By Clyde Lewis

"We're playing those mind games together. Pushing the barriers, planting seeds. Playing the mind guerrilla, chanting the mantra, peace on earth. We all been playing those mind games forever, some kinda druid dudes lifting the veil . Doing the mind guerrilla. Some call it magic, the search for the grail" - John Lennon

In the beginning man was no different than an animal. He moved about like a child, acted on pure survival instincts and saw the earth as both a dangerous and wonderful place. Then something remarkable happened. Man began to communicate, and he was able to express his feelings, and try to assess just what he was experiencing.

That led to man's intellectual and spiritual pursuits. He developed all kinds of theories, philosophies, and religious dogmas to figure out why he was on the earth, what his purpose was, and where was he going to go after his earthly life was terminated.

In order to present these feelings in an effective way man developed ritual, he also presented these feelings in tableaus and others used shamanism and metaphysics to express these feelings. These rituals and expressions are still being carried out today in various religions and in various fraternal orders.

These rituals were crucial in giving man the feeling that he was in control of the unknown. When principles and ordinances were applied to manipulate the frequencies in the ether, changes developed. . Man was seeing the changes first hand. He called it intervention, whether by an unseen force, a God, or himself.

These ordinances when applied gave man the ability to heal the sick, raise a better crop, manipulate the elements and create miracles.

With the same rituals man was also able to call upon chaotic powers as a spiritual weapon against his enemies. He could call down fire from heaven, strike cities as in the reported case of Sodom and Gomorrah, and poison waters with blood. This has become known as a curse.

These powers, while unseen are very much the reality of our existence. However there are many people who do not believe that these powers exist. There are also others that believe in them, however they believe that only certain people should tap into these frequencies and usually the responsibility falls upon a member of the clergy. It needs to be demonstrated that all people are able to tap into these frequencies and use them to their benefit.

The idea that it is an evil practice to do so is based in fear. Now, as we move into the future there have been breakthroughs that confirm that the brain is capable of manipulating the unseen world and that with the right applications, and with tools available we may be able to unlock the secrets of causal engineering, and human power over the ethereal.

Scientists who have had the courage to think out of the box are now measuring our existence on this planet and are realizing that it is made up of different kinds of frequencies, waves and particles in various states of flux. These frequencies range from etheric to solid. Whether you realize it or not you experience these energies in different degrees.

This is what we call reality.

Some day it will be fashionable to define reality in a base way and understand that perhaps the word "reality" itself is a word that should always be used in quotes. Reality is made up of liquid, and solid forms of frequency that are constantly being shown to us in the ether. We have covered in the past that each tiny particle of reality can be measured in an energy unit called the Quanta.

Quantas of course come in different densities. The human brain perceives and feels them in various energy states or states of consciousness.

The core of reality is of course the physical. The reason I say this is because we know what we see. We know what we can hold in our hands. Anything outside the physical is of course paranormal, parapsychological, or spiritual. It can't be held in the hand but it can be felt. It is reality based in feeling and presence.

Many people dismiss the idea of a spiritual realm or a realm outside the physical. We can show that perhaps there are different levels of existence and different frequencies that make up the your existence or reality. Moreover we can use analogies that point to a form that is the same at all times but is in different forms.

Compare your existence to that of water.

Water is water when it is ice, when it is in liquid form, and when it is steam.

You are you in the physical, in the mental, and beyond the mental or spiritual world. In the spiritual realm you can manipulate and change the frequencies that affect your physical and mental state.

Wouldn't it be remarkable if everyone knew that they had this power? That perhaps this power is a gift from universe, or if you believe, a God?

When in prayer there are many people who believe that God is listening, and that through his omniscient properties he will intervene in the ether and produce a miracle. When in prayer the individual feels a sensation or as the Bible calls it the "fire" or "burning in the bosom." This is the signal that the message has been sent and answered.

Furthermore when a prayer is asked on behalf of someone else or if its a prayer for health and well being the person who supplicates to God awaits the miracle. Some claim that if the person is sick and is the subject of a prayer or a fast that it is a flip of the cosmic coin. Either they recover or they don't.

