By Clyde Lewis

Do we all have to fall ill in order to get the undeniable truth that the polluting of vegetation and the air is tainting the circle of life? Or are their other ways to get a clue? Ground Zero explores the possibility that Chemtrail awareness and the rash of Cattle mutilations may have a remote connection. Science is learning that cattle function as Bio- sentinels and may show signs of disease and contamination that can eventually get into the human body. This may be a weakness that terrorists can exploit.

When I was 9 years old I had the unique opportunity to live on my Uncle's potato and cattle ranch in Idaho. The farm itself was spread in two places. The potato farm was located west of the Pocatello International Airport and the cattle ranch was out in a secluded area near the Aberdeen/American falls area.

I remember when my aunt would take us all to Pocatello to buy groceries and as we would return I would notice a dense purple cloud that would hover over an area that was adjacent to the J.R. Simplot Phosphor mining plant that existed on the Fort Hall Indian reservation. At the time I was too young to concern myself with environmental health and air quality. However I got the sickening feeling that being in the midst of the purple cloud was not at all wise.

Later the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes and residents of Chubbuck and Pocatello raised concerns about the number of cases of asthma and upper respiratory infections in their communities.

There was also talk of the contamination being seen in the potato crop and in the cattle that were in the general vicinity. The cattle and the potatoes were raised for use in the fast food industry. A Hamburger, fries and a coke is a convenient and inexpensive meal and these contaminated animals and vegetables were ending up in Styrofoam boxes, and in happy meals all over the country.

Let's face it we are what we eat and Americans love of fast food and the consuming of these foods do affect the human body. Every time I step into the arena of talking about beef and fast food and how it may kill you I end up sounding a bit hypocritical. I consume it too.

I am not on a Vegan crusade or a vegetarian kick. I am leading you along to demonstrate that chemical contamination shows up in places that we take for granted. Every day about one third of the American Population consumes a fast food Hamburger. That one third often does not know what goes into preparing that burger from slaughterhouse to happy meal.

The death fetishist can give detail after gory detail on how the cattle are stunned, beheaded and quickly gutted in the slaughter house with the notion that it will convince the unconverted that they ought to seek out alternatives to beef. However we must understand that there is more to beef contamination than a mere industrial mistake of getting excrement on the meat or feeding the animals Animal affluent or road kills. To be fair we shouldn't downplay those facts. But the unavoidable truth is that Cattle are hosts to all kinds of microbes and sickness.

They are hosts to all kinds of contaminants. These contaminants can remain in digestive systems in these animals for long periods of time without making the animals sick. We are seeing diseases spring up everywhere and the threat of Bio-apocalypse looms over us with the fear that terrorists will use anthrax and other diseases to wipe out the American population.

Anthrax cases were rare in the United States but the awareness was peaked after letters were sent in the mail containing the virus to several key figures in the media and in government. This triggered panic and people were buying up gas masks and Cipro, an antibiotic to rid themselves of the paranoia.

Never before has there been such an urgency to find methods to combat the spread of these diseases and so it stands to reason that the race to find antidotal and prophylactic protection is of the utmost importance.

We do not need Anthrax scares to let us know that we are walking a contamination tight rope. Cattle are merely the four-legged canaries in the coal mine. They are the creatures we must look at for determining what is next in our biological runaway train ride into the Bio unfriendly new millennium.

Recently the European Society for Clinical Virology, the European Society for Veterinary Virology and the Society for General Microbiology met in London and learned that birds carry virulent strains and when they pass into cattle they become lethal. Science has now found strains of flu in the cattle. Some are hosts for devastating strains for many years.

It seems that we are more aware of cattle and their toxic potential because of the exhaustive efforts of vegetarians and vegans whose crusades have given us reason to become reluctant vegetarians.

However we need to understand that cattle and other animals are exposed to all sorts of outside evils that find their way into the ecosystem. Much to the chagrin of vegan militants the problem may be in the earth itself. Heavy metals and other contaminants end up in the soil and the watershed. It ends up in the plant life and then it is transmitted to animal life.

