By Clyde Lewis

Roswell New Mexico 1947, was Pleasantville USA. Much like the movie something came in and made an impact on the small town. While the possibility of an alien craft and extra terrestrials was dismissed by the military, it has to be pointed out that after the so-called mythical crash at Roswell, The Army and the Air force split. The CIA was created, and the Military Industrial complex was the monster that was in its infancy. What sparked the paranoia? Has the invasion already begun? Are we trying to contain it? They're here already. You're next.

I want you to know that what I have written is a theory. However it's based on Fact. I have backed it up with research found in any library. It will probably make you think. I can play connect the dots too. Just like anyone else. Every time I read about Roswell, I can't help but look around the story a bit. Even when I was in Roswell for the 50th anniversary the story to me was not at the seminars, or with the authors. It was with the old folks. Men watering lawns and women rocking on the porch watching the storm clouds move in, much like they did some 50 years ago.

Roswell New Mexico 1947. It is always typical for a summer storm to roll over the Desert town. Old timers sat on the porch watching it rumble through. Women rushed out to get the laundry off the line, and kids sat and hoped that the 4th of July Fireworks display would still be seen as planned. Some people however, were not thinking about family picnics, or Independence Day parades. Some people were worried. Troubled by what they read in the Roswell Record, the local newspaper.

They anxiously read about how something from the sky crash landed in their own back yard. There were others who feared what it meant. They told stories of exotic craft, a flying disc and how a group of Army Air force personnel threatened them with their lives if they said anything about a crashed saucer or what appeared to be the freakish balding children that were lying dead near the wreckage.

Many people wish to ignore what happened at Roswell because Ufologists have tried to prove that it was an alien crash. Why would the idea of Flying Discs even enter into the consciousness? Why would something so outrageous even cross the minds of the military? After all they were the first to report such a fantastic claim.

Maybe it was because saucers were a reality. A reality kept secret from the world. Perhaps the Army Air force knew that dark forces piloted such craft and that a crash on American soil would send a message as to who was really in charge.

What if I were to tell you that the Roswell affair wasn't a hoax? That it wasn't a dream? That what happened there was not a fantasy? Judging from what the old residents and witnesses say, it was something very dark and obviously inconceivable.

What if I told you that the crash at Roswell was covered up because the dark forces we thought we conquered in the 40's were just the tip of the iceberg?

That the evil leaders that had the earth in its grip of terror were only puppets in the hands of an even more complex group of puppet masters. Puppet Masters that wanted to begin the slow process of terrestrial takeover.

I visited Roswell in 1997. The people that were hidden away from the media circus still live in fear. They know that something happened. They also know the truth will never be told.

While this story is based on some factual yet outrageous stories, I ask that you open your mind for a moment and realize that perhaps stories and fictitious tales about Roswell and a plot for alien control, are really object lessons that are trying to warn you.

Perhaps the aliens have been here a long time and that they are the overseers of the world now, and you are following them. That the greatest evil of all was organized by an alien or dark alliance.

Looking at the world now as opposed to over 50 years ago you can see how our innocence has slowly slipped away.

You can choose to ignore what I am about to relate to you, but I can only give a somewhat practical explanation for The Roswell event. Many have given themselves the privilege of creating the "fairy tale" of the event.

The Fairy Tale sells trinkets on the roadside. It also grooms us for a happy ending. Where cute little space monkeys are waiting in the wings for the final curtain call. To save us from a New World Order or worse.

It also downplays the possibility that an alien philosophy could be at the very core of this totalitarian order. The people of Roswell who lived through the harassment and death threats know that there isn't a happy ending and deep inside it sickens them to think that the truth will never be told.

If you don't believe what I am about to tell you, then do the research on your own. The connections that I demonstrate will frighten you. They will cause you to wonder if the incident at Roswell was a mixture of supernatural forces at work and human negligence. It will also give you cause to ponder if supernatural forces were at work coupled with intentional human malevolence.

The reason I make this outrageous story available to you is because this is an attempt to shout above the noise of the propaganda of what did or didn't happen.