However we see experiments being carried out to see if frequencies that exist outside of our coarse reality can be manipulated to bring about a positive result.

A recent research study is showing that Heart surgery patients who have people praying for them appear to recover better than those who don't.

Doctors in North Carolina, who carried out the research, want more study into the power of prayer.

Prayer can be very therapeutic because your mind is convinced that it can change the frequencies that may cause distress or complications. It's thought prayer may help the patient achieve a state of calm, which assists the body's recovery process.

The study tested standard medical procedure against standard medical procedure with the addition of prayer. Researchers also tested unconventional treatments such as healing by touch.

A total of 150 patients took part in the study. Among those who were administered to with prayer and touch, 25% reduction in deaths and complications.

This also is a practice that was done anciently by medicine men and shaman. It was known as prayer and the laying on of hands.

In our hectic society we have now learned that touch is an effective way of healing, and well being. That is why massage therapy has exploded on the scene now and many are enjoying the healing properties of touch. Of course the massage therapist does not call upon God for the healing process, and the feeling of comfort still exists.

Those who have witnessed healing with the aid of causal engineering or spiritual power stand by the claim that these elements are crucial for the miracle to take place. The spiritual element is the key. If it is coupled with modern practices and technology we may be able to unleash awesome powers and change many things for the better.

Time and time again we have seen powers manifest themselves and wonder what is behind them. This is the unknown. The part of the mind that is foggy, that still needs to be discovered.

Can we determine that the things that are placed in the unknown category are a part of that world outside of the physical? Can these things materialize in our physical world if we continue to entertain the thought processes to bring about their appearance? What about personal revelation? Personal premonition and the ability to use these untapped powers to see the future, or utilize the past in order to get a clear picture of how cyclical time is. If you stop and ponder deeply what has been, what is, and what will be, you will find that you can gain a bit of "psychic" ability. This way you won't fear what is to come. You will be able to prepare and keep up your resolve rather than crumbling at the first sign of trouble.

You have heard statements that say "it is all in the mind" or "its mind over matter" but what is the mind? What is it capable of creating? How does it function under duress?

We have seen the collective consciousness react to the constant bombardment of negative thought forms and fear during this time of perpetual war.

Our minds have run the gambit of emotion during this time of tragedy.

We have let the consensus knuckle under to the desires of the few, because perhaps we are second guessing ourselves.

You can't ignore the roar of the artillery when war lands in your own backyard.

However the endless vicious circle of war talk and hostility can build into sensory overload. When we hear that the country has changed it is because someone has willed it into change. We may have matured as a country, we are more careful and perhaps we are learning not to take life for granted. It is also apparent that a new spiritual movement is on the rise.

It seems that there are people who are finding out the potential for using powers within them that they never knew existed.

For example, there seems to be an upsurge of people who have claimed that they received a premonition, or dreamt about the attacks on the World trade Center. According to Fortean Times a magazine that documents the unexplained, there was a 200 per cent increase in reports of premonitions of the horrible attack on New York after September 11th, 2001. According to its survey, most of these premonitions, or claims of premonitions occurred in the United States. These premonitions were not given by self-proposed psychics but by everyday people who didn't even suspect that they had psychic powers!

Now couple that with a number of other premonitions or behaviors that somehow added to the strangeness that was occurring before the attack.

About two years ago, a Brooklyn-born Jerusalem chiropractor, David Greenblatt, wrote a thriller he called Jihad New York, about a plan to destroy New York. In the book a fundamentalist Iraqi-based Islamic group commits acts of terrorism.

Jihad New York involves a young Palestinian-Arab who is educated and indoctrinated by the Islamic Jihad to go to the West and insinuate himself into society. At the right time he will use his position and the wealth of the terrorist network to strike a blow against New York by blowing up Manhattan.

The comic book "Shadow Reavers" featured a story called "The End Starts Here." The story projected a date of August 22nd, 2004 where New York would be devastated by a terrorist attack. Wanted posters were featured in the story pinning the blame on Osama Bin Laden and an all out conflict in Pakistan and Afghanistan. That story was written 2 years ago as well. The coincidences were so close to the actual terrorist hit that the publishers received e-mail from the FBI.

