By Clyde Lewis

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond."--President Ronald Reagan

On April 18th, 2004 CBS television aired a 60 minutes interview about President Bush's quotes in a new book by Bob Woodward. When Woodward asked George W. Bush about how he thought history would treat him, the President shrugged and replied "History, we don't know. We'll all be dead."

I keep going back to this quote and I read it and ponder it over and over because I am curious as to why Bush said what he said. Was the comment couched in his belief of the apocalypse or does he know more than he is letting on and somehow let it slip that the world is doomed?

Out of all the profound statements that leaders have said in the past, there has not been one that has caused me to stop and ponder the idea of a future where every single one of us would be dead.

I know that as individuals we must all realize at some time in our lives that we are no longer invincible and that eventually we will all be paid a visit by the hooded man carrying the scythe.

However the thought of a massive loss of life, or megadeath is something that we have read about and attribute to plagues, and infestations brought on by some "medieval" negligence. There is also the threat of megadeath brought on by war and the use of nuclear or biological weapons.

We read about Nagasaki, and Hiroshima and the radioactive fireball that came from a man made nuclear projectile. These images are now part of a historic record. The nuclear generation, that lived in fear of the bomb is beginning to die off and the images of the mushroom cloud remain on video, or on clicking film prints that are shown in schools during history class.

Images of war now, are limited to 60 second bites that mimic Orwellian minutes of hate especially created to plant the seeds of vengeance and anger amongst the populace.

The fears of the Cold war were not enough. Now the heat has been turned on and slowly we are being boiled alive.

It seems peculiar now to think that the Cold war was probably the most peaceful time in U.S. history compared to what we are subjected to now. The fear of being nuked seemed to be an effective deterrent then.

Now the deterrent ends and the materials needed to create the weapons can be sold to anyone. The idea of a rogue dirty bomb going off in a heavily populated area is now the new fear.

Just when we have somewhat ignored our fear of the "bomb" and have learned that a Nuclear war is survivable, those in power warn us that devastation is portable and images of Armageddon can created by opening a suitcase.

War is the new commodity. Weapons and death are sold to the highest bidder along with T-shirts, bumper stickers, and programs.

War has the rush of a heavy metal rock concert, or a football game, complete with a play by play from "the ministry of information."

The majority loves it.

They praise it on conservative talk radio, and they use it as religious affirmation that the promised fulfillment of revelation is at hand. It used to be that if we won a war we felt good. Now in order to feel good we must have war.

Every day we wake up feeling like we are survivors. We awaken feeling as if we have dodged another bullet. We sip our first coffee of the morning and read the morning paper and are told that we are once again threatened.

The cycle is the same every single day, there is an agreed upon problem, polls are taken to analyze your reaction, and then there is a solution given by some self appointed expert.

You tune in to the latest carnage that is the war. You witness the imagery as it is a few feet away from you and you feel safe knowing that you are still alive. Deep down, there may be that part of you that secretly wonders if you are going to be killed in some horrible way like those who perished in the World trade center.

After the attacks of September the 11th, 2001 we realized that we were part of a national ordeal. Then the "color grid terror alert system" was created which seems to be a reminder that we are not only on a terror watch but a national deathwatch as well.

All of those that were killed were called heroes. Their freedoms were taken from them and their pain is supposed to be your pain. If you donít feel it yet, there will be several pundits available pushing the guilt button until you have no choice but to rationalize the thought of a necessary holocaust in order to save yourself from a horrible death.

We have to make sure that we kill all of them because if one of them comes over here, they will do us more harm.

It is like the fear of a poisonous spider.

I have only seen one outside of the confines of a bottle with little holes poked in the lid. Most people rarely come in contact with them. They are a threat to you if you happen to be unlucky enough to meet one outside of a glass bottle.

We have all been taught that not all spiders are poisonous and that they are important to the ecosystem. In fact most spiders are harmless.

Yet we see that there are those that think that all spiders are poisonous and so without hesitation they kill every spider they see. They secretly wish that they could rid the world of spiders.

They forget that if we were to wipe the planet clean of spiders we would doom our Eco-system. Biologically, the balance of nature depends on the more than 36,000 species of spiders that inhabit the earth. In one day, a spider can consume up to two times its body weight in insects. Without a healthy population of spiders, the number of insects would be out of control.

