by Clyde Lewis

"To be governed is to be watched, inspected, directed, indoctrinated, numbered, estimated, regulated, commanded, controlled, law–driven, preached at, spied upon, censored, checked, valued, enrolled, by creatures who have neither the right, nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so." — Pierre–Joseph Proudhon

When I was a child, I watched all kinds of science fiction television shows that demonstrated just how easy our lives would be in the future thanks to technology. These broadcasts were developed by General Electric and other technology companies to open our eyes to the possibilities of how wonderful our lives would be through the use of various technological marvels.

And, indeed, as an adult, I have witnessed many technological breakthroughs that have simplified our lives and have made things more convenient.

I often say to myself that I really can’t remember what it was like to not have the Internet, and I wonder what my life would be like without it again. I think many of us should consider how we could cope without it.

For there is always that lingering fear that one day the Internet could be rendered useless because of a virus, an electrical anomaly, or governments imposing new, stricter regulations by which to control the information that gets out to the public.

We always take for granted that the technologies that are available now will always be there for us. We embrace them as being preferable to personal human contact. We send e–mail in the office to someone who is just three feet away from us in the cubicle next door. We shove a cell phone in our ear without thinking about how rude it is to take a call while you are talking with someone in person.

I met this woman at the market where I drink coffee. She was breathtakingly beautiful and was interested in a lot of the things I was talking about at the table with the rest of the people there. She stopped and added a little to the conversation, and asked my name.

I gladly gave it to her and she asked that if there was a time that perhaps we could get together over coffee and chat about many of the things I talk about. I was feeling a bit courageous and thought that I would ask for her phone number.

She gladly gave it to me.

It has been at least a month since she gave me her phone number. Every time I see her she always has her cell phone in her ear walking around and talking to who knows whom on the phone.

She doesn’t talk to anyone in the market and when she orders her coffee or her food, she does it while she is still on the phone with someone else.

She is so beautiful and yet so rude. I can’t compete with her "telecrutch" and so I just didn’t bother to talk with her.

I guess Americans have to adopt cell phone etiquette.

I have often heard people remark about how irritated they become when they are held up in traffic and they glance at the person in their way and many times that person has a phone stuck in their ear.

I was recently reading a report about campers and cell phones. Do you realize that there are actually people that go on hiking and camping trips without first aid kits or compasses?

The reason why they go into the wild without basic necessities is because they believe that if they are ever stranded they can always call 911 on their cell phone. Did you know that many of these people who go out into primitive and remote areas on hikes try to use their phones as GPS beacons so that they can be found if they are in an emergency?

Here is the most amazing part. Cell phones aren’t always reliable in emergency situations. However, people take for granted that their signal will be heard and that being tracked is something that they can live with for "safety" reasons.

This is how it all starts.

The United States has now reached the point of welcoming a total "surveillance society" where everything is transparent. All for the price of a little convenience, all presumed to be for our safety and well being.

With our love of technology comes our penchant for irresponsibility. Many have forgotten that we control the machines and not the other way around. But it becomes more and more apparent that the machines are beginning to control us like some sort of drug

I constantly hear the watchdogs bark that tracking technology is foundation for a fascist big brother system, yet they don’t realize that they are already being groomed to use such a system.

We are literally watching Big Brother watch us, and we are entertained and convinced that it is for our own good.

The rise of omnipresent security and surveillance will not be brought into the world by the great "beast 666" or by some nefarious conspiracy. The people will demand it as they rush to embrace their new soft cell imprisonment.

When attacks on the United States were carried out on September 11th, 2001, the cameras were rolling as we experienced the impact of the planes crashing headlong into the buildings. We saw the broken glass and the concrete dust as the images played over and over again.

It didn’t stop there; we were also treated to frightening audio served to us via the cell phone.

The miracle is in how this all took place.

You may recall that, on the morning of September 11, Todd Beamer, Mark Bingham, Jeremy Glick and Edward Felt all managed to place calls from Flight 93.

However, missing from the official well accepted "let’s roll" heroics is an explanation of how these phone calls could possibly have been made from the planes. Especially when a USA Today article dated July 19th 2004 declares that Pico cell technology will now enable passengers to talk via cell phone to anyone on the ground from a speeding jet aircraft.

