By Clyde Lewis

Good Afternoon Mr. Cameron, It's 1983. You don't belong here.
You belong in 1943. Please go back to the Eldridge and turn off the time Machine.
It sounds like a line from a Science Fiction Movie, Yet it happened to Edward and Duncan Cameron.

There are so many people that are unaware that the 1940's were a time where those in power were experimenting with human limits. Many people will consider the time span from 1960 to present as a time where we exceeded our limits and more. However, the 1940's were a time of great turmoil. The groundwork was being laid for some of the most spectacular goals that mankind had never dreamed of achieving. With every good thing that was discovered there were a lot of dark forces at work. Some were more obvious, like the bombing of Pearl harbor, or the Rise of the Third Reich. However there were others more clandestine. Whether these actually happened, or were thought to have happened are remarkable. We all know that occult practices were being used to manipulate history. We have already demonstrated in past articles that ritual and magik were being used as weapons in Nazi Germany. Perhaps we still are using the same powers today. These powers have been kept secret. Only certain individuals posses this knowledge. Certain people come forward to tell their side of the story. When it becomes so unbelievable skeptics, come forward to discredit the witnesses. The story I'm about to relate to you comes from a time of unbelievable stories. From a time where madmen killed Jews for sport, From a time where Aliens were said to have landed on earth. From a time where mankind could drop a bomb that could lay to waste an entire city. These stories were once unbelievable. Now we see the truth being revealed. It was the 12th of August 1943. A shaky crew on the USS Eldridge was about to sail into history, and out of time. This was about to be what is now called the Philadelphia experiment. This Experiment would become one of the more controversial experiments in naval history. The idea was to render a ship invisible to it's enemies. They succeeded however there was a price to pay.

Edward Cameron and Duncan Cameron jr. were half brothers and were on the USS Eldridge when the order was given to throw the switch on the generators that were to make the boat disappear. For about 60 to 70 seconds everything looked okay. The Ship became invisible to radar, you could still see the ship, a vague outline. Then in a blue flash of light, the ship disappeared totally. That is when the Cameron Brothers jumped overboard. Instead of landing in water, they incredibly landed in another time.

It's now August 12th 1983, Montauk, Long Island. , inside the inner peripheral fences, of another project called the Phoenix Project at night. There were guards, guard dogs, and regular helicopter patrol. A loud machine with a bright light spotted the two brothers. We know it as a helicopter. They had never seen one before. It's a bit of culture shock when you are from the 40's. The two are then grabbed bu guards, and then escorted five levels underground at the Montauk base. They are introduced to an older gentleman. They find out that this Older gentleman is a man by the name of Dr. Von Neumann. Von Neumann is the head of the Philadelphia Experiment. He is also working on a similar project called Phoenix in 1983. The two are shocked to see the Older Von Neumann when they just left a young Neumann in 1943. Von Neumann tells them that they have to go back and shut off the equipment on the Eldridge. He tells them that records say that it was accomplished, but in the parallel reality it hasn't been accomplished, A very confusing explanation. He explains that the Phoenix experiment is a time travel experiment and that both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Phoenix experiment have coupled exactly 40 years apart and has accidentally created a hole in hyperspace. If the equipment on the Eldridge is not shut down, the energy bubble that has kept the ship intact could engulf the entire planet.

So both brothers go back to the Eldridge and destroy the generators allowing the ship to take it's trip back to 1943. One of the brothers, Duncan decides to remain in 1983, and jumps back overboard. Edward remains below deck and returns to 1943. . About four hours later the ship reappeared in the harbor, in the same location where it had been. It was quite obvious when it reappeared that something was wrong with both the boat and the crew. They shipped another crew out, because they still had no response to radio hails.

They noticed that the antenna superstructure was broken. So obviously they were unable to communicate with the crew of the Eldridge. They feared the worst. So the rescue crew boarded the ship what they saw was some of the most grotesque sights anyone could endure. They found Two men embedded in the steel decks; two men embedded in steel bulkheads; the fifth man with his hand embedded in the steel bulkhead-- he lived, they chopped his hand off. People running around totally scared, and shaken up. Some went insane. People who were appearing and disappearing. People, who had flames burning around them, but were not being consumed. The only people who escaped this disorientation were those who were below decks.