Other animals have demonstrated that they are being exposed to all kinds of pathogens, infectious diseases and toxic gasses. The question is where is all of this coming from? Chickens carry influenza, Mosquitoes have carried viral encephalitis, and crows have shown that they can carry The West Nile Virus.

As I had pointed out earlier, my experience in Idaho later raised my awareness to the possibility that death can be spread from air contamination and poisons can eventually end up in the water shed that is used to water the vegetation that is consumed by these animals. The contamination stays in the cattle and is later packaged and delivered to fast food chains and supermarkets where it is eventually consumed and passed on to humans.

So you can assure your vegan friends that they can also get in on the contamination and they don't have to sit down to Prime rib dinner to get it. This raises a very horrific precedent.

We have warned you of the possibility that Chemical trails in our skies have polluted the air with pathogens that find their way into the soil and the watershed. These chemical pollutants from the sky find their way into the grasses that our cows eat. The pollutants climb their way up the food chain and before you know it your body contains synthetic industrial chemicals and pollutants.

The efforts of environmental investigator William Thomas have given us food for thought regarding the high level contamination caused by chemical trails left behind by unknown air craft.

These pathogens and contaminants get into the soil, the vegetation and eventually the meat supply. As we have pointed out authorities say that some animals incubate diseases. Cattle are breeding grounds for flu outbreaks, and are remarkable specimens for tracking biological contamination.

A perfect example of how cows can be affected by contaminants is in the testimony of Gary Harris who testified in Court about questionable security practices at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah when the nerve gas incinerator was in operation. The Dugway Proving Grounds is an 800,000-acre military Biological testing facility in the desert 60 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

This story was originally brought to light in The Ground Zero article called "The secret Eye of the Triangle." The article coupled the chemtrail phenomena with UFO sightings, Chemical tests at Area 51 and its relationship with Dugway Proving Grounds.

Harris testified that the Tooele Chemical Weapons Incinerator operation was negligent and managers were operating with reckless incompetence.

Part of the testimony included the revelation that during the reckless release of contaminants during the mustard and nerve gas burning, statistics about the consumption of local dairy and beef products were removed from the Human Health Risk Assessment, because they would have "failed" had they been included. If these contaminants affected the beef in Utah during the incinerator operations imagine what Chemtrail contamination can do to the health risk Assessment.

The Military claims that that the Incinerator was running safely and that there was no danger to the population of Utah or it's agriculture.

Recently another whistleblower has come forward and made claims that security at the Dugway Proving Grounds has been negligent. MSNBC reported on January 14th 2001 that David W. Hall, claims that the Army took retaliatory steps against him after he complained to state and federal regulators about how Dugway handled its chemicals, tested for contamination and approved gas masks for soldiers in the Persian Gulf. Hall also suggested possible security problems on the biological side of Dugway.

This information is very interesting in the wake of the FBI investigation into Dugway possibly being the source of bacteria or technology used in the Anthrax-by-mail terrorism that occurred just as the United States was grieving in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

I noted the coincidence in cattle mutilations in Utah during the time that the Incinerator was in operation. Cattle were found mutilated in Utah's Uintah Basin. Ground Zero was speculating at the time that the cattle were being used as disease models and as test models for battle medicine studies.

I proposed that when mutilation reports surface in the fringe it is an ill omen for a biological threat, or major pandemic. I speculate that cattle are illegally being cut up by industrial terrorists so they can detect possible bio contamination. These professional butchers have a scientific background and analyze the removed parts in a lab. Their findings are valuable and the data is possibly sold to drug companies, the Centers for disease control, the Military or investors on Wall Street for a high price.

A little history may shed some light on why suspects are never found in Cattle mutilation cases. In the early 1950s, some pigs were immobilized in pits and pens, and others were left to wander the Nevada desert, during experiments on atomic weaponry testing. The blasts killed a number of the animals outright; others died later from radiation poisoning. The mortality rate, in the end, was 100%.

In the aftermath of World War II-after the annihilation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan-the atom bomb was tested on several species of animals. Immobilized in metal stalls, tethered to designated areas, and left wandering on the open decks, pigs, goats and sheep were the unwitting recipients of a full-on blast of an atomic bomb. The American atom bomb tests were held near Bikini Island (Atoll) in the Pacific in 1946. The animals-having been shaved-were aboard the ironically named, taxpayer-funded, "Atomic Ark." There were no survivors.

