By Clyde Lewis

There are many people who keep a constant watch. They are waiting for tanks to arrive in their neighborhoods and the soldiers kicking in their doors seizing their weapons and taking away their cherished freedoms. This may happen, but only after those that are beguiled by remote control give the order for the invasion to begin.

Some one needs to wake me from this nightmare. The nightmare of watching people all over the United States turning into psychological robots. The television news has gone from an information source, to a tool of psychological warfare hell bent on programming the mass consciousness into acting on a whim rather than analyzing and sufficiently giving us food for thought.

I am watching from the outside as most people have disengaged their minds and have not spoken out against this mind manipulation and barrage of lies that are being thrown at us on a daily basis. I also see people who say things that they truly do not believe. They say that they truly care about social injustices and yet demand that more social injustice take place in order to keep the peace.

This socially engineered confusion is crucial for those in power. It gives them the advantage over you. It is a psychological coup d'etat. Need we remind ourselves that the only reason they have power is because we were manipulated into putting them into their positions? Need we forget that we can take them out of their positions as well?

However we won't.

With all of the sour sarcasm that I spew forth in my columns I can say that we won't demand change because we have been manipulated into thinking that we have never had it so good.

In order to keep it this good, we need to demand limits to freedom, at least that seems to be the recent charge in politics. Maybe George W. Bush is being honest. He knows what is really happening and he says it so plainly and blatantly that people are either numb or we have dumbed down to the point of no return.

How is it that we can be so oblivious to these agendas? Let me spell it out for you.

There has always been a mechanism created to form a public opinion. It is a silent weapon used to get the public to move towards an agreed upon threat.

That mechanism is confusion and deliberate ignorance. The easiest way to gain control of the public is to encourage undisciplined consuming of information that is designed to keep people ignorant of the basic systems and principles that are of real importance.

What triggered my angst about such ignorance, were the latest news reports that have me scratching my head. They may not be of any importance to you if you care more about the latest sports score, or whether or not Calista Flockhart is getting too thin.

I reported in the Ground Zero newsletter that several more leading websites were reported to have been attacked by hackers. Now, according to the latest press reports the FBI is patting themselves on the back for warning us of e-commerce threats that have conveniently occurred.

The FBI seemed to have done what many psychics have failed to do and that is to pinpoint with such accuracy an all out attack on websites by hackers who according to them attack with malice against websites that they consider the "enemy."

How convenient that the headlines we read just prior to these so-called hacker attacks were:

"Government sees cyber-attacks as disruption of commerce."

"Justice Department wants more funds to fight cyber crime."

Now using one of my so called lone nut theories I am going to say right now that all of these attacks are not being carried out by hackers but by the government to increase awareness to an imaginary threat.

The biggest tip off to me that this was a sham was that after alleged attacks to e-commerce sites like Yahoo, E-Bay, Microsoft, and even the FBI itself, the FBI may have pulled the proverbial boner.

The FBI told CNN that they might never know who is responsible for the cyber-attacks, due to the difficulty in tracing the electronic trails.

This statement is either a lie or we have a lot of red herrings being thrown at us.

Namely the European hysteria surrounding Project Echelon.

It was reported recently in the BBC that The European Parliament is investigating allegations that the US uses electronic surveillance to spy on companies in the European Union.

The Echelon system, allegedly set up by the US National Security agency, is known to be capable of intercepting private telephone conversations, subversive faxes and e-mails worldwide.

Now with this vast array of technology and IP traces we are supposed to believe that if some subversive madman sent an electronic pulse that would disrupt a computer that this data could not be traced with all of the sophisticated machinery that we have been told exists?

Beyond this, lets think long and hard about "Cyber Crime" and the fact that we have been told that we need to protect ourselves against these evil hackers. Existing statutes already cover committing crimes like fraud online. It seems apparent that the Internet is the new target that the government wants to attack.

Once negative opinion is lodged against an intended target, opinion polls are then taken in order to find out if the propaganda has made its mark. Once it has been determined that the opinion polls show that the propaganda against a target has made it's mark then comes the propaganda that demands action.

