By Clyde Lewis

What force or entity has eyes that can see in the darkness? Can this force see further when the darkness becomes greater? As the night falls on this epoch it seems that more and more people prefer the darkness to the light. However the catch is that many arenít aware that the darkness is upon them. Can the mind be in the grip of strange forces? We can search our souls and realize that perhaps everything we have done in our lives has been the result of a clandestine grooming process. If we search for the truth we may surprisingly find that the apocalypse is within all of us.

When I sit down and write the weekly article there are so many roads I can take. It seems that one thing flares up in one part of the world, and then simultaneously another major issue flares up, It is as if the world is breaking apart at the seems. The ship is springing leaks and I want to address each leak as it springs.

Soon it will get to the point where I would need to hire as staff of paranoid watchdogs to ghost write about these things so that I can keep up with all of the excitement.

I say excitement because I believe that while it seems to be a dark time in history, I canít remember when it was more exciting. I canít remember when it was more overwhelming. I do not remember when I was more awake than now.

The problem is I see that most people are asleep and as they say in the Movie "The Matrix": There are many that refuse to be "unplugged" from a system that wants your servitude and adherence to their every whim.

I am always asked about my position on matters of politics and religion and I try to avoid any conversation about such matters because it seems to me that those who ask these questions are doing so in order to try and filter out those who have opinions that differ than theirs.

I usually throw them a curve ball by saying to them that politics is the new religion and it seems more and more like a state religion is beginning to take hold here in the United States.

A collision of politics and religion symbolically occurred on September 11th, 2001 and the reverberation continues to vibrate like a bell that has the dogs jumping in a Pavlovian frenzy.

Ivan Pavlov used bells as a manipulative tool to groom his dogs into believing that food would be served when a bell would ring. Eventually he would ring the bell and not produce food. The dogs would salivate every time they heard the bell. The need was conditioned and the reaction was sustained.

Fundamentalist mentalities colliding with politics and commerce were at the forefront of the terrorist attacks that rang the metaphoric bell and the sound could not have been more loud or unbearable. A lot of people will state that the events of September 11th changed us all however the events that preceded "the eleven" may have been a grooming process.

I was noticing on the news, images of the buildings that were attacked in Saudi Arabia. They looked similar to the Oklahoma City attack on the Murrah federal building. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps, or maybe these random attacks are bells being rung to guarantee that a frightened population succumbs to the controls of the powerful.

There were warning bells that were rung long before "the eleven." I can point to the first attempt at destroying the World trade Center; I can point to Waco, and Oklahoma City. What seems to be the link to all of these tragedies?


Brainwashing with techniques that have been learned from early examples in history.

In the early days of the catholic church in places like Southern Europe, Turkey and Greece the Vatican who had supreme authority in the land would ring the bells five times a day. If you were unlucky enough to be a peasant you heard that bell and it was the loudest thing you would ever hear in your life. The only thing louder was the clap of thunder from an angry God. It was obviously a programming device to get peasants to come to the house of worship. There the "enlightened" men would call together their needy flock and program them with all sorts of dogma.

"Far away across the field the tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees, to hear the softly spoken magic spells" ĖPink Floyd

Today the enlightened have become much smarter and they know that there are louder things than bells to get their messages to the masses. There are bombs that devastate property and kill a multitude of people. There is the threat of the suicide bomber, the evil doer, and those that are out to destroy our way of life.

As the bombs go off, the bells ring, and many people stop their lives to hear the new deliverer or messiah speak. He will deliver us from evil, and we are willing to follow because we believe in the kingdomís need to be saved and we will give the power and the glory to the one who saves us from the evil that can lurk anywhere.

This is absolute religious manipulation and brainwashing at the State level.

When planes slam into large buildings, and when bombs go off in countries and they are broadcast on television screens, you start to see the same religious fervor but not for God. You see it for the benefit of the state.

On February 27th 1933 The German Reichstag was burned to the ground. A dazed Dutch Communist named Marinus van der Lubbe is found at the scene and charged with arson. After a trial he was found guilty of the crime and was later executed.

President Hindenburg and then Chancellor Adolf Hitler invoked Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, which permitted the suspension of civil liberties in time of national emergency. This Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the People and State abrogated the rights of free expression of opinion, the free press, and the right of assembly and association. It also abolished the right to privacy of postal and electronic communications, the protection against unlawful searches and seizures, individual property rights and a states' right of self-government.

In the article a supplemental decree also changed the police agencies and created the SS and the storm troopers.

We have been taught in school that the Nazis were a villainous godless and evil people who were brainwashed by a mad man like Hitler. Yet we never knew how a man like Hitler could lead his people to a bloody covenant that resulted in the attempted genocide of the Jews.

The bells were rung. The burning of a building, the singling out of a people and the threat of terror created the building blocks for control. With the threat of death and inadequacy ringing in your ears you have no choice but to give in to the apocalypse within. People stood and cheered as the Nazis stormed into against smaller countries, attacking them in order to eliminate terrorism.

They were highly successful in using their superior technology to overpower these countries with Blitzkriegs that can only be compared with those that were marketed today as attacks of "shock and awe."

The Nazis would demonize their oppressors and would point out with propaganda that Jews are animals whose very religious tenants were based in death, and that they glorified the death of Gentiles in order to further the "scourge" of the Jew.

The lies were generated by a state supported media that suppressed the truth and encouraged the act of threatening anyone who decided to print or otherwise report anything that was against the war effort. In the process brother would turn on brother and philosophical differences led to all out witch-hunts.

