By Clyde Lewis

Are you being programmed by the mainstream media into giving in to knee jerk opinion? Ground Zero asks how things can be so bad when government tells us that things are so good? Are we victims of Newspeak?

The latest tragedy in Colorado has forced me to sit at the computer and compose my thoughts about this event and warn you and re-warn my own consciousness that we are being spoken to out of both sides of the Propaganda machine. This particular incident has too many unanswered questions and is ripe for a conspiracy theory. Mainly because of what it lacks in continuity. What it has revealed about the media, and the Clinton administration and its lack of consistency.

Why Have I singled out this particular incident? I select what seems to be a random shooting in Littleton Colorado because of what it is igniting. It reignites the gun control debate, especially at a time where the police forces are becoming bigger and more threatening, and the world is at the doorstep of World War III.

The President took time out of his busy schedule to address this tragedy.

While on the surface it appeared to be a goodwill gesture by our commander in chief, it turned out to be a speech of hypocrisy and in my opinion a public relations disaster. It amused me to hear the President say in his best Clinton sad face that children need to learn to deal with anger using words and not violence. That bombs and Guns are not the answer. The amusing irony is that this is the same Bill Clinton who has justified the terror in Kosovo by stating that bombs save lives, that war is peace.

Guns Kill. I know their power. I had a machine gun pointed at me by a Peruvian Soldier after a Bomb went off on a plane on the runway in Lima.

I do not own a gun and I am not a registered member of the NRA. However I am seeing the seeds of fear being programmed into many people, and statements that were made and absorbed are now being downplayed for a pushing of an agenda. Total gun control, which could disarm a vulnerable population. Vulnerable to government paranoia and megalomania.

It was reported in many national newspapers that the crime rate in this country has gone down. That violent crime is at an all time low in the United States. It was also reported that children were safer in the public schools as well. This report was issued after the other shootings that have happened in the past two years at other schools.

Two-gunman shoot up a high school in Colorado and the whole country is lead to believe that the incident has changed the statistics. The world comes crumbling down because the news tells you it is. The programming can seed a whole nation into thinking that they are not safe. I am not stupid, I know there is danger, but it is a lot more threatening when it is placed under the lights and beamed into your homes.

After we heard of the safe schools and the low crime rate 15 deaths at a High school in Colorado Prompted CNN's Wolf Blitzer to declare shootings in schools as an "epidemic." CNN the mainstream all is well with Clinton Media.

Isn't this the same media that contended that the average American school kid has a better chance of dying on the way to school in a bus accident than in getting killed at school?

In 1998-1999, to my knowledge, twenty-four students have now died in school at the hands of other students. That is if you believe the statistics that were once quoted in the New York Times. That is still way below the highest death rate, 45 that was set in 1992-1993.

It was also reported a few weeks ago that gang violence in the inner cities has gone down and has moved to the rural communities. If this is the case then why are we hearing about how there is a major epidemic now? Mike Wallace of CBS even has decided to mimic Wolf Blitzer and has a new report calling the shootings in our schools an "epidemic" as well when earlier, the media turned a blind eye to this "epidemic."

NBC the same network who told us that the Clinton administration has authorized more police officers to continue the untarnished statistics of a lower crime rate called upon a mother in Jonesboro to push the agenda of gun control.

ABC and CBS seemed to be more objective, however by some sick coincidence CBS top rated TV Series Promised Land Had to pull the episode slated for the week because ironically it dealt with a school shooting in Denver. It seems that the cosmic trickster is having the last laugh in this whole mess.

CBS was able to pull "Super Dan" Rather out of Belgrade, because the war seems to be boring. He has moved to a much more bloody war. The war at home.

The arrival of Mr. Rather in Colorado makes you wonder if he has an open travel itinerary to go where the blood flies. His Philosophy is as shallow as a bowl of milk, and with straight face reports that "The Basketball Diaries" may have indeed influenced these students to shoot. As Leonardo Dicaprio wears a black trench coat and guns down his teacher and students in a drugged up dream sequence. It's as if the lone nut "Catcher in the Rye" of the nineties is this film. Does this mean a whole new, group of Manchurian candidates are time bombs ready to explode in the classroom?

Even Diane Sawyer pointed out that Keanu Reeves wore a black trench coat in the movie the Matrix saying that he was the new hero in a film that glorifies violence. She fails to point out that it also glorifies rebellion against a system that continues to lie to us. Painting a beautiful picture for a political agenda, only to backstroke when our worst nightmares manifest themselves.

It was Ted Koppell of Nightline who stated that remarkably that American casualties in a war zone like Yugoslavia are nonexistent , but here at home it is different. I wouldn't be surprised if all of the morning news shows move operations to Colorado so that we have to have the constant reminder of the carnage.