This is probably the worst contrived propaganda campaign that I have ever seen.

Yet we go about our daily routine not challenging the idea. Some people hastily form an opinion with the attitude that if the government sees it as a problem then it must be a problem, and if laws are made to combat the problem then these laws must be for our own good.

It is becoming more evident that government is using a remote control monster, to create a remote control response. They build the beast, and then they direct you into thinking that perhaps the only way to kill it is to give total control to them.

Are we creating even bigger imaginary monsters so that uninformed Americans will demand that something be done before we lose the confidence in the electronic infrastructure?

Is this an excuse or is there a real fear?

If it is an excuse, then it illustrates without question that the New World State has nothing but contempt for the laws and civil liberties that now exist.

Isn't it blatantly obvious that they are creating new hysteria triggers that can be used as remote control mechanisms to get ignorant Americans to say "how high?" when they say jump?

When you look at the fundamental reasons behind the "cyber scare" one has to wonder if this isn't just a new way of creating a technocratic form of McCarthyism.

In the times of McCarthy it was becoming evident that the power of the news media was able to mold and shift attitudes. The result was a climate of fear that subversive messages were filtering into the public. The hysteria enveloped both Washington and Hollywood as people were being hunted down as subversives and being labeled as "Traitors" without any real evidence. Editorials in print and on the radio were criticizing McCarthy and wondered how a government who believed in Justice could condone such practices. McCarthy would then turn his investigation on to the offending writer or broadcaster. The communist or communist sympathizer of McCarthy's era is quite possibly the Hacker or rebellious subversive who speaks of civil rights violations and injustices today on the Internet.

We can only speculate that this type of drummed up hysteria is being levied for the soul purpose of gaining more control of a medium that seems out of control. That is why the government is so eager to have the net patrolled, they are in the business of control and will go to any means necessary to have that control.

It took a journalist by the name of Edward R. Murrow to expose McCarthy and tell the world that the only way his witch hunts could survive was because people were willing to tolerate them.

It seems however that there are no journalists like Murrow who want to expose the acts of several greedy extremists who don't want to see the power be in the hands of people.

The reason is simple.

The greedy extremists are all in control of the media and the media is merging with the Internet to form even more dirty alliances to keep control of what information you receive. Since the 1950's the old dog has learned it's lesson. In order to keep the media from reporting your transgressions you must own the media.

The part that is most interesting is how only a few people in the media know that they are playing a key role in a social engineering experiment. They only report what is fed to them and people don't question the reports.

To question means to be fired.

The media has seen the internet as threat to their livelihood and so it must do what it can to survive.

That is why someone like Kevin Mitnick becomes a despicable criminal hacker that doesn't get due process or even a fair trial in the United states and in the media. In reality he is nothing more than a trespasser yet with all of the skewed reporting you would think he was a lot worse.

It is your responsibility to decide what the nature of news filtering is and why it is filtered. Why are we hearing about so called threats to the Internet, why would government care? I can say that it is a money issue, but that would be too easy.

Janet Reno has said that there needs to be a law enforcement agency online. She called it Law Net which of course would track anything online that even appears to be "suspicious." Perhaps someone should get wise and suggest a good URL www.

Another problem the government has is those horrible people online that write in code. They can't figure out the key's so it has to be suspect. The Clinton administration proposed a law allowing government agents to obtain warrants to secretly enter a home or business and install software on their computers that would interpret or decode scrambled messages online.

After the ACLU protested against such practices the Clinton administration backed off on its zeal. Yet Janet Reno continued her relentless fight to give the right of unlawful search and unlawful intrusion to search for keys without telling the target involved.

This is the equivalent of someone getting a hold of a personal journal and trying to interpret what thoughts you may have been having when you wrote the entry.

As Edward Murrow expressed; this goes on because we the people have been duped into believing it is necessary.

It has all been a stepping stone manipulation that will continue until we demand that something be done to control the Internet. This is one of many stones that will lead to a limited surveillance of the Internet and what is being transmitted.

