Pax Antichristus

by Clyde Lewis

"These are the days when men of all social disciplines and all political faiths seek the comfortable and accepted; when the man of controversy is looked upon as a disturbing influence; when originality is taken as a mark of instability; and when, in minor modification of the scriptural parable, the bland lead the bland."—John Kenneth Galbraith

We have once again reached the end of a year and a New Year awaits us, bringing with it more uncertainty. The uncertainty is clearly a byproduct of a bad economy, bad news on the doorstep, and perpetual war.

We have accepted George W. Bush as a self-professed divinely inspired leader who claims to have embraced Jesus and uses him on a daily basis as a tool for bringing Armageddon to pass.

George W. Bush is not the anti-Christ, but he most certainly has prepared the world for the Pax Antichristus.

Bush proposes that we are without blame or shame for our murderous activities. There is no culpability for spying on American citizens or no consequences for threatening them if they don't want a patriot act. We have allowed our leaders to abuse our civil liberties without any outrage or meaningful protest.

Who cares about the Geneva Convention? It seems that torture has been accepted as a means of letting off steam and getting all sorts of relevant information from prisoners.

Was it a harmless mistake that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? The overwhelming rebellion seems to be asleep, and so another year goes by and more and more people die in a war based on a flimsy premise.

To those sincere souls who claim that they have done all they can do to stop this, I say, try again.

2005 sucked. It was a horrible year. It was a year of failure and I am not afraid to say it.

In fact it is liberating to stop pretending and admit that until we change the global dialogue we are going to continue to fail. Until we can put up a unified front against a New World Order that has no regard for us, we will remain in a position of stalemate and await the planned end game strategy that is in the works for 2006.

If we were to sum up the year of 2005 we would find an obvious pattern indicating that while we have been told that our culture values life, we are more than happy to destroy life and are curiously obsessed with our own deaths.

We have been told to imagine our lives being snuffed out by Avian Flu, overpopulation, pollution, rogue asteroids and comets, and the wrath of God.

We have been told that the war is here to improve the lives of Americans and secure a safe future. Well, it is time to demand that secure future because 2005 has reacquainted us with the face of tragedy.

While at the end of the year we reflect on disasters foretold, and on the fulfillment of prophecy, we seldom acknowledge that when the monstrous disasters rear their ugly heads, we act as if we are shocked that any of these events have happened.

We become desperate, grabbing for every last crumb like vermin in a dump.

Haven't we been warned? Haven't we been aware? Do we believe what we really hear or is it entertaining to see cataclysm move in on us from every corner in slow motion?

It is time to start acknowledging out loud that our future is being hijacked by a band of evil men who implement attitudes and actions that guarantee mutual destruction. It is time to speak up about how their tree of liberty is bearing bitter fruit.

How long can we feed off the apple before we find the worm?

How can we call ourselves victors in our glorious war when we will be left to stand guard over a kingdom of carrion and rats?

I don't need to hear how we are helping people by killing them. I don't care if a soldier says it, or a politician says it. It does not compute with me. I am not going to sit back and pretend that I am copacetic with people who feign being supportive of a war whose repercussions that will echo for years to come.

I don't care if you don't like my politics.

We have heard enough about warfare. We have heard it said over and over again that war brings peace and that pitting neighbor against neighbor and tribe against tribe breeds liberty.

This war is being fought for the sole purpose of proving to the voter that something is being done against the phantom menace.

It does not take a psychic to tell you where this is heading and I promise you that no one can even fathom what is waiting in the wings for the world. It will be something that will implicate everyone in ways that will cause a big rethinking of where we are going.

We will all be wondering about that backpack that the guy in front of us is wearing or whether or not that idling van should be parked next to the day care center. The urban police state will be kicking in your door demanding to know why you are reading a certain book or taking a certain trip.

This speculation is not a fantasy. Many are now realizing that they have not been spared the emotional and monetary cost of ignoring the warning signs.