Back in the day I was a person who read and studied the Bible. I particularly loved prophecy. Many think that the only place to find coincidences is in the Book of Revelations. However a true Bible thumper knows that scarier accounts of prophecy occurred in the Book of Daniel. There is a scripture in Daniel that I think is appropriate for what I am about to propose. The Scripture in Chapter eleven talks of an Evil Leader. Someone who can be considered an antichrist that places himself as a divine master. A leader who rejects the God of his ancestors and makes a covenant with unnatural Gods.

"He shall not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women nor love any god, for he shall magnify himself above all.
But in his place he shall honor the god of fortresses, and he shall honor gods whom his fathers did not know"

Of course I can only interpret this passage of scripture as being about Adolph Hitler.

Adolph Hitler was a leader who made pacts with unnatural Gods some even claim that he made dark combinations with Alien Gods to establish a Reich or collective on planet Earth. He also wanted to create a race of Aryan supermen. He created an initiate brotherhood of what he called "True Men" to carry out the murders and torture of innocent Jews. This was the first attempt to "purify" the earth for a new "alien colony."

The first attempt at establishing the alien colony was the point at which the nations of the World declared War. The alien plan had backfired. Hitler apparently was not the chosen one. Perhaps the "Aliens" saw greater possibilities in a more powerful ally. So they sent a message. The message crash-lands in a remote area in New Mexico two years after the defeat of Hitler. So begins Plan B.

Plan B was a slower take over and infiltration by an alien threat so subtle that it stands to reason that people question the events of what happened in July of '47 even to this day.

This would be a very valid reason for a cover-up. It was a wake up call for for soldiers to throw away their SS uniforms and integrate into society. These X-nazis were already convinced of the power of the Overseer's and did what they had to do to escape death or worse.

Even if you don't believe the theory, at least take into consideration the coincidences I'm about to point out and that perhaps After the Roswell Incident we have experienced fifty-three years of the breakdown of the human spirit.

That it has taken this long to render the populace of earth paranoid, apathetic and waiting for some unseen force, or a government that has the secrets to that unknown force to save people from their problems.

I know that this theory I am proposing needs more proof to keep it from sounding far fetched. So I will give you more things to consider.

I have already pointed out to you that Hitler made covenants with secret orders and what can be termed unnatural or perhaps supernatural forces.

Hitler had occult ties to ancient orders who claimed to have contact with beings that were not of this earth. Hitler tapped his occult knowledge from the initiated brothers of Asia who claimed to have contacted grey spirit entities in rituals. Other sources of Nazi Occult power included The Green Dragon society, the Thule society and The order of the Golden Dawn which of course was tied to the infamous self proclaimed Anti-christ Aleister Crowley, who time and time again wrote of grey little men that he called "Secret Chiefs." He also wanted to create something called the homunculus which was his very own "Secret Chief" hybrid.

Could it be that all of these so called connections to what appear to be aliens were the beginnings of what investigators call the cosmic Watergate of the Roswell Incident, which then lead to the continuing experimentations done by Aliens on unsuspecting humans in exchange for Alien technologies?

After the death of Hitler many things were found. Many secrets were opened. Hitler wanted Ultimate Power and if he got his ultimate power from Extra terrestrials in exchange for experimentation on Jews you may ask yourself, "Where is the proof?"

Hitler had mentioned that in his secret society gatherings he had made contacts with grey entities and at times those close to him said that he would go into paranoid rages, screaming out that he wanted his life spared. That he was testing and slaughtering as many humans as he could.

If he was screaming to the demons that only he could see it was obvious that they abandoned him seeing greater possibilities with the more powerful army.

It is well documented that at Wars end the Nazi Scientists had been working on a secret weapon that they felt would help Hitler win the war. They needed a plane that would be able to take off without a runway. That would be quiet and undetected. In many hangars it was revealed that Hitler kept Flying Saucer technology hidden from the allies. The question is where did the Germans get the technology? They could have invented the Saucers themselves or obviously Hitler had made secret pacts with Aliens or with imaginary or very real demons. Only you can come to your own conclusions.

So without their mouthpiece pushing the Alien agenda of zombified servitude and terror. The Aliens or whatever they were obviously wanted to make an impact on the United States. In 1947 everyone was seeing Saucers.

Before Roswell it was The Maury Island affair. After that Kenneth Arnold seeing a squadron above the Cascade Mountains. Days later we had a crash and what the Army Air force claimed was a Saucer in Roswell.