Another eerie tale of how psionic energies may have been generated before the attacks is the strange case that happened at the New Utrecht High School in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn New York. The school offers courses in Urdu because 116 students come from Pakistan.

A Pakistani freshman, a student of Antoinette DiLorenzo made a chilling statement on September 6th, 2001. She asked the Pakistani student "What are you looking at?" The student was looking intently out the third floor window toward lower Manhattan.

He then looked at her blankly and said "Do you see those two buildings? They won't be standing there next week."

DiLorenzo did not think much of the prediction.

After the September 11th attack on the world Trade Center it had been haunting her and she felt as though she had to report it. She was afraid to report it because it scared the hell out of everyone.

The police and FBI were alerted and twelve NYPD officers entered the school and secured DiLorenzo's classroom for three hours, locking the doors with the students inside. While the students were brought lunch and a movie and told to be calm, the youth in question and his older brother, a sophomore, were taken to be interrogated by the FBI, stationed at the police precinct nearby. The police also put the boy and his family under surveillance but after checks were made all over the area police say that they came up with at least three possibilities as to what happened.

The young man was clairvoyant; or He was just venting anger and a coincidence had taken place or perhaps word of the attack on the World Trade Center was rumored in his family or neighborhood and he heard about it. Investigators turned up no leads and nobody had any ties to the terrorists.

The police were all unanimous in deciding that it was a creepy coincidence.

Another interesting coincidence involves a group known as the Global Consciousness Project. They believe that human consciousness is connected and that we are all connected spiritually in some way.

Research on anomalies of consciousness shows that we may have direct communication links with each other, and that intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations.

They have also determined that there are global-scale events that bring great numbers of us to a common focus and an unusual coherence of thought and feeling. They claim to have set up a global network of detectors that measure coherence of thoughts before and after major global events. What makes up the network isn't exactly clear. However they claim to measure resonance and frequency through random number or event generators(REG).

It is like a scientific coin toss but much more elaborate using quantum physics.

There are three different random event or random number generators in use in the GCP network. They are all electronic and their different sources of "white noise" all depend on completely unpredictable quantum fluctuations. The PEAR REG is based on Johnson noise, the extremely low-level fluctuations in electron flow in a resistor due to thermal influences. It has a built-in logic transformation (XOR) of every other bit from 1 to 0 or vice versa, to eliminate in principle any bias of the mean output of the device.

The MICROREG uses a Field-Effect Transistor (FET) for the white noise, and also has an XOR stage, in this case with a table of all bytes with equal numbers of 1 and 0. The ORION uses two diodes, each independently producing a random bitstream and in this case the two output signals are XOR'ed against each other. The Orions have no built-in protection against bias, so a computed XOR is imposed for this type in the egg software.

With the use of such technologies they have calculated that a consciousness field does exist and that it can be measured and documented.

This means that in all of the random experiments with the frequencies and numbers that some how the human mind can in some ways manipulate outcome. If the critical mass is generating negative frequencies then the end result will be negative. There was enough critical mass that sensed that there was a change that was about to take place on the earth. It was enough to fluctuate the REG and show an increase in frequency activity.

The GCP network concluded that before September 11th, 2001 the global frequency fluctuations were topped off the scale. The human consciousness was unknowingly preparing for a climax. The resulting data was documented and can be found here:

This of course is only part of the never-ending investigation that I have been doing into Psionics and my relationship with Cybershaman inventor Ernie Vega.

If this consciousness grid exists and if we are to believe we can change the grid through the use of generating numbers, and tones that alter negative frequencies, then we can in some small fraction control the future. If we use this technology to aid in generating additional power to the already empowered mind then perhaps we can change the fear frequencies that exist at this time. Perhaps we can use this power to summon down the miracle, and intervene in our affairs.

We can only get from the universe what we ask for. The sky is not the limit anymore. It may be a time to tune out the negative energies that are released during war and focus on our ability to use our minds to bring about a thriving and spiritually healthy civilization.