A few years later, in 1951, donkeys were subjected to lethal radiation doses. The animals slowly died-with ulcerations of the gums and anuses, bleeding from the mouth, lethargy, disorientation, collapse, and then death. Again, no survivors.

What we learned from these experiments is that similar symptoms of radiation disease were observed-and recorded-in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Decades later, radiation sickness experiments on animals continue. - Source: Farm Sanctuary

As you can see "second creation" animals have been used to test radiation and sometimes cows have been forced to eat poisons and have their stomachs opened so Scientists can see how the cow digests foods and eliminates waste. How do you think they found out that cows are carriers of deadly flu? I promise you that it wasn't because a cow sneezed milk all over farmer Brown.

Chances are it was discovered through quick Vivisection.

Cattle mutilations are frightening in the time of terrorism and bio threats. If cows go unattended and one becomes a carrier of a fatal contagion, one of the nations biggest businesses will suffer and so will about 1/3 of the United States Populace.

It was reported by Eric Schlosser author of the book "Fast food nation" that daily hamburger and French fry intake by Americans is a $112 billion dollar cash cow. Not to mention the fact that McDonalds is part of what can be classified by non Americans as "Yankee economic imperialism" where it is moving into countries where it is not welcomed.

McDonalds is "America."

The Big Mac is the symbol of the power struggle of the West trying to convince the East that it needs to conform. As funny and nutty as this sounds McDonalds, MTV, Coca-Cola, Macintosh, and other well known brand names are helping along the idea of a homogenized New World order.

To some it represents the attempts at globalism. I call it the world of McDisney. These companies represent America and this should raise a red flag as to where a potential terrorist threat or terrorist attack may take place. We can fortify our egos all we want by saying that the Terrorist attacks on U.S. Open infrastructure has increased our resolve and has made us stronger but the reality is far from the optimistic views of spin doctors. We are seeing major retail failing and declaring bankruptcy and we are still wondering what the next target will be for terrorists.

Well my friends I think this one is an easy call. Americans spend more time eating away from home and most foods consumed are prepared outside of the home. You put your trust in food that is handled by so many people, from farm to fryer and most of the fast food is targeted at young children. It's a food source that is compartmentalized and is mass-produced from the bun and meat to the little packets of ketchup you use on the French fries.

While the water supplies of many cities are guarded against potential attack The security of the farm and the fryer seem to be lacking. A news story which recently graced the Louisiana newspaper Houma reported that Larose cattleman Ray Cheramie and two farm hands discovered the mutilated bodies of a cow and aborted calf behind the Larose Landing subdivision north of Larose.

The bovine, was nearly 2 years old, was about to bear her first calf.

The Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office reported that the stomach of the cow had been removed and the calf was removed It's ear had been torn off. One of the front hooves was cut off at the first joint. Three of the mother's teats had been removed from the cow's udder sack.

This was the second known attack on cows in the area Police still had no clues in the shooting death of a cow found in a pasture near the Twin Acres Subdivision in northern Larose.

This attack discovery comes in the wake of yet another high profile attack on cattle in Montana that has been investigated by The national Institute of discovery Science.

Conrad Cattleman Everett King discovered the remains of a mutilated cow on his farm that he claims is a host spot for Bovine attacks. Most of the cows had the skin scraped from their faces. The tongue is cut out; one eye and all or part of an ear had been ripped off. Genitalia and parts of the udder were removed and the anus had been cored.

With the threat of terrorism looming like a shadow over this country, and while we focus on the water supply for possible contamination, the food supply seems to be in the cross hairs. This I believe is an act of terrorism. It is an attack on many food sources.

With the attack on cattle we see that dairy products are at risk for contamination and their meat goes into fast food chain after fast food chain. What if the mutilations are only the beginning?

If a cow can be butchered with no leads as to who is responsible imagine what could happen if a herd that is destined for slaughter is somehow infected with a contaminant or disease. What if that disease thinks and incubates and goes undetected. The slaughtered meat winds up on a bun, with cheese, and is served with fries and a Chocolate shake.