The Roswell Incident happened at a time where the Villains of an Ugly war were dead. Hitler had been dead for two years however some of his Nazi colleagues remained scattered all over the world. The Wars were over and we had the Bomb.

A Bomb that was made to guarantee that the United States had the ultimate weapon on earth. At the place where this weapon was made, something came crashing to Earth in 1947 that shook people to the very core. It disrupted their lives. The waves of Paranoia swept over the entire world.

Could it have been a cosmic message in a Bottle? Maybe the message said surrender. Perhaps it was an ultimatum? Perhaps it was a notice from powers mightier than any army or any atomic bomb?

Maybe it was a glimpse into the future, of what was to come? Could it have been a notice to prepare the people of earth for "harvest?" Telling the Military that we violated a Universal rule by detonating an atomic device and that they should start dividing the people and create a biologically engineered master race?

That it was time to start killing off the lower beings on the food chain and bury the "defectives?"

I know it sounds silly, it sounds so Science fiction, and its ludicrous. However the weirdness was hidden in the outrageous stories told to protect the world from the ugly truth. Truth that is truly stranger than Fiction and stranger than any lie.

So the Military covers it up. Changes it's story and finally claims that there were test dummies weather balloons and false memories. If you believe that then ask yourself these questions.

Why would trained Army Air force personnel not be able to identify a weather balloon when it was their job to launch them form the 509th bomber groups base?

If the Mogul air balloon project was so top secret in 1947, why were pieces of a TOP SECRET project photographed with personnel and placed on the front page of the Roswell Record Newspaper and various other News papers around the world?

What kind of Incident would spark a massive reorganization of the Military in July of 1947 just 23 days after the Roswell affair?

What kind of event would cause President Harry S. Truman to sign the National Securities act which abolished the old War and Navy departments and establish a single Department of Defense?

The New system would over see all of the arms of the Military. It ended up splitting the U.S. Army Air forces into two separate groups.

What caused all of this drastic change? What caused us to recruit left over Nazis to create a peacetime spy intelligence cult called the CIA in 1947?

Was it because the Nazis knew of the Alien threat before us? Or were they the very aliens that we feared? Before you dismiss this thinking you must understand the eerie coincidences. With all of this in mind you could probably understand why the government would keep the Roswell incident quiet. How would the Government explain that the Nazis had regrouped and that they had beings on their side more advanced than anything they could have imagined?

They couldn't explain it, but they could take measures to avoid a panic. The Saucer story was immediately dropped. Dropped and covered up to eliminate a panic. The state of Emergency that Roosevelt declared in 1933 remained in effect. It still remains in effect to this day.

I guess now you can figure out why we ran scared like children who just broke a storefront window. I guess you can see why no one wants to talk. The enemy is among us.

Now if that theory isn't enough to make you think. Then perhaps there was more to it than Nazi's with Alien friends. Maybe there were Nazi's, Alien friends, and an insurance policy to guarantee cooperation.

When the saucer crashed it was reported that the bald "freaks" at the site were crying and in their hands were boxes. They would not let go of them so the story goes that soldiers used their gun butts to bash their brains in to kill them. Now it is not known if they opened the boxes but if they did it could have unleashed an alien virus of some kind and what they saw was only the beginning.

There have been Cosmic quarantines in the past to prevent the spreading of what could be diseases left behind by meteors, comets, even returning astronauts. These were implemented in the 60's. In the 40's however these men probably never knew what hit them.

A virus at the crash site could have passed from person to person and eventually passed on into high ranking government officials. Certain Groups and intelligence agencies like MJ-12 and Aquarius knew of the threat and knew that they had a job to do.. They needed to prepare the world. Why? Because the arrival not only left behind the rotting corpses of freakish beings in the desert, it also left behind something that no one had thought of.

A cosmic swarm of mini bacteria that could enter the brain and riddle it open for suggestion. Making the mind of the individual, paranoid, apathetic, and destructive. Something that needed to be quarantined. No one expected it. It just happened.

If you don't believe it, then why was it that the astronauts had to be placed in quarantine when they returned from a trip into space? A place that we consider to be lifeless? I could picture hearing Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin saying, "Do we really have to be in seclusion for this long?" The answer would be "Yes, we don't want another incident like what happened at Roswell."

