By Clyde Lewis

Ever get the feeling that sometimes things are just too eerie? Like the obsession with a cartoon from Japan. Pokemon is more or less a symbol of hysteria than a simple card game, movie or television show. Ground Zero is not trying to spoil the party but one needs to at least look back at the hypnotic power of Pokemon and how it's heritage has a place in the annals of high weirdness.

When I was a kid I was always told by my parents to never sit too close to the TV screen because it would make you go color blind. I always thought that it was a sham and paid it no mind. I always wondered how close was too close. So I managed to put myself within inches of the screen to watch my favorite Cartoons. The Colors would splash before my eyes and I was pacified and medicated.

Television was my babysitter while mom and dad were busy preparing dinner or going to church meetings. However it wasn't as unhealthy as it sounds. Television taught me about pop culture and of course it taught me about propaganda. There was so much of it when I was a kid and a lot of it is creeping back into television and movie previews.

The overall attitude these days is that more and more children are being parented by their televisions. Many say that the reasons we are seeing an increase in child violence is because of the television and what a child sees depicted on the screen.

Children however are not the only ones committing violent acts. There are adults who participate as well. Violence is an equal opportunity destroyer and so we cannot pin point blame to the cause.

Television is the opiate of the masses. People will sit in front of the television and allow anything to be imprinted permanently on their subconscious. Your Television diet can determine many things some people argue. As a man thinks so he is, what he listens to or consumes, as information is what he is made up of as well.

Television has become the shaper for what consensus reality is. Sometimes television can create at unhealthy hysteria. It can be argued that fantasy programs that show violence can shape a violent societal norm but statistically speaking there is relatively only a handful of people who commit violence and millions of others that can see a program, realize that it is fantasy and do not carry out violent acts.

The evening news is there to tell you what reality is. At least we entrust the evening news to tell us this reality and so the cycle goes.

Sometimes there are exceptions that prove the rule that Television can generate hysteria and zombify a number of people without explanation.

Take your average television watching session.

You turn on the television and whether you know it or not you are exposing yourself to a 30 Hz hum. Many people cannot hear this hum but it is there.

The way to test your sensitivity to the hum is to walk into an electronics store and listen carefully to the frequency that escapes from the many screens. For some the multiplicity is unbearable. However the majority of the populace has been desensitized to the hum because it is present in rooms that use fluorescent light.

It has been argued that this hum can trigger a trancelike state and in some cases cause wandering thoughts and attention deficit. For some people it is difficult to pay attention in a room with Fluorescent lights. Your brain has been manipulated into believing that the hum is associated with moving flickers and images.

Your attention span has been manipulated by jump cutting in Television shows. Television producers realize this and so they don't want you to loll into a listless state so the images bounce back and forth.

The human brain has now been programmed into demanding cut shot images because of television. The images need to be fast and succinct in order to keep the mind active while it is caught in the hypnotic 30 Hz hum.

Television has been called the plug in drug, and with good reason. You allow yourself to be calmed by a hum that is all part of the consciousness lowering, mood altering experience. Add the tantalizing flicker of the images and you have a drug that puts you in a pleasurable and passive mental state.

If you ever were to develop a paranoid outlook on television you could realize that the way to control the masses is to use the tools that render them ready for brainwashing. Television can be considered the drug of the lowest common denominator. If the content was controlled by a system out of control, if it were uniform in message, and if it was repetitive enough, the entire world could be brainwashed or socially engineered in a matter of years.

Trances have always been used to brainwash unsuspecting guinea pigs. The messages are absorbed in a mind that is passive. Images stay with you while in that state of mind. Is it any wonder that big money wants to control what you hear and see on television? If you had a lot of money wouldn't you want to push your agenda? Your pet cause? Even if the agenda was less than pure?

Some say yes.

