By Clyde Lewis

Psionics are to science what magic is to fantasy. There has always been the reality of a force that powers the mind and surrounds us all. It has been written about in religious texts, and in Science Fiction. It is used in rituals and the tokens and symbols that are used with it have been known to mesmerize entire nations.

At the risk of sounding overly new age I have had a swift education in the subject of life energy and how it can be used to make things happen for you. As I have been contemplating the electronic bombardment of our reality and the future shock that tends to walk hand in hand with it, I have looked into solutions as to how I can combat unwanted frequency bombardment and negativity that tends to hang over me whenever I feel helpless.

Most people with their various religious backgrounds are already aware that if they need wisdom, or inner peace, or inner light they can pray.

But what exactly is prayer when you remove the dogma that surrounds it?

Prayer is a ritual that humans use to use the life energy that we have been told exists, to reach out into the cosmos and hopefully reach a target.

It's a gamble in causal engineering.

We thank whatever power that controls the universe for the things we obtain. We ask that the power is kind and gracious enough to grant wishes. We sometimes use it for comfort and reconciliation for some sort of misdeed.

We feel that it helps. Some have more faith that it works than others do.

There are other aspects to this ritual where people who have the religious tutelage use rosary beads, other tokens and symbols like crosses, or saints to aid them in their ability to change the forces of nature, or to at least ask for permission to do so.

Prayer is actually an ancient scientific reality where those well versed in psychology and physics knew that powers could be manipulated from point "A" to point "B" using the mind.

They knew then, what people today know all too well, the mind is a powerful tool and when we tap into it we may find that it has abilities that we can't even imagine.

These ancient "scientists" were literally magicians and Shaman who were able to have control over the elements using the mind. They had the power to act in authority and have the powers over healing of the sick, prophecy, moving of mountains and even the destruction of cities.

It has been recorded in ancient texts that these "miracles" have taken place, and great stories tell the tale of how a Shaman, or prophet was able to go into a trance like state and actually perform a miracle.

Everyone is familiar with the magic Moses possessed when he parted the waters of the Red Sea and caused manna to fall from heaven.

How was this accomplished?

Well the religious will say that it was caused by the power of God.

But now there are scientists that are reopening investigations into the "anthropology of consciousness" and "Transpersonal Psychology' and whether or not there is an unseen force that man can control and change with training and discipline.

Some Scientists are realizing that tapping into the life force through ritual and use of symbols is definitely linked to better physical and psychological well being. They are terming it the mysterious "Fourth Force."

This "Fourth Force" also seems to be an effective tool in combating illness and disease.

Theologians call upon this force by using priesthood and priest craft. Witches use it to power sigils. Witchdoctors use it in Vodoo rituals.

The problem with this power is that it doesn't always act the same way in every instance.

Ever sit and wonder why certain prayers aren't answered why certain powers affect one person and not the other?

The answers may be in the investigation of the "Fourth Force" and the introduction of Radionics and Psionics.

I interpret Radionics as being life energy that is unique to you. It is as unique as a fingerprint or your own DNA. Radionics studies tell us that every part of an individual; brain, nerves, muscles, sinews, even cells have certain vibrations.

I have pointed out in past shows that perhaps we need to look into the possibility that our body frequency or our body vibration may clash with all of the other electronic and possibly Psionic interference.

The theory is that illness; injury, infection, stress, environment or poor hygiene can cause the vibrations to become imbalanced. Many other factors cause body life energy to be altered. This altered energy pattern can be read from any part of the body and treated by sending messages, with an instrument, to the body in order that the body may heal itself through the restored flow of energy.

Sounds incredible doesn't it?

These types of devices are academic to those who are at all familiar with the story of Wilhelm Reich.

In the times of Reich, it was a radical concept to say that energy and not matter is primary.

That is what he believed.

Reich introduced the idea of Life energies and their powers into human thinking. He called this energy "orgone" because it was discovered through his bizarre studies in orgasm and because it changed organic matter.

Reich also performed a series of experiments in which he discovered radiating energy bubbles that he called "bions"
>BR> Reich demonstrated how bions would rise spontaneously from non-living matter. He believed that bions were generated during the process of decay and disintegration. From destruction came life.

Life Energy.

An energy field that has been the underlying basis for the new science fiction of our day. It sounds all too familiar to anyone who is religious or is science fiction literate.

"The Force is what gives the Jedi his power-it's an energy field that surrounds all living things. It binds us, it penetrates us, it holds the galaxy together" -Obi Wan Kenobi to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

Not since George Lucas' epic tale of Galactic War have we seen so many hints as to the "Life Force" that exists in the universe.

The all-powerful force had all the traits of Radionics.

Anything from using the power to suggest to the Storm troopers that the droids "were not the ones they were looking for," to sensing that a planet had been destroyed, to using the mind to pull a light saber out of snow and Ice to slash a Wampa.