The whole Colorado shooting story stinks of a gun agenda campaign. A campaign that had real terror with no real answers. A story with too many loose ends. Too many inflated lies from an overblown death toll to a group of virtual outcasts who actually had a place in the yearbook at Columbine High. Did the school find pride in a club of miscreants? A campaign that has a nifty sell name like the "Trench Coat Mafia" and a tidy resolution with the President speaking in time for the 6'oclock news saying that violence is wrong. Unless of course you are the strong arm of a criminal cabal known as NATO, bombing a small country into the Stone Age.

The suspects themselves committed suicide that will open an even bigger possibility of a conspiracy theory. It was a conspiracy between two suspects, and who ever else was responsible for arming these kids. Someone supplied the guns to the kids. Someone had to know that the suspects had to have all of these explosives and weapons in the Home.

The townspeople of Littleton say that this just doesn't happen in their area. That criminal incidents and violent crimes happen elsewhere. Well the news has been reporting that it doesn't happen as much any more.

Now, however the news reports a different story. The stories from the Victims were mixed as well, some of the reports were downplayed, and the subjects of race and "hate crime" were highlighted. Perhaps another agenda to fuel a race war in this country. So that we can be policed as well. I know, you roll your eyes at the paranoia, but look at what is being said in the media.

The date of the fourth month and the twentieth day was pointed out a pot head holiday by witnesses on Nightline. That was immediately downplayed with questions about Swastika tattoos and African Americans in the school marked for death.

There were a few kids that were arrested on the spot in a field behind the school, and when this happened CNN kept talking about the fact that one of the students was wearing military "fatigue pants" with his black jacket. Showing full ignorance as to what kids wear at school, and what kids do in school.

Another ignorant mistake the media made is trying to tie Goth kids to Nazism. When it didn't stick the media tried to rid itself of the Goth or gothic description of the suspects. So they entertained some pretty weird connections. In fact I was laughing because It sounded like something I would do as a person with a cynical streak. A paranoid mind would pull together every weird number combination, synchronicity, and oddity. The mainstream does it poorly. So they back off and downplay their own stupid connect the dots.

One young man described the so-called "Trench Coat Mafia" as a homosexual gang. That was downplayed. Another point that was shut down by the media was the fact that the Trench Coat Mafia wore Black fingernail polish and Goth makeup. However the 420-drug connection, Hitler's Birthday and race war was the flavor of the whole controversy. Later the police made a statement that there was no agenda, that these were random shootings. One Witness in tears said that the shootings were revenge by so called computer nerds who were teased and ridiculed. Many of them yelling "I am doing this because you were mean to me last year." Has anyone heard that cry for help? It screams from the graves of the 15 victims including the killers who are silent. Who once struggled with the enemy within, who vanquished all of their enemies including themselves.

The obvious problem here is dysfunction. Abuse always seems to start that Vicious circle. If a Child is abused chances are he will abuse others. That means, he can bully and ridicule others. Those who are bullied some day become the bully too. Parents have a responsibility to see that they do not abuse their kids.

Even if they do not abuse their kids, there are other adults who do abuse, and that abuse is transferred to children who in turn transfer it to other children.

Some Parents always ask "Why does this happen to my child when I give him a good home and don't abuse?" Because other kids are abused. Those abused kids take it out on other kids. Some kids have a very low breaking point. Some commit suicide. Others take their friends and neighbors with them. It's our responsibility to remove dysfunction, not the guns. It is also our responsibility to keep guns out of the hands of children.

That is not gun control, that is common sense. If a parent gives their kid a gun as a present, it should also have a coffin and a burial plot included. It should not even be rationalized with maturity. The old cliché "My child is mature enough to handle a gun." A child, even an adolescent has many things that can harm them. Why increase the odds of harm? Selling a handgun to child should be a first-degree felony. A parent who gives a child a gun should be put in prison.

Banning guns is not the answer.

If guns are banned there will still be other ways to kill. One of the funny things I noticed was after the media was crying gun control after the shooting; a local man was being sought in the beating death of a man. The weapon was a baseball bat. I thought where is the Larry King Live segment dealing with the banning of Louisville sluggers? Instead King talked to Sarah Brady of Handgun Control, Inc. There were no pro gun views entertained.

When have we ever pointed the fingers at the parents who abuse. When have we changed the laws that stop the growing of your own victims?

That is the bottom line. We make our own monsters. We grow our own Victims. Whatever Band-Aid you put on it, gun control, dress codes, stricter school rules. There will always be violence. The vicious circle of abuse continues to cause an upheaval. We need to change sexual and violent abuse laws in this country. That is all. If you want it stopped you will act and site the real reason for this violence. Violent abuse at home and at school. Sexual abuse in the home from people kids trust. Use wisdom with kids. They are fragile, Their young minds are easier to crack open. If you won't take care of them, if you won't act, there is always someone with a more sinister agenda that will. There will be more violence to come. If you don't do something you can prepare for your virtual servitude to a machine that chews and spits out human life like it was bedpost bubble gum. I hope you are frightened. I am.


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