2005 was a time of insecurity, but keep in mind that throughout time eternal we all have had moments when insecurity and fear have gripped us.

Keep in mind that that every year there is a chance that you will die. You don't know the time or the date, or the cause. That is plenty to be afraid of if you continue to focus on it. That is the beauty of creating your own nightmares and having a government or religion producing all kinds of spook stories to get you to give up your personal freedoms.

You can't quantify safety.

In the "good old days" our tragedies were local and isolated. Today with the aid of technology tragedy is seen everywhere, every day. As our New World Order takes shape, disasters and tragedies intertwine, all capable of causing a chain reaction in which economies and civilizations can collapse.

With examples of tsunamis and hurricanes in the past two years we can easily see that our needs as a civilization are greater now, and our resources have been diminished. As we continue through 2006 the faces of tragedy will be a common part of our everyday lives.

It has been a tradition that at the end of the year I try and place myself in the year ahead and determine what will likely happen in the future. My predictions have been close and some have been right on the money. And some of my predictions don't happen in the exact year, but happen within a span of two or three years.

My style of prediction is not based on psychic knowledge; it is based on historical probability and what I see as likely and logical. Keep in mind that the highlighted predictions usually come to pass in the year specified or just beyond it.

Now let me fall forward in time and let's take a look at 2006 and beyond.

Well here I am in 2006 with a newfound determination and excitement about the future.

Sometimes I wonder if I am just pretending to feel this way or if I am serious about all of it because everyone else is tired of all of the negativity that has been a leftover of 2005.

With every possible negative there is a positive silver lining in 2006 because it seems that this year is a year of balance and discernment and will be destined to force us into having a more somber tone as a pivotal year for all of humanity.

It will be the year that will shatter dreams and alter belief systems. It will also leave blessings in places where you would least expect them.

In the month of March 2006 there will be an event that will force the United States into global maturity. Our suicidal adolescence is past and the present reminds us that we are no longer children. We are no longer allowed to be irresponsible for past actions and there will need to be a judgement made that will cause all Americans to think about what they have truly become.

The paranoia looms as we prepare for urban warfare and the slide towards a militarized community.

Power grids seem to be going down in areas around the country again; there is a focus on revamping the entire grid for the United States.

There will also be a new fear about "single event holocausts" where millions of people can die in one single event be it nuclear, biological, or natural. The threat will be discussed as our perpetual war escalates into countries with nuclear power.

Nuclear war will be a possibility and the talk of survivability will be at the forefront of discussions on such matters. There will also be conversations about how to handle and care for a dead body, how to set up morgues or treat victims of dirty bomb attacks how to purify water and survive underground. There will be talk on reviving the fossil of fallout shelters.

This is the time where many will wonder if we really truly have a future. It will be a time to test the bravery of a brave new world.

There will be investigations into more criminal activity in the United States Government. This will be looked at as positive for the liberal groups in the United States. However, the liberal groups will not realize that this can also be a negative and will leave us vulnerable to internal and domestic threats, including terrorism, bombings, and riots in the United States.

The public support for our wars will decline and the global conversation will turn towards rebuilding and understanding of each other in order to avoid further death and destruction of the homeland.

In 2006 it will take more courage to challenge the war on terror than to fight it.

Once again there will be compelling evidence that Osama Bin Laden is dead.

China will once again be the focus of our paranoia as they challenge our superpower status. There is a great tendency to think that our shared business interests will keep us on pleasant terms, however China is doing far better business with Latin America and they have been stockpiling things like wood, concrete and steel in order to prepare for resource depletion.

Afghanistan and Iraq will continue to be a money pit edging our economy towards collapse.

Inflation undoubtedly will abruptly spring upward. This will cause the American standard of living to drop. With the aid of propaganda the fall will seem to be a soft one. The standard of living has fallen already but these are just symptoms of some crisis that awaits those who are not independently wealthy. The rise in the poverty level will result in a high crime rate. This will be considered a threat to national security.