The first stone was cast when we were constantly being told that the Internet was nothing but a place where cults and nutcases lurked to seize your children away. Giving way to knee jerk politicians who continue to rant about censorship and the maintaining of ethics that they themselves do not practice.

The net still has politicians like George W. Bush demanding certain limits to freedoms. People however don't care because George wraps himself in the flag and kisses the "God makers" who wield their manipulative power over scores of people. I have heard it said by many Americans that he who loves the flag and loves Jesus couldn't really be a vampire waiting to suck the life force out of you and your liberty now could he?

That statement didn't even fly in the 1950's McCarthy era, why on earth do simple-minded Americans think it applies now?

Because the manipulation and psychological masturbation has worked too well. So good in fact that contrived threats receive credence in the face of a lack of evidence.

Mental and emotional rape has taken place where the media has echoed the thoughts of politicians and groups who have control of big business. They say nothing to offend the revenue and news generators for fear of being black listed or even being ignored when it comes time for these businesses to give them advertising dollars.

It is easy to give a constant barrage of "junk food for thought" to cloud the truth in order to further an agenda. It is evident that there is profit on all sides in promoting confusion. The more confusion in the world the easier it is to get people to do nothing. When people become confused on an issue they tend to become indifferent. If you can create a good hysteria the public demands action.

There was a time in this country where the thought of cameras on every street corner sounded like the eastern-block, Orwellian big brother technology that everyone feared. However give a good reason for their implementation and the people demand it.

They are needed now for traffic control. They are needed to identify a suspect and with logic that has been demonstrated by Janet Reno it could very well be used to monitor subversive activity in your home. After all she proposes that your house be broken into and your computer data be spied upon to prevent any and all acts of subversion.

I am sure that many people who are reading this right now wonder why I am even criticizing the government for these attitudes when there is the constant threat of terrorism lurking everywhere. To those people I say that you illustrate my point. You will demand that this be done because it will only insure your safety and your well being.

Tell the people that 80 percent of the people believe this is right and all the other idiots will follow, after all the majority can't be wrong can they?

Of course they can and the government has proved it time and time again.

Majorities in many states have demanded the Marijuana be legalized. Many have voted in favor of the decriminalization of it and yet the Government has opted to overturn the majority vote.

Being told you have a choice and then having it ignored by your is evil.

Yet it is tolerated on a daily basis. Why is it tolerated?

We tolerate it because we believe that people in this country cannot be steered into becoming vapid, inert, individuals expecting the government to provide us with protection.

The truth is we all have been manipulated to some degree. You can't be told otherwise. We all have a programming mechanism that refuses to accept that we are lied to daily by those whom we have trusted.

When it has been reveled to us that the lie has been told, it doesn't surprise us. Yet we continue to keep being beaten, like a wife who won't leave an abusive relationship. We all have become addicted to this idea that if we fight back we will lose everything.

So the safe route is to conform to the latest passing trend or phase. But even then there are so many things happening all at once that it is hard to even keep up. Has anyone ever stopped and asked themselves why we are the way we are?

Ask yourself where spontaneous trends come from. Where do fanatic ideas generate and what is the outcome going to be. Ask yourself if you are beginning to receive "Future Shock" where you are bombarded with so many things that your mind overloads and just switches off.

You have felt it. The urge just to open a beer , and sit on front of the television until the content drifts into a mindless gibberish. There you are once again being manipulated by more mindless pap. Some are beginning to realize that the only escape is death.

Random shootings and suicides are becoming the norm in society and we are being told that it is a nationwide epidemic. So many people are demanding the removal of guns.

Good little robots will all surrender these things in the end. If there is agreed upon threat and it looks like the scaremongers are even making it look like young children shoot each other every day.

Soon your only option will be surrender.

The technological wave and psychological remote controls can definitely throw you out of whack. When it does, there will be someone waiting at your door to take you away from all of it. They will be wearing uniforms from some governing body that you vaguely remember hearing about.

You will be so tired that when they ask you to go with them you will do so without question. The scary part is that they will come and you will welcome them because you have been manipulated by remote control, after all they can't be accused of killing you if you go willingly to the death chamber.


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