By Clyde Lewis

"To it thou are Sole God and Lord, and it must serve thee." –Alister Crowley

When I gaze out of that hypothetical window, out into the world around me, I am starting to feel a little disturbed. I am disturbed because what I am beginning to see is self fulfilling prophecy materializing on a daily basis. Prophecy that was talked about maybe 20 or 30 years ago showing signs of coming true.
The prophecy was not delivered by a prophet, or some dime store seer on a talk show, but it is prophecy that was first delivered by the millions of people who have either encountered or have seen something that they could not explain.

I have already determined that our government, and the media have taken advantage of the fact that our collective memories do not register the small details, of the stories that have been regarded as delusional, or Psychotic in the mainstream consciousness.

It is no surprise to the reader who is awakened that the "truth" gets redefined every day. But there are some who continually feel that these encounters and strange occurrences only happen to the easily duped, or the uneducated.

They conclude that the falsification of a story of little green men can not be readily figured out. They are only half- right.

It can be told and retold to sell books, movie rights, and ticket sales at modern day medicine shows where late night talk show hosts can peddle their snake oils and verbal tonic water. Some stories eventually get dumped, and whether you know it or not UFO people police the fraternity, and sometimes they eat their own. The territorial backbiting and smear campaigns are numerous, like one religion bad mouthing the other.

People want you to believe that they have the ultimate truth, but a true researcher realizes that one way of thinking only remains fashionable for a short time, and then a new way of thinking takes it’s place.

This is why it is important to tell someone who is even thinking about coming forward with a story about any kind of strange encounter that speaking of little green men doesn’t always generate other green men on dollar bills.

Contrary to popular belief, people who see UFO’s, who claim Alien abduction, or those who come out and admit to any kind of paranormal encounter are not at all wealthy and some have more problems that they have to deal with after they confess to their alleged encounters.

They are laughed at and ridiculed by colleagues and are always the butt of jokes in the mainstream media. It is always the consensus that the stereotypical alien "expieriencer" is a dullard who lives in the sticks somewhere.

The media likes to focus their cameras on these people because they know that it fortifies their position that there is no evidence to support UFO encounters.

The mainline media sources need to step up and acquaint themselves with the new attitudes that are being espoused by even the most ardent skeptics. A change is now occurring in the scientific community, as it begins to recognize that there is a complex and provocative body of, evidence, including physical evidence, connected with UFO sightings.

Reports are leaking out and are finding themselves in magazines that are not necessarily prone to reporting the "unknown" or "anomalous."

Magazines such as Popular Mechanics have taken the UFO question into practical evaluation by demonstrating that there have been secret Military operations where Saucers, and exotic aircraft have been used in Military exercises.

Ground Zero also attempted to bring the UFO story to a practical edge by coupling the military and exotic craft in the article "Secret Eye of the Triangle." It was eventually published in UFO Magazine.

This of course was followed up with an article investigating the Bentwaters case in England where soldiers were called out to investigate a strange UFO that had landed in the Rendelsham Forest during the Christmas Holiday week in 1980.

When I look at cases such as these I research the coincidences involved with each case. What they mean, and whether or not they are duplicated in any way.

However what I always run into are those who need an immediate narrative and they are expecting me to believe that all of my answers are solved in one concise article.

This is frustrating because the UFO and alien phenomena are still a puzzle. It can be all alien and paranormal, or unexplained experimentation, psychological manipulation, or a little of all of what I have mentioned.

There have been many people who have told us that the alien threat is a manufactured threat, something that can be used as leverage to create a fully cooperative world Government. Alien ideologies have been proposed for decades and an all out infiltration and infestation has been supposedly been ongoing since the 1940’s.

It is alleged that the New World Order has been in process since the 1700’s with the secret organizations such as the Illuminati and the Skull and Bones societies. There have been many people placed in positions of power to carry out these alien ideologies bent on control. The most notorious of course was the Third Reich and while we allegedly put that monster to bed, its tentacles seem to be very much alive and it’s alien presence reveals itself in every way.

