By Clyde Lewis

Strange phone calls? Seeing weird number sequences? Irritated throat? Burning sensations? Dizziness? Rash? Well of course! You may be the victim of tests of non-lethal weapons. Perhaps you may be feeling the repercussions of mass hysteria. Either way it may all be traced to the oldest and most effective weapon of all, Fear.

As I was watching the Twilight Zone rerun called 9/11 on the news and the subsequent 6 month remembrance, I once again felt something that I had lost track of in the past 6 months that I have tried to get control back into my life.

I sensed a sick feeling in my stomach. It was a primal feeling. It was that fight or flight response that the body goes through when it sees or experiences a bit of shock. It's a literal shock to the system when you see your world crumble around you and the reminder of war and hostilities are flashed before you on a small screen reaching into your brain and tugging on the string of your delusions.

It was coincidence I suppose that 6 months after the attacks I would find myself in downtown Portland. Six months ago I was there asking people about what they were feeling. I remember an American Flag as a backdrop, people singing songs of peace, and sending a large letter of condolences on butcher paper.

On March 11th the day was different.

It was pouring rain and I was in Pioneer Square on my way to visit my friend Eric. It was about 11:30 am when the sounds of trains, busses and honking horns was sliced by the random popping of what sounded like firecrackers.

It was not firecrackers.

Someone had a gun and they were firing 6 rounds into a man on the street. I was standing about a block away. I was too afraid to go near the area but there were screams and many people were converging on the Nordstrom store on the corner of Broadway.

The reason he began firing was because he needed Xanax, medication used for anxiety attacks. He asked the victim if he had some. When the victim said no, the suspect took out a gun and brazenly fired at him. The victim died moments later at a local hospital.

Meanwhile in the morning paper controversy continues over the shooting of a young black man at a Motel 6. The story has been a very unsettling one for me considering the numbers game I set myself up for when we did a 23-enigma show on February 23rd, 2002.

The man was shot on my birthday February 22nd, 2002. He was also shot in room 222. The 26 year old black man was holding in his arms a three year old boy threatening to break his neck. It was alleged that he was on PCP and methamphetamines when officers arrived.

The story was not even newsworthy until the Albina Ministry Alliance was reporting that the suspect Byron Hammick Jr. did not have to die. He was unarmed and the ministers feel that the shooting was unnecessary and unjust and that it might not of happened if Hammick was not black. A wrongful death suit is now pending against the Portland Police department.

A huge story ran on March 8th 2002 in the Oregonian newspaper and made the nightly news. I was blown away by the trinumerics of 222 twice adding up to 444. I was forced to notice that the 8th day (4+4) and 2002 (2+2) was giving off 4's. It was yet another 444.

I also marveled at the images of police officers standing in front of the room that said 223. That was the date that Sally Faubian appeared on Ground Zero to talk about the numbers 222, 23, and 444.

More details on Shooting Emerge - Oregonian March 8th, 2002

"On February 22nd, 2002 Portland Police Bureau Officers Stephen Mosier and Christopher Gilbert responded to a call at Motel 6, 3104 SW Powell Blvd. Room 222. There they found Byron Clay Hammick Jr. high on PCP and methamphetamines, slapping, squeezing and shaking a toddler. Hammick ignored their orders to release the child and the officers fearing for the 3 -year- old's life shot and killed Hammick."

It is just an uncanny little piece of Synchronicity.

The day after was a weird day. Two freak thunderstorms roared through Portland. The thunderheads were huge and hail was falling outside. Huge bolts of lightning were being hurled down from above and huge claps of thunder echoed through the west hills. The power went out. Everything was shut down and so I called the radio station to see if they were off the air. They were still on and so I decided I would walk down a few blocks to the radio station and work on some other projects. By this time the hail had stopped. The sun was out and it was as if there were no storms.

As I was walking along I noticed two news Helicopters buzzing real low past me. This was unnerving. I thought that perhaps there was a traffic accident on the Interstate. I was looking ahead on 1st avenue and I noticed a police roadblock. I was thinking, Now what?