Human beings have a hidden impulse for escapism, an impulse for altered states and television is legal, readily available, and is accepted as a way to forget and black out reality. Sometimes it can be argued that television shows, and propaganda blur the lines between fantasy and reality. It is taken for granted that adults can differentiate between the two but it is being argued that Hollywood is conditioning us with half truths and irresponsible lies that have led people into believing anything that is broadcast.

Television has become a beacon of fear, prejudice, and superstition. It is the opinion of the moralistic crusaders that television teaches secular humanism and programs people into believing in conspiracy theories, aliens, and gives a viewing diet of witchcraft and other occult subjects.

Children's television is no exception. Parents are wondering why certain characters entrance their children.

The answer is a simple one.

The television shows that captivate your child are highly researched and in some cases the ill feelings that parents have when Barney or Pokemon mesmerizes their child are not unqualified.

The question about Barney has always been whether or not he is educational or an electronic baby sitter. While parents hate the show, it has been reported that the reason they hate it is not because of the amateur production quality but because it worries parents. They are helpless in dealing with a child that is hypnotically drawn to the purple "anti-christ" with the green potbelly.

The secret that the Barney people don't want you to know is that the program, while racially diverse and non violent is carefully calculated to keep a two-year-old hypnotically stunned for thirty minutes.

However with all of the hatred and anti Barney sentiment, kids will be kids and they will defy all attempts to keep from paying homage to the purple demon. Is this proof of virtual servitude or a passing fad?

Evidence shows that the hypnotic influences of the small screen will not quit.

Taking a cue from Barney comes two more notorious shows that have parents scratching their heads. The Teletubbies, and Pokemon.

The Teltubbies have been swamped in controversy from the get go. Many parents fear that where Barney left off the Teletubbies are more blatant in brainwashing of their children.

They argue that there is nothing educational about the show. As the furry little pseudo-aliens speak baby gibberish and prance around getting into all kinds of mischievous trouble. Opponents of the show contend that it does not encourage development, but keeps a child from learning anything new.

Parents also say that the show is unwittingly luring a kid into the idea that there are controls that they must pay obedience to. A Morlock control voice dictates morals out of a telephone speaker/showerhead to the creatures which fearful parents claim smacks of cartoon fascism.

The Morlocks of course were the underworld creatures described by H.G. Welles in "The Time Machine" which their description rivals the modern alien greys.

Welles describes the creatures as "Half-bleached in color. Their eyes were abnormally large and sensitive, just as are the pupils of the abysmal fishes."

The thought of warm and fuzzy creatures bowing to underworld aliens is creepy however children see it every day when it is time for "Teletubby bye bye!"

The ancient stories of abductions by gnomes in hollow hills is similar to what we see on the Teletubbies. It's also similar to the stories of alien abductions where the little beings with large eyes bid you to come where they live, either in a hollowed hill, or a modern space ship.

If you are a parent that has never thought about this perhaps you should watch these programs objectively before exposing your child to underlying themes and messages that condone complacency and control phrases. Shows that condone acceptance of hollow earth theories and perhaps evil draconian aliens.

It is the prevailing argument regardless of the alleged intent.

There is a new cartoon that implements control phrases, mechanisms and mesmerizing images to a new level and many parents are unable to control the hysteria.

With the arrival of Pokemon, parents are unable to understand the hold that it has on children and rather than fighting it or exercising discipline they have decided to allow the little creatures from the east to hold their children in their grip.

Once again the one argument says that it is harmless. However Pokemon's history in Japan has been the subject of fringe theorists for sometime. The detractors of the cartoon have a lot of strange things to draw from to prove that the hysteria is more than just a manufactured marketable fad.

The argument is that the show has been enveloped in Japanese mysticism and that is why children are compelled to watch it. Its as if the magic has them held against their will.

There are many researchers who have pointed out that Pokemon creatures were a result of extensive research into Buddhist Mysticism, Hinduism, meditation rituals, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Book of Tao, the Analects of Confucius, the Gita, the I Ching, and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Some parents argue that when children play the Pokemon games they chant the names over and over. Chanting the names is an invocation of these creatures that carry the stigma of being named after evil demons in warrior religions.