The "order" itself seems to be inspired by what seems to be an alien presence that has somehow creeped into the public consciousness. It seems to mirror what Jack Finney describes in "The Body Snatchers." The whole idea sounds very Science fiction and it can be rejected outright, or you can absorb it with critical thinking combined with an open mind.

The final stages of the total consolidation of the New World Order are about to take place. A lot of people claim that they would rebel at the proposal, but there are secret weapons and tricks that can be used to insure that people will goosestep to the company way if it means their death, or worse the harm of their families.

But how does a small group of individuals get a larger herd to follow without any question? Without any rebellion?

"Our differences world wide would vanish if we were to face an alien threat from outside this World"—President Ronald Reagan

An Alien threat? It’s brilliant! Fearful humans would bow down to a living Extra Terrestrial Biological Entity coming down from the skies in a ball of fire!

Skeptics and some scientists still believe that this is improbable. They wonder how anyone with their wits about them could fall for such a crazy notion.

Well It’s simple, with the gradual integration of the alien idea into the human psyche new behavioral and mental coping mechanisms emerge in the general populace.

Any schoolchild can draw you a picture of an alien - even though there is no convincing evidence that aliens have visited earth, or that they even exist at all. But an image of extraterrestrial beings exist, regardless of whatever reality you latch on to. They are as pertinent in a child’s mind as Santa Claus.

In the adult psyche an alien image can share the same nebulous reaches of the mind with an unseen God. It’s a convenient and sterile image as well. We all have an idea as to what God looks like. The renaissance painters have given us the graven images. However it would be logical to assume that God looks nothing like those images, and if a God would appear he would have to be in the image of man, animal, or of nature.

So we have already been conditioned to recognize an alien or a God if we happen to see one. Just who is responsible for the alien image is anyone’s guess. The image could truly the work of someone with an over active imagination.

Then again the alien itself could be very real.

Let’s go back to the mid 40’s before the alleged Roswell event.

The story goes that L.Ron Hubbard, famous for his Science fiction stories like "Battlefield Earth "and founder of the Scientology program worked on a special project with Jet propulsion scientist John Whiteside Parsons. John Whiteside Parsons, usually known as Jack, first met Hubbard at a party in August 1945. After Hubbard left the Navy he ended up living in a trailer in Parson’s back yard.

Parsons was not only a chemist who had helped set up Jet Propulsion Laboratories he was also s one of the innovators of solid fuel for rockets.

Parsons had an even darker secret. Parsons had an obsession with alleged Black magician Alister Crowley's Sex Magick.

He was the head of the Agape Lodge of the Church of Thelema in Los Angeles. The Agape Lodge was an aspect of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the small international group headed by Crowley.

After becoming Business partners and almost going broke Hubbard and Parsons agreed to do a Magik ritual. Parsons and Hubbard together performed their own version of the secret eighth degree ritual of the Ordo Templi Orientiis in January of 1946. The ritual is dealt with "the secret marriage of gods with men" or the "Babylon Working."

Hubbard and Parsons were attempting the most daring magical feat imaginable. They were trying to incarnate the Scarlet Woman described in the twelfth chapter of the Book of the Apocalypse in the Bible.

It was speculated that they wanted to create a Goddess that would sexually please them. They would have intercourse, impregnate the woman and then she would give birth to the moonchild or the servant boy child known as the "homunculus."

A similar ritual was in Crowley’s book called the "Moonchild" where Crowley claims that a ritual can be performed to create the "Homunculus" in which the adept seeks to create a human embodiment of one of the energies of nature. It was Crowley’s homunculus that resembled a little silvery man that he controlled and asked to his bidding. According to Thelemic legend, in 1918 Aleister Crowley came into contact with an interdimensional entity named Lam.

Lam was grayish in color and looked like a silvery gray child with deep dark eyes and cold skin.

It was Crowley who said in the Ritual "To it thou are Sole God and Lord, and it must serve thee."