I quickly found out when I was stopped by an officer and asked if I had business in the area. I said I was a radio host and news/traffic reporter for KOTK. They allowed me to pass. I asked them what was wrong and the officer told me that a gunman was in Portland Center near Lincoln and Harrison street and that there had been a bank robbery just up the street at Wells Fargo Bank.

I was really blown away. Two violent attacks in downtown in two days and each one in the general vicinity of where I was. I hustled into the newsroom and Tim Riley, a newsman said "Clyde how did you get in? We are on shutdown. No one in or out." I told him that I informed the police I was "the press" and they let me through. Tim then laughed and said, "Today is another one of those 222 days."

I was puzzled.

Tim looked at me like a kid who just caught a big fish "You know your show about 444, and 666 and that thing about the Motel 6?"

I said "Yea what about it?"

Riley grinned, "Well Byron Hammick was in room 222 on 2/22, and this gunman now is in building 222 on Harrison!"

I laughed and said "Quit Bullshitting me!"

Riley then said, "You are one spooky guy!"

I thought, yea spooky. Then a cold chill came over me. Each time one of these attacks took place I was within a block of each attack. Motel 6 happened near my home and not far from a bar that I frequent called "Bodacious Classics." The shooting downtown happened near Seattle Filmworks where I was visiting my friend Eric. The bank robbery and apartment takeover was happening right across the street.

The next day I prepared a Ground Zero report pointing out the strange coincidences of doing a radio show about tri-numerics with Sally Faubian on February 23rd or 2/23. The show was aptly titled 23skidoo. We weren't originally going to do that show. We had a guest bail out at the last minute.

I talked about 444's and 222's and 666. I then pointed out each story and their uncanny 222 coincidences. I said the Motel 6 incident took place on 2/22 at a Motel 6. The man was shot in room 222. 222 + 222= 444. Then I pointed out the other coincidence. The gunman was at a standoff with police on the 8th floor. The building was 222. The address was 222 SW Harrison.

While we were on the air Rick Emerson was being a jerk and poking fun at me. Then he received e-mail from someone who claimed to be a police dispatcher listening to the show.

It read:

Tell Clyde that the bank robbery took place at 2:15. 911 received the call at 2:22 p.m.

We both were quiet and then he went on to talk to a stripper.

I went and did some checking and according to the Oregonian Newspaper:

Joseph Rose, Mark Larabee, and Bryon Denson

"A man fired two shots inside the Portland State University Branch of the Wells Fargo bank at 1900 SW 5th Avenue before running away with an unknown amount of money, police said.

Investigators found 2 9MM-bullet casings inside the bank after the robbery, which happened shortly after 2pm. Police arrested a man they found with the robbery suspect in the Portland Center Apartments at 222 SW Harrison St." - Oregonian March 13th, 2002

I received an e-mail from someone who wanted to tell me that what was happening to me is no coincidence. The person claimed that perhaps some sort of electronic harassment is going on over Portland. The letter went on to explain that electronic fields can be used to cause people to freak out and change weather patterns. He also says that perhaps I am sensitive to number sequences and that the times and sequences are meant to be that way as signatures.

This person obviously is a follower of my show because I have stated that strange things have been happening to me. I have chalked them up as coincidences. I find them poetic and a bit enigmatic.

For a while now I have been forced into seeing the trinumeric sequences of 444. It all started with a possible ghost programming my microwave oven with the numbers 444. I was then receiving strange phone calls. One was a little child that laughed and sang the words "evil one" to me. It continued with a meeting with a woman who told me that she has been seeing 444. Then came another phone call from an electronic voice saying that strangeness will surround me and that it will all have meaning in time. I was warned not to play the message on the air or it would unleash strange coincidences and that the "evil one" would play tricks on me.

Chuck Casimano mentioned the number sequence on one of my programs and I received a phone call on March 8th 2002 from a woman named Annette who lived in Georgia telling me that she has also been seeing the tri-numeric numbers 222 and 444.

You may be thinking that I am vigilantly watching my clock twice a day and feeling a little surge whenever it is 444. That is not the case.

I hate numbers. Others have pointed these things out to me.

It is all synchronicity happening for some strange reason. Maybe I am more aware of it or maybe there is more to it than this. In reality I never think of any numbers. If you recall I have stated for the record that I fear numbers.