In 2006 the focus of the right wing will be off of homosexuals and the new scapegoat for our problems and hatred will be immigrants.

In 2006 there will be news that the population of earth is decreasing. This will be the beginning of a 300 year trend. However people with the financial capabilities will be living longer lives and the average life span will rise. The chances of you living to be a hundred years old will increase based on your income and where you live.

In 2006 it will also be revealed that there are fewer languages and with the forcing out of cultures there will be a reduction in languages spoken on the earth. Cultures will be trending towards a homogenization as globalization molds and shapes cultures and eliminates ancient cultures for more western ideologies. There will be demand for language and culture mining in order to preserve the cultures and languages that are disappearing.

We will be seeing and hearing about the ongoing trend of the depletion of resources. When I first spoke of it was based primarily in the reasoning of the trend towards cataclysmic cycle. Now that the first fruits of this cycle have depleted areas of Southeast Asia and the South Eastern United States there will be more disasters that will challenge the balance of power and the will of survival. This will trigger more discussions and implementation of "ecosystem modification." This will begin with the weather and will trickle down into the geophysical health of the planet. While we are not paying attention to space, there will always be the looming threat of a Near Earth Object hitting the earth and triggering a major tsunami or earthquake.

Now that natural disasters have become a staple in the major predictions of most psychics I will go out on a limb and say that it is probable that another major disaster in the form of an earthquake will hit Alaska in the spring of 2006 and this will begin a domino effect all along the West Coast.

No one will be prepared for a freak wave of water that will churn in 2006. The cause will be an undetected landslide in the ocean.

There will be a new invention that will not only be a source for renewable energy but also a source for fresh water taken from the air.

There will be more open discussions on the idea of matriarchal leadership as opposed to patriarchal in 2006. There will be more of a focus on female leadership in politics and the practice of Marian worship in the Catholic Church. There will also be news out of Israel that an ancient church will be found buried in Megiddo, the area said to be the battlefield of Armageddon in the future. There will be a message there that will change religious beliefs and many will try and cover up its true meaning.

Religion will change dramatically in the year 2006 and this trend will continue for approximately seven years. There will be a revival in Shamanism in many of the major faiths and the Evangelical churches will be shunned as cults and fanatical off shoots of real religion. These religions will claim that they are being targeted by the mainstream and may resort to violent terrorism. Their actions will be supported by their leadership as fulfillment of prophecy, which states that it is noble to be imprisoned or killed for work of Jesus Christ.

There will be cell phones available that will use and high-volume storage to monitor and index conversations you have had on the phone or conversations that you have had in public for supplemental memory and for your own protection.

Internet blogs will deliver some of the top news stories of 2006 and by 2007 there will be more significant news stories from Internet journalists that will be at the forefront of mainstream news. Internet radio will also have a small boost in 2006. There will be a trend towards more video online and soon it will be imperative that all users of computers have faster hook-ups so those independent journalists can show their work online.

Expect a new turn for the Internet. In the past delivery services online have failed miserably but Google will devise a way to get food delivered to your home from an online request. Anything from pizza to snacks will be available for "download", or delivery, virtually anywhere in the United States.

There will be a new trend in eco-businesses. These are businesses that will use eco-friendly heating systems and eco-friendly power supplies. Trends will be in favor of hybrid cars, and of anti-bacterial environments for food handling, dispensing of water, and air circulation on planes and in restaurants.

There will be a proposal that will require health manifestos on aircraft and boats. All passengers will have to disclose certain health problems that may cause problems for other passengers including mental illness and motion sickness. There will also be quarantine stations at port cities that will detain passengers that are suspected of carrying H5N1, SARS or other diseases that may prove to be contagious.

Prilosec and Nexium will be found to be useful in preventing most panic attacks.

Health organizations will urge businesses and schools to encourage workers and students to get outside during breaks in order to get sunlight and to supplement diets with vitamin D in order to reduce cancer and heart disease.

