By Clyde Lewis

Is it too far of a stretch to theorize that if extraterrestrials exist, they could be a bit jealous of what we have here on this planet? Could they be so far advanced that their lives are predictable and boring and that they have decided to come here to taunt us, perhaps harass us, and harm us? Maybe we are being used as entertainment. Maybe they are getting ready to reprogram this playground they have given us.

It has always been a hobby of mine to look back at ancient stories of creation and try to apply metaphoric symbolism to all of it. There is an old Shakespearean quote that I remember from King Lear that says "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods. They play us for their sport."

In the beginning of the Christian bible you can see that the Gods loved to play with human kind. It is written that man was brought down from one state to another. There were other beings that were written about in the bible and one in particular was an upright walking serpentine being. There were probably several of these reptilian creatures roaming the planet and having contact with human kind.

They were cold blooded and calculating. While many of them taught humans, there were many of them that learned from humans and many took on the image of the human form disguising themselves like wolves do amongst the sheep.

They would fool the very elect. Some would collude with the beings in order to get the secrets to keep them powerful.

You can thumb through Genesis chapter 3, and later through Genesis 6 and you have the script for a major Science fiction epic. You can look at the scriptures and hypothesize that there were entities that were "serpents" with the agenda to give humans new technology, and forbidden knowledge. They had characteristics that seem to form a pattern.

Look at the metaphor of the apple. It was offered to Adam and Eve and it represented knowledge. It fell on the head of Isaac Newton and it created and epiphany. It is now a brand name of a computer. The Apple computer delivered knowledge at a fast rate in the home of every human who decided to partake of the apple.

The metaphor itself has been changed with modern mythology. The red apple is only a metaphor for change. It awakened our first parents and they knew what the plan was. It was frightening at first, but knowledge was passed for generations and now in modern times the story is told and retold again. There are different characters playing the various roles and archetypes. The symbolism has even been updated.

Knowledge was offered as a choice in the form of a red pill in the movie "The Matrix."

In the Matrix we see so many overwhelming metaphors that one has to take them apart in order to understand the message. There are Buddhist overtones, and Christian dogma mixed somewhere with Gnostic thought.

According to the ancient Gnostics, The idea of a triune God or Godhead was replaced with the idea that there many intelligent spiritual entities that existed called aeons.

These entities made up a group of "gods" called the pleroma, or the "fullness" instead of the Trinity or Godhead.

In the Gnostic mythology, one of the aeons in the pleroma named Sophia, a name that meant wisdom created a powerful spiritual being, however the being did not possess much intelligence. He thought that he was the ultimate God.

This entity took a portion of the pleroma’s divine essence and with it fashioned the whole of the created world, along with archons, spiritual rulers of the world. This work earned him the name Demiurgos.

You may have heard of the term "Demiurge." He was the great architect of this planet.

This Gnostic story explains why the planet is so flawed.

A powerful alien life form far from perfect creates a flawed prison world. He then takes humans and places them in the prison world and then plays with them like toys. Out of fear every human serves this God. Out of fear these humans will do anything to have their lives spared.

The Gnostics would use Christian Scripture, to point out that the God of the Old Testament was this alien God Demiurgos. Once again I ask you to thumb through the Old Testament and read about just how nasty the God of the Old Testament was to the people of earth. This knowledge would thwart major religions if it were to be believed by the majority of the world.

One story in particular is the idea that the serpent was on a rescue mission to protect human kind.

Sophia tried to free the first human beings, Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, Sophia entered the body of a serpent and, speaking through the serpent, told Adam and Eve that they could join the pleroma however they had to make contact with the divine spark that rests within each human being. Adam passed this knowledge on to his son Seth, and it continues to be passed on through each generation.

These stories are told and retold, not only in the bible but in ancient writings as well. It is as if there is an agenda where controllers that hide amongst us continue to reprogram the mind.

Gnostics say that other "aeons" were sent to inform us of the true nature of divinity, the last and greatest one speaking through Jesus. Jesus was an ordinary man, but one of the aeons, entered the body of Christ, spoke through him in order to tell us how to free ourselves. This Christ also spoke with other controllers and entities that piloted ships from other dimensions.

