An Observation by Clyde Lewis

No more pencils, no more books, and no more teachers' dirty looks.

Students have always had a chip on their shoulder when it comes to schoolteachers. From the funny Fastimes at Ridegmont high to the latest anti school propaganda films kids have always fantasized about an ultimate rebellion. Analysts say that the schools are small models of what society will be in the future. It all seems so academic now, but in a world where the future is dark, some kids feel like they are cramming for their finals.

There are many people who are now claiming that after the arrival of the new millennium that end times prophecies will continue well into the year 2005. It will then begin to change, and a more positive outlook will be talked about and new ideas will cancel out the doom and gloom that has been forecast by doomsayers and end times pundits.

That may be the case, however there are many red flags that are pointing to an even darker time when the generation that exists after Generation X will be well programmed into continuing the violent behavior that has been the subject of headline news as of late.

The United States has become the victimized country that always seems to have an idea about who or what is to blame for what appears to be an increase in violence in the public school system.

Yet with overwhelming reports to the contrary the country is leaning towards a system that will be over policed and riddled with new laws that will take away personal privacy and freedom at the expense of safety. Freedom of speech will also be curtailed in the future. It will be replaced by responsible speech, responsible expression, and politically correct allegory that will be a guise to hide underlying hatred of race, sexual orientation, and religious affiliation.

Political extremists claim that it is time to arm ourselves and fight the dark New World Order. However the damage is being done. Much of it is being done by the very people who warn us that our freedoms are being taken away. It's not any coincidence that the people are demanding more government, more laws and more curfews. It is all a part of social engineering. It is no secret that our children are being groomed for a future that will little by little be controlled by the few.

Fascism will be in fashion. There will be those who will claim that their freedoms have been taken from them. However a new generation that is used to the militant "norm" will urge the rest of the world to fall in line with the new police state.

The clique is more or less a beginner's word and can be juxtaposed with elitism as the classes shift their attitudes. The rich will be richer, the poor will be poorer and they will adapt with the kill or be killed attitude.

The way you can predict a future is to look at the children and see what their values are. Look at the children and determine how they are being treated in social situations. Understand the ways by which children are responding to practices in our schools. Realize that our Armageddon philosophy is being handed down as a bloody legacy to our children.

The future is behind the doors of the brownstone school. A place that is literally becoming a concentration camp that kids feel they need to break out of in order to be truly free.

"We don't need no education
We don't need no thoughts controlled
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teacher leave them kids alone!"

From the movie The Wall by Pink Floyd

Under fire for their depictions of firearm violence, Hollywood executives met in Beverly Hills to discuss what, if anything should be done about guns in TV and movies.

The meeting, which included experts on the psychology of violence, was convened behind closed doors by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Entertainment Industries Council Inc.

It was at least in part a response to charges leveled by President Clinton and the U.S. Congress that Hollywood is to blame for excessive violence in the culture. After the Columbine High School massacre in April, carried out by two youths said to be addicted to video games, the Senate called for studies of how violent games and movies are marketed to children.

"We are addressing the issue as a public health problem, as a disease," Entertainment Industries Council President Brian Dyak told reporters before the private meeting. "But the entertainment industry is only a small piece of the societal puzzle." Dyak said the entertainment agencies already consult regularly with community organizations, and will do so as they consider the results of the session.

What is the other piece of the puzzle that needs to be looked at? After they control what the public sees, hears and expresses. They need to engineer the public into accepting these changes as healthy. It needs to be the societal norm. There are many in society that are already of the belief that this country is as free as it was fifty years ago.

However their breed is dying off and a more cynical breed is moving in. After the cynics become the old timers their views will become the societal dinosaur and the fresh minds will continue where the jaded have left off. What will be the new attitude? That chaos can be halted through acts of violence and hostility to those who do not conform to the rigid thinking of a totalitarian state.

Where will this type of thinking be programmed into the newer generation's minds? The school systems of course. School has often been referred to as the mini model of society and grooms children into becoming responsible and rational citizens.

Schools will be the new training camps for a homogenized society that does not question or challenge the system. If anyone uses their fundamental freedom of choice, they will be dealt with in a harsh and direct manner.

Democratic Sen. Frank Shurden of Oklahoma commented in the wake of the Columbine shootings that he feels like the "lack of discipline has led to what we are into now, total chaos and disrespect."

"Back when I grew up, we got our tails whipped at school, then got it again when we got home. We didn't have shootings," he said.

This has led to the re proposing to the legislature of Corporal punishment in the School systems.

