By Clyde Lewis

The United States is still trying to come to terms with the Shooting at Columbine High School. The way we are coping with it is a very bad omen of things to come. Civil Liberties and freedoms are being tampered with, all in the name of safety. Children are being expelled, arrested and even imprisoned for minor misbehavior. Television shows are being pre-empted and the hypocrisy is at a fever pitch. Ground Zero points out that from the beginning we all knew it was a part of an even bigger plan.

There is a great independent film that only a handful of people have seen. The film is called Rushmore. In the film a dreamer by the name of Maxx Fischer attends a private school and acts more or less like a manager who seems to have his school life well under control. That is, his extra curricular school life. He happens to be the worst student at Rushmore.

The reason his grades are slipping is because he has a genuine love of life, and a genuine love for the nerdy things at school. He is the president of the "bee keepers " club, and the "back gammon" club and several other clubs that he has designed and it becomes evident in the film that with all of the things he likes doing in school, the hard part is being a scholastic master.

He also is struggling with trying to fit in. He is looked down upon by the faculty of the school, and is tormented by all of the things a struggling 15 year old encounters including falling in love with a teacher. Typical fare for a young person who is fighting his way to adulthood. I remember seeing this film before the tragedy at Columbine high school in Littleton.

I saw that it was playing again near the home where I live in Portland at a restored theater called the Baghdad and so I decided to see it again. I forgot about the ending of the film. It had new meaning this time. In fact it was a relief. Without giving away anything, Maxx finds a way to buy a crate of Dynamite and purchase some weapons for his final opus. What he does with them is pure genius. Everyone smiles and the credits role.

The problem is this would never fly now. The movie would never be believed, and its release was only a few months before the Columbine massacre. If the film was released at the time of the massacre the ending would have been rewritten or even cut from the film at best.

The truth is, after seeing Rushmore again, it was like seeing it for the first time. It was then that I realized that I secretly have been holding back my feelings regarding the Columbine High School shootings. Rushmore however was not the only thing that prompted me to write. Rushmore only affected me because of what I had been seeing and hearing about the Draconian measures that have been taken to insure "safety" at our public schools. There are Gestapo like tactics that are eliminating traditions in schools across the United States.

It is becoming evident that being a child in the public school system is becoming more of a hell on earth than it already was. The pressures of being a student, a teenager, a good citizen, and a scholastic master is not on the agenda now, as America tries to come to grips with the awful paranoia that is hanging like an acid cloud over our school systems today.

Since 15 people died in the shooting at Columbine High School, and since the copycat crimes and threats that have peppered both Canada and the United States, many educational administrators in cooperation with the local police agencies have cracked down on discipline to improve school safety. Parents are worried that this may be a serious overreaction.

However in Oklahoma the legislators are demanding that laws of corporal punishment be reinstated so that children will toe the line. They voted overwhelmingly to reinforce a parent's legal right to spank disobedient children. The legislation is now amending their child abuse laws to remind parents that state law gives them the right to use what is called "ordinary force" to discipline children. I am also led to believe that Teachers are also able to corporal punishment to keep unruly kids in line.

The logic being used here is that back in the day when beating one's own child was acceptable there was less crime in the world. Frank Shurden, a Democratic senator and the author of the Bill, said: "Back when I grew up, we got our tails whipped at school, then got it again when we got home. We didn't have shootings."

Mr. Shurden probably was beaten upside the head too many times, because violence has always been "one upped" with more violence and who is to say that the violence we are seeing today is not the result of the beatings the the previous generations have given to their kids?

So the idea is to beat the children, and take away their freedoms. Get them used to living in a police like state so that they will police their elders when they decide that they do not want to live in virtual servitude. The over all breakdown is happening and the children are the ones that are being attacked. It doesn't stop with beatings either.

In Pennsylvania, a 14 year old girl was strip searched and suspended for two weeks when, during a class discussion, she expressed to her teacher and her classmates that she understood how unpopular students might eventually resort to fighting back after being tormented by Jocks. Her freedom of speech rights (if she had any to begin with) were taken from her.

Michael Jukes a 12 year old with attention deficit disorder made a statement in the lunch room one day at school, saying that if the guys ahead of him ate all the potatoes he would "get em". Jukes was first suspended, and then brought before a local judge and locked up for making "terrorist threats". He has now spent more than two weeks incarcerated in a juvenile detention center.

At Cottonwood High School in the wealthy area of the east side of Salt Lake City , Utah a number of Students who dress in gothic style clothing were all brought before student councilors and asked if any of them had thoughts of killing students or harming teachers.

This disciplinary overdrive to some may be necessary but to me , it only is the beginning of what is to come. With all of what we have discussed in the past, the police state has already begun and people are voluntarily taking away freedom of choice in the guise of safety measures. These people are unwittingly allowing the control mechanisms to waste what little choices we still have left.

Talk Show Host Jerry Springer was recently the victim of a purge of his sometimes violent talk show. Jerry's programs were taken off the air and replaced with reruns from 1993. When the company that produces Jerry's was asked why, they sited the Columbine High School Shootings.

Warner Bros. executives decided to yank the much anticipated season finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because of content. The highly rated show was the second half of a cliff hanger where the high School Principal turns into a reptilian Vampire and the students use guns to kill off the vampires that team up with the serpent. When Warner brothers was Contacted they explained that the show would be preempted because of the Columbine massacre.

An Overwhelming majority of people are wondering who are making these rash decisions and why is this happening. Why is it that one school shooting has resulted in the constant bombardment of media micro management, and gestapo tactics in the local schools?