"The race is on to enable airline passengers to make and receive cell phone calls in flight. Cell Phone Company Qualcomm has teamed with American Airlines to develop satellite–based air–to–ground cellular service. Several smaller companies are working on rival systems. In–flight cell service could be introduced within two years and become commonplace within four, developers believe."—USA Today Article In–flight cell phones ’worked great’ in test by Dan Reed 7/19/2004

Was it possible for these "heroes" to phone in their immortalized catchphrase before this technology? Or were all of the cell phone calls really from 10–dollar a minute "airfones"?

Barbara Olson made two collect calls to her husband’s government office from Flight 77, as it made its way to the Pentagon. I don’t know of anyone who makes collect calls from a cell phone.

Was all of this for real?

According to the press release on the new Pico cell technology, it was impossible before Pico to make a call from a passenger aircraft in flight. In the USA Today article, it was reported that cell connection is impossible at altitudes over 8000 feet or speeds in excess of 230 mph.

Yet we all could hear the shrill screams and crying of those whose lives were doomed to the fate of becoming tools for the Bush Campaign and the terror paranoia that has replaced the Commie red scare of the 1950’s

Either I am missing something, or the whole story is a bit of propaganda devised to create heroes of the people involved on that morning. Whatever you are willing to believe, it is nice to know that our cell phone technology was there to save all of the dying of September 11th, 2001.

The sellers of these new tech toys have convinced many people that tracking devices in their cell phones can somehow keep them safe.

Maybe I am being unfair to the cell phone, but it seems to me that this gadget is the gateway toy to being tracked and monitored by Big Brother.

Has anyone noticed how pay phones and telephone booths are only available at places with heavy foot traffic like malls or airports?

Most urban neighborhoods used to have a corner payphone. Now it seems that they are quite scarce. The reason why these phones are disappearing is because it is hoped that you will buy a cell phone complete with GPS tracking devices built right in.

If you decide that you do not want a cell phone because you want to avoid being tracked, don’t worry about it; there are other ways to get you followed on the grid.

We now have GPS locators in our cars. You may have heard of OnStar, a service that is provided in some automobiles. In case of an emergency, OnStar can find you and then send help if needed. They also can do other miracles like unlock your car if you have been locked out.

Any Vehicle with OnStar installed has a GPS receiver inside of a box that is always on, always ready to tell you exactly where you are. The problem is that the only way to access this information is to call OnStar. They will then upload the information from the beacon in your vehicle and then bill you a hefty service charge for it.

While OnStar and other such serves were merely options in the past, it is beginning to look like they may be required for all cars.

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that data–collecting "black boxes" should be placed in all new cars now.

But who else is allowed to have access to the information gathered by the data boxes, and will the consumer even be told this Big Brother "black box" is installed in their vehicles.

Will the box contain a "navicomputer" that will monitor erratic driving and shut down if it is under the impression that the driver is impaired or perhaps inebriated behind the wheel?

Many cars already have devices that gather some crash information. General Motors is installing sophisticated electronic systems to track data such as car speed and seat–belt usage in crashes where the air bag has been deployed.

These devices are known as event data recorders, and they are located just beneath the driver’s seat.

So what is wrong with having the data? Nothing really, it is just that there is always something called secondary usage of the data and the interpretation of that data that should worry you.

It has already been demonstrated that the voyeuristic nature of America can cause us to use and exploit data. Sometimes this secondary use results in putting people in danger or destroying their civil liberties and privacy rights.

In certain states owners’ rights are being reviewed as pertains to EDR’s.

Under California law, for example, data recorder information belongs to the vehicle owner. A police officer cannot pull a driver over for speeding and demand access to the data. However, in the case of a major accident, law enforcement can get a court order to gain access to the EDR’s.

Once a car has been impounded, all information contained within a vehicle can and will be used in any investigation. The problem with this is that drivers have no choice in the matter. There is no "right to remain silent" when your car speaks for you without permission.

These EDR’s come as standard equipment, and little attention is called to them, so no one is really aware that they are there. I do believe, however, that, if given a choice, most people would want them. We are becoming more and more surveillance–friendly because we are afraid of each other. We are also afraid of getting taken by a dishonest insurance company or a negligent driver.

