By Clyde Lewis

2000 people dying over the course of the year in Kosovo is not genocide. If we are concerned about 2000 why not Bomb China for Tienemen square? The word genocide is being Bastardized and used as a propaganda tool. Are You Buying It?

Many People who listen to Ground Zero see it as an entertaining sideline and quite frankly tend to disregard it and label it as outrageous thought and that it probably has no bearing on current events. The truth is there are many relevant paths you can walk down and still realize that the whole truth is hard to find these days. So we are forced into hearing all of the outrageous and hope to piece together just what really is the truth. As the lines between fantasy and reality continue to blur Ground Zero is here to at least keep an ear to the ground about what is about to happen. There is an overwhelming amount of mind challenging information out there and those with a codependence on consensus reality presented to them every day on the 6 o'clock news are in for a rude awakening.

When you allow yourself to view things at a higher level of perception there is no good, no evil, only what you feel inside of you that contributes to your adventure. Having a heightened awareness allows you to experience all that is out there. Despite all of the people out there using fear to isolate you from the truth, it still is one of the most wonderful times to be alive.

When looking at Information that surrounds you about current events you need to use common sense, and remember that you are here and the universe is huge. With such a large window to look out of you can always miss something and that is what the system is counting on.

You may ask yourself "Well just who are you to tell me?" I can only say that I am constantly reading and taking in information and analyzing it. Ground Zero is a part of the new information source. We are for those who really don't want to get all of their information from the New York Times, or the wall street Journal.

If you are dependent on your current belief system Ground Zero will only be looked at as a side show. I will only appear as a snake oil salesman.

I have been taking a break from writing only because a New World is being made. I needed to take a deep breath and analyze just what I am seeing. Believe me it has been constant overload.

The reason I say this is because between the propaganda of CNN and the other stories out of other News organizations Like the BBC and Yugoslavia it becomes a race to see who can top each other with the most outrageous stories of all. The tall tales will become taller as governments try to cover up what really is happening.

Keep in mind that I am only a messenger. If you listen to what I say it is only a guide to help you reach your own conclusions. My Track record speaks for itself and it only keeps close to being on target only because of those whom I associate with, and the information they give me. Even then I am very selective.

It would appear that the United States of America is the most powerful country on the planet today. However the events that have transpired as of late, with NATO and others it appears that this country is being controlled by mother England. We are becoming a global Villain, a strong arm and we are being used to bring about a "New World Order" that has been the agenda of a small elite group whose bloodlines dictate that they rule the earth from the shadows and use propaganda tools to get you to act like a herd of sheep.

The true colors of this elite group have shown in the latest bloody campaign that is out to use what evils it can to get your hatred and suspicion aroused. They want you to applaud their conquests just like the Nazis did for Hitler during the second World War. A person who is truly aware, will see that while the world is full of leaders that kill their own people to stay in power, there are leaders in their own neighborhoods who are also pushing their agendas for control and they will use you and those with uniforms to become potential agents.

There are many out there who use secret intelligence cults to gain their knowledge and their power, and they act and control under the dictates of that centralized power. NATO is one of those groups.

The Concept of a one-world government has been a staple in the "utopian" theories that have been in Science fiction stories for decades. The Idea that we are changing from an American, to a Citizen of the world may have people nervous but it is inevitable as we near the beginning of a new Millennium.

But the question still exists "Do you have a choice?" What if the globalist change is a sinister one? Who will be your leader then?

Since Communism is relatively dead there really is no real body of government to oppose. So now we oppose leaders who refuse to give in to the requests of a country that is about the size of Ohio. Since this small area has limited weapons they Use the United States to enforce their New Order.

They use the evil known as "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide" to motivate you to take a side, However they do not tell you that 2000 Ethnic Albanians being killed over the course of a year is not Genocide. They neglect to tell you that a bombing campaign has now contributed to the deaths of thousands and that the mass graves that they have detected not only have been dug for the "cleansing" but for the liquidation of apparent risks that were in the way of an exploding bomb.

It seems that with all of the causalities you keep hearing about out of Kosovo, one undeniable casualty of a war of this kind is the truth. That is why we here at Ground Zero Urge you to face the facts, realize when propaganda is being used, and to realize just how war that is prepackage and served pre digested and predetermined is not a war, but a well choreographed campaign. Choreographed by a small group of people whose main objective is to pummel a country into submission.