I am no numerologist and I do not sit and focus on any number sequences like some neurotic in a fit of hysteria.

I am merely pointing out the strangeness of it all.

There is no rhyme or reason. There is no scientific explanation, there is no specter or spook, or logic. Just an uncanny coincidence at work.

Coincidence that follows me around everywhere I go. Or is it coincidence?

I have been thinking long and hard about electronic manipulation. I haven't really stopped and thought that I am being targeted for electronic harassment. However after I came home the day of the bank robbery and apartment standoff my modem was fried in the freak thunderstorm.

The email continued to ask if I had experienced dizziness, headaches, sore throat, rashes, depression, stress, forgetfulness, nausea, burning eyes, thirsty or parchness, ringing ears, irregular heartbeat, shakiness, light sensitivity.

The answer is yes to some of those things but I attribute it to stress. I overwork sometimes. I stay up late, party hard, smoke and drink occasionally. But then I remembered something.

I remembered some stories that I read in the paper where doctors were at a loss to diagnose a bunch of kids with rashes, dizziness, and nausea.

School officials and the Centers for disease control were baffled as a mysterious rash plagued children in at least 7 states across the country.

It's just another example of what doctors call idiopathic conditions that continue to be reported but never are pursued. The first reports came out of Indiana.

Then reports came out of Philadelphia. Quakertown Community School district reported that at least 170 students reported the rashes and the hysteria it caused forced authorities to close at least two schools in the area.

By February the rashes moved to Southwestern Oregon. The rashes appeared on cheeks and arms, were itchy and looked like sunburns. No source of the rash was found. The affliction affected some 53 students and 11 adults of a school that had a student body of nearly 600 students.

The rashes were then reported in an Oregon junior high school. Seven adults and 84 children suffered from different varieties of rashes, including eczema.

Strangely enough the rashes would disappear when students would leave the schools. However some students weren't as lucky. Some students would suffer the effects of the rash for 2 to 3 weeks.

The symptoms included a bright red rash on the cheeks, neck, arms, legs or thighs, and sometimes a rash on the torso.

Investigators have unsuccessfully looked for a cause in dust mites, cockroach allergens, solvents and cleaners, fungi and bacteria.

Rashes also have been reported in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Texas, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

Without any final assessment from the CDC, medical and school officials have thrown into the ring the possibility of sympathetic conditions where the other students and adults were manifesting the rash and that the cause is somewhat psychosomatic.

Could there be even the slightest possibility that students in many of the schools have been exposed to EMF/RFR? Is there a Microwave test going on in Portland causing erratic behaviors, weird weather and sequential anomalies?

The reports do not take into account the possibility that rash cases may have afflicted others in the areas mentioned. Ground Zero reported last year that exposure to electronic frequencies could cause all kinds of problems. We pointed out how transmitter arrays, and other RF exposure could cause mental dysfunction and spatial disorientation.

Electronic frequency overload is becoming a major environmental health problem. It may be affecting the populace in diverse ways and we are hearing about them in the mainstream.

Doctors are puzzled and with good reason.

Today we are blasted by frequencies everyday and we are unaware of the long term effects. New non-lethal weapons are being introduced and we do not know if they are being tested on an unknowing populace.

The Scientific community continues to study long term effects of RFR/EMF exposures and there is little to protect the public from unlimited reliance on new technologies that may put human health at risk.

The idea of Electro-stress, microwave harassment, technostress, or electric allergy may sound far fetched, however you must realize that everyday you are exposed to cellular phones, computers, fluorescent lights, and appliances that give off a frequency.

Not to mention the Electro-stress brought on by exposure to frequency radiation from freeways, transformers, substations, airports, military bases, and Doppler radar installations.

The public health impact is still being analyzed. The impact on the mental well being of the populace may already be showing itself.

If I am indeed being harassed electronically, then I suppose I am already a goner.

Full on targeting of a subject is believed to cause mental illness, anxiety, depression, internal bleeding, and cancer.

So far as far as I know I am not diagnosed with any of these things.

However this number thing is driving me a bit crazy.

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