By Clyde Lewis

People are scratching their heads and wondering why they are being ignored. Some never pay attention to the evils of betrayal. Like a beaten wife we return for more. It’s all a gamble and the odds are against you. Forget what you have read in your history books. Forget about what you have heard on the six o’clock news. Those who control the past control the present and those who control the present will control the future.

The year 2000 election will go down in history as one of the biggest frauds in the United States. I remember when I first wrote Secret Societal Satan in January of 2000, I realized that the purpose of the article was to expose the fallacy that the popular vote always wins when it comes to elections. I wrote it with all the confidence in the world and my attitude irritated people that still held fast to that sacred institution known as the free election.

I guess the seed that I wanted to plant in your head is that the vote has been a sham for years. We are all horrified at the notion that votes have been thrown away, ballots have been misleading and that the electoral college always makes it hard for the popular candidate.

I also find it very hypocritical of this country to point fingers at other countries that have had alleged fraudulent elections. We endorse the notion of the United Nations to come into other countries to observe their election processes when we fear that they are corrupt. Would we allow the UN to come into our country to see if our election processes are sound?

Of course not. We are above having clandestine groups with hidden agendas thwarting our perfect democracy.

At least that’s what ignorant Americans believe.

The problem isn’t just Florida’s botched election. The whole country has probably had discrepancies that have been over looked or ignored in the past. The question is why are we hearing about it now?

The answer is that it’s a perfect system of creating chaos and solution. The day you realize that this happens is the day you will see that it is all a show. It’s the greatest lie. A lie so cunning that the educated even buys into it.

I was once told by a reporter for an independent newspaper that what I write about seems to give everyone a head start in trying to determine what lies ahead. He was asking me if I felt I was a prophet or psychic.

I dismissed him saying that I am no prophet, or seer only a person who sees trends.

If I had clairvoyance I wouldn’t be writing spook stories about evil shadowy governments and aliens. I would be predicting lottery numbers instead of paying what my friend calls “the stupid tax” to scratch off numbers to see if my life will change financially.

I like to gamble.

When I go to Vegas I shakily grab that twenty dollar bill and insert it into the quarter “Wheel of Fortune” Slot machine. I listen to the bells and the whistles and my blood pressure races and I grasp the arm of the machine. I close my eyes and give it a tug. A seven shows in the first window, and then another, and then a “spin the wheel” appears in the window... YES!

This assures me that I will get a few quarters because the wheel spins and I get a chance at a 1000 quarters! I push the button and watch in anticipation as the clicking slows down and I see that it approaches 1000 and clicks past to 25. I frown. But it’s better than nothing. I keep playing and playing hoping to hit the jackpot but the odds are against me the longer I play. The longer I keep hitting buttons without cashing out the more I could lose.

But not today!

The machine gives me just enough to make me think that I have a chance at getting a jackpot. It keeps me occupied as I only see a digital readout telling me that I have 105 quarters. I win some, I lose some and as long as I keep paying into the machine I get the illusion that I am making the wheels roll in my favor. The first window I get a Bar and then a Bar, and then another Bar.


But it keeps me in the game. It seems so easy.

Then I see that I get a Bar and then a seven and then a bar.

Then the seven, seven, and then the double wild bar falls below the pay line. I am starting to see that my credits are diminishing. I should cash out, but I just know that the Double Wild Bar will come up again.. and I will get double the pay off.

No, I continue to strike out. But I still hold the hope that if I do everything I’m supposed to I will win a little more and still walk away with my dignity.

If I hit a small jackpot I can buy Prime Rib.

I’m down to my last two dollars.

Just 8 quarters for an investment.

That is 4 spins and 4 chances at the dream. If I quit now I can still get the nacho plate and a free beer.

But I rationalize that I am here to have fun. I am in a great place, they treat me like a king. I should just let go and live a little.

After three tries I look at the credit meter.

Two quarters remain.

I decide to play just one.

I hit straight Bars.

Good for 5 quarters.

I now finally realize that I am being toyed with.

In three tries, investing one quarter each time, I get nothing.

I do it again and I see Bar and then a Bar and then "spin".

The catch is the wheel doesn’t spin unless you bet the maximum.

I cash out. I hear the metallic drop of one precious quarter.

I walk away with that look. The look of wishing that I hadn’t even played that 20-dollar bill.

I thought I was winning. I was so lost in the moment that I forgot the one thing that you are always taught about gambling in a Casino.

