By Clyde Lewis

If the powers of secret societies are influential then the new President of the United States will be George Bush Jr. If major decisions are made by whispers in hushed tones in secret fraternal orders then your vote means nothing. If all the events that happen in the world are controlled by a small secret society from Yale University then there is no liberty. If clandestine brotherhoods are in collusion to control the world for their own benefit then we have limits on our freewill.

In the United States it is evident that we have a love, hate relationship with our leaders. We put them above us and expect them to work for us only to shake our heads in dismay when they always seem to go back on their promises.

Yet we always find someone else to love and place in a position of power to govern over us, only to despise when the leader falls short.

Some ask, how is it that we continue to vote in leaders that have no regard for our opinions? Why do they always do what they want to do without listening to the public that put them there in the first place?

Perhaps the answer is, as easy as admitting that we didn't put them there. Maybe it's as easy as admitting that while it appears that the major parties are divided on issues during rally's before elections, they truly have one agenda and that agenda is equally agreed upon in some secret meeting, for some unknown and mysterious reason.

Perhaps the media itself has key figures in positions of power that belong to a society or group that has an agenda. Their job is to continue that agenda in order to keep control of the people. If we allow our minds to wander in the dark corridors of conspiracy theory and if we look at a preponderance of the evidence we can tell you with a straight face that the next President of the United States will be George Bush Jr.

Even if you don't vote in the election it will be George Bush Jr. Even if he continues to get bad press it will be George Bush Jr. Even if he was the stupidest man on the planet it will be George Bush Jr. We say this only because we want to test the waters of Conspiracy theory.

You may ask what conspiracy theory? What are you saying? How can you be so sure? It's easy.

George Bush Jr. is a member of a fraternity that has had their hands in many things. A fraternity that has in it many members who control or have controlled many things that affect your life. This secret society or brotherhood is known as the Skull and Bones Society.

The Skull and Bones society is a small group, however they have produced some of the well-known leaders that run the major companies, News organizations, and political parties.

It has been called "America's little known Secret Establishment" which is rumored to have ties to secret Satanic combinations. The Satanic connection is more or less a coincidence when many have laid claim that the Skull and Bones society is an American version of the "Brotherhood of Death" and the German "Chapter #322." This allows conspiracy theorists and secret society watchdogs to connect the dots and point out that it was a "Brotherhood of death" secret fraternity that trained Adolf Hitler in the Thule Society, another alleged secret society that dabbled in the occult and paid homage to secret Gods of the underworld. The symbol of the Thule Society of course was a skull representing deaths head.

There are many historic pictures and documentation of German Soldiers who would wear the skull and bones as insignia to show that they are a part of that fraternity of death.

The Skull and Bones Society according to conspiracy buffs is only one stone in the pyramid of control. Many writers have connected groups such as Skull and Bones with the Trilateral Commission, The Council on foreign relations, 33rd degree masons, The Knights of Malta and others who apparently have secret initiation rights and have the rich and powerful as their members.

These groups allegedly control what you see, and hear. They control major religions and are responsible for the goods and services that are available to you. They are also vocal about candidates that further their agenda and use their influence to sway a great number of people into falling in line with these said agendas that are "covers" to establish a fascist New World Order.

These groups allegedly adhere to a philosophy known as the Hegelian Doctrine which we have talked about in previous articles discussing the "game" that is played by world powers. To refresh a memory, and to retread past theory, The Hegelian Doctrine or Principle where a unity of thought is created as a result of an agreed upon social threat. The ruling class offers solutions. The solution always, increases the ruling class's power and control over its people.

The people agree to it because they believe that they do not have a choice. The thoughts and philosophies of Hegel are being felt today as we see the socially engineered paranoia being shoveled out to a populace who for some reason feel that they are in great danger of some bogeyman ideology, or terrorist group arriving on their doorstep. When in actuality the evil has already infiltrated the power positions of the world.

If you do not believe that this is so you may want to look at some of the more powerful figureheads that have been members of the Skull and Bones Society:

  • President George Bush
  • George Bush Jr.
  • Nicholas Brady
  • William F. Buckley.
  • Henry Luce the head of Time-Life, which evolved into Time Warner, which is now a mix of America Online, and many other communication and news services.
  • Harold Stanley founder of Morgan Stanley
  • Henry P. Davison senior partner Morgan Guaranty Trust
  • Artemus Gates President of New York Trust Company, Union Pacific, TIME,Boeing Company
  • Senator John Chaffe,
  • Russell W. Davenport the editor of Fortune Magazine
Other names you may recognize who have taken the Vows of Secrecy are-
  • Edmund Pillsbury head of the powerful flour milling family
  • The Kellogg family who head the breakfast cereal dynasty
  • The Rockefeller Oil family and many others.
The truth is we do not know what secret oaths these people have taken. What we do know is that the powerful all seem to have ties to the same organizations that collectively have created a cooperative super beast that influences you without you even knowing.

Using conspiracy theorist logic, you are buying, selling, and electing people who have allegedly taken oaths to manipulate you and coerce you into furthering their powerful ideologies. Some claim that they are dark and Satanic.

Now, even if you can't find Baphomet, Pentagrams, and even a horned devil calling all the shots, you cannot argue that this business cabal doesn't sound just a little bit conspiratorial.

This secret networking has been looked upon as Luciferian and Satanic in nature. Many religious groups see it as the fabled "beast" and leaders who rise up from these organizations are furthering the work of an Anti-Christ.