Because we have stated time and time and again these control mechanisms are being launched to make it appear that chaos is running rampant in our nation. That the Columbine shooting was a subliminal "trigger" that has caused some people to make knee jerk decisions, and those decisions are unwittingly destroying our freedoms. Giving people warped messages that indicate that we are incapable of making our own choices and that we need to be policed and that we should fall in line when someone from a government organization tells us too.

I have also been noticing a great deal of shows and news reports lately that are glorifying police officers and what they do. From A&E to the discovery channel we are seeing that Police officers are being shot at, that laws need to be changed to make shooting and killing a police officer a more severe crime than murdering a typical citizen.

Shows' depicting high speed chases and police officers with no knock warrants terrorizing our citizenry, throwing them down and cuffing them. There are also shows that are now making it look like it is common for the American to spend some time in jail, for crimes as simple as not paying a speeding ticket.

Tell me that this is coincidence.

I refused to say on air or go on the record as saying this, but I will say it now. The Columbine High School Massacre has all the indications of being a organized hit to start an act of cold war in this country. If this goes unchecked it will fester into a real war that will not only see the shedding of blood with copycat crimes but it will also be a quiet war that will unwittingly begin the stripping away of certain rights and liberties.

All of which will be given up by the ignorant and the fearful. These are the ones that will easily succumb to the programming and the indoctrination. There will be people who are already jumping to misguided conclusions when there is no way of knowing what really went on at Columbine high.

The witnesses are beginning to change their minds too. As if the whole group is having some post traumatic recall of the events, and now the police, the FBI, the BATF and the CIA have some explaining to do.

It is now leaking out into the press that 100 or more students are now coming forward and saying that there were at least 8 perpetrators in the Columbine shooting. Many of them were adults.

Jefferson County District Court Judge Henry Nieto has refused to release autopsy reports on victims of the Columbine High School shootings, saying "the community" would suffer substantial harm if the reports were released. It was also claimed that this was at the request of the families however some of the families are outraged because they feel as though they are only getting part of the story.

Many of the students and parents have asked the police in Littleton why there was a Military Presence near Clement Park after the shootings. Clement Park was the area designated for a memorial to the students there.

There are also reports that the survivors of the shootings, the ones that were injured and hospitalized have received death threats and are being told not to talk to reporters or police about what really happened at the school and about what they saw the day of the shooting. Some are claiming that they are receiving death threats.

It is obvious that Columbine has become a cultural trigger that has declared that all people in the United States change their lifestyles and choices, and be ready to surrender your guns.

Entertainment personalities have jumped on the bandwagon from Sharon Stone to Rosie O'donnell.

Sharon Stone gave up all of her guns after the incident.

Rosie O'donnell attacked Tom Selleck on her talk show for being a member of the NRA saying that guns are killing the children. Meanwhile Rosie is a spokesperson for K-Mart who sells many guns in their sporting goods section. This is where the ugliness of hypocrisy ruins people who show so much promise and potential.

The cultural trigger theory gains more credibility when you consider that it was just reported in the Denver Post and the Rocky Mountain news that a government law enforcement agency did have ties to the trench coat mafia.

It was reported that Dylan Klebold and Brooks Brown were involved with the son of the FBI's lead Columbine investigator Dwayne Fuselier, who is known to be directly tied to making the 1997 pre massacre video that the media claims is a practice video showing Klebold and Eric Harriss pretending to shoot down students at Columbine High. Eric Harris was not even part of the Trench coat Mafia at that time.

This begins a theory that has a chilling outcome.

So we are being led to believe with the new facts revealed that the FBI indirectly knew of the psychological topography of the school. That there was a group of outcasts that could be taught how to be killers in order to begin the cultural trigger that would plummet the country into fear so that it would gladly allow itself to be policed and disarmed by a paranoid industrial military complex that is out of control?

That this was well rehearsed and video taped with the precision of a special forces hit?

This whole angle obviously now bears a great deal more looking into.

Is it all a coincidence?

Eric Harriss Father, Wayne also is another tie to the industrial military complex. He could have been a programmed stooge that programmed his son to be a part of a well groomed goon squad. Wayne Harriss it has been reported was deeply involved with highly classified, black budget projects for Military intelligence back in 1981.

It all seems so simple now doesn't it?

Keep in mind, that Denver is a major hub for the F.B.I and the CIA. It is the center for federal government operations of all kinds for the entire mountain and plains area. It was not by accident that it was picked as a good, safe place to conduct the Oklahoma City bombing trial of Timothy McVeigh.

When Columbine was remodeled it was made into an Education 2000 school. This meant that the school was a safe haven for students to study in a safe and drug free environment. The school with all of it's hidden cameras and reported safeguards was not enough to keep out numerous bombs that apparently were smuggled in right under the noses of school administrators.

Set up or not? Subconscious trigger? Conspiracy?

Lets step away and take a deep breath.

Now, you can say to yourself that the government would not intentionally kill 13 kids to cause a trigger effect in the nation.

They would do it if they were considered casualties of war. We have already concluded that it is possible that a president or the government could declare a state of martial law on it's citizens if they felt as though there was a crisis.

In every war young people are sent into other countries to fight and die. The war at home is just as bloody and the puppet masters still use children to fight their battles.

I've pointed out many times that laws are made to harm children. That they have no say. They have no hope. Their schools have become war zones that are being patrolled and micro managed so the very hint if dissension is eliminated through expulsions and jail time. That they feel they have no other alternative but to lash out at those who continue to harm them.

The children are our future. This is how they are being raised. In a mindset of stricter rules and controls, that kill their freedom of expression. Many of them are already used to the idea of drastic measures and removing freedoms for safety.

When many of them were corralled out of Columbine High school with their hands on their heads what we saw was the images in a crystal ball.

Get used to that kind of treatment kids.

There will be more to come when you are adults.


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