By Clyde Lewis

A UFO flap has been reported all over the United States. Ground Zero has received information that Near Earth Objects are what we are seeing. After analyzing the facts, you will be hoping for Alien Spaceships!

An extraterrestrial threat can take on many meanings in the now Sci-Fi pop culture. Many will visualize a flying saucer invasion similar to the vanguard that appeared over major population centers of earth in Independence Day. I have found that lately people will misidentify a UFO as a meteor and a meteor as a UFO without even thinking. They assume without checking. I am a person who believes in evidence. Circumstantial or otherwise. I say, circumstantial only because a lot of data goes unreported and anymore we worship The New York Times and CNN as the end all be all of information. A lot of information is tainted at best from crackpots and cynical skeptics. Ufology is not an exact science. No one can agree on what people are seeing in the skies. No one can agree on who is involved in the cover-ups. There are people who will continue to generate the myths, in the name of entertainment. However entertainment can not be used in lieu of the truth.

Lately I have been bombarded with e-mails regarding a UFO flap over the West Coast. One letter commented that Art Bell had Peter Davenport of the National UFO reporting Center reporting that he received 400 reports of UFO's in one night. I do not dismiss Peter Davenport's reports outright. But I have to confess that there has to be a logical explanation for a lot of them. When 400 UFO's are reported, wouldn't it be an accurate assessment that this was a major invasion? Make up your own mind on this. However I must refer to a report that I filed in an EarthMail. I received a letter from someone who wanted to inform me that if any UFO reports made it to my desk in the next couple of weeks, to understand that we are on the verge of a major meteor storm. I had asked just earlier if any meteors were in the vicinity of Tracy California August 5th, there were none as far as we could see. It was a month later when I heard of a small meteor shower heading for earth and then the Leonid Meteor shower soon afterwards.

Ground Zero filed it's report in it's EarthMail broadcast regarding a statement from Space warfare regarding an alert a full week before the Art Bell broadcast. Still 400 UFO's, the majority of which were described a streaking fireballs were reported. Is Space Warfare issuing a false statement? Are we being invaded? Art Bell's broadcast was compelling, but I believe it was slightly misleading for the sake of theatre of the mind. Art Bell is the master at this. That's why he has 300 stations and I have only one. Howver the number of stations one has under is belt does not define his credibility, it only shows that the master has gone unchallenged. He goes unchecked and that can be misleading. He is becoming the end all be all on the paranormal. There is also Jeff Rense, Michael Corbin, Don Ecker , and Rob McConnel who are just as credible. What is happening? I would be dishonest if I said that this did not irritate me to some degree. I do not hold grudges, however if the part time Bell listeners want answers, I will give them answers, but only on my turf. People tell me I should go to Mr. Bell and report what I have discovered. For personal reasons I fear Mr. Bell. There is no feud between us. The rumors are untrue. I am no way a substitute for Mr. Bell. I am an investigative reporter in the long line of others out there. If Art welcomes me as one of the reporters he trusts then I will be there for him, however I feel this is about as probable as putting a camel through the eye of a needle.

Adding to the summers hype machine of two movies dealing with near earth objects was the Earth's predicted near miss with asteroid XF11 in October of 2028. I avoided talking about the possibility of collision. I do like scaring people, but not as some sick joke to get my jollies, like some Armageddon preacher. I have nothing to gain by this. Get us closer to 2028 and it will be top priority. NASA is now insisting that astronomers who discover a comet or asteroid on a collision course with earth are to check with them first and delay making any official announcement for 72 hours. Obviously this is to avoid doomsday headlines, that will cause a panic. But some believe it is because some major problems are on the way and NASA does not want other Scientists to let the cat out of the cosmic bag to soon. Obviously we wouldn't want to see another problem like Heavens Gate.

NASA is well aware of the instability of the Earth and the Solar System. There has to be a reason why several potential threats from space have been reported in recent weeks. It is because we are not getting the whole story. Scientists outside of NASA see a potential crippling of our communications and power. People are worried about Y2k and they should be, however our problems will be coming a lot sooner from outer space and NASA knows this. While I keep hearing of UFOs no one is pointing to the secret NASA doesn't talk about much. The real extra terrestrial threat is from our Sun and from the Leonid Meteor shower.