All those in places of power know that this life force or life magic exists in the universe. It may not be talked about openly but it definitely is being used. Even in today's practical world.

From the times of the ancient Egyptian magicians, to Moses in the bible, to Jesus, and all of the Mages of the medieval epoch, these powers have been used for both good and bad.

In some groups the "power" is only given to worthy subjects. Those who adhere to certain standards.

However it is becoming more apparent that everyone can use this power and use it for their benefit.

Whether you choose to use the power of prayer to open the channels or other methods like the Tarot, or crystals, crosses, beads, or sigils you need to understand that these are tokens of power and they accompany pure focus of life energies to bring about the so called "miracle."

Whether you like it or not you use "magic" every day. The word Magic may sound a bit like a fantasy so let us rename it.

We will call it causal engineering.

You may not know that you use causal engineering and sometimes people dismiss it as coincidence but once you gain a knowledge of what is really happening you begin to use this power for your own good.

There is nothing wrong with calling down the powers at your disposal to help you in your life. You need to release the guilt and understand that all people are spiritual beings with the capability of magic or causal engineering.

All it takes is the freeing of the mind. You have to understand that the power is real even though you can't see it. A quote from the movie The Matrix basically is speaking to those who are familiar with the life force theories, and the Wilhelm Reich idea that electrical vesicles surround us and that they exist.

"What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain." -Morpheus "The Matrix"

And furthermore, the idea of an energy source that exists is also mentioned in the movie when Morpheus speaks to Neo.

"The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth-- Unfortunately no one can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. We forget that the powers exist in each of us. So we empower a Shaman, Priest, soothsayer or witch to give us the answers we seek. We pay money to listen to Jamaican Psychics who use these powers to give us insight.

The U.S. Government has been known to shell out all kinds of tax money to explore those mind games. They have poured millions of dollars into radionics studies, mind control, and remote viewing projects.

There are many people who see this and chuckle that the government is once again throwing money down the drain. However keeping the master magicians and psychics near the government has been a common practice from the beginning.

Ronald Reagan was considered a great leader when he was President. He was known as the Teflon president. Nothing bad ever stuck to him and many say that it was because he used psychics and other means to generate the magic necessary to run the presidency.

Most of the powers that were used for Reagan were for protection. Nancy Reagan feared that Ron would be gunned down in office because of the Zero year curse, where presidents nominated with a zero in the year die in office or are assassinated.

Reagan of course faced scrutiny when it was revealed that a lot of his decisions were made with the aid of an astrologer, Joan Quigley.

This disclosure stunned the nation, Quigley's contributions to the 1980 campaign included the scheduling of the second Carter-Reagan debate. Which was held October 28, alarmingly close to the election, but a time at which Quigley found the planets conspiring heavily against Carter.

Reagan was widely judged as the debate's winner, and he cruised to victory a few days later.

The weirdness did not stop there.

Ronald Reagan also took the oath of office at Midnight at the suggestion of Quigley. Ronald Reagan did have his life threatened by an assassin and even though he took a bullet he survived.

Looking back at history can we actually question whether or not the use of astrologers helped Reagan to a successful tenure as president?

What I hope to illustrate with this example is that even though many people do not believe in Magic. Magic in some forms may exist. That those who learn to capture and use the "life force" may have things work for them.

The Life Force could be one of the most precious secrets of the universe. Most of us can bear testimony of its existence. Some scientists are now saying that this "magic" is real.

It obviously can be measured, weighed and created by synthesis. It seems to be the most abundant element in the universe.

However it is sadly mocked and ridiculed by those who need a sign that magic can be channeled. Everyone waits for a single piece of unambiguous irrefutable evidence that all this magic is real.

Yet at the same time they hold a candle to other things that are not have not been proven in anyway as being valid. They believe in the power of the clergy, and the chance at the lottery. Perhaps the powers of the clergy are the same magic powers in which I am speaking.

However this Magic has been performed by people such as Benny Hinn and others on evangelical infomercials.

This Magic should never be used as a spectator sport. It should be held in the sacred capacity like it was in antiquity. These powers have existed in the beginning, even at the time of creation.

Every symbol, every token, every wafer, and every chalice has meaning and is charged with the life force.

It is then empowered by the individual. The mind needs to open and then the magic begins. When you focus on what you want and empower the oracles and talismans that you have then you should feel the energy.

We have already explained that there are many of these talismans or tools in use today in churches. One of the most widely used tool is of course the crucifix. Catholics also use Rosary beads. These talismans channel the power of God and Jesus Christ and are used by the believer to ward off evil. Wiccans use ceremonial daggers. As oracles, psychics use crystal balls, and tarot cards.