It was the use of Black magik and the marriage of unknown forces to allegedly bring alien drones into the world. Men who in the image of nature would follow the adepts every command.

Hubbard and Parsons allegedly opened a gateway in their interdimensional rituals and the silvery beings created in the image of nature flooded our reality. There also seemed to be a change in attitudes and behaviors of the world after the doorway was allegedly opened.

Hubbard and Parsons eventually parted ways but their mystery lingered.

Hubbard of course started Scientology but Parsons history is shrouded in tales of alleged orgies, drugs, and child molestation.

Parsons was a great contributor to rocket science and his contributions to NASA and space exploration were vital. Parsons died in a lab accident in 1952. Parsons was memorialized with a statue at JPL and also had a crater named after him on the Dark side of the moon.

Now that both Hubbard and Parsons are dead it’s time to ask, Did they succeed in opening a portal or door way? Did something get through the doorway?

It’s coincidental that Kenneth Arnold saw his shiny discs one-year after the alleged ritual. It’s highly spooky when you hear of little gray men piloting saucer shaped craft over the New Mexican desert and then having them crash land after the perverted Crowley Ritual allegedly took place.

If Black magic rituals weren’t enough to shift the awareness to alien philosophies perhaps drugs and mind control could speed up the process.

We have already reported on projects that were once classified like ARTICHOKE, MK-SEARCH, and MK-ULTRA where mind control experiments were carried out on human test subjects by the CIA, NASA, The office of naval Intelligence, The Atomic Energy Commission and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA.

Nazi’s who were bored and needed to make mischief were conspiring with U.S. intelligence officers making the CIA even more powerful and creating the paranoia that resulted in the Cold War.

Nazis also come from a heritage rich in alleged alien, and supernatural magic. A daisy chain that when connected shows all kinds links to Men in Black, The Green dragon Society, The order of the Golden Dawn, and the Thule Society.

Hitler himself had allegedly been visited by a gray entity that only he could see. The entity would allegedly ask for more humans for experimentation. This would be connected to the alleged pact that exists between secret sects within governments like the CIA, who most fringe groups claim, permit that widespread human abductions continue, in return for secret alien technologies.

Is this a silly paranoid delusion?

Is all of this the result of such mental tampering? Perhaps psychological warfare? One can only speculate. However it seems that when we connect the dots we certainly see synchronicities that seem to unravel showing connection after connection or in the words of the late Jim Keith tentacles leading to one giant octopus.

I remember reading that after the Saucer fascination of the 1950’s there were some groups who feared that a preoccupation with such things could lead to subversive behavior, behavior that could bring down religion and patriotism.

The Robertson Panel was formed by the CIA in the mid 1950’s. They met in the Pentagon and devised a plan to dismiss any and all UFO reports. It recommended that since the information of UFO’s and space visitors could cause groups to unite and create subversive behavior that it would be in the best interest to create Anti UFO education campaigns.

The way to implement such education was through the mass media. They even wondered if the Walt Disney company could produce anti UFO cartoons. Obviously the threat of alien ideologies was a real one.

The panel deemed the alien threat as a cancer to the orderly function of the body politic. Of course in the 1950’s a U.S. news and world report article claimed that The US government had built a flying Saucer in 1942 and tried to explain that the various Martian sightings were the U.S. Saucers.

However there are claims that even though attempts were made to give sober reporting about Flying saucers, the military was secretly encouraging a belief in UFO’s and Martians piloting these strange aircraft.

There are many UFOLOGISTS that will claim that this theory is completely wrong. They fully believe that the military is responsible for a cover up.

I often wonder if there is no real organized cover-up. I theorize that sometimes an outrageous claim is dismissed for it’s complete lunacy. We all know as researchers in anomalies that any argument that is set out to prove a falsehood is immediately used as fodder to circumstantially prove that someone is trying to silence you, or cover up the "truth."

So of course circular logic tells you that just because someone tells you that perhaps you are off base—doesn’t mean that they are organizing a cover up.