Roswell taught us that Alien Viruses are real and that when they get into the brain they can cause problems that could result in death. This virus scenario has been the topic of several Science fiction stories.

More recently it was depicted as black oil in the X-files series. But it is only a metaphor for what may have really happened at Roswell. Many other writers have written of the alien threat being as small as an invading plague to render the planet helpless. So helpless that when the EBE's arrive we will welcome them with open arms, to save us from the threat.

Why are Aliens a constant in our Pop culture today? Is some one trying to tell us something? Are there some people who are thinking like Aliens now? Are we serving them and dividing the classes and preparing our children to accept that they exist?

It wasn't a UFO crash that seeded the paranoia of the people in the mythical small town of Santa Mira California. It was the spread of an unknown malignancy or virulent germ that actually numbed the people of the small town. They were apathetic Zombies that seemed drugged into a collective of conformists whose purpose was to transform the world into a group of subjects who will accept the arrival of an extra terrestrial power.

Jack Finney gave us the fictional account in The Body snatchers, which spoke of an alien take-over of an entire community by large seed pods that replicated and replaced human beings.

The story showed how mankind can be caught up in cult like behavior. Becoming a conformist hive for the good of the greater power. No matter if it is good or evil. Whether it be government or religious philosophy it can be easy to be lead into an apathetic Utopia of no more tears through servitude. The Servitude in this case was to an unknown alien force.

Many movie buffs remember the words of Dr. Miles Bennell Played by Kevin McCarthy in the classic film:

"Help! Wait! Stop. Stop and listen to me! These people who are coming after me are not human!" "Look, you fools. You're in danger. Can't you see? They're after you. They're after all of us. Our wives, our children, everyone. They're here already. You're next!"

Jack Finney may have been right. His fictional account raised the paranoid eyebrows of those who buried themselves in his classic novel "The Body Snatchers".

We see materializing today some thing that could be linked to an unseen enemy within that has shifted the attitudes on this planet. The attitudes I speak of have ironically developed after the Roswell Crash.

The argument may be that these attitudes have always existed, however we cannot deny that the Roswell Incident triggered an unprecedented wave of peculiar thoughts and attitudes. Not only among the people, but in government and military as well. General Douglas McArthur said in his address to the Military academy at Westpoint in 1962:

"We deal now not with things of this world alone, But with ultimate conflict Between a United Human race and the sinister forces of some other Galaxy."

Why would he say this? It's obvious now isn't it?

The inner conflicts continued. Intelligence groups would try again to keep the public out of the way of this "virus" but money was channeled into areas where scientists were trying to develop other ways to infect the populace. Keeping the world sick put the controls in the hands of Drug Corporations and The CIA.

The idea was to keep people sick enough to warrant the use of mind altering and psychotropic drugs.

It was coincidental that during this time and before the space race the Government began experiments with hallucinogenic drugs. The Legacy of the Nazis. These experiments known as the MK-Ultra Program educated the CIA on how easy it is to enter the brain and riddle it open for suggestion. Hypnosis and drugs produced the best results and the CIA created a foolproof drug LSD-25. These experiments were previously done on Jews in concentration camps during World War II.

Later other drugs would be introduced to kids. Other drugs would then be prescribed to cover up the problems the other drugs had caused. While mothers popped Prozac kids were dosed on Ritalin keeping the earth drugged. Fat and allegedly happy.

Could it be suggested that perhaps the alien infiltration includes the practice of evil experiments to render the youth of the world helpless? Was the CIA involved in guinea pig experiments which drugged the youth of the Flower generation and It's children and their children into the doldrums of a drugged apathy? It appears so.

Arthur C. Clarke pointed out in the book Childhood's end that the Alien Overlords knew that they had to socially engineer the people of earth to accept them. So they could eventually divide the people and then convince the children to love them and go with them to fulfill their wishes. To take that next step into evolution.

What is the next Step?

Apparently it's to condition the populace to accept that Extra terrestrials are our friends. Children especially. Star Trek, Star Wars, ET, all a part of the conditioning process. Make the image of the Extra terrestrial a part of the human existence. Insert it into the pop culture. Engender a subtle trust in Alien superbeings that will deliver us from an out of control world. Then after all of the conditioning check and see if a sample will do anything to be saved from an end of the world scenario. Maybe even accept the help of an Extra terrestrial.

