In the 14th century BC Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt toward Mount Sinai. During the sojourn we read in biblical texts that before them in the day there was a great cloud of dark smoke that would be before them in the sky. At night they would see the power of a great flame to lead them to their destination.

There were accounts of great anomalies in the sky. It was recorded that fish and frogs were known to turn up on dry land and the birds would drop from the skies. The bible gives accounts of the Plagues, one being a plague of frogs. There was also the story of the quail that were found far from the sea.

Keep the ancient timeline in your mind.

First there is the report of extraterrestrial events: sightings of fire circles, or perhaps flying discs, seen over the kingdom of Thutmose III. After these sightings we hear of the earthquakes and the volcanic eruptions at Thera. There is a tsunami, and unbelievable earthquakes and various plagues are experienced in the region.

Remember the 10 plagues of Egypt?

These events are all part of a continuing cycle of cataclysm that turns up every 5000 years or so. These events are known to wipe out civilizations and bring about huge changes on earth.

During each cycle there seems to be a pattern.

The patterns seen throughout earth’s history are beginning show themselves again. Though science will pass it off as being an anomaly, it can be pointed out that most scientists have never lived through a catastrophic cycle.

It is important for science to understand that in order for us to comprehend the events of the future, we must look into our past and realize that miracles and marvelous works are not limited to fantastic stories in the bible.

Cycles of destruction are common, and in the relative timeline, they happen frequently.

The earth goes through drastic changes and we begin to see the signs if we only pay attention.

For the last year or so I have been writing about the weather in outer space. All throughout 2004 I was reporting and writing about large fireballs coming down from heaven and their impact on the earth.

It began with the Snowball broadcast and the dreams that I had of volcanoes erupting and space anomalies bringing us peculiar weather and disease.

For the first time in many years, my thoughts and my shows have tried to escape the political and conspiratorial because of the evident signs that the earth is about to change. With these changes I hope we begin to understand just how fragile our existence is on this planet.

As it was in antiquity, the stars give away their secrets and the inhabitants of heaven are coming to visit the earth. Their appearances are fleeting and their existence is questioned.

I wonder why we question the reality of beings in the heavens when from the pulpits we hear of multitudes of heavenly hosts, angels and demons. Throughout history, from every culture, we hear of djinns, fairies, spirits, gods, and elementals all visiting the earth with great fire or aerial lights.

As I looked, thrones were set in place, and the Ancient of Days took his seat. His clothing was as white as snow; the hair of his head was white like wool. His throne was flaming with fire, and its wheels were all ablaze."
– Daniel 7:9

"In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him were seraphs, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying."
– Isaiah 6:1–2

"As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind."
– 2 Kings 2:11

But it is only in our time that the lights have developed "saucer" qualities and the entities have wound up looking like the bald creatures we call the greys.

So the angels, demons and/or aliens tend to intervene throughout history. Usually they show up in or around the time a major catastrophic cycle is about to plague earth.

In every early culture, in accounts that often predate the bible, there seem to be stories of Gods or beings descending from heaven to bring about change and interact with mankind. Can they all be the result of overactive imaginations, or are they technological advances that are indistinguishable from magic or even natural phenomena?

Such things today affect our culture; whether or not you believe, the events in our galaxy do affect the affairs of earth.

I have been particularly interested in the latest news about the stellar explosion that was recently reported by NASA.

A cosmic explosion just across the Milky Way from Earth gave off as much energy in one–tenth of a second as the sun does in 100,000 years.

The blast was observed on Dec. 27th, 2004, and is believed to have come from a cluster of neutron stars in the constellation Sagittarius.

The event happened at a distance of 50,000 light–years. The explosion was powerful enough to bounce off the moon and disturb Earth’s upper atmosphere. If it were 10 light years closer it would have destroyed our ozone layer.

In 2004 the parallels to what happened in 1500 -1600 BC are uncanny. The scribes reported strange lights in the skies above Egypt in the ancient papyrus. This triggered earthquakes, tsunamis, the eruption of Thera and the mythologies surrounding Atlantis.