If there was a true cover-up then why is it that Aliens are in our pop culture? They are recognized Icons that are as identifiable as the Smiling face that said "Have a nice day" in the 1970’s.

It must be made clear that the Hollywood Entertainment complex, (the group responsible for exposing us to different ways of thinking and fantasy) has churned out an infinite number of movies, books, and TV shows that have entertained the idea that aliens are indeed a reality, or at least a reality that needed to be accepted just in case they showed up on our doorstep.

Klatu baradda Necto , Live long and Prosper, Nanoo- Nanoo all alleged alien phrases and all part of our lexicon thanks to Hollywood. Bibles and Shakespearean plays are now being translated into Klingon, an alien language developed for a Television show and Movie.

Aliens with large eyes, big heads, and see through brains jumped out in 3-D in theatres and drive-ins all over the United States.

Saucers were seen in Hollywood movies, and the western world was putting a new face on the beings that came from the skies. In the movie Independence day a large UFO hovers over the Whitehouse and then with a green pulse of elctro-magnetic energy pulverizes the White house sending the signal as to just who is in charge. It sent the message as to who would eventually rule. It even bothered Capital hill. Senators had mentioned that it was unnerving to sit and watch people cheer as the UFO destroyed an Icon of Democracy.

The message was sent loud and clear that they arrived and that they were very real. Later would hear that the alien reality was kept in the most hushed secrets by Military personelle.

There is even an Urban legend that claims that after Ronald Reagan watched a private screening of Spielberg’s "ET The extra Terrestrial" he leaned over and whispered that "Many people are unaware just how close to the truth this is."

Reagan isn’t the Only Leader who has hinted at possible Intelligent living outside this planet.

In the 1950’s and 1960’s people in key leadership positions began to blow the lid off the big secret.

Major Donald Keyhoe was speaking during a live broadcast on CBS when his audio was cut off:

"For the last 6 months we have been working with a congressional committee investigating official secrecy concerning proof that UFO’s are real machines under intelligent Control."

Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter who directed the CIA from 1947-1950 spoke openly about the UFO reality:

" Behind the scenes High ranking airforce officers are soberly concerned, but through official secrecy and ridicule, citizens are led to believe that UFO’s are nonsense."

Other residual effects were stories told by prominent people of their encounters with aliens too.

One of the documented stories of famous people and their encounters with aliens and UFO’s is the story of The Great One, Jackie Gleason and his secret meeting with his golf buddy, president Richard M. Nixon.

President Nixon personally took Gleason to a secret location at an airforce base , and showed him the mangled remains of a flying saucer and dead aliens.

This story has not only been told by his x-wife Beverly but also Larry Warren Airman first class, who you may remember was involved with the Bentwaters UFO case.

It has all the classic connections with the Military and even a U.S. President.

According to a copyrighted story by Timothy Green Beckley, Warren and Jackie Gleason were having a few drinks when the story of the Bentwaters case came up. It was a casual conversation about UFO’s and eventually evolved into the story that was first reported in the national Enquirer and later confirmed.

Gleason divulged his story about Aliens, Nixon, and the time when he was on a base viewing the bodies of the aliens.

"It was back when Nixon was in office that something truly amazing happened to me. We were close golfing buddies and had been out on the golf course all day when somewhere around the 15th hole, the subject of UFOs came up."

According to Gleason Nixon knew about them, and had an interest in aliens but didn’t really go on about the details he truly knows.

Later that night Nixon shows up at Gleason’s House alone without the secret service. He told Gleason to get into his car. They sped away and ended up at the gate of an airforce base.

"We drove to the very far end of the base in a segregated area finally stopping near a well-guarded building. The security police saw us coming and just sort of moved back as we passed them and entered the structure. There were a number of labs we passed through first before we entered a section where Nixon pointed out what he said was the wreckage from a flying saucer, enclosed in several large cases.

Next, we went into an inner chamber and there were six or eight of what looked like glass-topped Coke freezers. Inside them were the mangled remains of what I took to be children. Then - upon closer examination - I saw that some of the other figures looked quite old. Most of them were terribly mangled as if they had been in an accident."

