By Clyde Lewis

There is a seven page document within the Majestic 12 documents you may have heard of that confirms the alleged crash of unusual craft in New Mexico between the 4th and the 6th of July 1947. While many investigators have claimed that the report is bogus, there are many people who actually believe that it is a vital research tool to in fact prove that we are not alone in the universe. Aside from the "proof of extra terrestrial" minutiae there is a chilling account of what happened to the technicians that came upon the crash site. Using the story as a foundation we may be able to figure out that humans who have unwittingly been infected by a subtle and very destructive extra terrestrial virus are carrying out the alien agenda.

In order to understand what is in store for our future, sometimes we have to take a step backward and look at the past and re evaluate what may or may not have happened. The past can sometimes be as shadowy and grey as the future and we have to rely on the information recorded in order to know why we are acting the way we are.

The mistakes that are ignored in the past can mutate and become monsters if we are not careful and by the looks of what seems to be a world out of control something had to have been left unchecked 40 or 50 years ago.

In 1952 it was alleged that President elect Eisenhower received an eight page document which introduced him to an organization known as Majestic-12. Harry S. Truman allegedly created this shadowy organization in 1947 to investigate reports that strange aircraft had fallen out of the skies in New Mexico.

It was MJ-12's charge to isolate, contain and utilize possible extra terrestrial technologies. They were also entrusted to investigate and record the purpose and mission of extra terrestrial biological entities.

There is a piece within these documents known as field order 862 which orders personelle to go to New Mexico to investigate the reports of numerous crashes in early July of 1947.

This order was issued by Truman's office of the Assistant chief of Staff and directs a group called the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit or IPU. They returned a seven page report to the President called "Extraordinary recovery of fallen objects in New Mexico."

There is a portion in particular that caught my eye when I first read the blurry type of the alleged documents. It was the account of the contamination and subsequent deaths of several personelle after coming in contact with the debris and the extra terrestrial biological entities that were supposedly inside the wreckage.

One of the technicians was overcome and collapsed when he attempted to remove the bodies from the twisted wreckage. Another medical technician allegedly went into a coma four hours after placing the awfully damaged body of an alien into a rubber body bag for autopsy.

All four of the technicians eventually died of seizures and profuse bleeding. The technicians were all wearing protective suits when they came in contact with the fluids of the occupants.

Directly after these events biological warfare programs were stepped up and new ways to kill humans were readied with new viruses and bacteria agents that were synthesized.

The question is, did the government take samples of the fluids they found on these alleged aliens and create new strains of retroviruses that are not fully understood by science in order to wipe out an enemy?

Did the shadow groups deliver information about alien technologies and did they exploit them?

Are these new strains of viruses that appear out of nowhere the result of extra terrestrial contact?

Combining all of the alleged stories of contact, reverse engineering, new technology, and bio warfare we begin to see a deadly pattern in all of the chaotic "truth" that exists in the alternative media.

The truth may be more frightening than we realize.

There are many stories that are leaking through the veil of secrecy that some of the first scientists to do studies on disc technology were the Nazi's.

Documents have been released concerning the origins of such aircraft and it is evident that Nazi Germany developed flying saucers in the latter part of the Second World War.

Ground Zero has covered this territory many times about Hitler and his alleged dealings with shadow societies that were heavily into the occult and contacting entities from outside of this world.

"Adolf Hitler was a leader who made pacts with unnatural Gods some even claim that he made dark combinations with Alien Gods to establish a Reich or collective on planet Earth. He also wanted to create a race of Aryan supermen. He created an initiate brotherhood of what he called "True Men" to carry out the murders and torture of innocent Jews. This was the first attempt to "purify" the earth for a new "alien colony."-From the Ground Zero article: Laying Face Down in the Sand at Roswell

It was also known that The Nazi's would destroy the Jews by gassing them in concentration camps. A morbid display of how bio warfare agents can be used to kill many human beings in a quick and easy way.

The effects of the gasses on humans were horrifying as flesh would fall off bones, and blistering agents would cause the victim to writhe in agony before their bodies would eventually turn to soup. They would collapse and would virtually bleed internally.

In the year 2000 stories are surfacing about new technologies, the paranoia about Bio-warfare is prevalent and there are still stories about UFO's and their uncanny capabilities.

The new Ufology tells us that not all things strange in the sky are Extra Terrestrial, however the inspiration for such craft may have come from our alien counterparts. The use of strange chemicals to kill may also have been the result of accidental extra terrestrial infestation. The dark thought is that all of the bio chemical agents are being used intentionally to further an alien agenda, which is clearing the planet of human life and replacing it with a far superior alien-human hybrid.