We need spiders in our environment. Of course the rare poisonous spiders give a bad reputation to the harmless ones. Those who fear spiders get a "spidey-sense" and become more aware of their surroundings, developing an arachnoid-paranoia.

This is not unlike what happened after September 11th. We were allegedly attacked by a small group of fanatical Muslims. It was that event that has now created a hatred towards the estimated 1.2 billion Muslims in the world.

We hear fearful people claim that these Muslims want to kill everyone who don't believe as they do. They only represent 22 percent of the worlds population compared to the 33 percent that claim to be Christians. Both Groups have generated terrorists and no group is immune to fanaticism.

The attacks on the United States backed with the incredible campaign of the age old good versus evil propaganda fortified intense idealism for both sides and in the case of the Evangelical Christian right created an intense belief that the end of the world or end times had arrived.

Many are finding themselves being card-carrying members of the worldwide "dread" commune, a death cult waiting for the next catastrophe. Wondering what the next attack will be like. They wonder if they will be the next person to die. They are not only fearful of what might happen, they are enticed by it as well. To many of them, it means that they may have a front row seat to the second coming of their messiah.

While caught up in all of the death fear, the majority of Christian Americans now have allowed themselves to be caught up in the apocalyptic thought form and speculate not only about being killed by terrorists, but being killed while defending their faith and bearing witness to the divinity of Christ.

While a war is only part of the apocalyptic menu, natural disasters and environmental crisis are also an underlying threat that whispers just under the sound of the cannons and bombs exploding everywhere.

Most scientists say that an environmental apocalypse is not eminent. However there is no doubt that we are heading that way. With over population and over consumption the earth's resources are depleting. There are also those who are pitching the idea that Global Warming could throw the planet into a new ice age.

It seems that no one is immune to the fearful "what if" mentality. Deep down it seems to nag at us that with all of the horrible things we do to each other, there must be some sort of consequence waiting for us. Lately, we have been seeing a continuing trend in movies and books about "secrets" that need to be revealed about what awaits us in the not too distant future.

The movie "The Day After Tomorrow" is a work of fiction and many scientists have criticized it saying that it sends a false message about global warming.

The film is loaded with special effects that emotionally jar you because they show the turbulent earth and how powerful the elements are . The unfortunate thing is that while I was watching the film I could hear teenagers behind me laughing out loud sarcastically saying under their breath "yea right" when large hailstones pelted Japan.

Los Angeles is devastated by several large Tornadoes and several large super cooled storms form over North America.

I wish that I could have given a detailed explanation as to the fact and the fiction of the movie to the snickering children behind me but looking at the weather reports lately it seems that Tornadoes and other anomalous weather have increased over areas where they are considered rare.

In January of 2004 snow fell in Las Vegas Nevada. In February of 2004 Rain mixed with snow fell in Southern California. Portland Oregon was literally shutdown for days after a snowstorm dumped nearly a foot of snow in the winter of 2004.

In late May of 2004 it was reported that rare Tornadoes were seen in Washington state. A total of 9 funnel clouds were sighted over parts of Southern Washington where tornadic activity is considered rare.

In the Midwest records were broken for spring Tornadoes and many people have been killed and property damages have soared into the millions. May snowfalls and Tornadoes ravaged Colorado and Kansas and other Tornadoes hop scotched their way in places like Manti and Salt Lake City Utah.

Research has shown that climate change might lead to more intense hurricanes and certain other types of storms. With Global warming evaporation will happen more quickly, providing the atmosphere with more fuel for storms. In fact, scientists have found this is already happening with rain and snowfall in the United States.

Many people have a hard time understanding how a warming of the earth can cause a freezing of the planet and while the science is relatively new, the fear of such an event has been feared , written about and depicted in movies long before the recent "Day after Tomorrow" scenario.

After the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, death anxiety ran rampant throughout Japan. The survivors of the blast were worried that another attack was going to happen and that the next bomb that would be dropped would be an "ice bomb" capable of freezing a city as opposed to melting it with fire.

The Japanese rationalized that anyone capable of making such an extraordinary weapon could also have the capability of creating a weapon that could freeze an entire land mass.

Science fiction writers also felt that the detonation of bombs could disrupt the plan of mother nature. In the film "The day the earth caught fire" it was theorized the hydrogen bomb tests would trigger climate change and the heating of the planet.