So if we are to believe Jackie Gleason’s story President Nixon knew about the aliens or perhaps he wanted to convince Gleason of their existence by taking him to a military facility where they could be seen.

Why was he shown these beings? Why was Nixon the man to allegedly show him the UFO Imagery?

Is there some alien agenda that some powerful group secretly wants to encourage and other groups want to discourage? Why is it important to pick and choose a few people to carry that message? At what lengths will they go to promulgate an all out UFO Obsession? Is it a conditioning process for the reality? Or is it a conditioning process for a mass psychological experiment?

"The Main effect of UFO’s on their witnesses is a conditioning process , through exposure to it’s powerful imagery, man appears to be acquiring new forms of behavior and new models of his relationship to the world of nature."—Jacques Vallee

Jacques Vallee is a French astronomer who is well known amongst UFO enthusiasts and was actually the inspiration for the French astronomer Lacombe in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the third Kind.

"To conclude that UFO’s are nothing more than secret devices deployed by some intelligence agency would be wrong and simplistic however there is some sort of genuine technology behind UFO’s and if that technology is not the product of humans it is being manipulated by ingenious humans toward a cryptic end."—Jacques Vallee

This once again leaves us with the question are the UFO’s man made? Are they extra terrestrial? Or are they extra terrestrial and man has found a way to use them to bring about a new space age religious order?

You can laugh at the prospect, but you can also see in history how claims of supernatural supremacy can lead to people following a centralized leader and obeying their laws becoming the very thing that Crowley spoke about when he talked of beings who follow your will.

Moses had his burning bush, his thundering mountain and his Ten Commandments. The children of Israel followed, some out of fear, others out of devotion to an unseen extra terrestrial god.

Mormons follow a centralized leader who testifies that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. Why? Because he was visited by beings from space that claimed to be God the father, Jesus Christ, and Moroni who was the angel who gave young Joseph the Gold plates with glyphs that eventually became the Book of Mormon.

Today over 9 million Mormons follow a prophet and are members of a church that is a model for a theocratic New World Order. The Mormon system provides many things for you, if you swear allegiance to its dogmas.

The LDS Church has welfare programs, money systems and laws that govern them. The church is worldwide. There are no borders that separate them (in spiritual terms) they are brothers and sisters in God.

Could UFO’s and the alien threat be the conditioning mechanism to establish a New World Order capable of dissolving borders and uniting people into a totalitarian regime?

Can it be possible that if governments had the knowledge to create a "vision" of these extra terrestrials could it have successes similar to perhaps Scientology or Mormonism?


If you look at groups such as Heaven’s gate, The Branch Davidians, The Peoples Temple among others you see that there are some growing pains that come with brainwashing and mind control that goes awry.

Many always bring up the Heaven’s Gate cult, because of all of its dogmatic worship of Gods who appeared to be alien. It also had computers and Science fiction, all glamorized during the 1990’s in movies like "Independence day" and TV shows like the "X-files" and "Star Trek. The "crew" of the Higher Source cult was called an away team, similar to the crew of the Star ship Enterprise.

Remember there are popular Conspiracy theories that demonstrate that all of these bad religious/ alien tests were actually created by our own Government. Jim Jones, Marshal Applewhite, Charles Manson, all allegedly had ties to CIA mind control experimentation. Each leader was able to convince his followers that he was "divine" because of some direct connection to God, or aliens. Each group that followed them ended up dead, or in jail.

It’s the cryptic end that Vallee speaks of.

The UFO phenomena could very well be the result of Illusion, and Magic created by those who know how to manipulate you. They know the secrets of the Alien threat. They can control it, because as Crowley says that the "homunculus " must serve its creator. Even so, there is no guarantee that a slave couldn’t rise up against its master and revoke its pact.