Adolph Hitler once spoke of the perfect children and how they are supposed to be treated in order to give their lives for the state:

"My theory of education is harsh. All weakness must be hammered out. The youth who grow up in my academies will terrify the world. I want a youth who is violent, masterful, intrepid, cruel...They must endure pain.

There must be nothing weak and tender about them. The magnificent, free predator...Thus will I wipe out the thousands of years of human domestication. Thus will I see before me the noble raw material of nature."

Seantor Shurden is one of the many who have unwittingly joined in the collective thought of making our schools concentration camps. Camps that teach conformity and offer jail time, detention and corporal punishment to those who wish to be free thinkers. Even if those thoughts are misguided.

The idea that children think harsh thoughts about their teachers is nothing new. It's not excusable, but it does not warrant harsh treatment such as violent retaliation and jail time.

Back when I grew up we used to sing this song in school:

"Glory, Glory Hallelujah Teacher hit me with the Ruler So I shot the fucking whore with a loaded .44 and we don't go to school no more."

These were songs that we sang in our schools in marble shooting circles and while standing in line for recess. Times have changed. Speech such as this can be actionable and lead to arrests. I could be arrested now for singing the songs we "bad" youngsters sang back then:

"On top of ole smoky
All covered with blood
I shot my poor teacher with a .44 slug
I went to her funeral
I went to her grave
When people threw flowers
I threw some grenades"

I stumbled across a news article that reported that a 13-year-old Texas boy was freed after spending five days in juvenile detention for writing a Halloween horror story that described shooting a teacher and three classmates.

Christopher Beamon was released from jail after District Attorney Bruce Isaacks said he would not prosecute the student at Ponder High School, north of Dallas. The boy had been held in juvenile detention at Denton.

"It looks like to me the child was doing what the teacher told him to do, which was write a scary story," Isaacks said, although he said school officials had reason to be concerned because he was a discipline problem.

Denton County Juvenile Judge Darlene Whitten had ordered Beamon detained for 10 days after reviewing his disciplinary record. Sheriff's officers removed Beamon from class after being called by school officials.

William Short, the Beamon family attorney, said the school officials overreacted because of recent school shootings across the country.

Whitten said parents should make their children aware that threats made at school are not taken lightly. "Especially after Columbine, we have to take them seriously," she said.

"I was supposed to write a horror story. I don't think I did anything wrong," Beamon told The Dallas Morning News after his release.

The boy received a 100 on the essay, plus extra credit for reading it aloud in class, but his mother said he will not return to Ponder High School. She said she will begin looking for a new school for her son.

Rightly so. However all schools are adopting these measures so a student can adjust to a future society that has no regard for freedom of expression.

These actions illustrate how fear and paranoia can be a good excuse for eliminating freedom of speech. Even if that speech is troubling. Children are getting used to this treatment. This will make it easier for a governing body on a larger scale to implement laws that can jail you for thought and speech. These oppressed children grow up into oppressed adults. If they perceive it as the social norm it will be commonplace. This is called social engineering.

Sometimes kids are damned if they do and damned if they don't. A good example is the case where an Arkansas high school student assigned an essay as punishment for bringing a straight razor to class was arrested after writing that the best way to handle a problem at school was to blow the place up.

The 16-year-old student, who will be charged with terroristic threatening, was ordered to undergo psychiatric testing, Sheriff Ron Webb of Independence County told Reuters news service.

Webb said an official of Southside High School in Batesville, about 90 miles northeast of Little Rock, had directed the youth to write an essay about the dangers of bringing weapons to school after he was discovered to have brought a straight razor to class several days ago.

But when school officials read the result, they called sheriff's deputies.

"He wrote that the best way to handle a problem at school was to blow up the building with the principal and the teachers and anyone else you were having a problem with inside," Webb said.

"It was the darnedest thing you've ever read," he commented.

The sheriff said the essay also explicitly threatened mass violence like that at various U.S. schools in recent years.

"He said the other schools haven't seen anything like (what he was planning)," Webb quoted the student as writing. The teen was taken to a psychiatric facility for observation, he said.

Kids claim they want to destroy their schools every day. We made up poems and all kinds of other silly sayings and songs reminding us of how bad we felt about school.

"Joy to the world the school burned down
And all the teachers too,

If you're looking for the principal
He's hanging from the flag pole,

With a rope around his neck
With a rope around his neck
With a rope , a rope around his neck".

Once again, I am not condoning this behavior but kids are kids and they will continue to come up with shocking and repulsive things to rebel against their parents and teachers. The vicious circle however is becoming an overwhelming disaster. Kids are finding that it is easier to get under their elders skins by even hinting at organized acts of violence. It is evident when we read that authorities were investigating 11 Cleveland high school students suspected of plotting to gun down peers and teachers. A police source told a Cleveland newspaper that the suspects "had floor plans, pictures - they were ready ... It would have been a mass slaughter."