It is the equivalent some argue of chanting the word Satan, Satan, Satan, over and over.

In the Pokemon universe it is important for a Pokemon creature to die to become more powerful.

The Egyptian Book Of the Dead teaches that dying is an evolutionary practice to become a more powerful entity, and while Christianity teaches that resurrection makes you immortal and more powerful, Christian groups have seen it as blasphemous that kids watch these mystical beings die to become more powerful.

Christians also argue that The Pocket monsters can be used as artificial elementals. The very thing that they claim is Pagan and of Satan. Elementals are beings that transform thoughts into physical forms. Fairies, elves, devas, nymphs, gnomes are well known elementals.

Regardless of your opinion of the demonic accusations one has to question why the television show has a hypnotic hold on kids.

Its simple, combine all of the things we have talked about previously with colors and flashing cut shots and you see your children fall into photosensitive comas.

Or in one instance photosensitive epilepsy. On Dec. 16, 1998 at least 700 viewers -- mostly young children -- were rushed to hospitals with symptoms ranging from nausea and hyperventilation to convulsions after viewing the Pokemon Television show.

A TV Tokyo investigation had discovered that a particularly intense scene, in which the screen shifted back and forth in ultra-rapid succession between bright red and blue, was behind the sudden spells of sickness.

They say the flashing reds might have simply overexcited some of the children; other cases might have caused convulsions by disrupting the natural pacemakers that regulate the brain's normal patterns; some also believe that sitting too close to the screen may have magnified the effects.

Most of the children developed the symptoms about 20 minutes into the program after a scene depicting an exploding "vaccine bomb" set off to destroy a computer virus. It was followed by five seconds of flashing red light in the eyes of "Pikachu," a rat-like creature that is the show's most popular character.

TV Tokyo imposed a health warning on future episodes, telling viewers that watching installments of "Pokemon" could cause fainting and nausea.

However News coverage of the event triggered the mess all over again. TV stations showed the 5-second flashing segment thought to be responsible for the problem with their news coverage. Another batch of children were then struck with the same symptoms.

Ironically after all of the fear and hype surrounding the cartoon The U.S. immediately secured the rights to show the animated feature on television.

The horror stories continue.

Around the same time there was a report that didn't get as much attention as the Pokemon incident yet it was just as relevant.

U.S. information warfare experts reported they had developed silent weaponry deliverable by computer, television, or film -- that would produce effects" similar to the Pokemon accident.

US News and World Report filed a story that claimed the Pentagon has looked into the effects of strobe lights as a non-lethal weapons that could stun an enemy or mass control a group through photosensitive seizures.

The Russians and the Japanese also have developed the same technologies that can be beamed to televisions and computers that would cause a mass crippling of the populace in order to maintain control.


Pokemon has become an obsession for kids all over the country. It makes you wonder if there is something more to the hysteria. Regardless of its shady past the Cartoon and card game have become a household word.

Think of all of the parents spending hundreds of dollars getting rare Pokemon cards for their children. Think of the Quebec Teenager that was stabbed to death by a fellow teenager because he stole his Pokemon cards. All because of a simple cartoon.

There is always the argument that darker forces engineer things from Beatlemania to Pokemon. The myth becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy the hysteria builds upon itself.

The unfounded theory is that these are all mini social experiments to see how the world reacts to controlled stimuli. Could mass control mechanisms be used to convince a population of alien attack, Government upheaval, and literal anarchy?

It makes you want to stop and ponder the possibilities.
Some argue the tests have already been carried out and It looks as if we are passing the test.

We are becoming an easy target.

If not us, then maybe the children. If you ever wonder why your children seem to be having a personality change you can always blame it on television. Or you can be proactive and try to understand why your kids watch the stuff. Maybe we can learn what triggers our behavior and what shakes us, what moves us to act.

After all watching Looney-Tunes never made anyone Looney.


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