The Germans were told that God was on their side and whether you believe it or not Hitler and the propaganda machine would crank out all kinds of material that would draw the boundaries between the chosen people of God and the evil horde who stood in the way of the progress of the German way of life.

The question we have to ask is which God?

It all stops there. It all stops at God. God is on our side. Religion is there to console us into not having any guilt in killing people who we deem below us.

What I am about to show you is that God is dead.

The Pope spoke out against an unprovoked war with Iraq, The majority of ministers and priests told their followers that this war was unjust. This means that if the 64 million American Catholics practiced their religion they would have supported the Pope.

The Methodists and several other faiths took out major ads in the newspaper telling President Bush that they did not support the war. He ignored them and yet opinion polls in the United States had claimed that the majority of Americans supported George W. Bush in his war effort.

This after the National Council of Churches, with 50 million members in 36 denominations, opposed the war. So in a nation that purports to be religious and god fearing, we see that we have created a far more superior God.

George W, Bush.

A man who we support unflinchingly as he continues to build his kingdom at gunpoint.

Although statistics of an alleged God fearing America should show a support of peace rather than war. Can anyone see the inconsistency of people applauding the empty victories, ostracizing those who speak out against the war and against the President?

Does anyone notice the people who have lost faith give consent to the new powers to do whatever it takes to solve this perceived crisis and eliminate fear? Does anyone see the unreality that the new powerful religious state can protect us from all dangers?

The frightened public no longer fears God, they fear death. So they empower a mortal God that will give them the results they want. The bleating sheep need a shepherd and the one that they claim to believe in died a couple of millennia ago.

If you donít like the analogy then make peace with God because we have somehow lost sight of what it is we are a part of. I am sick and tired of hearing how George W. Bush is doing Godís will.

Which God is that?

I want to know now.

I want to know what God is the God of barbarism. I want to know what God blesses the endeavor of over ten million souls to go in and fight for petroleum resources. I want to know which God blesses the armor of our large tanks that have the firepower to slice through frightened civilians in order to bring about the fall of an "evil" regime.

I want to know about a God that in all of his mercy can bless and consecrate the use of cluster bombs, and the tearing of limbs and flesh from the bodies of men and women who are caught in the fiery breath.

Let us put our hands over our hearts and say the pledge of allegiance which includes the words "under god." This will give us that warm feeling as we donít see the faces of the dead, or the burning of the cities, or the scars and aftermath of the depleted uranium.

But God has consecrated our effort because we have been conditioned to believe that it is so.

Let us kid ourselves that the God that we trust on our Money and the God in the pledge is the same God that everyone worships. This God is everyoneís God. A God for the collective, a god for he hive, not the God of the individual.

The trap is that everyone believes that when the word God is used there is a silent agreement that it is the same God for everyone.

The truth is that it is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not Jehovah or Elohim. It is not Christ, or Buddah, or Alla or any other God that you think it is.

It is the God of the state.. It is the God that encourages that the followers be oblivious. It is the God of the Cryptocracy.

A Cryptocracy that has the power to convince you that they are inspired to make authoritative declarations in religious activities. A Cryptocracy that sets new definitions on what is moral. A Cryptocracy that has the power to mold science for itís own benefit, and draws lines as to what intellectual pursuits its people should be involved in.

Left to its own devices this Cryptocracy will steer us away from our traditional values and create inhumane attitudes and actions on a massive scale. They will engineer more crises, that will keep you bound to lower levels of consciousness, thus keeping you inline through fear and threats.

The Cryptocracy wants the apocalypse and they are willing to ring the bells and trigger your responses like a Pavlovian Dog. They will use the dark side of religion and politics to manipulate and alter the course of the future to a spiritual famine.

You see, it is important to express dissent. It is important to take back our free will.

In 1918, Teddy Roosevelt challenged Woodrow Wilson's sweeping crackdown against dissent after the American entry into World War I. While Roosevelt was a major supporter of WWI, he firmly believed the public should be allowed to express dissent.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." --Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt

In the movie "the Matrix Neo speaks into a phone at the end of the story, apparently telling the enemy machines that he is going to show them a world without you, a world without rules.

It is an admonition to Wake up and realize that the power is within all of us to rise up against controllers who have no value for human life or human liberty.

It is certain that the unconscious and ignorant minds can be manipulated into accepting that injustice is justice, and that killing and wasting resources is for the common good. They can be mesmerized by manufactured events that takes them from a selfless level to a level of greed, gluttony and self-interest.

If you are not awake then it will be easy for you to go along with the rest of the sheep and follow the media whose agendas are without variety and cover up the truth about just what the future holds if we continue to follow a messianic figure who has allowed himself the privilege of saving us from ourselves.

You may be wondering what the Cryptocracy is preparing for. Can it be any more clear?

It is preparing for the time where human shells can be stacked like cords of wood. These shells will be the remains of humans that have been drained of their energy.

Drained of their spiritual autonomy.

All of this can be accomplished when we allow ourselves to be seduced by a organized Cryptocracy that has replaced God with the lower life forms that we have been warned exist only in myths.

Yes I am talking about the vampire, the reptilian shape shifter and the demon. I am talking about the great betrayer, the great Satan, the great dark father.

I am talking about the shadow that each of have. The mirror image that can over take us and allow us to give in to the manipulations of a dark order.

An order that has attempted to establish itself many times. An order that can be stopped only if we wake up.

Otherwise we will see Armageddon come from a place least expected.

Our own hearts.


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