Classes at Cleveland's South High School were canceled, as were the homecoming football game and dance. At a late night news conference Cleveland Mayor Michael White told parents with children who attend the school to keep them home. White later reported that while a sweep of the school did not uncover any weapons or explosives, police did find threatening documents.

He would not provide specifics but the Cleveland Plain Dealer, quoting a source close to the investigation, reported that the documents outline a plot by students, aged 14 to 18, to use sawed-off shotguns and explosives in a mass slaughter and suicide battle. "We do take these documents to be very serious, White said, adding that none of the 11 students were suspected of being gang members.

The Plain Dealer source said the documents show the massacre was planned for just before noon, when some of the plotting students would open fire in the school cafeteria. Other students were to open fire inside the principal's office.

The plan was then to conclude with a suicidal shootout with police in a school courtyard, the source said. "They had floor plans, pictures " they were ready the source told the Plain Dealer. "It would have been a mass slaughter. The students told investigators they planned to obtain their guns from a street gang, the source added. The only reason the students gave investigators for the plot, the source said, was that they were "sick of everybody.

Students aren't the only ones who are sick of everybody. Some teachers are demonstrating to kids that they are fed up in many subtle ways. Families in Franklin, Ohio voiced their shock and disbelief at a high school teacher because of a certain question he included on a list of possible topics for a writing assignment. The question was: "If you had to assassinate one famous person who is alive right now, who would it be, and how would you do it?" Obviously there are some teachers that are reaching their breaking point. They are sending signals that violence can eliminate chaos. If there is a problem, the solution is selfish violent acts. It's not limited to the United States. Children are learning fast what it means to be free to kill, free to maim, and free to destroy.

"Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need
Of some stranger's hand
In a desperate land

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain"
-The End By the Doors

Germany's secret service has reported that Russian gangs are killing street-children and selling their organs to rich patients in Russia and the West A spokeswoman for the secret service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst in the southern town of Pullach, near Munich, confirmed the existence of the document, saying it had been submitted to the government in April.

The report showed Russian police were powerless to stop the organ trafficking, adding that the disappearance of street-children was not usually registered. But police in Saint Petersburg had found over the past few years more and more bodies of street-children with their internal organs removed.

The horrific backfire is happening. Our future will become more of a nightmare if we do not stop our knee jerk reactions. We must eliminate the problem and not the symptom. It seems that quick fix solutions and band aids on societal handicaps are as easy as killing someone that's in the way or give them drugs to calm them down and render them apathetic.

Back at home our kids are being drugged so that teachers can relate to them. Or is it so that teachers can program them? It was released that somewhere between 29,000 and 48,000 children in Massachusetts' public schools are operating under the influence of Ritalin. It was Dr. Peter Breggin, director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology in Bethesda, Maryland, who published an article in The Boston Globe on its editorial page under the headline, "Kids Are Suffering Legal Drug Abuse."

Breggin stated "In a society that's supposed to accept and even value differences, drugging shy children reflects an extreme of enforced conformity."

Breggin goes on to say that "We are the first adults to handle the generation gap through the wholesale drugging of our children. We may be guaranteeing that future generations will be relatively devoid of people who think critically, raise painful questions, generate productive conflicts, or lead us to new spiritual and political insights."

Are we seeing that people are beginning to realize that certain government officials want to get their hands on children and teach them to be of one mind, and teach them their moral values? An anesthetized group of children who grow up to be adults that do not question, create conflicts, or think critically?

It is appearing to be too easy. Once again we must quote that evil leader Adolph Hitler:

"We older ones are...rotten to the marrow. We have no unrestrained instincts left. We are cowardly and sentimental. We are bearing the burden of serfdom and servility. But my magnificent youngsters! With them I can make a New World. No boy and no girl must leave school without having been led to an ultimate realization of the necessity and essence of purity.

Governor George W. Bush, in a major speech on education in New Hampshire, proposed that public schools must begin to teach "right and wrong" to end the nation's "moral chaos." If he becomes president he will put up 25 million dollars to guarantee that children will learn right and wrong according to the state criteria.

Teach our children right and wrong according to the state. Drug them so they can be programmed easily. Engineer them to be socially impaired and accept the new philosophy of being controlled and policed for bad thoughts, and creative expression. It is being realized that a young fresh mind has the potential to become a lethal weapon.

Or has it been the agenda all along? Those without scruples have chosen their weapons wisely. One can see the future. All they need to do is check the children.


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