You can look at antiquated texts apart from the bible and read about such creatures. In the Talmud of Jmmanuel there is a text that in my opinion is clear about the idea of these beings walking among us and aiming to program and reprogram human beings. The Talmud of Jmmanuel (pronounced like Emmanuel) was discovered in 1963 and has been compared to the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament.

Jmmanuel of course is another name for Jesus Christ. It is Jmmanuel that has an ability to contact entities from space, and in the texts it seems that there seems to be reptilian "rebels" that exist in the shadows and want to continue the torment provided by the alien god Demiurgos.

"You brood of snakes and vipers, this will happen to you into the distant future, yet not by accident you then will also have a fortunate experience when my teaching of Creation, rights and laws will again be spread, so that you may then seize the opportunity to end and settle the world's hatred against you by means of an honest peace."—Talmud of Jmmanuel Chapter 24, verse 50

The Talmud of Jmmanuel goes on to describe several events where we could easily see that there seems to be an ongoing contact with beings that live in the sky and that they are always trying to intervene to push human kind into new directions.

We find that when we read these texts the stories of these contacts become more and more Extra terrestrial in nature. With regards to the nativity of Christ, It is written in these texts that the alleged angel who spoke to Joseph in a dream actually spoke to him face to face and told him that he should marry the Virgin Mary.

Also in these scriptures the Star of Bethlehem actually spoke. It was a moving sphere that sent messages to the travelers that the "contactee child" has been born and it also warned them not to return to speak with King Herod.

It is written that after the baptism of Jmmanuel a metallic glowing orb comes down from heaven and Jmmanuel enters it and departs for 40 days. It is written that Jmmanuel had contact with what are reported to be shining beings and they taught him.

He then reports that he received a lot of instruction from the enlightened ones during the forty days he was taken with them he then arrived in Galilee. This story is similar to the account of Christ being tempted by the devil in the wilderness.

There are many accounts of beings coming down from the skies and speaking to Jmmanuel. Even when Jmmanuel (Christ) dies, it is reported that a being comes down in a noisy craft and makes the guards fall to ground as if they were dead.

After Jmmanuel's speaks with his disciples for the last time, a "great light," having a metallic glitter comes down from the sky and takes Jmmanuel aboard. The thunderous vehicle ascends and transports him to Damascus.

Using the Matrix movie as our base we can see that the mythology that is behind it is quite telling of what may or may not be a very monumental modern mythology that has the tenants of every ancient myth that has a messianic figure as its subject matter.

It opens our minds to the possibility that our reality is a program created by some powerful alien being who has decided to make our lives miserable. I have spoken of the great and cosmic trickster that always finds a way to create chaos and then waits in the shadows for his next act. He plays to an ignorant audience that is seduced and later left behind. Some are used as assistants in his divisive stage show.

Many people are beguiled into playing along and many do not know that they are being led like lambs to the slaughter.

They try and ignore the fatalistic idea. The idea that the earth itself is a death camp disguised as a circus or an amusement park.

The question can continue to burn in our minds as to what exactly is our reality and whether or not we can find that "spark" and free our minds in order to achieve inner peace and find the place where all truth resides.

Another question that can be asked is Are there foreign or alien "controllers" that are both for and against our progress?

The Nag Hammadi scrolls which were found in Egypt around 1945 demonstrate that perhaps there were more beings or entities that lived outside of the earth that would teach the humans, and perform bio engineering on human kind to give them a push forward on the evolutionary trail. It also demonstrates that these Gods or entities are constantly seeking ways to change man, to manipulate him and to program him.

With so much control over human kind could it be too far fetched to suppose that these beings or aeons are capable of shutting down the "Matrix" and destroying all things in order to reprogram and start over?

I have heard people say many times that the earth itself has a way of purging that which it finds offensive.

Using the metaphor of aeons and the Demiurge we see that quite possibly the paranoid idea of an end to the world is in no way under our control but under the control of those who want to see mankind suffer.

Then again we could have a foreign control that pities us and wants to see our suffering end. Most Christians await the return of Christ. Some have already claimed that the aeons have arrived and have given messages to them so they can lead their people on various sojourns. People like Rael of the Raelians claims that he has made contact. He was told that mankind is the result of genetic tinkering and so he and his followers are attempting to clone human children. Joseph Smith, the young Mormon visionary claimed to have met with many beings claiming to be divine.