There will be health studies warning of possible global iatrogenesis. With the underlying panics of certain illnesses doctors may accidentally create illnesses by overprescribing antibiotics. Going to the doctor might actually make you sicker in 2006.

Also, there seems to be a rift in the medical profession with regard to primary care and how some procedures are overpriced. The debate will cause many doctors to quit.

New information will surface regarding your teeth and how something as simple as a root canal can eventually cause degenerative illnesses.

Bio-genomic databases will be on the ready in 2006 at area supermarkets that have pharmacies. If you are interested in better health you will pay a fee to have your mouth swabbed and your DNA placed in the bio-genomic database.

The bio-genomic specialists will offer suggestions on nutrition to help you select vitamins, food and drugs that will improve your health.

Pharmacies will branch out into quick care facilities where simple illnesses will be diagnosed by on-call doctors who will provide low cost medical advice. If the illness calls for hospitalization they will recommend a facility that will take care of you.

In entertainment, there will be movies that will be released as DVD's while still in the theaters. They will be available for purchase in some theater lobbies on the day of their theatric release. Other movies will clearly state that they will be shown only in theaters.

Expect changes in television. TIVO and DVR systems will be monitored for commercial viewing. It will be found that people fast forward through commercials and so product placement will be seen in many television shows and brand names will be used in scripts. There will also be name placement ads in the lower right hand side of the screen and eventually a windscreen format will be adopted allowing for commercial ads to frame your television shows.

There will be a recommendation for a far stricter rating system on video games. There will also be warning labels on games that have been found to cause photosensitive epilepsy and labels that will recommend crisis lines for video game addiction.

Well, time to get back to 2005.

Apart from my speculations on future events and whether or not they come true, I am serious about the fact that in 2006 we will have the huge responsibility of facing ourselves. I have had to face myself every day since I turned 40 and I feel as though I didn't hear the starting gun and so my race is being run a bit later in my life.

I lost a lot in 2005. I somehow exhausted all of my resources, and losing a stage for the radio show proved to be a devastating blow to me. I regrouped and have been constantly second-guessing myself. When I am alone I tend to think on my spirituality and how I wish to warm up to deep heated discussions over coffee or apple pie.

I am learning that there are a few people out there that look at true spirituality as something to fill the holes in their life and spiritual companionship with true friends makes every bit of the sting go away.

My goal is to face myself again and again and to help those who have helped me along in the most trying time of my career and life. I pray that the world now has not abandoned its priorities for more lofty materialistic ventures.

However, I look around me and it burdens me to admit that in some ways I am defeated and have to re-invent myself in order to get the enthusiasm back and use it to tame a world that seems to have abandoned tolerance and love.

My efforts to find love get lost in the fog of being able to provide for someone and maintain a functional relationship. It seems that everything is out of control and in order to find love you have to somehow learn to deal with your mate's dysfunction and your own baggage.

It is amazing to me how people can remain together and develop any kind of functional relationship in a world where dysfunction is awarded and encouraged.

It leaves me feeling hollow at times.

I can only surmise that the reason why everything seems so empty is because of the war. In times of war there is always that cloud of uncertainty; we all want to know why this war continues.

There are the hard liners who don't care and only want to continue encouraging this silly war forgetting that it can and will move on our shores with suicide bombers and dirty bomb threats in urban areas.

I am tired of having to hear about people who call the police on people that they think look shady or are wearing bulky jackets or even having bouts with mental illness. We all know what the outcome will be. It always winds up with an innocent person dead and a couple of police officers suspended without pay and eventually without culpability. If you decide that you want to ask questions or challenge the outcome of the "official investigation" you are labeled evil, or extreme.

Your desire to understand your New World is dismissed as a desire to justify evil. You now share the same position as any insurgent in Iraq or Afghanistan. You are under suspicion. The New Year will be the year of suspicion and witch-hunts.