There are many people who drop the hackneyed line, "if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to hear", suggesting that you should not be concerned about the snooping of Big Brother unless you are a terrorist or other kind of criminal. But there are clear and present concerns that the rest of us now face. The price for the convenience of the cell phone, the GPS system, and the myriad new applications of microchips is that people who lead normal lives and go about their own private business are now going to be subjected to unwarranted tracking and monitoring.

There are friendly shopper cards that give you incentives for signing up. Some offer prizes and special price cuts just for having a preferred shopper card. But who gets the information about your buying habits? What is done with that information? Is it sold to the highest bidder? Is it appropriated by the government to use in creating profiles of us, in the name of homeland security?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is already moving into the mainstream, and soon many of your products will have a radio chip built right in. In 2005 it is believed that more retailers will demand that manufacturers and distributors introduce electronic tagging into the retail supply chain.

The introduction of RFID trials has begun –– tests of methods to track goods from point of manufacture to the shop shelf, using computer chips and antennas. Even the Coca–Cola Company introduced an RFID promotion to show just how powerful this new technology is.

The ad campaign "UNEXPECTED SUMMER: you buy it and we will find you anywhere" was an early summer promotion for the Coca–Cola company. The ad featured an unusual Coca–Cola can with a red button.

The instructions on how to win the contest were a bit creepy:

You’ve got the Can, Now What?

Even though more than 30 privacy and civil liberties groups are demanding a halt to RFID tagging in consumer goods, analysts predict that RFID spending in the retail supply industry will grow from $91.5milion dollars in 2004 to nearly $1.3 billion dollars in 2008.

From there comes the identification chip that will soon be introduced to the population. This subdermal implant has been talked about for years. Many people in the past have said that only conspiratorial cranks are fearful of the chip, a long–standing meme campaign to ridicule any concerns we may have.

Religious groups claim that this technology is the mark of the beast spoken of in the Bible. Of those that claim to be religious, there are many "believers" that will refuse the chip if it is required that they have one injected under the skin.


Is it because it violates the letter of the law? How many of them have already accepted this so called "beast" already by allowing constitutional rights to be negated for the false sense of security that is promised in a militarized police state?

The Great Beast, whose number is 666, appears to have arrived already.

Isn’t it peculiar to see that people are just now waking up to it, denouncing the implanted chip because it is going to sting a little bit?

Take a good look at the RFID tracking chip. Does the image look familiar?

Can it be so blatant? Well of course it can!

"I had this nightmare. In it people were lined up at the airport. They were being searched and the police were wearing black uniforms with red armbands. Their costumes looked a bit familiar to me. I then looked ahead at the gate and hanging above near the gate number was a red flag with a white circle. In the middle of the circle was a Swastika. That was not the nightmare. The nightmare was that no one cared. They were so emotionally drained that they were willing to accept anything that would deliver them from the pain and the fear. I’m hoping that it will stay a nightmare and not manifest into our reality."—From American Psychochondria: the fruits of the American Propaganda factory © 2002 by Clyde Lewis

Take a look at the proposed Information Awareness Office or IAO. This surveillance organization was going to be established by DARPA. The logo was taken right out of an Illuminati nightmare!

Not only that, but the symbology and the hidden meaning of this newly formed police force were simply "Satanic."

The acronym for the Information Awareness Office is IAO.

IAO was the name of a Gnostic god, often associated with the god Abraxis.

According to Aleister Crowley’s Magick in Theory and Practice IAO is an esoteric formula representing "the principal and most characteristic formula of Osiris, of the Redemption of Mankind.

"I" is Isis—the Mother of all creation destroyed by "A", Apophis the Destroyer, and restored to life by the Redeemer "O" Osiris.

"There is a quite different formula in which I is the father, O the Mother, A the child ––– and yet another, in which I.A.O. are all fathers of different kinds balanced by H.H.H., 3 Mothers, to complete the Universe. In a third, the true formula of the Beast 666, I and O are the opposites which form the field for the operation of A. But this is a higher matter unsuited for this elementary handbook." –– Crowley, "The Formula of I.A.O." Chapter V

In our current applicable paradigm, Crowley’s Isis "Meri", or Columbia or Ishtar, symbolizes America. She is destroyed by Apophis or Apollyon (terrorists), and is later redeemed by Osiris (the secret police or police state.)