When you hear the words "Evolutionary Level Above Human " it takes on a whole new meaning now. Heavens Gate was only a beginning. Obviously the belief systems of a small amount of people were enough to enable them to commit suicide so they could meet their Extra Terrestrial God. How many others would be willing to the same for their God, their country, and their Government?

When the media asked questions and looked for answers as to why a meek Man Like Marshal Applewhite could lead so many people to their deaths CIA psychiatrist Louis Jollyan West had opinions and blabbed to the media about his expertise regarding Applewhite. His expertise was tied to MK Ultra the very CIA group that pushed LSD on the public. Isn't it Ironic that Marshall Applewhite was treated for his Homosexuality during the MK-Ultra trials and possibly was a guinea Pig? Perhaps he was under control by the government to test the affects of the indoctrination processes. Wasn't it a bit eerie that The Heavens gate group compared their lives to being on the Holodeck of the USS enterprise in Star Trek? Conditioning has always been a great enabler.

The next task to prepare for the arrival of a new Governing power is to render the rest of the country helpless. Devaluate their currency. Make more laws. Police the people. Create diseases like perhaps AIDS, drug dependency and alcoholism. This way the Government can levy intrusive procedures that violate their rights such as Urine and blood tests. They also can get DNA samples and find out whom is susceptible to what disease. The Human Genome Project has been mapping every human gene on the planet.

Security systems implemented in Military bases scan a person's DNA for Identification. Soon the whole world will be using this sophisticated security system. There will be records of your DNA in databases all over the world. This DNA can be used for bioengineering projects. It can also be used in Eugenics and the targeting of certain races or groups for breeding out. The same thing Hitler did when he wanted a perfect Aryan race.

One wonders if anyone can see Plan B and how history seems to be repeating itself. The reality is these tests are happening even After Hitler. Some claim more outrageous stories of tests being conducted. That is if you believe the stories of Alien abduction. Using sperm, blood and tissue for hybrid engineering. Doing it behind the scenes and in secret to see if it is possible to cross breed the new species.

The first related alien abduction account that I remember was the Hill case in 1961. Betty and Barney Hill an interracial couple, he being black and she being white were driving along a New Hampshire road when a bright light chased them. During hypnotic regression Barney Hill described that the beings that abducted them were grey in color, two to five feet tall, no noses, slits for mouths and huge buglike eyes. After Betty Hill remembered perfectly a star Map she was shown on the alien ship Barney claimed that on board he was detained by men in Nazi Uniforms.

Later came the stories of others experiencing abductions and UFO reports. More reports of Black helicopters and Chemical spraying of populated areas to Monitor the effects on the body.

Later Witnesses from Roswell came out of the woodwork Including Major Jesse Marcell who came forward to say that the Government lied about Roswell.

Roswell was the Public relations thorn that the Air force wished would go away. But it didn't. More people came forward and the wheels were turning for full disclosure. But the wheels turned very slowly and Major Marcell would never live to hear the government admit the truth and clear him of being some UFO "nutcase".

The reopening of the case was urged by New Mexico Congressman Steve Schiff and in 1994 the air force came forward to reaffirm that a weather balloon had crashed at Roswell. This was called Project Mogul. However the records that needed to be searched were found in the offices of the Army and Not the Air force.

Finally came the alleged Holy Grail that ufologists were hoping was proof. A film of a dead alien on an operating table being cut up on national Television. While Fox Television aired this show 3 times in Prime time. The United States viewed the awful footage of what appeared to be a bald grey humanoid figure being cut up.

Those who refused to believe it called it a great special effect. Those in the know said that it had to be a hoax because Ray Santilli, the man behind the film had distanced himself from the UFO community. It was also cited that the alien who by all accounts was assumed as being from Roswell was indeed not from Roswell. This divided the UFO community as planed and the ultimate blow happened when In December of 1998 a documentary on hoaxes produced on FOX-TV by Robert Kiviat featured an expose of the "alien autopsy."

Kiviat happened to be the producer of the Alien Autopsy special for Fox as well. When Fox executives were banking on giving away secrets of Magicians, Kiviat got the clue to do the same with what he swore on Ground Zero was a real Alien autopsy. The Special only pointed out that the crude tent footage that was never seen by the public was filmed using a wig head in a Barn some where in the UK.