Data suggests that Solar Tornadoes have been forming on the sun. These Tornadoes were seen to be spinning some 30,000 miles per hour and into the Solar system at 300,000 miles per hour. Have that Tornado's wrath carried by Solar winds and you get one hell of a magnetic storm headed for the earth. No one can predict what effects that would have on the earth, however in 1989, Canada and Sweden experienced a Sunspot peak that caused power failures where several computer systems crashed and several Satellites were damaged. Some were a total loss.

This November we will be witnesses to another potential extra terrestrial threat to our Satellites. Fireballs have already been reported slipping through the cracks and these are impressive. Lots have been reported as UFOs. The Leonid Asteroids are to make their return after a 33-year absence. In the movie Armageddon we did battle with a meteor the size of Texas. The running theme all summer at the box office was "Size Does Matter." To a Satellite size does not make a difference. Tiny fragments the size of bullets can disable or destroy a Satellite. Not only that but there are other Targets in space that are much bigger like the Mir space station and the Hubbell space telescope.

Here are a few facts about the Leonid Shower. Every 25-30 years it is a larger storm, and every 100 or so years it is massive. This means that there will meteors falling into the atmosphere at dozens, perhaps hundreds a minute. In 1966 the storm was pretty large. In the 1960's there weren't too many satellites in orbit, we now have 500 satellites that are above the Earth. Ground Zero has it from a government source that there will be a 20% loss of functional satellites. With the recent loss of just one satellite, communications were down for days and days. Let's say that the 20% is a high estimation. Take away 1% and some of us will not use a cellular phone for a while. No pagers, no Internet. In the late 1800's this meteor shower became a storm Observers wrote that it appears the Earth is traveling fast through a starfield.

Space anomalies have always plagued us, and apparently from the point of paranoia we are to assume that these space anomalies are signs in the heavens signifying major changes in the world. Whether you take prophecy as fact, and depending on which oracles you use, circumstantial evidence suggests that we will not escape these cosmic triggers. The comet Hale-Bopp brought us rattling of the cages, from Art Bell, and Courtney Brown. It brought us the deaths of the 39 cult members in Rancho Santa-Fe. While Hale-Bopp was a harmless comet. There are still those that believe that heavenly visitors are harbingers of doom. Scriptures and seers convince us that this is true.

In the New Testament the book of Revelation speaks of Wormwood. A star falling from heaven which gives us several years of bitterness. The Darkening of the sun and the stars falling from the heavens does not make things comfortable. After Hale-Bopp streaked across the sky we saw the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. So if we are to believe seers and scriptures we have some major trouble on the horizon. Nostradamus doesn't have anything good to say either, here are a few of his writings regarding meteors and the end times.

After great trouble for mankind, a greater one prepared The grand mover the centuries renews: Rain, blood, milk, famine, iron and pestilence, In the sky fire seen, a long spark running.

--The Prophet Nostradamus
Century2, Quatrain 46

The renewal of a century? Fire, in the sky? 1998, 1999? Here is another of what is to come:

The great star for seven days will burn The cloud will cause two suns to appear The big mastiff all night will howl When the pontiff changes countries.

--The Prophet Nostradamus
Century 2 Quatrain 41

I get from this that after the anomalies in the skies the Pope will die. Maybe the Church itself will leave Rome. It is all based on what you believe. I am the messenger that is all.

Furthermore, angels arrive to smite the sun darken the moon and scatter the stars. If you believe the Bible.

The Planet lies in an ocean called space. It is actually a ship that can easily be tossed in that turbulent ocean. Everyone knows that the oceans on earth can be bad. Just think of it on a larger scale. Prepare yourself for cosmic responsibility. People are saying that these signs are trying to tell us something. I say that these anomalies aren't saying something to us, they are really saying something about us. Look at the way we behave when we see them in the sky. They cut to the core of what we truly believe. Whether you believe it to be alien or fulfilled prophecy is your decision.

One thing is for sure, when mankind is subject to the elements of his nature, it does not matter how much money or what toys he has. He can be wiped out in seconds. The earth's weather is devastating enough. The weather in space has much more devastating effects. Snap your fingers and pretend that you along with the whole world have vaporized due to an asteroid hitting the earth. Now that you and the whole world have perished. The words "All men are equal" has new meaning. All dead, all equal. All quiet. I guess that's what Christian's mean by a 1000 years of peace. It's poetic justice really. As eerie as this passage from Shakespeare's King Lear "As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods; They kill us for their sport."

Do you feel a little helpless about now?


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