It is often been the criticism that groups like this cannot be real because these groups are unlawful and believe in an unconstitutional agenda. That is the big lie that most ignorant people try to preach to people who are unaware of what networking and pyramid planning is.

These people believe in constitutional rights. They believe in governing for the betterment of people. They however reject the spiritual nature of all things and seek after the material things. They just want to form an elite anglophile network that rules the world, it's politics, economy and people to achieve peace, prosperity and profit. For them and them alone.

That is the dark side of the American dream. The sick part is that you are not invited. You are only asked to consume because they think we are like cattle and quite frankly they bank on your confusion. They won't tell you that, they want your money and your loyalty.

They are looking for numbers that will follow without the full understanding of what it is they are following. They believe that the system should work for them and that if you are too stupid to figure it out then that is for the betterment of their agenda.

You may think you know what is best for you, but you base it all on a big lie. A lie perpetuated by groups who are in secret societies to further whatever cause they see as sound and right.

People mistakenly believe that the idea of a politically powerful lie and agenda died with Nazism. However if we were to connect the lines of power you would see that the Nazi strong hold was born out of secrecy and blood oaths taken in secret societies established in Germany years before World War II.

The agendas were played out and continued to thrive unchecked even after the alleged fall of the Third Reich. They thrived because the groups have taken oaths to continue the chain, to continue the secret society and it's future.

The beauty of this type of networking is that the common person doesn't realize that they have been duped into falling in line. So the secret society is the few who control the many.

They continue to be in the background of shady deals and they dig up candidates that make erroneous statements that get some press and then are forgotten in the voting booth. Or perhaps you remember them and you make a wise decision in the voting booth but it's not important because your vote is truly a sham.

Right wing conspiracy types who think that Republicans have all the answers, and continue to criticize the "other" party just don't get it. They forget their candidate's mistakes regarding the Iran contra scandal and then shamelessly go after a President who has a libido.

Then there is Whitewater and all of the other "scandals" that these bozos cook up to make you think that we need a new way to govern. John Q. Democrats who play monkey see monkey do forget that when they play the game they are similar political apes that scratch their crotches and wonder what is going wrong.

And that third party that comes and goes with candidates that are political jokes are the political trash can where your vote is used for bum fodder. Yet there are people who show up at political rally's thinking it helps their candidate.

In reality it's a good excuse to get drunk and wave on camera, when news organizations show up. Who ironically are owned by the same companies who fooled you into believing in the whole-fabricated process in the first place.

It's a vicious circle created by those in power. It's a game that they want you to take sides on. They want you to agree upon a threat so that you can choose to have these changes made. Changes that you demand, changes that they wanted all along, but they had to make it look like it was your idea.

It's like a magician who forces a card on you during a magic act. You are unaware that you have picked the card that he wanted you to pick. He being the magician unwittingly tricked you. You walk away thinking you made the choice.

It's an illusion. You have been played the ultimate fool.

I laugh at people who love politics. Because politics are so "new boss, same as the old boss" to coin a phrase from The Who's "Won't get fooled again."

George Bush Junior as of this writing is tops in polls. Go to any website and look at opinion polls as to who you will vote for if the election were held today.

Unless it is on a democrat friendly site, it will be George Bush Jr. Which is amazing when you consider that George Bush Junior has some very interesting thoughts about freedom.

He once made headlines when he made a comment about the Internet stating that "There ought to be limits to freedom."

He of course was referring to those nasty little websites that write nasty little things about him and that there should be a limit on what can or cannot be said.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

The older and crankier George Herbert Walker Bush, who by the way is another "Skull and bones man" was very candid about what his agenda was.

It was to stay the course and make sure that every country we bombed knew that they would join the New World Order or pay dearly in the process.

I find it laughable that conservative republicans always say that there is a threat to democracy whenever a Democrat takes the helm. Both parties are equally ignorant to the fact that elections are bought and paid for by these secret societies.

Many people are not aware that a lot of the money that Bill Clinton received was from well-known Skull and Bones family.

As you can see it is not just one political party, it's every political party that is involved with these secret societies. They all work together to further their own interests not your interests.

So perhaps it is safe to say that our "two party" system that appears to give you a choice, is really a "one party" system that is already bought and paid for?

They want you to vote and get excited just so that you have the illusion of being a part of this magical democratic dream that they have fooled you into believing in.

I mean your vote has to pass through some corporation that counts the votes and the news media reports the results and wouldn't you know it someone who is the head honcho, the big mucky muck is a member of one of these interlocking secret societies.

They already know who is going to be president because "The Order" has already packaged and presented the candidate before hand. Vote fraud is nothing new in America. It's just not talked about because apparently these groups who have you fooled would never expose this. It would be against the oaths that they made in some dark place at Yale University appropriately called "The Tomb."

There would be a high penalty if anyone exposed this control, this secret group of the elite. The penalty of course would be death.

In a time when everyone is looking for that anti-christ to rise up out of "them there middle eastern countries" perhaps we should look no further than our own back yard to find those monsters and beasts.

Just to give conspiracy theorists the benefit of the doubt we have to remind everyone that this article was written in January of 2000. With the election of the new president many months away we can make a guess that George Bush Junior is the likely candidate that will be in the Whitehouse and will lead the country in the year 2001.

If it doesn't happen then we can safely put the theory that secret societies run the world to bed and we can laugh it off just like we did about the Y2K disaster that never happened.

But I feel deep down that he will be president, right down to my skull and bones.


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