This was "proof" that the entire Alien Autopsy footage should be also deemed fakery by clever special effects people.

Later questions about what the footage really was and its purpose were later discussed in many investigative circles. What Fox aired was by all intents and purposes a snuff film which contained symbolism that if looked at closely could be tied to Black or dark Cult symbolism that would continue to fortify the theory of a Nazi alien daisy chain.

The event that was televised was an alleged clue as to what may have happened at Roswell. However for some odd reason the people behind the film did not do their homework. Or did they?

The being on the table had six fingers and toes. In many ancient Indian cultures and in the records of the Summer the God's possessed such traits. Space Kachina 's who came from the Stars in Hopi traditions also had six fingers and toes. This was not reported in the Roswell crash. The aliens allegedly had three fingers and toes.

The "debris footage" at the end of the Fox special had some interesting things to look for, The six fingered embossed metal slats that are being unloaded and the support beams allegedly contain Rune-style writing similar to what was used in the Thule, and Golden Dawn secret societies. The very same societies Hitler allegedly belonged to.

Why would we see this? It was apparently a warning that secret forces are still in the background. It was almost like a Postcard saying "We can do anything, even cut up a dead figure on television."

Someone with a lot of Money created this alleged hoax to send a message to the world. But who? Do these secret societies still exist? Is there plenty of money in their coffers to create a sick joke on the public? Or was it a little reminder to those affiliated with the Roswell Incident? A reminder that there are some people who still know the truth about the secret societies that brought the grey entities into the world. That the symbolism was talked about by Hitler. That the Nazi Alien connection still exists.

The film oddly enough was bought by a German man named Volker Spielberg.

In June of 1997 the Air force released their final report on Roswell. This was released before the 50th anniversary of the Roswell crash event. The airforce reaffirmed that a flying saucer did not crash in Roswell. The report entitled The Roswell Report Case Closed! Pointed out that not only were balloon tests done in the deserts of Roswell, but Parachute dummies were used in high Altitude drops. The Project Known as Crossroads was done in the late 1950's. The air force suggested that the events that transpired over 10 years were somehow smeared together with faulty memory recall by the witnesses.

The report used pictures and footage of these dummies dropping from the sky and the flying saucers the witnesses claimed they saw were really probes being tested for space exploration. Those pictures also graced the report. However many people have said that the probes that were shown in the report were from the 1970's not the 1950's. Maybe the air force had a timetable problem.

Maybe the Alien Autopsy Footage sent a message that the government didn't want to get out. So they had to scramble to deny a third time. If the government was smart they would ignore it. However the leaks continued for 50 years and if anyone can still say that nothing happened at Roswell is completely uninformed.

Some people believe that when Hitler died the evil died with him. Looking around us today you can see that Nazism and alien behavior has gone out of control. Hitler's connections to dark societies gave him power. Knowledge of The entities outside of this world enabled him to justify barbaric tests on the Jews, Including the use of drugs for brainwashing and death. It gave Hitler the charge of invincibility to plow under those defectives who resisted his power.

If our government has made deals with Alien entities perhaps this would explain why we are now riding into countries like Roman emperors or like the Nazis to claim small countries the size of Kentucky. To kill "defectives" and lie about why we do it.

People ask why Children are now killing each other. Why they need to be on antidepressants at such a young age. Why did they take harmful drugs? The answers are quite obvious.

You may ask yourself What about those who refuse to use mind-altering drugs? Potheads and dopers see aliens. Rational thinking people don't see UFO's.

They will do the deed the way they always do. Spray unsuspected populated areas. The government has done it before.

Perhaps the Chemical Contrails people are seeing is a mass inoculation of the alien Virus that has been kept in tubes at the Dugway proving grounds in Utah.

The inoculation perhaps is similar to what was found in Roswell, or in MK-ultra experiments, or perhaps in the Iraq war. Maybe the contrail spraying is being used to make us sick and apathetic. The result of it all is paranoia and a co dependence for some thing to save us all from all of our troubles.

You may ask me after reading this, "What would our government want with a bunch of sick, apathetic, paranoid weaklings looking for a messiah who would solve all of their problems?

Oh I don't know why don't you go ask Adolph Hitler.


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