The power elite have now become faultless and untouchable in their high crimes and misdemeanors. It boggles the mind that there is not a movement implemented to speak loud and clear against the government's attempts to create a subclass of mindless followers, attempts headed and directed by goose-stepping neocons who use their bestial mindset to warp and pervert common sense and reason.

The issue that should be discussed in 2006 is how normal individuals can adopt behavioral patterns of predators and accept behaviors that were once considered wicked. While there seems to be a revulsion in many Americans toward excessive cruelty, it needs to be discussed that the trend towards torture, a bread-and-circuses torture for entertainment purposes, sets into motion the desensitization of people.

This can trigger a populace into rejecting kindness, empathy and cooperation when wars are declared and when resources are depleted.

Take time to listen to religious leaders and what they are saying to you. If you listen carefully and be honest with yourself you will hear the words of blasphemy in 2006. You will hear the words of apostasy, sacrilege, heresy, and all that is darkly anti-Christian.

The love of God has been replaced with the love of empire building. This has happened many times in past history from the Persian Empire to the mantel of Roman power passed down to the Catholic Church and the British hierarchies. The empires have given us Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. These three religious forces are now the warring factions in today's history and are responsible for the faces of tragedy that we have been seeing all over the world. Religions are now being used to fulfill political objectives instead of divine objectives and therefore are becoming corrupt and anti-God.

It is all a part of the great plan for a global empire combining belief systems for politically charged holocausts. The great global imperial cult is returning to conquer the world one more time and countries that are stubborn and want true independence are going to be in the crosshairs for battle.

It does not matter who the figurehead is now there is a global agenda and those who wish to remain independent will be attacked and eventually conquered. The generals and the Presidents will rely on their soothsayers and magicians to plot the next phase and eventually an influential leader with royal blood will take the chair or throne in order to have "the one" who is anointed as the great shepherd.

The Roman Empire never really fell; it bent like a reed in the wind. It is very much with us today. It is called "The New World Order" and as I have pointed out there is nothing new about it.

The core of this New World Order is centered in America and in the United Kingdom. Japan and Europe have become integrated in this global empire, and Israel, of course, is the gem that controls the spirit of the Order. Russia and China still maintain a bit of independence from this New World Empire and this will eventually become a bone of contention with the global powers that wish to establish an imperial cult. Africa, Australia and South America are still looked upon as the slaves and unwashed labor of the empire and will remain in their positions as peripheral safe havens from the battlefront.

Islam will continue to contest its infiltration by the forces of the New World Order and in 2006 we will finally concede that a New World War is finally appearing as a reality.

Every day we are beginning to see that global change is inevitable and the dawn of some new era is trying to punch its way through to our dimension. In some paradoxical whim the new era is really an antiquated era that rejects reason for the seizing and monopolizing of the power structure.

In a country that is being fueled by the mixing of religious and government influence it can only be logical to forecast a social and economic Armageddon on the horizon. It is a logical leap to reveal a future where the acceptance of tyranny will be a welcome change as long it is tyranny that is guided and directed by God.

In 2005 I was bombarded with e-mail asking me why I have decided to go after Christianity in some of my articles and in my public speeches. I would write back and tell those who are concerned that my arrows that I slung at Christianity were aimed at the ignorant Christian who hasn't got the incentive to pull away from their dogmatic programming. I am now asserting that it is time to realize that those who are making decisions for this country are far from being real Christians.

I know in my soul that George W. Bush is far from sincere when he says that Jesus Christ is his guide for matters of war, and the direction of the country. However, it is important to note that he knows that declaring that Jesus is his right hand man triggers a meme that reflects the sincere beliefs of the majority of Americans.

This is why we have seen, boiling just under the surface, the active Christian militant who has become annoyed with the roadblocks that have been placed before his "freedom" to monopolize the attitudes of those around him who believe differently.

This is why we have seen the ugliness of those who kill and maim and wonder if they could be under the influence of demons. We have seen the focus turn from the psychological to the para-psychological and the phony rage associated with so called persecution that a "majority" is claiming to be experiencing.