Let us suppose that California is 90 percent Latino and 10 percent White Anglo. The Latino gangs get out of hand and two different gangs develop. One gang wants autonomy for Latinos. The other group that is more violent starts an inner city war and wants independence. What happens next is that The United States Government increases the Police Force and sends in federal troops.

Now Russia and China hear about this and demand that the United States must grant autonomy to California's Latinos. They claim that this is causing instability in the west and that they are concerned. They also demand that the US government withdraw their troops if they refuse Russia will force them into submission by bombing California.

Substitute Kosovo for California. The Albanians are like the Latinos. The United states and great Britain are like China and Russia in the Hypothetical situation.

Now think about it .. if the shoe was on the other foot .. would you really support the presidents decision to bomb.

It should become our responsibility to step outside of our prejudice and constant indoctrination of manufactured truths to allow the whole truth to come in, otherwise we become cheerleaders for the total liquidation of a group of people that deep down we as a people do not care about. I say this because I often hear people talk about the atrocity of the ethnic cleansing and wonder if they ever cared about this issue years ago. This situation has been boiling for a long time. The hatred amongst the people of Yugoslavia has existed as long as our racism has. The killings are the result of spotlights that have switched from one theatre to another. It's like a movie director who says to a group "Okay you are on camera, lest see some blood!"

People of the United States in my opinion have no real feelings for this campaign. All of the words, of mass graves and similar World War two rhetoric can get lost in the fact that not only is there the immoral ethnic cleansing, but the killing of many individuals that are constantly being rationalized as risks for an undefined freedom fight.

I saw Dan Rather walking the streets of Belgrade and thought, what a buffoon. I mean what kind of idiot would go into the belly of the beast without realizing that he could be harmed or killed. Has he developed "deity" syndrome? How is he able to walk the streets without getting attacked? This is a testimony of how coverage of this so called war is a sham. Rather is actually showing us that we are invincible. That an American reporter won't be killed because he is from the chosen country. How admirable. This adds to the glamour and homogenized look of this war. Not a hair out of place and still bombs are dropping and people are dying.

I encourage you to keep your eye on major news organizations and how they keep conversations to reasonable acceptable, homogenized discussion on the matter. They do not want to alarm people here in the US that perhaps we have suffered casualties although it has been reported that we have lost some of our soldiers in Greek Newspapers. Take Notice in your news reports that the demonization of the Serbs will drown out those with Voices who are against this silly little war. Watch how the debate of whether or not we send Ground troops in drowns out the words of those who say we shouldn't be in this conflict in the first place.

There have been a number of remarkable stories that have been virtually ignored by the American Media . The reason is Obvious, it would criminalise NATO and demonize the United states in the yes of its own people. For example Many people have not heard that Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says that "NATO may be using a new type of weapon with radioactive components during the bombardment of Yugoslavia. Ivanov says measurements in several parts of Kosovo have shown high levels of radiation in both air and soil near bomb targets.

A-10 "Warthog" jet s have been dispatched in this campaign , it is well known that these planes carry a seven-barrel cannon capable of firing 4,200 rounds per minute. It is also known that The Warthog cannon fires 30 mm rounds reinforced with depleted uranium, a radioactive weapon. These same rounds were fired in the Gulf war. The depleted Uranium residue left behind has been traced back to reports of stillbirths, children born with defects, and childhood leukemia and other cancers in the area of southern Iraq near Basra where these shells were fired continually. Another annoying aspect of the propaganda machine is the baiting of Russia into this whole mess. The over all opinion is that Russia needs us. That their poverty will be a factor into whether or not they want to get involved with the "war." Well lets be honest, When Hitler invaded Russia he didn't even take into account that the Russians were resourceful and that they would sooner live on onions and bath water before they would allow their people to be crushed by the tanks of the Nazi's.

That resourcefulness still exists and now they have those little nuclear weapons that make for a terrible day if you just happen to be a city that is in the crosshairs. We have become so used to countries crying wolf about nukes that we as the "chosen country" will never have to worry about an attack on our land. Well if you are complacent about such things you are in the minority.

Government seems to be more paranoid about such matters and they are afraid that you may see through their lies and rebel. Or perhaps it might be some other secret organization that will get in under the radar. You see, the US government seems to now have deep pockets. Deep enough to bomb a country like Yugoslavia back to the stone age, and deep enough to prepare for a revolt or terrorist attack.