The very thought of a mass harvest of humans by aliens is considered unsound and demented, yet we are hearing that the harassment and intrusive experimentation on humans is happening all the time. Victims of so called close encounters are allegedly being catalogued and tracked like cattle.

Many times we hear of close encounters with alleged extra terrestrial craft or EBE's and the only proof left behind is in the bodies of the victims. Implants and chips exist but are they really extra terrestrial proof?

The close encounters that were talked about in the 60's through the 80's have evolved into horror stories of intrusive mind control experiments, and genetic manipulation in what victims say are military research labs, and underground research facilities.

Gone are the days of alien beings wanting us to save the environment. Now we are told that perhaps clandestine military intelligence groups are working in tandem with extra terrestrials.

This new revelation gives us a reason to rethink the alien or extra terrestrial question. Cynical opponents who love to ridicule the "believers" will use such stories of Military collusion with extra terrestrials as evidence that people who make such claims are doing so to get the attention of conspiracy theorists.

Open Minded investigators pondering about other possible ideas will also say that these stories further the agenda that most alien abductions are staged events. They will contend that these so-called alien/ military appearances are the results of mind control or drug testing.

This would mean that these experiments are being conducted illegally and that the alien stories are used as propaganda to cover up the use of mind-altering drugs and bio-chemical weapons on unsuspecting human guinea pigs.

We must also realize that the stories of a military/ alien connection are few in the mountainous files of Ufology. However we cannot ignore them because if we find that more of these experiments are taking place it would be a grave matter for national security.

This would mean much to the chagrin of non-believers that a covert military intelligence task force is involved with intrusive operations where people are rounded up and experimented upon. That perhaps a threat within the military even within government has been allowed to run amok unquestioned to perhaps bring about some sort of controlled society.

It is evident that the so called alien abduction stories have all kinds of ties to behavior control, mind control, microwave testing, kidnapping, and bio chip tracking. If aliens aren't carrying them out then they are being performed by humans to humans.

It makes you hope and pray for the alien scenario doesn't it? It would be a lot easier to pin the blame for these horrible experiments on evil little creatures from other planets who consider themselves superior than on a government that is supposed to care about it's citizens.

The inescapable conclusion is that if we are to believe the stories of abductees and those who have had encounters then secret human experiments are being conducted in Western democracies for some purpose that is still unknown or classified.

The human predatory factor is disturbing. If humans are carrying out these experiments then we need to try and understand the purpose of such clandestine activities.

What is the interest in chemical spraying, brain implants, virtual reality or holographic imaging for the civilization of the future? Why has the military proposed usage for more of these things for the next 25 years?

Why does government constantly warn us that a biochemical attack is probable and that there have been measures taken to insure that the country will be safe from a terrorist attack, or an even greater threat?

Because it is inevitable. A strain of new diseases can be, or will be released to thin the herd. The trigger will be pulled and you won't even know that you are dying both mentally and physically because it is a subtle alien virus that will mutate and render the population ill, or mentally incapacitated and ready for suggestion. New drugs can be or will be created in order to modify human behavior. Propaganda will change your perspective and those who are unaware will be batting for the other side.

It's as simple as putting a pod under the bed and waiting for the victim to succumb to its alien twin. To use a popular science fiction example.

Even though we love to speculate on the alien idea for the sake of not sounding too prosaic. We cannot rule out the human predatory hypothesis. Or we can equally give license to both explanations. Both are mysteries and both make us ask why?

We are seeing the virtual unraveling of such mysteries as information is being released. It his difficult to discuss such things when everyone wants to point out that they know more than others and that their theory is the definitive one. They are quick to determine that certain things are hoaxes because the evidence in hand does not perform in the way that they have believed it to perform.

We cannot judge something inhuman or above human by human standards, and we cannot argue for or against something that may be hypothetical mind expansion and fantasy. That is if all of this is fantasy. That by some sick joke it has gone out of control and has caused mass hysteria all over the world.

Many people who are involved with Ufology and conspiracy are believers in search of a belief. Not people who are in search of the truth.

Alien disclosure would not be welcome if you found out that the reality of alien activity might not be altruistic as many new age, incense burning "alien " Sedona Arizona groupies would have you believe.

There are more stories that point to inhumane acts at the hands of draconian aliens from human and animal mutilations to experimentation and death.

Those who survive such hostile activity either keep quiet about their experiences or they are forced to talk because it is obvious that they have been terrorized and have physical scars to show that they have come in contact with something that may or may not be human.

Apart from the obvious implants that have been found in abduction victims there are also victims who show signs of what appears to be radiation sickness. However it seems that from all of my research it is assumed that radiation exposure causes symptoms like nausea, vomiting, bleeding, blistering and the falling out of hair.