If the aliens are unpredictable, and have their own agenda, then mankind can always use what they know about them to fool you into servitude. If a menace came down from heaven and terrorized the planet it would be easy to concoct some plan to neutralize them. If they have that knowledge then that would give them power.

Man has used the secret of God as a powerful control mechanism for millennia. Now there is a new creature in heaven and it can also be abused.

Norio Hayakawa is convinced that a secret diabolical cabal, will stage an extra terrestrial threat or event that will cause worldwide panic. This will then bring about the dissolving of borders and marshal law. Solidifying a totalitarian New World Order.

On what does he base his claims?

He bases his claims on something called the Phoenix Project that was outlined in a 1997 article that is posted on his website:

The March 31, 1997 DEFENSE WEEKLY ran a story, "Air Force Organizes For Offensive Info War". According to the article, the US Air Force has created the position of deputy director for information operations.

An "Offensive Information Warfare" division will be created under the new deputy director. The division will have the organizational code AF/XO1OW and will be headed by Lt. Col. Jimmy Miyamoto.

Offensive information warfare, which implies attacks on both military and civilian targets, is among the least discussed aspect of the Air Force's moves to organize, train and equip the service for information dominance, the article admits.

The new information Operations office will coordinate with the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office and National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

New research efforts are under way to support this new program, including:......

Lethal HPM munitions. The USAF Office of Scientific Research is working on developing a small affordable laser and high-powered microwave for unmanned aerial vehicles (*UAVs - such as the ones possibly being tested at Groom Lake Complexes (AREA 51) in Nevada, General Aerodynamics facility by El Mirage Dry Lake, north of McDonnell-Douglas radar cross-section site near Llano, California, Fort Benning, Georgia, covert facilities in Utah, etc. etc.) to perform a wide variety of missions, including enemy communications and computer systems.

Software viruses: to be placed or injected into enemy weapons and information links. These viruses would remain dormant until activated by satellite, aircraft radar, or jamming equipment, etc. When activated, the virus would render the equipment useless, or better yet, "there could be a very subtle change for a finite period of time".

Holographic projection: The article describes a quasi-information warfare/psychological operations program that was first discussed in the Air Force after Desert Storm. Holographic projection involves projection of a three-dimensional holographic image in project decoys, or even an "angry god" (religious imagery) above the battlefield. The Pentagon had listed the holographic projections openly as part of its "non-lethal" weapons program. But since 1994, the program has disappeared from view, evidently now a "BLACK" effort, says DEFENSE WEEK.

In conclusion, the DEFENSE WEEK article states that the Army's JFK Special Warfare Center and School in late 1991 disclosed that it was looking to develop a PSYOPS Hologram System with a capability to "project persuasive messages and three-dimensional pictures of cloud, smoke, rain droplets, buildings(*or, for that matter, even "flying saucers" and religious "figures")......The use of holograms as a persuasive message will have worldwide application". (This looks like it will be a concentrated unit of soldiers armed with the very latest high-tech weapons systems).

Coincidentally there are many believe that a test or simulation actually took place Over Phoenix Arizona on March 13th, 1997. There were many creepy coincidences that happened on that date. NORAD was on full alert for some reason on that night. Military exercises were happening on that night too. It was as if someone was expecting an arrival. A large UFO allegedly appeared in the sky over the city. Many claimed it was flares, others say it was a huge Mothership. A large flying triangle appearing over the city of Phoenix!

Its no wonder that ten days later, when Comet Hale-Bopp came closest to earth, The members of Heaven's Gate cult thought that a spaceship of extraterrestrials was behind the comet. Their beliefs prompted them to perform a mass suicide.

Some say that Project Phoenix was carried out by some clandestine operation. They point to numeric coincidences such as the date (March 13th) and the location (Phoenix). There are those who say that in secret societies the 'phoenix' symbolically represents a rebirth or resurrection. From destruction comes life.

These are frightening coincidences! I don’t create ‘em I just relate ‘em

The idea of the military simulating a paranormal apparition to get a response is highly probable.