In a Copy written story that was published by the Gannet news service U.S. anti-terrorism spending will exceed $10 billion next year, which makes one question why? Even Washington analysts and critics are beginning to ask why this is going on and stating that such huge amounts represent political paranoia more than good policy. This is a 44 percent jump with no clear plan or strategy , with no clear enemy.

Before you argue that terrorism is a viable threat and that we need to be protected you need to understand that terrorism happens all over the world. Not just in the United States. Budgets all over the world don't have that much money spent on preventing terrorism.

The government's secret agencies -- Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency - won't tell you where your tax dollars are going but you can bet that what they do will surely add billions to the anti-terrorism bottom line.

All that money for an undefined enemy. Maybe we have made so many enemies lately that we can't count them.

So why not make the whole world suspect? Surrender the world Governments to a Superpower waiting in the wings. Give in to the U.N, , the Council of foreign affairs, The Trilateral commission, the world banking cabals and all the usual puppet masters.

The reason this isn't being done in one big sweep is because there would be a riot of "freedom fighters" who will claim they are here to save the constitution. When in reality it has been completely destroyed long ago. Freedom? Yea right. Your freedom is a state of mind. It has nothing to do with real rights. Only what is given to you for your own good and your own safety.

If anyone had the balls to stand up to the system they will be met with forces so organized that they would be brought to their knees in fear. The preparation has already taken place.

The money has been spent to combat terrorism. If you stand up against the system. You will be a terrorist, a subversive, a troublemaker.

Between the show of force with the exercises being conducted with Operation Urban warrior and the Rumors of Concentration Camps being prepared this nation will find itself under control.

We reap what we sow and the harvest is about to begin. The new world will be paved over the dead bodies of the old.

Henry Kissinger once said in a speech the following:

"Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful."

Problem-action-knee jerk solution.

The War in Yugoslavia is only a precursor to the world war that is already in its infancy. This world war will be at it's worst when a manufactured global emergency will demand your attention.

All these horrible things that can be no more than devices to take away your way of life. Financial collapse, terrorism, global cleansing, and the threat dujour to terrify and con you into a state of unquestioning servitude.

The truth is, all of these things have existed for years and now you wake up because it is beamed into your home every night. Such a pity.

The truth is there has always been an America hidden under the America we hear about. That is the Zombie America. The passive and complacent America. We find ourselves forgetting that there is an outside world and that there are wolves waiting in high positions to pounce on us while we sleep or while we are not looking.

The metaphors about the enemy within have been with us forever. That there are secret groups who meet to plot our destruction, or our transformation.

Maybe the Metaphors are manifesting themselves in our realities because sometimes the unconscious mind tends to surface in the oddest of places. Like the conscious. That means that every evil you have ever dreamed of is about to be unleashed on a passive world that thinks it is safe.

It reminds me of the tale that has been told and retold about the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers." The small town doctor running through the streets yelling, "Save yourselves, they may be here already!" The conspiracy is the enemy within. We are a danger to ourselves. That some group will arrive either from space, or from a political group and dry all of our tears and show us the new path.

The New Order of the Ages will be gratefully accepted by those who will be duped into thinking that living a life of stricter rules and regulations will guarantee their safety.

It has been written that various types of belief can be implanted in the human brain after it has been disturbed by fear, anger, or excitement. We as a planet have been in this state of mind for 50 years, maybe more.

So what happens later is this herd instinct where we move like sheep to whatever suggestion is given to us for our safety.

You have been fed a constant diet of this manufactured war and conflict and it has created that zombified America. An America that has had its judgement impaired and is open for suggestibility.

So whatever is said to you today should be held suspect until it is verified by more than one source. I know that sounds like a paranoid pipe dream, but easy information cannot take the place of personal study.

Ignorance can be played against you. Especially in times of easy information. As it says in the Movie "The Matrix" everyone has the potential to become a robotic agent. It will happen when you become overly distracted. All it takes is a split second and the timeline will change. The future is what you make it. What will it take to switch on your mind? Once it is switched on, what channel will it be tuned to?

Your grooming will designate the channel. You have been twisted and groomed since your infancy. Monsters never reveal themselves until they are about to kill. By then it is too late. Abuse has many forms. Being mentally groomed is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

We are all being manipulated, and exploited. By all indications we love it. The New World will be paved over the dead bodies of the old world. At least over the bodies of the ignorant.


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