The persecution is drummed up when we see the high court arguing for the display of the Ten Commandments in the public courtrooms. It is also seen in the continued arguments over whether or not the idea of "intelligent design" should be taught in the public schools along with the theories of evolution.

The unfortunate thing is that many Christian faithful in America probably can't recite the Ten Commandments in order and yet they want it displayed everywhere. Many Christian Americans don't even know that Adam and Eve had other children and can't even name the sons of Noah or Noah's wife, yet they demand that creationism be taught in the public schools along with theories of evolution.

Many will tell you that Jesus said "an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" when they want to extol the "virtues" of capital punishment and torture.

Jesus never said it but there are those that sincerely believe that he did.

As a country, the United States professes to be the most Christian in the world and yet we are the least Christian when it comes to our behavior.

Our leaders have told us that we are persecuted because of our freedom and our Christian views. This of course is a phony bit of propaganda used to cover up the fact that as Americans we have become hollow and our desire for hegemonistic control outweighs our desire to be humble and patient.

The idea of being saved by the grace of God, or rescued by a new messiah, seems to be a counterfeit excuse to wage war and nudge the world closer to philosophical chaos that makes us vulnerable to all kinds of sociopathic behaviors.

This is why you will find those who are awaiting the Second Coming supportive of the murder of doctors who perform abortions. This is why it is common for elections to urge people to go to the polls to declare which sexuality is permitted and which isn't.

All beliefs that are not considered to be part of the religious state are considered heresy.

Heretics have a fate that is already etched in the minds of the fanatical believer.

It culminates into a horrific nuclear nightmare where a deluge of fire will purify the earth and rid once and for all those who wish to thwart the tyrannical rule of a messiah turned mass murderer.

Is this our new nightmare?

A manufactured rehearsal in terror leading up to a holocaust that is selective in its reach and effective in solidifying the fear in those who survive. Do we want to continually live in a time where the living envy the dead?

The crucial solution for survival in 2006 is to covertly topple the global power's conversations that glorify and value the intrusive nature of a police state and militant authority that has declared a war for terrorism rather than a war on terrorism. It is a time where we must listen carefully to our inner dialogue and what it is saying about us individually.

The acknowledgement of a problem is the first step in trying to overcome it. It is also important to understand that the problem did not just happen overnight. The warnings were given long before the evidence showed itself. The reason why it fell on deaf ears is because it became so reflexively painful to even admit to yourself that you had been betrayed by your own government. It is spiritually painful to understand that perhaps there is a darker element ruling in the religions of today.

This darker element is deluded into thinking that a war declared in the Middle East fulfills prophecy and will force the hand of God to prepare his followers for a promised utopia.

This end of times thinking will put us on the road to self-destruction.

It is time for everyone to try and find some intellectual oasis and somehow place the world we live in now into a historical and ideological context. Think for a moment that at this time in history we are already halfway into the first decade of the new century and the new millennium. Try and give yourself a narrative as to how your life has been since the year 2000 and how the world has seemed to become unstable and why stability is a vital resource for survival.

Understand that the future with all of its darker sides always seemed to have some hope in it. That somehow those who fight the hardest really do end up succeeding in at least planting the seeds for a tomorrow that has promise and fulfillment.

It is time for us to employ a broader and more critical narrative of what is happening striving for a cooler headed approach. The narratives we hear now tell us to fear terrorism and give up our civil liberties for safety. What needs to be emphasized is that terrorism has always been with us. Terrorism is always the same, what is different is our collective response to it.

Why is our response different now and why do we continue to fear terrorism when there are more immediate dangers that we should prepare for?

I know that when I get into my rants about our new response to terrorism I get a grimace or two from those who refuse to believe that perception is the key to changing our thoughts about where we are in our history.

Our leaders have been successful in convincing us that phantom forces are at work to destroy our liberties and the beauty of their scheme is that one cannot quantify safety.

You are only as safe as you think you are.