There are many on this earth right now that are preparing for a spiritual renewal of the earth. Whether it be in the flames of Armageddon or in the tender caress of a deity. The choice is ours. We either embrace the great wailling and gnashing of teeth, or we prepare ourselves to realize our full potential as humans.

It is time that while in the present we use the power of the human mind to alter the future. Maybe even use the mind to travel to the future and beyond. Maybe if we unleash these powers we can use the mind to travel to the past.

"He who controls the past controls the future" -George Orwell

If we were to believe in the dream and believe in ourselves, gathering our faith and using it to benefit the world rather than to destroy it, we would see into what is beyond the veil and perhaps make sure that there will be nothing to present obstacles to thwart our destiny.

We are supposed to be building a bridge. We are building it so that our progeny may live happy lives. I stated that the journey of 1000 years should begin with positive reinforcement. It should begin on solid ground. If it is too dark and foreboding we must learn to walk by faith. In order to walk by faith, we need to believe in the power. The power can be magic, the power of the universe, the almighty power of God, which can be found in each and every human mind.

After all if the mind of man can conceive it he can achieve it. What he achieves is what he puts into his universe. It is a part of him and it is his legacy.

Look around you and see who is putting what is best for your world and your future into the universe. Try to support those people. Be of like mind, and find others who are sharing in your vision of a safe and rewarding future.

Because with the power of the mind and the combined power of a positive consciousness the floodgates of rewards will open up.

Always remember that the brain is the physical but the mind is not. No one truly knows its boundaries. The human brain is a 1500-grams of grey Jell-O, we can hold it in our hands we can dissect it and look at every fold and vein. The mind is endless, its powers are limitless. You cannot hold the mind in your hand. That is why its powers are a mystery. Some want to put limits on its power. They want to say that the mind is incapable of creating magic, or unleashing it's full potential. To do so in some people's minds is a mockery of God.

Albert Einstein said:

"The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion. Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science. Anyone to whom this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives in a state of fear is a dead man. To know that what is impenetrable for us really exists and manifests itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, whose gross forms alone are intelligible to our poor faculties - this knowledge, this feeling ... that is the core of the true religious sentiment. In this sense, and in this sense alone, I rank myself among profoundly religious men."

As I was walking through the marketplace of a rural Argentine town an old sage told me that when you close your eyes you see more. I interpreted this as if you close your eyes whether in meditation or prayer; the secrets of the universe unfold. He added that when you come to the end of all that you know the earth eventually disappears, when you close your eyes you will then have wings in order to fly.

I interpreted this as life after death.

This too is a metaphoric clue that the mind does not end after the brain has withered to dust. The energy and the residual presence exists in the consciousness grid once again.

Sometimes it appears to the living as a ghost, or a haunting, or an unseen power that seems to have intelligence.

We all know this power exists. Forces are stealthy and while the good power is humble the dark power thunders in and causes fear. The forces of darkness when they attack, entrap the mind and convinces the mind to engage the brain in further acts of darkness.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction...

The chain reaction of evil - hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars - must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the darkness... of annihilation."-Martin Luther King Jr.

I once wrote an article dealing with negative thought forms and how they can create devastating consequences. Two weeks later the World Trade Center was destroyed. It was a meaningful coincidence that I wrote an article dealing with the destroying powers.

I only wanted to declare to the world that they were very real. That they can be changed and manipulated for a positive outcome.

So I am pleading with you to at least think about what thought forms are being forged right now. At this moment of turmoil and war. Do you think the damage is irreversible? Do you think the killing of more and more innocent people will squelch the negative powers?

The power of the mind can be used collectively to bring about the end of the conflict, and a satisfying victory.

"War is over if you want it"-John Lennon

I have always said that there was a war on, before the attacks on the WTC and the bombs that were dropped on Afghanistan. I have said that the war is for your mind. The destructive group dynamic will always be there to groom you into servitude with discouragement, fear, and hatred. Your freedom is just a state of mind.

If you free your mind, you will not have to be a slave to anyone.

There you will find true liberty, and justice for all.

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