Coincidentally the Americans and the Russians both detonate hydrogen bombs at the North and South Poles at the same time. The explosions have caused an 11 degree tilt of the Earthís axis.

Weather begins to change all around the planet.

Freak snows storms and floods ravage the planet and a large Tornado hits London. Soon, England is plunged into a heat wave and water is sold on the black market.

Once again the science is far fetched but the worry of apocalyptic weather from intense drought to deep freeze is somehow wired into all of us.

In Nazi Germany, it was Welteislehre, a cosmic Ice theory developed by an refrigeration engineer named Hanns Hoerbiger that threw out past scientific ideas for what is now called junk science and an almost cult like interest ice age theories and prophecies.

His theories about the delicate balance between fire and ice in the universe were similar to the Thule mythologies that talk about new orders or new ages are brought forth from destruction. The cosmic ice theory postulates that from the ice came the giants.

It was almost similar to several "global warming" theories you may have heard of already. In fact there were several of the high ranking Nazis, including Hitler that were curious if rocket tests might not interfere with the delicate balance between fire and ice theories proposed by Hoerbiger and cause a global catastrophe.

Hoerbiger also proposed that the earth could return to it's Glacial state if the gravity of the Earth captured an extra terrestrial object such as a moon or a comet, which then orbits until it spirals in on the Earth and causes a global disaster. It was Hoerbiger that proclaimed that our ancestors lived in the ice and were supermen. He claimed that other planets are the same and that eventually the planet would eventually become a glacial paradise again.

Even though science laughed at Hoerbiger some of his speculations turned out to be correct.

We know that Saturn's rings are made of ice and that the outer planets of our solar system have significant amounts of ice on their surface. Comets are bodies made of ice, whose collision over the years with the Earth are responsible for the modern abundance of water on this planet.

They may also be responsible for many of the catastrophes we have heard about in ancient history. Comets have always been thought of as harbingers of cataclysms.

The Epic of Gilgamesh describes that before the great flood, fire came down from heaven and changed the flow of the waters. In fact many scientists say that a lot of these events probably took place around 2350 B.C.

At this time some of the greatest civilizations collapsed.

Rabbi Moses Ben Nachman, wrote about the flood as well. He explained that God took two stars from Khima and threw them at the earth in order to begin the great flood. Mongolian legends spoke of comets and called them "the daughters of the devil," and warned of destruction, storm and frost, whenever one approached the earth.

In 1828 David Milne, a young British astronomer won Edinburgh University's astronomy-prize with his "Essay on Comets." The astronomer wrote about astronomical research and discoveries, that lead to the sound theory of cometary appearances and their catastrophic effects on our planet.

"But if a comet, moving with the prodigious velocity which it acquires near its perihelion, should chance to strike a planet, as for instance the Earth, then coming in an opposite direction, the consequences would be truly disastrous.

The waters of the ocean, now attracted by the close approach and next driven from their ancient beds by the contact of the comet, would sweep over the face of the globe, covering even the highest mountains in their impetuous course, and involving all things in undistiguishable ruin.

Whole species of plants and animals, existing in different quarters of the Earth, would, by this cataclysm, be at once overwhelmed and annihilated". --David Milne

On January 1st, 2004 I wrote the Ground Zero article Deus Irae 2004: Letís get ready to crumble.

In it I wrote this prediction:

"I saw a large snowball in the sky. It hit a mountain and triggered an avalanche. I think that this is a representation of some very interesting things in space that effect the earth. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that reshape land masses. In the same dream I was covered in mud and had to hide underground to avoid some of the debris that falls from the sky. Is the snowball a comet? Is it a fireball? I canít make it out clearly. I just know of the aftermath." -- From Deus Irae 2004: Let's get ready to crumble

On January 26th, 2004 ham radio operators were alarmed to hear a coded message similar to the messages sent by number stations.

The frequency was 11.176 mhz, USB and the broadcast began at 0:5:00 UTC. It was intercepted by network operator BURROW or BURRO. The broadcast was made by a broadcaster called SNOWBALL NET.

SNOWBALL NET: Snowball Net comms check. All stations, clock sync.


Impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link

(Digital Data Burst Recorded)

BURROW : SNOWBALL This is BURROW. You are not secure repeat not secure go green go green.

There were bursts of white noise that followed for approximately 3 minutes. According to sources Snowball Net is a Classified Data sharing and Monitoring network that reports on the movements of near earth objects. Reports were growing around the Internet a possible contact with at least 3 NEO's that would each hit the earth throughout the month of June 2004.

After this broadcast was made there were some very strange stories appearing in the news that caught my attention. The same month something huge came out of the sky and slammed into a neighborhood in Babol Iran.

"I woke up in the morning and suddenly saw an amazing light which was moving toward the house, just then I heard a horrible crash and when I came to myself I found our house totally destroyed." The house was ruined and damages were inflicted on the neighboring houses." --From "Comet Hits House" Iranian News

In February of 2004 it was reported that President George W. Bush was notified on January 13th, 2004 that an object, estimated to be about 30 meters later designated 2004 AS1, had a one-in-four chance of hitting the the northern hemisphere within 36 hours. Ironically bush was about to make his pitch for a new Moon Mission and later a Mission to Mars.

Bush would not have have been told where the asteroid would impact. His knowledge would have been limited to just " somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere." The only thing the experts could do would be to bounce radar signals off the space rock.

It wasn't big enough to wipe out civilization as we know it but the loss of life could have been huge none the less.

Another story appeared in the BBC that stuck me as very peculiar. It dealt with a group of British Military Soldiers that ended up getting trapped in some Mexican caves.

As they explored the caves a flash flood filled the caverns with water and divers were summoned to rescue them. They declined rescue attempts by the Mexican authorities, instead preferring to wait for two specialist British divers who flew to Mexico to escort them out.

Mexican President Vicente Fox was unaware that any members of the British Military were in his country and he needed answers.

The question that went unanswered is why the men were living in a cave for a week? Why were the caves stocked with a 5 day supply of food , sleeping bags, a first aid kit and a radio?

The explanation from the team leader was that the groups were mapping out the Mexican Caves because they believed that the cave structure might be among the longest in the world.

On the surface, the explanation seems plausible, however the explorers, and military personnel passed themselves off as tourists and did not notify the government that they were on official business. Why did the explorers turn down help from the local authorities? It was later reported that all of their notes and records were ordered shredded.

It was also reported that the British military were exploring caves in Central America as well.

It was also at this time that the Mexican Air Force were preparing their data about some strange UFO's being seen. The incident occurred over Ciudad del Carmen located in the eastern coastal state of Campeche. It involved a Mexican Air Force Merlin C26A sweeping the local airspace for drug smugglers. Infrared picked up the boagies and of course the mainstream downplayed the importance of such a sighting.

What was it that the interceptors were seeing? What is happening in the sky?

After these circumstantial reports officials stopped giving tours at the Greenbriar Bunker in West Virginia. This may not be related ti the UFO's but it is certainly interesting.

Greenbriar is the bunker that protects the President and other officials in case of Nuclear attack. The facility went into lock down and secret meetings were held there recently.

It was not clear as to what the meetings were about.

In the early morning of June 3rd, 2004 many people in the Northwest United States were awakened by what looked like bright sunlight. At about 2:44 Am KIRO-TV in Seattle reported that witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the Puget Sound region from the Tacoma area to Whidbey Island and as far as 260 miles to the east said the sky lit up brilliantly, and many reported booms as if from one or more explosions.

Cameras all over the area captured the moment. There was an immediate flash that was brighter than any lightning and the glow lasted for about 5 or 6 seconds and then disappeared.

Could it be that this appearance of this small bolide could be precursor to a turbulent period in space? If we are to believe the Snowball Net broadcast there will be a major impact of some kind on June 20th, 2004.

Could it be that we may see the impact of either a comet or an Asteroid in 2004 or 2005? If it doesn't hit the Earth could it hit another planetary body and cause some sort of erratic orbit?

Could the gases and debris left behind in the clouds of these heavenly bodies contain toxins or contaminants?

On Aug. 8, 2001 a capsule blasted off from Cape Canaveral with a mission to take samples emitted from comets. The test known as project "Genesis" will conclude in September of 2004 when the small capsule returns and crash lands near what NASA calls a "planned landing site" at the Dugway Utah Test range in September of 2004.

