By Clyde Lewis

"A Truly Paranoid Person looks both ways when crossing a one way street" -- Clyde Lewis

While trying to keep up the pace with an ever-changing world there is a point where we have difficulty becoming informed of what dangers are out there that might harm our families and ourselves. So we develop a need for instant information. A flip of the switch gets us a news report. We listen and watch for certain buzzwords or sound bites. If we do not hear anything that sounds dangerous, or if it does not affect us directly we tend to overlook it, or ignore it. Neglecting what may come back and bite us in the future. We put our trust in perfect strangers every day to tell us that everything is all right. We do it without thinking. We don't question. We accept it. Some of us have a problem. We think too much. We question too much. We don't accept everything that is said to us. We are always looking over our shoulders. We don't see a group of people, who are against us, yet we believe there is someone waiting to take what we have earned. We go from a leap of faith, to the leap from point Paranoid.

I have questioned my own sanity regarding paranoia the past couple of days, after I saw something strange happening on a city street at 3:00 AM. I was up late writing a news report, and realized that I had a number of Commercials that needed to be produced for a client of mine. I usually spend the early morning hours in studios because they are relatively free and I can spend as much time as I want experimenting with different sounds. I left the Earth Broadcasting Company Office at approximately 3:05 AM to catch a Taxi that I had called to come pick me up. I went downstairs and the door was locked, so I searched quickly for a key. By the time I grabbed a key an unlocked the door, the Taxi had pulled away into the rainy night. I ran upstairs and called the Taxi Company and told them to send another Cab to the office, and I will wait out in the rain so the driver will see me. I walked outside the office. By now it was 3:15 AM. The street in front was quiet.

If you know anything about Salt Lake, then you will understand that there is absolutely no action on the streets, downtown at 3 AM. However there was something going on this night. I glanced west while standing outside and noticed a white panel truck, about the size of a medium moving truck coming up the street with its lights off. This truck was moving quickly up the street and running every Red, stop light. As the truck came closer I noticed that on the roof of this vehicle there were a number of antennas and dishes for satellite transmissions. The truck had no markings, it was just solid white. The truck flew past me, and I noticed black Chevrolet Blazers with tinted glass following the truck. This cortege had no lights on as well, and ran every red light going east. Kurt Geltz my producer was ready to lock up when I motioned for him to run and have a look. He saw the back end of this caravan, and was interested as to why they were breaking traffic laws to get where they were going. As I rolled it over in my mind I realized that something sinister was up, even though I had no proof as to what I witnessed. I asked myself questions. What was in that panel truck? Why were its headlights off?

Who were following the truck in the black vehicles. Why were traffic laws violated? Why was it traveling at 3 AM? I concluded that it had something to do with the government, That what ever was transported had to be Top Secret, and that the cargo had to be carried out of sight, with protection in the wee hours of the morning not to arouse suspicion.

Now I ask you, what am I supposed to think? What would you think? There are those that tell me I should pay no mind to it. It is just some trucks doing some transporting of something important that I should not even care about. Now, another question. If I ignore this conclusion and say that something was definitely sinister, and everyone should be aware of this, does this make me paranoid? When I mentioned this story to you what were your reactions?

Well my final thought on the matter was either this was some sort of secret monitoring truck, that was eavesdropping on something or it was being used in some movie that has been filmed here from time to time. I decided to ask a few people about what they thought it might be, and the stories were reassuring me that I am not the only paranoid individual that walks the face of the earth.

I finally got my Cab and told the taxi driver of my experience. I asked him what he thought it might be and he chuckled and said "For 30 years I have been told stories about stuff like conspiracies, covert activities, and aliens. I didn't believe any of it until just recently. Look around, things are falling apart. The government is doing things behind our backs. They deny their involvement in criminal activities. I'm not surprised."

I wouldn't know who to talk to about what I saw because it could be some sort of secret operation. The government does it all the time. In 1953, the United States Army was conducting Bio warfare tests on humans. Without the public's Knowledge they sprayed Zinc Cadmium Sulfide over Minneapolis. Just to see what would happen. Imagine what would happen if for some odd reason that your sperm count went down? Or there was some unexplained epidemic of miscarriages or stillborn babies? What if there was a sudden surge in Cancer deaths? If you didn't know about the experiment you would look at it as some fluke. You wouldn't have the paranoid delusion that this was happening on purpose would you? The government kept it a secret for 40 years.

A documented man in black story consisted of black helicopters and men in Black uniforms with no insignia, going door to door in 1992. They were taking guns out of homes, which was a direct violation of the fourth amendment. This has been known as "Operation Clean Sweep." It was two years later that a Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, admitted the Chicago Housing Authority's search policy in violation of the Fourth Amendment. It is better to apologize then ask for permission.

This brings up some other nasty rumors from the overly suspicious people that are constantly assured that nothing bad is going to happen to them. If we believe the fringe then we will soon be living in a police state in this country. The fringe element are those who constantly preach that the world will be controlled by an evil one world government. This philosophy has been secretly pushed in some of the more fundamentalist conservative Christian faiths. Is it so far fetched? Is the paranoia justified?

We have heard of the modern fear fables and history surrounding secret shadow governments and the stories of Black helicopter activity all across the nation. The stories range from the sighting of one or two choppers, to entire Armadas sweeping the skies in formation. They are said to be flying lower than the FAA minimum of 500 feet to spray unknown substances on people and animals. While people say that black choppers are military helicopters and nothing sinister is going on with them obviously believes the government would not be doing anything sinister with these craft. Others say not too worry, these choppers are DEA helicopters and they are also here to help you. Granted many Black helicopter sightings occur in states where a lot of

Military activity goes on, and those of us who live in these states really can't see why people are afraid of them, but why are they in remote areas doing Clandestine operations? Should we be preparing for a Police action, to gain control of a country that seems every day to be spiraling out of control? Or is it just national Paranoia?

Combat arms survey asked United States marines if they would feel uncomfortable serving under a UN commander, this would mean someone who was not an American. In the same survey they asked if any of them would shoot at American citizens in the process of establishing order, and the confiscation of their arms. Why would they ask these questions? On May 3rd 1994 a presidential directive was signed by Bill Clinton that would allow intervention by UN Troops if needed, within the borders of the United States. With the United States troops serving under foreign commanders. The president would have the power by presidential declaration to suspend the Constitution, namely free speech and the right to bear arms. Also, this would also give the government right to initialize a state religion. I guess this is what is meant by an "easy out' clause in any contract, even if it is a constitution.

Then every paranoid person would then say I told you so, when the country is surrendered to UN control, creating the New World order, Orchestrated by the council of foreign affairs and all the other so called puppet masters who control us. If you protest any of it, you would be a subversive. You would be jailed or killed by the new global police force. It would be a war between a new form of government and it's Citizens. Truth is, this wouldn't happen over night. It would happen slowly until you are unwittingly allowing it to continue. There would be some that would catch on and do crazy things, like not pay taxes. Hold themselves up in compounds, Create militias who say they are here to protect the constitution. This has happened before, with the Montana Freemen, and others. They were all just out to warn you right? Or are they Crazy?

It is hard to keep the faith, when you hear of secret deals, between governments, CIA lies, and Classified documents. Beware of what you choose to believe. But be equally cautious about what you decide to reject out of hand. We here in the United States are lucky. Violent overthrows of governments only happen in other countries. Unless of course you are Paranoid and wonder if the Kennedy assassination was a violent take over. It was Claude Steiner who said Paranoia is a state of heightened awareness. I tend to think that The United States is mostly Paranoid free. Mainly because, in the 90's we are plagued with a hieghtened state of indifference.


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