Talisman and symbols are tokens or signs that are empowered by the believer and are a symbol of belief. The unfortunate thing is that some talisman and symbols have been perverted and now take on new meanings by people who are ignorant as to their origin.

One talisman that has been misunderstood over the years is the five-pointed Star or Pentagram. While many will be quick to point out that this symbol is a talisman which empowers evil, educated scholars of the occult will tell you that the five pointed star when circled and worn as a talisman is a protection symbol against darkness and evil. It is a symbol of the goddess Kore, also known as Ceres. The Greeks considered its geometric symmetry to be a sign of perfection. Hebrews viewed the sign as a symbol of the five books of the Pentateuch, and viewed it as a symbol of Truth. Even early Christianity viewed it as a holy symbol, equating the five points of the star with the five wounds suffered by Christ on the cross.

When the star is inverted it is a perversion of the symbol and has been associated with Satanism. The history of such a perversion began when Christian hysteria during the Inquisition, began to equate the pentagram with the sign of ancient gods. Those Gods of course were denounced by the church as representations of the devil.

After the Christians rejected the symbol as a symbol of truth It was Eliphas Levi who used an inverted pentagram to signify the god Baphomet, a goat-headed god of Evil. Levi was magician in the 19th century and so the symbol became a talisman of power for underground faiths everywhere, including the Church of Satan.

Symbols do have power. Think of the power of the Swastika. What do you feel when you see it? Does it mesmerize? It did for an entire country. It's the prime example of how someone can use the life force to bring about evil ends.

We have covered before that Hitler used ritual Magic and the use of symbols to manipulate the universe and others for his benefit.

Unfortunately the Swastika wasn't meant to be the symbol of tyranny. It once was the symbol of harmony. Yet after the symbol was inverted and then turned it looked as if it had power and many would say that the symbol looked as if it had motion.

Hitler trusted astrologers, one of his astrology advisers was using causal engineering to change the outcome of the war. It turned out that the adviser was a double agent and persuaded Hitler to move on with the campaign in Russia.

This was unwise and a lesson to those who use the power of causal engineering to bring about evil ends.

From casting of the runes to crystal balls the person who wishes to transmit or receive a message uses the tools for pure showmanship. It takes the mind to a different level. It is the stepping stone to further divination.

They are keys to unlock the mind and open it for the life force manifestation. All it takes is concentration and the will to follow through with the miracle or energy transference.

There are many that have heard stories about how things like adrenaline can produce super human strength. Such is the old story of the woman who pulls a car off the body of her child after a horrible accident.

Well we do know that adrenaline can cause this is in rare cases. But is it adrenaline that keeps the bones from breaking? Did the woman's bones snap as she lifted the car? Well according to the story no. So what held together the body?

We can call it a miracle however we can see that it is energy transference of the life force.

Another movie that conveys the message again is the movie "Unbreakable" starring Bruce Willis. The movie shows that after a tragic train wreck one man escapes unscathed and then begins a metaphysical exploration of the meaning of life and death.

He also begins to see that he can use the powers of the mind to see into the future.

The teachings of Buddah address the control of ones own mind and how discipline and exercise using the right tools is an attribute of a god.

"All that is.. comes from the Mind; it is based on the Mind, it is fashioned by the Mind. Control of mind--which is hard to discipline, fickle, and wanders at will--is good.

A controlled mind brings happiness. A wise person should control the mind, which is hard to perceive, very subtle, and wanders at will. A mind that is well controlled brings happiness.

Those who control the mind, which travels far, is solitary, non-physical...will be freed from the bonds of death.... For a person whose mind is not disturbed by mental afflictions, whose mind is not agitated, who does not think of good or evil, who is awake, there is no fear.

Understanding that this body is fragile like a pot, one should make the mind strong like a fortress, attack demons with the weapon of wisdom, protect what one has won, and hold onto it."

So learning from the words of Buddha and eastern philosophy we are to determine that all things that we see smell, taste and touch come from our mind. Our mind tells us that these things are real. A disciplined mind is a free mind.

We also read that good and evil is subjective.

It is our social structure that interprets what is good and what is evil.

Some may fear magic or causal engineering for the mere fact that you are calling upon the powers of the universe to change your world. To help you reach your goals and to have control of your own mind.

There are those who think that tapping into these powers without the approval of God or religion is anathema and is suspicious.

However there is a war that is happening right now. It is a war for your mind. The silent weapons are being used for the quiet war that seems to creep in under the radar.

You may not see it. You may not even be aware that it is happening.

The reason why is because it is subtle.

So now it is time to embrace the life force that exists in the universe. It is your key to a healthier and enriched life.

It is also your weapon.

It is your weapon against the very demons that use tools to change the inner conversations your mind has with the soul.

However you choose to use causal engineering to better your life. You will find that it will help you affirm your place in the universe.

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