He was given a book of Gold to translate. It became the Book of Mormon. This book has been used to change the way the world feels about Jesus and his mission. Joseph Smith was also a part of the dispensationalist movement. A movement that teaches of a great and terrible destruction of earth before it takes its place as a renewed and paradisiacal sphere in heaven.

"We believe in the literal gathering of Israel and in the restoration of the Ten Tribes; that Zion will be built upon the American continent; that Christ will reign personally upon the earth; and, that the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory." –LDS tenth article of faith

If beings from another world gave Joseph Smith these revelations, then perhaps the new programming is the old programming. We are beginning to see that religions based in messianic, centralized figures tend to believe that the earth is ready to be destroyed in a great and terrible cataclysm. The end result will be the establishment of Zion.

Zion is another trigger word. A word meaning "sun" a word that is found in the Matrix movie as well. Zion is also a name for the new Jerusalem or the Garden of Eden, a place where God resides, A place where no one goes hungry and all little drones dance and sing, and do nothing but serve the mightiest God.

Heaven’s gate Cult leader Marshall Applewhite another alleged contactee was told by alien beings that the end of the age was right upon us. He said that the earth was about to be spayed under. Later he declared that his followers were being followed and that they might die at the hands of shadowy government operatives.

Perhaps agents that look a lot like Agent Smith in the Matrix?

He and his followers committed suicide. The promise left by their leader was that they were to ascend to an evolutionary level above human. They were to ascend to a place in the tail of comet Hale Bopp.

Once again the message of the aliens and the programming of the predators and the sounding of the alarm sends the disturbing message.

Earth was flawed from the beginning and now perhaps it is time for it to be destroyed and then renewed. It is the mantra of suicide, sacrifice, and death in order to further the orchestrated and programmed fate that awaits us. A fate that has been programmed by the controllers, it is a doomsday scenario that you have no control over.

Free will seems to be illusory.

This is the end of the world the way THEY want it.

It seems that there is an ongoing secret war between two alien groups. One that seems to pity humans and tries to help and another that sees to it that humans remain unhappy, and struggling. Like Sophia (wisdom) they take humans and try to communicate with them.

They appear as serpent like creatures with large eyes and Grey skin.

These beings can alter our perceptions of our surroundings they can manipulate what we think we see. They insert themselves into our reality and out of it at will. They travel in machines that are believed to be propelled with magnetic energy.

Many of the so-called UFO abductees, contactees and researchers, have explained that these entities may be more than extraterrestrial. Many have explained that there is an interdimensional or multidemensional quality to the unknown entity phenomena and related experiences.

UFO related phenomena appears real enough, however it can be artificially created imagery that has been inserted like program into the brain creating a holagraphic illusion or a transmoriphication of matter and energy.

These Unknown entities seem to have the ability to shape shift. So their faces can blend in with the inhabitants of the earth.

It is no wonder that Christian faiths are troubled by the possibility of some "alien" philosophy creeping into the mainstream. All of these alien encounters to them are proof of some kind of hostile take over.

A hostile takeover by some faceless threat.

Does it all sound like a running program?

Can you see the patterns?

There is trouble in the Matrix.

There is now the threat of an alien presence taking over the bodies of the living and intervening with the affairs of the mainstream world.

It is an assimilation that goes undetected, and the paranoia raises all kinds of rumors. There are the philosophies that talk about predators in positions of power. The threat of terrorism seems like an alien threat when we realize that there really is no face to this threat.

It is a virus that gets in under the radar. When the head is cut off, another grows back more powerful. Eventually the entire Matrix is tainted and the connection to the frequency that keeps us sane is also cut off and we are trapped in the prison world all over again.

We are told that it is freedom, but it is a mental serfdom because many of us are afraid of the Demiurge. The powerful and chaotic "God" is in control and he has convinced certain men that they are Gods and that they can control and manipulate the planet. They can use whatever means necessary to frighten the herd, or even thin it out.

In the year 2000 I wrote an article "Saucer full of Secrets." I was able to assume that the "alien" threat is more than just UFO phenomena. It is a cosmological information war. The information that is being transmitted are the codes for mainframe shutdown. The information for both sides is shutdown programming. Either you are to shutdown the system, or shut down the grid that creates this illusion called reality.