The timing seems to be very serendipitous.

Scientists have already admitted that in the fall of 2004 an asteroid that looks like a barbell is tumbling close to the earth and will make a relatively close pass about the same time.

Asteroid Toutatis, officially numbered 4179 is going to be passing the earth within millions of miles in September of 2004. Cosmically it will be close to the earth and NASA is downplaying any impact scenario. Toutatis is about 2.9 miles long and 1.5 miles wide.

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan, who was also a Commander in chief with an obsession with apocalyptic matters admitted during a Presidential debate against Walter Mondale to having "philosophical discussions" about Armageddon in the White House with some well known evangelical ministers.

Reagan seemed to be speaking excathedra on four different occasions about extraterrestrial threats before the end of his presidency. Reagan even spoke with General Secretary Gorbachev in Geneva about world wide differences dissolving if we had to face of a universal extraterrestrial threat. Reagan's statements were confusing when on one hand he declared that the alien threat was already among us and that their agenda is war:

"I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world. And yet, I ask is not an alien force ALREADY among us? What could be more alien to the universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?" --President Ronald Reagan

While many of Reagan's comments were interpreted as ramblings about an alien attack, it can also be theorized that Reagan had his mind couched in apocalyptic thought and the possible threat of an asteroid or comet hitting the earth and causing a world wide catastrophe. A threat from space would definitely humble the planet. It would be hoped that it would humble our leaders into becoming more aware of just how fragile our existence on this planet truly is.

"In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond."--President Ronald Reagan, UN General Assembly Forty-second Session September 21, 1987

I have recently been pondering the possibility of the alien force being among us and that their message has somehow become gospel and has fulfilled the admonitions of Reagan. I have also been wondering about other extraterrestrial threats that aren't slimy and Gray. Perhaps Reagan was seeing a time just prior to his death.

Perhaps he was seeing a flash of the future.

The time for Reagan to pass away is eminent. He was the president that survived the assassin's bullet and beat the alleged curse of death that had befallen leaders elected in a zero year.

It will be unfortunate that he will not live to see his extraterrestrial threat appear and unite all of the nations of the world.

It is poetic Irony that our leaders can dodge bullets and terrorist threats, but the odds diminish when it comes to cosmic acts of God that remind us just how small we are.

Death makes all men equal.

After the reports of a bolide meteor exploding over Washington State an article caught my eye where a noted risk analyst commented that we have better odds of being hit by meteor or an asteroid than being killed in a terrorist attack.

"Your chances of death by asteroid are about the same as dying in a plane crash, roughly 1-in-20,000 during your lifetime. You're more liable to be electrocuted to death (1-in-5000 chance), succumb to skin cancer or be killed in a car crash.

Yet asteroids pose more risk than tornadoes (1-in-60,000 chance), rattlesnake bites or food poisoning.

If Earth is hit, you could die by direct impact and vaporization. Or you might be killed in an associated earthquake or volcanic eruption as the planet's bell is rung like never before in recorded history. Or perhaps like countless lesser species, you'll die a slow, agonizing death of starvation as the world's food supply dwindles in the face of reduced sunlight caused by a global debris cloud.

Yet if you're like most people, you are not all that worried, according to sociologists and psychiatrists who study these things."--Paul Slovic, author of "The Perception of Risk"

This article is dedicated to the kids behind me who chuckled during the showing of "The Day After Tomorrow," if there is a snowball's chance that any of this information is connected to a possible impact event here on earth our lives may change dramatically.

As a matter of fact a comet or a meteor hitting the planet in just the right place could bring us all into the fast freeze reality of "eternal winter."

It will be no laughing matter.

*Editors Note: This article was inspired by the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and was written over the Memorial Day weekend . It was completed Wednesday June 2rd, 2004. A bolide Meteor exploded over eastern Washington the morning of June 3rd, 2004 and that news story was later included in this article. Ronald Reagan coincidentally passed away on June 5th, 2004 he was 93.

He was the longest living President of the United States and the only one to speak openly about extraterrestrial threats that may unite the people of earth. His words were going through my head the whole time I wrote about the Asteroids and the apocalypse. When he was shot and when the Pope was shot I was in High school. At the time I truly thought that the world was going to end before I graduated High School. Now, 23 years later I am starting to get those feelings again.


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