The more you play the more you lose.

It’s already planned.

They make you feel so good, so happy, so pampered that you are willing to throw away your money to keep it going.

You lose all common sense. You hope you walk away with something and most of the time you walk away tired and worrying about the rent money you’ve spent.

But hey, if it wasn’t so much fun we wouldn’t go now would we?

Isn’t it scary how you can hypnotize yourself into a false sense of security?

Now ask yourself if it is possible to have this happen to you on a much grander scale?

What if the earth was one big Casino?

A big blue casino, where the biggest secret of all is that you are participating in the biggest lie of all?

What if there were people who controlled the outcome of wars, elections, manipulate the stock market, interest rates, even censor the six o’clock news? What if these people knew that they would have to maintain a certain amount of illusion in order to keep your mind off the fact that the odds are against you?

Well here is a clue, there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that there are many secret organizations that have been established anciently and there are many people believe that their purpose is nefarious. This evidence indicates that secret orders and organizations have been developed to thwart good in the world and to control the world and enslave it.

In order to understand this type of thought you have to go back thousands of years ago to the times of ancient Babylon.

Nimrod was a king of the great city and it is still questioned as to whether or not he was just a product of mythology in the bible because he is merely a cameo figure who was a stone mason that declared himself king of the world.

For a Cameo figure he influenced a lot of biblical prophecy and may be responsible for the organization of many secret societies that may sound familiar to those who are aware of such things.

Tradition states that Nimrod established a secret fraternity of builders. . This is what is known as the ancient brotherhood of masons. According to traditional mythology Nimrod organized this order to build a great Tower. The reason for this construction was that Nimrod wanted to contact God.

He wanted to leave the Earth, and in other mythologies Nimrod was a great hunter and it was theorized that Nimrod was not the hunter of animals but the hunter of men. Religious myth says that Nimrod wanted to be God and so in order to do so he had to build a tower and then when he saw God he would aim his bow and sleigh God.

This bold enterprise was a mockery to God according to the Bible and so God in all of his rage confounded the languages of the people. Undaunted Nimrod’s stone masons were appointed to construct the Temple of King Solomon.

The temples were built as places where secret ordinances and rituals could be carried out. People went to the temple in order to learn about ancient wisdom and occult symbolism. It was a literal secret school where the secrets of the universe were revealed. The officiator would give histories, covenants and declare blood oaths as certain secrets of sacred geometry were given and the patrons were warned not to reveal these secrets to anyone who was not a fellow mason.

The inaugural ranks of Masonry were established, that of "entered apprentice", "fellow craftsman" and "master mason".

While in these temples special clothing was worn, such as aprons, breastplates of precious metals, an "Ephod" and miter worn by the officiator.

The only explanation I can find to describe Temple vestments for these secret ceremonies is in Exodus where Aaron wore the temple vestments which were described as a breastpiece; a robe; a fringed tunic; a headdress, which included a gold plate hanging down on the priest's forehead, and a sash.

On the shoulder, pieces of the "Ephod", which was made of gold, blue, purple, and crimson yarns, were two stones with the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on them. The names were carved in reverse thus creating a seal that could be used to imprint these names in rituals.

Masons, Rosicrucians, Templars, Mormons and others who are familiar with the secrets of “the rituals” realize that these rituals are allegedly thousands of years old and they are in place to develop a sort of union amongst those who are of one mind, with one ideal, with one purpose. It all boils down to a virtual take over of that ideal or purpose and to control and manipulate to bring about a certain goal.

Benevolent goals or malevolent goals?

It’s up for debate.

There are those that argue that this is Satanic Blasphemy and has it’s roots in Pagan ritual, and therefore is a an evil plot to control governments, religions, elections, constitutions, banking, business and the list can go on.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to get ahead and you feel like the cards are stacked against you? Have you ever wondered why certain people succeed and you don’t? Have you ever felt like the laws are made to benefit certain people and not you?

Have you ever heard the statement that "People care only for their own kind?" Well it arguably can be used to demonstrate that there are groups of people who band together for the soul purpose of pushing forward an agenda.

Call it a conspiracy, call it an evil plot but Nimrod knew that his genius would only succeed if he used ritual magic and mysticism to convince his fellow brethren that they had the power to control the world. These same secret rituals exist today and you can see occult symbolism everywhere in architecture that has been heavily influenced by Masonic movers and shakers of society.