Is this a deliberate perversion of the pervasive death–and–resurrection myth, in which it is Isis who mourns for and then resurrects Osiris after he, not she, is destroyed by Apophis? Does this reversal lend the ritual even more power, or perhaps power from an otherwise untappable source?

A ritual twisted, perverted, yet still incredibly powerful…what will it bring upon us?

All under the watchful eye that sits above the unfinished pyramid.

If you look at it from a Christian perspective, it needs to be stressed that this administration, a government that loves to parade Jesus around like a warrior God of America, has proposed this type of organization. Keep this in mind when you are voting for Presidents who claim to embrace Christianity, yet support the ideas of greater intelligence agencies, and of identification cards with numbers and DNA samples that you will be required to carry with you at all times.

How is this at all Christian?

Especially when many Christians are quick to quote Scripture from Revelation 13 about the antichrist and the mark of the beast?

"The Antichrist performs great signs, even making fire come down out of the sky to the earth in the sight of people. He deceives my own people who dwell on the earth because of the signs he was granted to do in front of the beast; saying to those who dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast who had the sword wound and lived. It was given to him to give breath to it, to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause as many as wouldn’t worship the image of the beast to be killed. He causes all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, and the free and the slave, to be given marks on their right hands, or on their foreheads; and that no one would be able to buy or to sell, unless he has that mark, the name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let he who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.

His number is 666."—Revelation 13

In one of my favorite films "The Usual Suspects" master criminal Kayser Sose is so enigmatic many people believe that he is a myth. He keeps committing crimes in plain sight of every one and yet no one knows or will actually tell if Kayser Sose truly exists. Without giving away an ending it is important to see how Kayser Sose was able to fool everyone into thinking that he really didn’t exist.

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he never existed".—Kayser Sose

Is it wise to say that it is obvious that The "Big Brother" 666 system has devised a pristine transparency where you can not see him, but he can see you loving and embracing him?

The 666 system exists, the great beast exists, and yet no one sees it, nor can they touch it because it has done such a great job at hiding in plain view of those who have the wool pulled over their eyes.

It has somehow convinced the world that it will never accept its ideology and yet people have freely given up their will and have accepted it.

The desires for safety, security, control and comfort are bringing forth all kinds of technological breakthroughs that claim to aid in giving you that warm fuzzy feeling of protection from whatever bogeyman is out there waiting to pounce on you like predatory animal.

You see, we have been victimized for so long, and have had such a hard time shaking our paranoia, that a militarized trickle–down police state is becoming more of a deluge now, and we couldn’t be happier to accept it.

The selling of the pristine transparency that is the surveillance society is as easy as turning on the 6 o’clock news. Every child that has been abducted, every rape, every murder, every terrorist attack, and every accident is an advertisement for you to spend your money on all kinds of spy kits, and allow your government to buy them as well and use them on you.

"Nanny Cams" and "Spy Cams" are available so that you don’t have to be in the same room with your children or in the same room as your employees.

It frees you up to do other things like watch a reality TV show, or even chat on the cell phone with a neighbor that is just across the street.

It seems to be a necessary evil in America because we have become more susceptible to the idea that everyone around us is bad. That everyone around us is a potential criminal.

These types of attitudes usually prevail in a prison system or in a system that has been manipulated into believing that it is being victimized.

America has been played in a game of persecutor meets victim awaits rescue.

To speak out against it is anathema. People who think that the surveillance society has been overblown and have spoken out against it have been called traitors, or liberals who are soft on crime.

Equally, it is those that will speak out against the implant chip who are so sadly too late.

We are already being marked and brainwashed into demanding that everything in our lives is watched, inspected, directed, indoctrinated, numbered, estimated, regulated, commanded, controlled, law–driven, preached at, spied upon, censored, checked and silenced.

This is how you run a culture in the Apocalypse. You provide an invisible soft cell just big enough to keep everyone imprisoned. Everyone in the cell receives a number. They receive a special identification. However they first have to get a special mark.

The mark is not the mark of the beast or the great 666. The mark is the mark of fear.