It is an information war where our Matrix is always on the verge of being shut down, but someone always intervenes and creates a diversion. There are good "aliens" and bad "aliens" that have equal power, and use chaotic manipulation to convince you that there is no hope. Others come down and program a few to believe that there is a way to insure hope and that is to resist, and to fight.

Some people misinterpret the message as an excuse to become warlike and savage. Re creating the chaos mind, and predatory mannerisms. The entities that send out the mixed signals abuse their power and use it as a means by which to bring about some of the most chaotic and confusing ideologies.

These are the predatory aliens that we have been told about. The reptilian shape shifting vampires that want to drain the body of its spiritual energy, it’s life force, and stack the shells or bodies in piles like chords of wood.

As I have warned before the alien presence is here now. It is in the places that were once believed to be immune. It is like an infestation, a disease, and a cancer on this planet.

"What is the interest in chemical spraying, brain implants, virtual reality or holographic imaging for the civilization of the future? Why has the military proposed usage for more of these things for the next 25 years?

Why does government constantly warn us that a biochemical attack is probable and that there have been measures taken to insure that the country will be safe from a terrorist attack, or an even greater threat?

Because it is inevitable. A strain of new diseases can be, or will be released to thin the herd. The trigger will be pulled and you won't even know that you are dying both mentally and physically because it is a subtle alien virus that will mutate and render the population ill, or mentally incapacitated and ready for suggestion. New drugs can be or will be created in order to modify human behavior. Propaganda will change your perspective and those who are unaware will be batting for the other side.

It's as simple as putting a pod under the bed and waiting for the victim to succumb to its alien twin." Saucer Full Of Secrets © 2000 Clyde Lewis

Millions of fans of the movie The Matrix are anxiously awaiting the imminent release of the film’s two much-anticipated sequels. It is important to understand that the original film triggered a number of memes that before were kept buried inside the brain.

There were a number of images and names that triggered all sorts of "silent agreements" with it’s audience and if the writers and directors keep true to their Gnostic roots there may be even more hidden messages that will be revealed to those who are ready to be unplugged.

Here are a few of he triggers you may have missed:

Thomas Anderson: The birth name of Neo. As Thomas he was a doubter and Anderson is a name that comes form the Greek root of Andras, meaning man; therefore he is the son of Man. He later becomes NEO when he begins to wake up. Thomas also is a word meaning "the twin." This means that there is a duality of man. That there is a mirror image waiting to be revealed. Could it be our reptilian image? An image that truly represents our ancestors?

Neo is a Jesus figure who must come down into the Matrix and die. He must then resurrect (an act of love) and then ascend or fly. Neo is also an anagram for "one."

Another strange trigger that was overlooked perhaps not even fathomed was the numeric plaque near Neo when he first entered the Nebuchadnezzar had the words MARK III No.11. The interesting thing is that if you grab a bible and open it to Mark Chapter 3 Verse 11 it says:

"Whenever the unclean spirits saw him, they fell down before him and shouted, ' You are the Son of God."--Mark 3:11

Neo gets his "messianic" collar by learning secret knowledge.

He needed to take the red pill in order to see beyond his wretched form and see into a bigger picture. See the world with his new eyes.

He is literally abducted by characters who have names like Apoc (Short for Apocalypse) and Cypher (another name for Lucifer.)

This is something that I found to be interesting. I have talked with several people who have been abducted by an alien named Ariel (the name of an angel) and I remember that one of the MIB’s in the Mothman story was named Apol (short for Appollyon, a name found in Revelation 9:11). Neo must fight agents that are similar to the archons that were created by Demiurgos. Agent Smith is an Icon that looks like the dark "Man in Black" from UFO lore. They do not belong to an agency or a government, they are merely the keepers of the secrets and they reveal what they need to, for their own purposes.

These icons are also known as the shadow people. Dark and sinister they terrorize and threaten. They program their targets and leave them in a state of confusion. They have the power to crack a brain and take from it information that is buried way below the folds of the gray gelatinous computer that houses our "reality."

If we allow the "alien" predatory element to get in to our minds, the virus will trigger all sorts of irrational fears and behaviors. The frightening thing is that it is all-invisible. It is a subtle manipulation. It will slowly bring about the end of the world.

This way the predators can laugh in our despair and claim that our ultimate fate is of human making.