This fascinating story has been told , and retold, and obviously a lot people have a hard time believing it. The Camerons are still alive, Duncan is relatively young, and the other, Edward is older. The young one is a carpenter, the other has since changed his name. He is known now as Al Bielek. Al Bielek continues to tell people that what happened on the Eldridge was not the only experiment. That this experiment was only the beginning. That our Government today is experimenting with time travel.

In my studies of the Paranormal, I never really focused on the Philadelphia experiment, mainly because of the movie that was made, ironically enough in 1983. The film was made in Wendover Utah. I knew of Al Bielek because of a friend in the broadcast industry named Martin Davies. Martin always told me that I should speak with him, because he knew of some of my synchronistic experiences. I thought I could not speak with a man that has traveled back and forth through time. It would be a little eerie.

After reading so many criticisms of Mr. Bielek I had thought that perhaps the story may had been blown out of proportion by those who wish to make a buck off of a myth. I am sure that Mr. Bielek, was thrown to the wolves by cynical skeptics, and so many reject the story all over again. But there are a few questions that I had after an encounter with a man who I met while selling jewelry during the Holidays. Keith, the manager told me that there was somebody in the store that I would be interested in talking to. He also happened to be a fan of Ground Zero. Keith warned me that he worked at the Pentagon. I will not divulge his name, but he told me he was very impressed with my show on the Roswell case. He then hinted that perhaps Roswell didn't exactly happen the way the army airforce or the folklorists say it did. I said okay. Then he told me, that maybe Alien contact could have taken place a lot earlier. That by some synchronistic warp. That all of the events have been confused. He said that I needed to go back to 1943 if I wanted to know when the first "contact' took place.

I thought first contact. Then I thought of Star trek. Then I thought of time travel. I then asked him, about the Philadelphia experiment. He then said, That is why I listen to your show. He never went into detail, he just said that something got in during the time transference. Extra terrestrials. Maybe they are time travelers. I never could find an account of UFOs or aliens associated with the Philadelphia experiment until I reopened the books on the Al Bielek story. In his own words Al said something quite interesting about the Eldridge and what happened before the disappearance of the ship.

Three UFO's showed up, over the Eldridge. Bielek claims he did not see them but his brother did. At the time of the test when the ship disappeared into Hyperspace, one of those UFO's disappeared with it. It ended up at Montauk. It is believed that the disc was dismantled and sent to new Mexico. Los Alamos, where the Atomic Bomb was made.

About this same time, about 1945 L. Ron Hubbard and jet propulsion Scientist John Whiteside Parsons were working on a little project called "Babylon Working." It's goal was to open a long sealed "Interdimentional Doorway. " The other purpose was to find an elemental, for sexual intercourse. The sexual act was to bring about the birth of the antichrist. The elemental for this act would be with Marjorie Cameron. The Door did open and something came in. After this "project" in 1947 Kenneth Arnold witnessed flying Saucers. The Roswell incident happened in 1947. In 1952 John Whiteside Parsons was blown up in a lab accident. Then the government named a Mountain on the moon after him. This of course is mind boggling. A man who used the dark powers of Alister Crowley to perhaps bring about the destruction of this world through Interdimentional chaos.

Are secret occult powers being used today? What is going on at Montauk? Is the Philadelphia Experiment, Roswell, the atomic bomb, and the Babylon working experiments interrelated? If it is true that tampering with time violates, a pop mythological prime directive. Then the evidence is with us every day. Society is crumbling. The gray lines between reality and fantasy are being blurred out. Is a rip in the space time continuum a sudden shock, or is the deterioration gradual? When one unlocks the Apocalyptic gateway they are bound to unleash a number of monsters that will remain a secret and therefore could be and will continued to be covered up. Aliens, yeti's, Chupacabra and the like, either are a figment of our imagination, or they are the result of synchronspiracy. The conspiracy to bring down the old society and replace it with a new one. Keep your mind at Ground Zero.


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