But it doesn’t stop with ritual and pagan symbolism and mythology.

By Medieval times the Masons had developed into guilds and incorporated their knowledge into the architecture of Cathedrals and Churches. Many old churches to this day have Masonic or pagan symbols carved into them.

By the 17th Century the guilds were incorporating the full vestment apron, and hat. They included symbols, tokens, passwords, names, and handshakes.

Many people who were troubled by these rituals came forward to tell horror stories about what went on in secret ceremonies performed in lodges, and temples. While Masons say that most of their membership believes in a personal God many clerics believe that it is definitely not the Christian God. Even though Masons were responsible for the lavish cathedral designs and the construction of the temples. Even though the worlds most revered people in history have been Feemasons.

Even though one of the fastest growing Christian sects in the world (Mormons) uses ritual that is eerily similar to free Mason rites. Even though it is rumored that Masons have infiltrated the ranks of the Papacy, The religiously paranoid have said that Masonry is evil because of its roots to ancient Babylon.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, John Hancock all Masons. Therefore using unpopular logic the constitution was far from being divinely inspired and this country was not founded for the purposes of religious freedom.

I make these statements out of the need for consistency. How consistent is it to swear that this country was founded by men divinely inspired by God and in the same breath demonize men who were well known Masons?

How consistent is it to say that this country was founded for the soul purpose of religious freedom when the system itself is based solely on something that most God fearing Christians say is pagan and Satanic.

Using this logic America therefore is the biggest Satanic conspiracy of all!

And every other country that is founded or headed by card carrying Masons.
Let’s list the well-known Masons who are all brothers under the skin because of commitments and covenants:

Fredrick the Great, Mozart, Mark Twain, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young (Mormon Prophets,) Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, Vladimir Lennin, The Shah of Iran, John J. Pershing, General Douglas McCarthur, Sixteen U.S. Presidents, Dave Thomas (Founder of Wendy’s) , Charles Taze Russell ( Jehovah’s Witnesses) and the list can go on.

Was Nimrod an evil genius hell bent on continuing a legacy where Babylon would be reestablished in a future time?

Do we see how the wars, and the elections, the Coup de tats, the overthrows, the rebellions, the takeovers, and the corporate strongholds, the leaders, the founders, the prophets, the popes, the priests, the artists we pay attention to are all the product of a great plan that was forged thousands of years ago?

You may argue that it can’t be so.

Yes it can and real history states that our founding fathers were never as perfect has our books (probably published by some company owned by a Mason or some other secret society) have brainwashed us into believing.

The Founding fathers were not champions of equality or democracy. The Declaration of Independence may say it but the founding fathers never practiced it. They believed that all men were created equal in the eyes of the law. The founders never believed that anyone could be a leader and they certainly did not believe that a woman could ever govern.

This may answer the question as to why we never see a woman as President! Yet we scratch our heads every time we have an election and never see a woman in office.

The election 2000 was an easy call for me. Because I have learned that some things are well planned out in vast networks of people who want to see the same outcome. Some things have back up plans so that mistakes are seldom made.

Even if by some exception to the rule, there are flaws in the system they are there for the benefit of the controllers.

It would be disingenuous of me to make the claim that the Masonic order of today is responsible for this. The Masons of today are generally regarded as a fraternity similar to the tree house clubs we used to have as children, but on a much grander scale. It is here to make a bad man good and a good man better.

However, all things with good intentions can be easily perverted, and Social clubs that are meant for the common good of the people can morphed into a negative mirror image. Powerful ritual used for good can also be used for evil and eventual servitude to another power.

After all, the rites of Masonry have been perverted and manipulated in some lodges, and splinter groups with an alleged nefarious purpose have been organized to create chaos in order to perpetuate a state of conflict and confusion.

It all boils down to semantics. If you think that all groups such as these are evil then we must then resolve that everything is corrupt. However I know plenty of Masons who I trust and who seem to be good standing in their various communities.

I have even heard some of them jokingly say that their mission is to take over the world and even popular culture television shows such as the Simpsons have poked a little fun at these secret societies. The episode that featured the "stone cutters" sent the satiric message that groups of beer drinking “Shriners” all hold the secrets to the universe and plan everything ahead of time.

Even the "syndicate" of the X-files show an elite group of men that plan the future in a smoke filled hotel room in Switzerland.