In the television program the Twilight Zone there was an episode that was called "The Monsters are due on Maple Street" The neighborhood saw what looked like a meteor flying overhead. It was the last calm and reflective moment – "before the monsters came."

Maple street suffered a blackout.

People that live on Maple Street come into the street to discuss the situation. When cars and lawnmowers don’t work a young boy speculates that that "monsters from outer space " are responsible.

Then one neighbor is able to start his car and people would accuse him of being responsible for the blackout or in league with the "monsters." They begin pointing the finger of blame at one another, and the accusations lead to physical violence.

In the Twilight Zone’s cynical way Aliens were responsible for the blackout. It was their first step in creating enough fear to observe the humans destroy each other. Once the people have fought amongst themselves and depleted their strength the aliens would take over the entire street.

If Maple street were metaphorically New York. If the evening was replaced with the morning of September 11th, 2001 we would be able to understand how the Matrix can be tainted and how the virus of fear could creep in.

On that day we saw fifty years of peace and prosperity shattered when we witnessed the most prominent symbols of the world's most prominent nation, come down in a wall of fire and clouds of pulverized glass and concrete. The attack killed thousands and disrupted the world's economy.

The truth had been realized. The alien threat had arrived. The fictional "Village of the damned", "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" scenarios were about to materialize.

People started to see alien enemies amongst themselves.

The veil was lifted long enough to jar a program in the mind and suddenly people who even appeared to be Arabic were suspected terrorists.

Peace activists and patriots who questioned the failure of our leaders became aliens as well. They were attacked and they were called traitors. Our own leaders began pointing fingers at possible threats and used them as justification for acts of war and murder.

Those countries who did not want to join in the alien behavior were labeled enemies. In the meantime those who were not possessed by the fear could see that our powerful leader was not as intelligent as we have been told. Yet he was elevated to the rank of hero and in some circles he was regarded as a savior.

A confusing message was sent.

In order to protect the order there needed to be a limit of rights and liberties.

Our leader who appears to be a messianic figure once again declares that this is needed and that we should all "sacrifice" for this "threat".

Some people followed the leader to their death being convinced that it was for the freedom of the homeland and then are later told that it was for the freedom of another country where an evil ruler was keeping his people in a virtual prison.

The whole moment in time triggered a death wish. It triggered a fight or flight response. The orchestrated event made its mark and signaled the slow severing of the network.

In the process the human herd in the Matrix were scrambling for data for protection. They were trying to compensate for a virus.

It is similar to how HAL, the computer in the movie 2001 a space Odyssey was slowly being disconnected. He began singing the song "Bicycle built for two." The computer was singing a swan song as he was slowly being disconnected.

The data processors were firing coping mechanisms.

While HAL is a product of fiction it is fascinating to explain that computers in the real world also try and compensate for a slow death.

In 1993 it was reported in Scientific American that computers can have a condition similar to a near death experience.

"When a type of computer program termed an "artificial neural network" is "killed" by cutting links between its units, it in effect approaches a state which "might" be something like biological "death." S.L. Thaler, a physicist at McDonnell Douglas, has been systematically chopping up artificial neural networks. He has found that when between 10% and 60% of the network connections have been severed, the program generates primarily nonsense. But, as the 90% (near-death!) level is approached, the network's output is composed more and more of previously learned information, like HAL's learned song! Also, when untrained artificial neural networks were slowly killed, they responded only with nonsense."-- From "Daisy Daisy" Scientific American, 268:32, May 1993

Humans want to survive. It is our nature. We want to live, the body has an instinct to survive and to replenish. It scrambles for the ability to be free when trapped. It yearns to breathe when suffocated, and it learns from it’s mistakes.

If the human mind chooses to remain ignorant it is easily manipulated. An untrained mind or a mind that is unable to cope with a startling event will respond with nonsense.

A pre planned Catastrophe, and cataclysmic destruction is an alien behavior. It is used to bring about terror. Whoever is responsible for the attack tends to benefit the most. Who benefits from terror and fear? Those who give into the Demiurge.

They are the enemies to the Matrix. They are the enemies to our way of life.

Fear and terror are the virus in the Matrix. It is self-perpetuating. If it continues to grow, there will be no choice but to end the program.

Now, who will have the courage to push the delete button?

The answer is not too far away.

Wake Up Neo.


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