What may be overlooked is the possibility that they are victims of Biological contamination. This of course can go full circle with field order 862 in the MJ-12 documents that we spoke of earlier.

In a previous Ground Zero Article about Area 51 we reported the story about Wally Kasza. His wife Stella bore witness to the most unearthly changes that her husband was going through. His skin would crack and bleed his stomach writhed with pain for years. Doctors then found cancer. In his kidneys. Wally died in 1995 at the age of 73. His death is classified because he worked at AREA-51.

Robert Frost, another worker at the Secret Groom lake facility died at age 57. A biopsy showed that his tissues were filled with industrial toxins rarely seen in humans. It was determined that he came in contact with toxic wastes at Area 51. There have been others who claim that there have been workers who complain of persistent respiratory distress, cancerous tumors and strange rashes.

The Government will not respond to the lawsuits of the living because nothing illegal happened. Area 51 does not exist.

A part from the injustice of not getting any help or even condolences from the government do you see any similarity to the Mj-12 report and the coincidence of the two men at Area 51?

To me it is a blaring coincidence.

There is one other account of "contact" that I am aware of that had the same deadly results and that is the case of Betty Cash in Huffman Texas.

In December of 1980, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum and Colby Landrum were driving on an isolated road near Houston when a bright diamond shaped UFO was flying above the trees. The strange object seemed to be heading across the road and they were hoping to out run it. The UFO was blasting out a cone of fire to keep it in the air.

The object then hovered above the road and they were forced to stop the car. The occupants feared that the intense heat would have burned them in their car.

The Object was less that 200 feet away when Betty slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision with her car. The object lit up the sky and it emitted a loud beeping noise.

Both Betty and Vicki had different interpretations of what the light was. Vicki was convinced that the Second Coming was happening and that Jesus was going to step out of the light. Betty thought it was an encounter and stared at the light intently and moved to the front of the car to get a better look.

Vicki begged Betty to get back into the car; the intense heat from the fiery craft was burning her skin. After a while there was no doubt that what they were seeing was not a messianic arrival.

Ripping through the night, escorting the craft were black double rotor Chinook helicopters.

Eighteen years after the event Betty Cash died of cancer. During those eighteen years Betty suffered a number debilitating maladies that many believed were the result of radiation exposure.

She experienced upper gastrointestinal disorders moments after the encounter, her hair began to fall out, and she began to bleed under her skin. These symptoms continued for weeks. She also suffered from conjunctivitis a condition caused by staring into the sun or into the arc of a welding tool. The burns and swelling altered Betty's appearance and soon she was blistering up all over her body. The skin would crack and she would have episodes of bleeding.

Now I am not a scientist, but I am thinking that if radiation sickness took Betty she would have died within days of the encounter. The radiation would have effected the Landrums as well and the surrounding environment. An automobile is not a shield for deadly, penetrating. Ionized radiation. The Landrums would have died soon after.

The Landrums did not suffer as much as Betty because they got back into the car. I believe Betty was exposed to something much worse than radiation. She was exposed to a biological or chemical agent that poisoned her body to the cellular level. The symptoms are similar to the ones experienced by the Alien recovery teams in the 1940's, and the two Area 51 workers.

I only have the past documented cases to base that assumption on. What she may have been exposed to probably could be determined by testing the Landrums to see if they have any toxins in their blood.

Many Chemical agents can mimic the effects of ionized radiation exposure. Taking a look back at a Ground Zero article written by Maxx Damage called Bio-Fear Bad Omens From Ground Zero a list of many deadly diseases shows us that Betty's symptoms were similar to Ebola or some other strain that we have yet to be privy to:

Symptoms of Ebola
Sudden Fever
Muscle Pain
Sore Throat

These initial symptoms are then followed by:
Limited Kidney Function
Limited Liver Function
Internal and External Bleeding

Vickie and Colby Landrum to this day are plagued with chronic skin problems. Their immune systems have been weakened. And their eyes have been damaged as well. Vicki fears that she will eventually go blind.

Betty eventually developed breast Cancer and died.

The Government has kept a tight lip on what went on in Texas that night.

When we open the saucer full of secrets we may not like what we see. We may not want to know the truth. Do you feel that the world would benefit from the truth?

With all of what the UFO and alien agenda might be, do you think the government would change its policy on full disclosure of what the extra terrestrial truth really is?

After all of these examples do you think that public pressure would get government to release what classified information they have on the alien question?

If you were to find out the truth about a malignant alien agenda would it save you?

The ugly truth is,

The answer is no to all of the above.


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