Prior to the discovery of the stellar explosion on December 27th, 2004 there were strange accounts of UFO’s and large space rocks hitting the planet at an alarming rate. UFO’s were seen over Mexico, electronic pulses were detected at the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, a large asteroid passed close to the earth, and Mount St. Helens began to rumble along with several other volcanoes in various places around the globe. Just 44 hours after the detection of the giant space explosion, the earth suffered a massive earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia.

There were also reports in various places of India that large light ships had landed in the Himalayas and that the governments of India had made contact with our space brethren.

India is allegedly working on a joint announcement with nuclear capable countries about the reality of an extraterrestrial presence here on earth.

Today we are seeing plagues that are afflicting countries in the world and the United States is also noticing that the security of health is no longer a match for the earth’s catastrophic cycle.

We also are experiencing plagues of blood, with AIDS and new strains of vicious HIV. The enhanced HIV strain was announced, coincidentally, after the first wave hit from outer space.

Locust infestation ran rampant over Africa and several other countries after the detection of the explosion and we have been experiencing the fears that our livestock contain diseases that can render us unable to function. The locust infestation occurred almost a week after Mount St. Helens began to rumble again.

In his Epistle to Henry the Second, Nostradamus had written that after the year 2000 there would be a conspiracy in the papacy and that the Catholic Church would eventually embrace New World fascism. In his writings he speaks of the time that the Antichrist will rule the earth. At this time there would be great trembling, and even the birds would know that the time for a great tribulation or catastrophe had come.

"The Antichrist returns for the last time. All the Christians and infidel nations will tremble...for the space of twenty–five years. Wars and battles will be more grievous than ever. Towns, cities, citadels and other structures will be destroyed. So many evils by Satan’s prince will be committed that almost the entire world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events many rare birds will cry in the air. NOW! NOW! and sometime later will vanish."—Nostradamus in his Epistle to Henry II.

As the quail came from the ocean in Moses’ time, so did the birds come to die in the present. There were pelicans and heron that disappeared in great numbers in 2004. Homing pigeons could not find their homes and birds would drop from the sky either lost or diseased with avian flu.

Many crows that were found dead have also tested positive for strains of the West Nile virus.

Many speculate that something is causing the earth’s magnetic field to change.

Is it possible that an explosion so far away from earth could cause a number of anomalies on the earth for the next 25 or 30 years. Is our time on this earth shorter than we realize?

If we look back at ancient writings, could we be seeing the beginning of another cycle that will include Earthquakes, floods, and strange weather? Will we be seeing an active sky, where aerial lights will show themselves more frequently and good this lead to the visitation and communication with beings that were eventually crowned Gods to rule over us?

Will they teach us how to avoid a monstrous cataclysm? Will they rescue us?

You can dig throughout history and see that the UFO or anomalous space activity has been the catalyst for change at every crucial juncture in world history.

UFO’s and space anomalies have always been reported prior to the coming of plagues, major world wars, witch hunts and inquisitions, pogroms, economic chaos, assassinations of prominent figures and new strains of debilitating diseases.

Like the symbol of the Ouroboros we see the infinite cycle of the snake eating its tail; there will be cycles of cataclysm and alien intervention going on for what will seem to be an eternity.

This ancient symbol has appeared principally among the Gnostics and is depicted as a dragon, snake or serpent biting its own tail. In the broadest sense, it is symbolic of time and the continuity of life.

It sometimes bears the caption "Hen To Pan", which means "The One, the All".

Like the caduceus it is a variant of the symbol for Mercury the duplex god. In some versions of the Ouroboros, the body is half–light and half dark, alluding in this way to the successive counterbalancing of opposing principles like the Chinese Yin–Yang symbol.

It is quite interesting that all things celestial had been tied anciently to the long haired serpent or dragon. The creature would travel through time and space and its arrival was always a symbol of change.

There are many who believe that the dragon is a representation of the Comet or celestial event that triggers a cataclysmic cycle. The cycle is always met with fire and water. It is the symbol of the death and rebirth of all things.

The change is the first death and the resurrection is a part of the rebirth.