Silent weapons, which use electronic pulses can create all kinds of reactions from super heated skin, rage, paralysis, and hallucinations.

The Phoenix case appears to be a civilian test with Military cooperation.

However there are other cases where the Military could have conducted an alien simulation experiment on it’s own soldiers.

A seldom-reported Incident at Fort Benning Georgia in 1977, could have either been a real alien attack, or an alien simulation attack. Probability points to the latter but Ground Zero has been speaking with a possible participant in the simulation.

Rob McConnell the paranormal investigator from Canada acquainted me with a former special forces paratrooper named Ted. For the sake of his anonymity Ted was called Ted IV.

In May of 1977, Ted had been in the Army for about four months, stationed at Fort Benning Georgia.

He was in paratrooper training with the 82nd Airborne, an elite Special Forces division made up of soldiers from all four branches of the service known as the Black Berets. His company was called to formation and volunteers were requested for an unexplained but highly classified mission. Ted and about 15 others were loaded into a cattle truck and taken to an old military facility.

The men did not know where they were. Ted assumed that they could have been in a place known as the "Troupe-Heard Corridor" a place that he says is a notorious area for UFO sightings and other strange events.

Ted claims that the men involved did not know each other. They wore no nameplates, and were not allowed to speak during the journey.

At the facility they were put through a battery of tests to evaluate their physical and psychological fitness. The strange part according to Ted is that they also tested acute psychic abilities.

The chosen few were taken to another room and briefed on what their mission was. He was told by an authoritative figure who claimed to be a sergeant (He wore black with no insignia) that President Carter, his family and friends were under threat of a terrorist attack in retaliation for his attempted rescue of the American hostages in Iran.

He was told that Ted's unit was going to be sent to guard the town of Plains because according to the sergeant "people were disappearing, animals were being mutilated, and strange lights were seen in the area.

The unit was on alert for foreign terrorists. However Ted claims that the story changed.

The strange lights and objects being reported in the sky were not from some foreign terrorist group. They were actually alien spacecraft. Ted was being told that he was being called to defend his unit against an alien invasion!

His orders were now from President Carter. The orders were shoot to kill.

Ted claims that he was with Bravo team and remembers 3 civilians running up to him and yelling "They are here, they are out to kill us all!" Ted was about to shoot at one of them but they were armed too. They kept telling Ted to run.

Then as Ted was trying to radio his base, the radio wouldn’t work. He looked ahead near and saw what looked like a strange glowing object.

Ted saw a greenish-yellow glow and stared in amazement. A creature was materializing in front of his eyes!

Ted told Ground Zero that the creature was hairless, and amorphous yet somehow had a humanoid form that undulated like a jellyfish. It had large, almond-shaped eyes, a lipless mouth, thin limbs with long fingers.

He doesn’t remember seen in a UFO, but he remembers waking up in a hospital room with a priest giving him last rights. He was told that he served his country well, and that he would be given high honors. He has vague memories of being in a UFO crash. He was taken aboard a craft and that craft was shot down.

John T. Vasquez insists that an event similar to the one that Happened to Ted IV happened at Fort Benning in September of 1977. This experience would become the basis for the book "Incident at Fort Benning.".

He claims that on September 2nd, 1977 the 1st Battalion was assembled for a meeting with the company commanders and battalion commander. Vasquez says that four companies were present: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. He was in Delta Company and has medical records to prove it.

During a parade at the camp, the battalion that Vasquez had just joined was also subjected to a UFO encounter that sent the parade ground into a state of anarchy. The men present were affected physiologically and psychologically, and Vasquez even reports telepathic contact by the intelligence behind the strange lights.

The bizarre exercise culminated in a battle with a UFO, and an encounter with an unknown entity. Vasquez relates that there were a number of tests that they were subjected to where they had to use super human ability, like psychic powers.

Like Ted IV, Vasquez is convinced that he came in contact with an alien presence.

Does this sound familiar?

It should, because one can remember the account of what happened at the Bentwaters facility in Suffolk, England. A listener of the Ground Zero Media show called the Program featuring Georgina Bruni who has been investigating the incident at Bentwaters and said that it most definitely happened.