Several people will laugh it off as all fiction, but when hard pressed to start giving up some answers most members of these organizations will find clever ways to get out of explaining what goes on.

Many have heard the doublespeak that comes out of the mouths of members of these groups when they are asked about why they practice their rituals in secret.

For example, ask a Mormon why their Temple rituals are secret and they will tell you "they are not secret, they are sacred".

Ask a Mason about why they are a secret society and they will tell you that "they are not a secret society, but a society with secrets".

It’s a type of psychological warfare that brings your curiosity level to a paranoid crescendo or fuels derisive hatred and false innuendo and rumor.

Personally I feel that Masons are harmless. It may be the offshoots that we may need to worry about.

There are many theorists who believe that conspirators exist and a cabal that has had its roots placed firm in the Masonic rite has grouped together and that their purpose is a network of superb evil.

Their marks have been left all over, from ritual killing with occult significance, to the molesting and harming of children.

These ritual killings bear significant resemblances to blood oaths, where the initiate agrees that if he gives the secret to someone who is not a fellow member he will face certain death. This includes the cutting from ear to ear of the throat and other body parts torn open from the waist.

There have been rumors that there are enforcers who carryout these rituals and throughout history police chiefs and judges have kept cases such as these under wraps as to not reveal the true purpose of the executions of such rites.

One case in particular that many people know of is the case of Jack the Ripper where murders took place in Britain’s Whitechapel District. Victims throats were slit from ear to ear, eviscerated, and the insides thrown over their shoulders.

There are others who believe that ritual executions by cabalistic secret societies are carried out on the rich and powerful because most rich and powerful people are affiliated with these groups.

Deaths of leaders such as John F. Kennedy and Princess Diana have some ritualistic significance and the symbols of secret societies mark the territory where they have been killed.

It has been written by several conspiracy theorists that these killings are signals to the other members that those who do not comply with the mission and the secrets will be eliminated. Rival groups attack each other and their results show up on the evening news. This why we never seem to get the whole story about these strange assassinations, shootings, and accidental deaths.

It is proposed that wars, coups, assassinations, veiled threats, mass murders, the rise and fall of currency, and the rigging of elections are all a part of the plan. The plan to keep the common man in a state of controlled fear where he will beg for the police state, or react or legislate to squelch a trigger fear. These uprisings can lead to protests, and revolts. This turmoil can eventually lead to a tyrannical rule of a global cabal.

Oh what a tangled web I weave. The intertwining theories and spook stories are like tentacles dangling from octopuses that all seem to have different names.

Every time someone does research on such theories they always find secret societies intertwined with several other groups that always turn up. Such names include The Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the CIA, the Vatican, The Latter Day Saint Church, the Jehovah’s witnesses, Hashishin assassins, Thugees, Skull and Bones, The Priority of Zion, and the P2 Lodge. All in control, ruled by oaths of secrecy.

According to documents and other pieces of evidence members of these secret societies control wealth, food supplies, and commodities that are essential to sustaining your life. It is also theorized that these secret societies have infiltrated religions as well.

When secret cabals enter into religion we realize that these religions have been created for the soul purpose of controlling the thinking of the common man and prepare them for a destructive outcome. They are secretly preparing the world for Armageddon and are grooming their followers to do drastic things to prepare for the ultimate conflagration.

It boggles the mind when you realize the enormity of groups and organizations that are literally small governments with in a bigger government. An invisible, corrupt government that is hiding in plain sight.

We look around us today and wonder why we are not getting what we ask for. We have so many people giving their political diatribes as to who is to blame for the dysfunctional society and defunct system. Unfortunately they have developed their dysfunctional opinions using the education they get from the institutions that have a hidden agenda and agenda that is in place to keep you confused.

People now live in a disposable world with disposable cameras, dishes, contact lenses, hearing aids, and even disposable information. Nothing seems to sink in. When things go wrong with the economy, foreign policy, environment, and when elections fail to give us satisfactory outcomes people scratch their heads and wonder if they really have a say in matters.

We can attribute it all to human failure, but why is it that these failures only benefit the 1 per cent that owns you?

It’s simple.

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you may have to just concede that you are not one of them.

You may win the lottery, you may inherit a huge estate, you may marry a rich and powerful oil tycoon and murder him for his stocks and bonds, you may be a big star, or Rock singer, you may be the most popular person in your classroom. But there is one thing you need to remember.

The house always wins.


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