Our collective inner dialogue has shifted from reason to precautionary "what if" scenarios because of our preoccupation with the constant bombardment of fanatical fundamental eschatology.

Our "end of times" programming has given us the ability to fanaticize about the worst case scenario. It is evident that the collective secretly has no faith in a living savior, nor a living and loving God. They only have faith in wrath and vengeance of a God that has been programmed into them by self-loathing profiteers who know that fear sells.

When confronted by the unreality of what could happen our fantasies are limitless and imaginations can run wild, especially when we have nothing to center ourselves in. It is necessary to remain centered. It is also necessary to regain a spiritual self-awareness that finds peace with whatever spiritually warms us. There is no spiritual value in death and destruction, vengeance or even torture and yet there are those hollow individuals that somehow find their peace in watching others suffer for some ideology that has been proven to be flawed.

It sad to say that while they claim that they believe in God and Jesus, Allah, or Mohammed they secretly fear deep down that their gods have abandoned them and so they have no problem with killing like monsters and destroying that which was given to them as a gift.

When a group of people secretly believes in nothing of spiritual value, when they are spoiled and coddled with material things they tend to be complacent. When confronted with the idea of material loss they begin to value their fear of loss more than they value what it is they truly have.

Terrorists, Politicians and Religious figures know that the majority of people have fragile faith. They know that it is easy to point out the negative aspects of this life and magnify them in order to sell salvation.

The so-called axis of evil and the so-called good guys have played into each other's hands and have an agreement that in order to maintain a controlled populace they must permit occasional shocks to the system in order to keep them in power. Their ideologies are the primitive ideologies that when exploited trigger programmed memes that have remained with us since the creation of man. Both sides are actually on the same side and whether you believe it or not, war is not against an organized terrorist threat but against liberal cognitive liberty.

It has never been said in the nightly news that both the neoconservatives and the radical Islamic terrorists are fighting the same fight. They both despise western liberalism.

They also despise individual liberty.

Duped conservatives with their blinders on may be rolling their eyes now and think that we are actually fighting for liberty with our perpetual war.

It is evident to the open mind that individual liberty destroys the goals of a leviathan state that has other agendas in mind. If you think outside the box and want cognitive liberty you thwart the goals of a controlled society.

That is simple enough. Things never seem to be as they appear. The continued meddling of big government in the affairs of individuals sets a precedent for the continued tearing away of individual rights and freedoms.

Leviathan Governments and the ex-cathedra statements by religious authorities intentionally confuse you and leave you with uncertainty so that they can eventually give you some distorted answer that somehow seems to trigger all of your prejudice and fear.

The message gets lost in the fog of mental pollution and distorted worldviews that seem to be territorial and animalistic. Their mask of leadership hides the beastial nature of those in power and the perception of the power elite is that they possess a higher knowledge of how things work.

Look around you as your world begins to deteriorate and ask yourself honestly if you feel that the power elite really need your vote, or your adoration? Have they truly earned their positions? Or are you afraid of admitting that your faith has been shaken enough to rise up and demand accountability for their criminal behaviors.

It is time to alter your focus from the rulers, presidents and kings and begin to focus on self-rule, self-reliance, and self-discipline. This can be a challenge but it needs to be done in order to escape the vicious cycle of using scapegoats and straw men for our various problems and tragedies.

It is vital to understand that the various channels of propaganda that preach division are unhealthy and detrimental to a unified front against an out of control Police state. This is what we haven't learned with the narrowing of opinion and the elimination of the shades of gray in times of war and tribulation.

Propaganda is there to either rile you or make you complacent. Listening to propaganda and using it as your base for knowledge is premature and irresponsible.

It is wise to apply knowledge with facts and be willing to open up to new ideas on how to topple the Imperial Cult and allow the global conversation to change.

The need for the changing of the global dialogue begins with the change of your inner dialogue. Then it is time to speak out and demand that the continuation of injustice will no longer stand.

In 2006 it is important to use your voice as a weapon of choice.