With all of this mass production we may see something slip through the cracks. We have had it all happen before. In 1993 Seattle Washington Doctors saw first hand what tainted beef could do to children, when many of the area kids were suffering from bloody diarrhea. They were suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome, caused by the E. coli O157:H7 bacteria that had invaded their bodies.

Brianna Kriefall was one of the victims who were admitted to Children's Hospital in Wauwatosa on July 22 with severe diarrhea, vomiting and cramps. This led to kidney failure the next day and she fought for her life as the infection progressed through her body the rest of the week.

It was later determined that the infection had caused brain damage. Later her respiratory system failed. Brianna's parents asked that no resuscitation measures be used. She later died. The little girl unknowingly signed her death warrant by eating a hamburger from a well-known fast food chain. It was undercooked.

Now call me foolish but I have been seeing some strange stuff going down and I am beginning to wonder if we are about to see some sort of unprecedented beef scare in the United States that may attack the fast food industry, one that will be worse than the one that happened in Europe.

It was reported in 1999 that there was a surplus in Buffalo meat and the federal government was buying surplus bison meat at inflated prices. The department of Agriculture shelled out $6 Million dollars to buy the surplus bison meat.

In 1999 there was an estimated 250,000 commercial bison Being raised in the United States. It is proposed that the number of these head of buffalo is growing by about 20% a year. Bison ranchers are producing this bison for consumption. It is higher in protein and lower in fat. Now, when was the last time you had a Buffalo burger?

The federal government has stepped in to buy the extra meat at $3.45 a pound.

If the bells and whistles aren't going off yet then here is some more interesting turns of events.

After the bailout we saw the BSE and Foot and Mouth disease scares all over Europe. McDonalds took a big hit financially as it rushed for beef alternatives and introduced a pork burger for European consumers. McDonald's stock plummeted to a low $27 a share. When people are watching on CNN that cattle are being burned in fields you really don't want to eat a Royale with Cheese.

So it was Veggie Macs, Lamb Macs in India, and a McCurry chicken sandwich.

In France they even sold something called McToast. It was a hot ham n cheese croissant. It forced McDonalds to take in a beef audit with all of its suppliers to garner public confidence. They made sure that their cows were not eating ruminant meat or bone meal in their feed. It is believed that this practice causes BSE in cattle. The reason sighted is because ruminant meat may contain spinal chord material, which is believed to cause BSE.

However when you look at the hamburger you really don't know what goes into it. How hard would it be to sneak a little spinal chord into a hamburger? This open Americanized infrastructure could easily lose to contamination, beef scares, and industrial terrorism. I have to admit that there has been an overwhelming warning from several media sources that Americans should reduce their reliance on beef as a food source.

Maybe they are trying to tell us something.

I was watching CNN the other day and Ted Turner was making an announcement. After making a killing on the government buy out of bison, Turner announced that he too has an alternative to the burger.

Buffalo Meat. He is about to open "Montana Grills" featuring his free range Bison as an alternative to beef. The beautiful thing is that you will be paying for his meat twice because of the government subsidies that he enjoys. Turner ranch operations received more than $217,000 in federal funds from 1996 to 2000 all paid by the U.S. taxpayer.

He owns 27,000 head of Bison, believed to be the largest herd in the nation. Turner has 20 ranches and doesn't fault for owning a whole lot of land that covers more than 26,000 square miles in Montana, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Florida, South Dakota, South Carolina, Georgia, Colorado and Oklahoma, as well as in Argentina. He charges up to $4,000 per person for big-game hunts in addition to buffalo hunts where he has charged hunters nearly $11,000 dollars to bag a buffalo.

Once again I ask do the rich mucky mucks know something we don't? Buffalo will be expensive to buy if it is all we have for meat. But the temptation to go to the Golden Arches for affordable food is overwhelming for the struggling American family. Hamburgers are cheap and feed the American family quite well. Soon however it will be safer to eat raw oysters and Japanese Blowfish. Both the cow and the blowfish will share a commonality: even after you cut the bad parts out eating the meat can still kill you dead.

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