The snake that eats itself may also represent the dissolution of the body, or the universal serpent which to quote the Gnostic saying ’passes through all things’.

Poison, the viper, and the universal solvent are all symbols of the undifferentiated, of the ’unchanging law’ which moves through all things, linking them by a common bond.

Life, death, rebirth.

Both the dragon and the bull are symbolic antagonists of the solar hero. The Ouroboros biting its own tail is a self–sufficient Nature.

A nature that knows when to bear fruit and a nature that knows when it is time to shut down.

A nature which, according to Nietzsche, continually returns, within a cyclic pattern, to its own beginning. There is a Venetian manuscript on alchemy, which depicts the Ouroboros with its body half–black symbolizing earth and night and half–white denoting heaven and light.

The cataclysmic events in the center of our galaxy have happened between the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpio. It is in this part of the galaxy where many Zodiac scholars believe is the 13 house of the Zodiac.

The symbol of this house is The Dragon or serpent.

It is known as Ophiuchus.

There was not always a 13th sign in the Zodiac. About 2000 years ago the Sun traveled from the constellation Scorpius and then went directly into the sign of Sagittarius, but due to the constant motion of the cosmos, the Sun now enters, for a few days of the year, the star constellation ’Ophiuchus’ before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius.

It creates the serpent or the dragon. This must be some sort of cosmic sign. It could very well be the sign or portent of some very interesting times. The dragon represents the flood of fire, the purification and rebirth.

It may also represent the return of the serpent Gods that have been spoken of in antiquity. Is this the sign that the arrival of the star people is eminent?

Whatever they decide to do to us or for us is up to them.

"As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods; they kill us for their sport" - William Shakespeare

For the past few weeks I have been awakening early with a racing heartbeat. This is a condition that I have developed recently. It used to be worse and now I am taking care of it by eating better and taking better care of myself. It is frustrating to awaken with this feeling not knowing what triggers it.

I have spoken about it with my friends and there have been a couple of them that speculate that I am having nightmare cycles.

I went to the doctor, and of course I am healthy and there is no reason for me to be having this type of problem. The only thing I could do was to wait and see if I could remember any of my dreams so that I could understand what is troubling me.

One morning I remember waking up very early after a late night party. I put on some sweats and slippers, threw on an old hooded sweatshirt and walked outside to take a breath of the sweet air that had the flavor of spring though it was early March.

This type of weather is odd for Portland, Oregon. Last year the freezing rains kept me indoors huddled around a cup of coffee and a radio hearing about broken tree limbs and car accidents.

I looked up into the rare blue sky and took a deep breath. I ran my fingers through my hair several times and rubbed my eyes. I could hear in the distance the boats blowing their horns on the river that ran behind my home and cranes loading them up so that they could head out towards the Columbia.

I then saw a flash of light in my head as if I had been hit by something hard. In the flash I saw an oily thick cloud moving through the sky. Lightning could be seen flashing in the cloud. It was not typical lightning.

It had a greenish glow.

The cloud started to form boils, bumps that appeared like bubbling cheese across the sky. The colors of reds and purples moved in the oily black and swirled counterclockwise in the sky. As quickly as the image came, it flashed away.

Everything was quiet except for a few birds flapping and the faint wailing of a siren coming from an ambulance crossing the bridge.

The sky was a beautiful royal blue and I decided to go back into my home and go back to sleep.

I did not dream.

I awoke in the same clothes and moved myself to the corner market for an omelet and coffee. I was looking at the morning paper and on the front page was the billowing dark clouds coming from Mt. St. Helens. The volcano erupted again and sent a large plume of ash and steam into the air. The column of fire went up 36,000 feet.

I sat back in my chair and I began to think hard about cataclysm and how we are edging closer to the fire.

So many things have happened to the earth in the past months and so many things are being given to us as warnings of what is to come. It need not be dire, but it will be a time where we will wonder how we make it through the years.

Each morning will be a gift and each night we will close our eyes and wonder if they will come for us in our sleep.

It becomes apparent to me that the earth is truly a farm and we are someone else’s property.