The listener was ten years old at the time and he remembers that the base was on full alert for a "Broken Arrow" a term that means that a nuclear weapon is loose somewhere in the facility.

Was it a nuclear device? Or was that a cover term to keep people away from a base that was truly being invaded? Could it have been a smokescreen for a PSYOPS mind control test? Was it a test that included a possible simulated encounter with an extra terrestrial entity?

Other cases that have strange connections to these are the claims of Dan Sherman who appeared on Ground Zero to talk about Project Preserve Destiny. While working for the NSA Sherman was told that his Mother was visited in 1960, by an alien being.

Sherman was told that random tests were being conducted on the general populace at the time to determine compatibility." His superiors explained that while Sherman was in his mother's womb, he had received an implant that would give him the capability of communicating with aliens. He was to develop intuitive capabilities in order to carry out the task. However he never saw an alien, and he was told that his communications over the computer were done with alien intelligence.

Was this another PSYOPS program carried out by the NSA?

"Project Preserve Destiny began in 1960. This was/is a project with the goal of genetically manipulating human offspring so they would have the ability to communicate with an alien species. It is a joint effort (alien/human) in cooperation with one another. I am unclear as to the real reasons for this cooperation. I was told it was to provide an ability to carry on high level communications during an impending electromagnetic communication outage on a worldwide basis subsequent to a major catastrophe in the future." – Dan Sherman

One more case that I can recall where soldiers were subjected to remote viewing drills, and were told the Extra terrestrials were landing or were about to land was the case of the "Gulf breeze 6."

A news story appeared in the Setinel on July 19, 1990 said that 6 soldiers who went AWOIL from their post in Germany ended up in Gulf breeze Florida. They were later transferred to Fort Benning Georgia.

The soldiers actually were preparing for the rapture. They had come to gulf breeze because they heard of multiple UFO sightings in the area. In a scenario eerily similar to the Heaven’s Gate Cult. The soldiers believed that the end of the world was about to happen. They all had their bags packed, and duffel bags ready as if they were preparing for a trip.

The Northwest Florida News printed this headline:


Gulf Breeze - Six soldiers, reported by an unofficial military newspaper to be on a mission to kill the Antichrist, were charged Thursday with desertion from their intelligence unit in West Germany, Pentagon spokesman said. A friend also told another newspaper that one of the soldiers arrested in this Florida Panhandle city, a hotbed for UFO sightings, was interested in unidentified flying objects and wanted to attend a UFO convention in nearby Pensacola.

The five men and a woman, all members of the 701st Military Intelligence Brigade at Augsburg, West Germany are being held at Fort Benning, Ga. They were arrested Friday and Saturday after police stopped one of them for a traffic violation. They were charged with desertion RATHER THAN THE LESSER OFFENSE of being absent without leave because they held top-secret security clearances, said Pentagon spokesman Pete Williams. Padilla said it will be up to the soldier's commanding officer to decide whether to hold a court-martial or take lesser administrative action.

During the compilation of all of these stories it is evident that these cases have similar connections. All seem to be PSYOPS operations involving soldiers who are manipulated into believing that they are a part of an extra terrestrial operation or battle. These simulations have left the soldier and even the civilian convinced that they have been in the presence of an Extra terrestrial being.

Another coincidence is that in the case of the Gulf breeze 6, Vasquez and Ted IV all include briefing at Fort Benning Georgia which is one of the facilities spoken of by Norio Hayakawa as an "Offensive Information Warfare" center where Phoenix Lazer technologies are used in battlefield simulations.

The Fort Benning Facility also houses the School of the Americas. A place where special operatives are trained to be assassins. Many important names in military history both famous and infamous have trained at Fort Benning.

Including Timothy McVeigh.

Now, what are we creating at the bases that are allegedly there to protect us?

Perhaps the new Homunculus. Maybe even an army of them.

An army of about 280 million.

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