By Clyde Lewis

David Berkowitz known as the Son of Sam is now calling himself the Son of hope. He claims that he has found Jesus now. In 1977 his body and soul were taken over by a six thousand-year-old demon during the 13 months he went on a shooting spree in New York. While Spike Lee has released his work of art "Summer of Sam" in theatres. One needs to remember the artist who made it all possible, SATAN!

Consider for the moment the widely held belief that a satanic conspiracy exists in the world. That the fight for good and evil is not always a spiritual one but a physical battle where the blood of innocents are shed on a daily basis by those who are overcome by forces so dark that one forgets who they truly are. Some will say that Satan has truly made a come back with all of the so called evil in the world. However we give him too much credit.

What has been done by numerous underlings in the name of the Devil has been so embarrassing as of late. However so many people have pointed the finger at all of the random murders in the world as acts that can be written off as Satanic.

If Satan is responsible then obviously he should take more pride in the work that he does. But I believe that Satan isn't involved with every killing in the world. People do the killing, very sick people. However Satan may have had a hand in many high profile cases, because Satan only deals in those cases. Taking a gun and shooting some one? I believe the Devil just yawns at that. He is an Artist. He must convey his genius through pain and long suffering. He believes he has suffered long and must make everyone realize that he is still here.

Obviously there needs to be a method to all of his so called madness. What is the Modus Operandi for such a cunning egotistical creature such as Beelzebub? Creating Evil is not enough. Making something bleed is only a part of the masterpiece. While clerics tell you that Satan wants you not to believe in him, I don't buy it. I think someone wants you to believe in him. Who would want you to empower him and mention him every day? Who else but the artist formerly known as Lucifer.

Sometimes Satan likes to play rough. Other times he just watches and waits for the next time. People can do his work for him. He doesn't have to lift a finger. Satan knows that if people make enough bad things happen, he will be blamed for it. He knows that no one will take responsibility for his or her actions. Satan knows that scapegoating keeps everyone in a panic. Rock and Roll, Video games, Dungeons and dragons are merely stimuli that trigger anxiety and uncertainty. Satan knows they have nothing to do with what he is really about. What he is about is taking over your mind and putting it into a grip of fear so that you can empower him. If you feel nervous about talking about Satan he has got you by the short hairs.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of nervous people in America. The nervous people are the ones who speak out against things that stimulate creative expressionism in our young people. Books, Teachers, and entertainment can open up thoughts and feelings that parents were told to supress.

If a child expresses an opinion that parents have never heard of before the immediate response is there must be some Satanic Cult or Conspiracy involved.

The question I ask is if the Devil came knocking at your door would you recognize him? I don't think the devil turns from disguise too often. He has plenty of henchmen to do his dirty deeds. It is up to you to figure out which disguise he is wearing today. He may be your mailman, or he could be the introverted old man down the block that eats his boogers and smells like urine, or he could be the kind old priest who goes out at night and returns late. Anyone can be the scapegoat. However I know that when he wants to Satan can show off. When he does, things tend to get uncomfortably ghoulish.

The truth is the God fearing individual that claims he knows when Satan has his hands in something does not know the half of it. The darker half. He only knows what can fit into his little brain and all dictated to him by the "good book" and the horror movies he sees on CNN. True occult killings are very rare. However mass hysteria will tell you different. The same hysteria that has prompted the FBI Behavioral science Unit to investigate dozens of alleged mass graves for victims of satanic sacrifice rituals. It has been a great waste of time and taxpayer money because no investigation has turned up any signs of mass sacrifice being done in any report. These same fears existed in medieval Europe and Massachusetts during the burning times.

However there are some cases that make you wonder if there are evil forces that do plan and carry out hits on certain people. We reviewed in the Ground Zero Article "Sympathy for the devil" that some people who are swamped in Bible paranoia can lash out at those whom they think are under the influence of the Prince of Darkness. However the cases I am about to present to you leaves no question as to whether or not demonic forces may have the ability to manifest themselves. That evil spirits can walk into a human body and use that body to send its messages and perform it's wicked deeds. That a person can be the paintbrush in the hands of the evil one to create a blood spattered masterpiece.

While Satan is the ultimate scapegoat, that doesn't mean dark forces haven't toyed with fate. While angels sleep, the demons creep. The universe has been known to bend the rules when mankind attempts to bend the universe. When it happens sometimes the very doorways to hell open and something gets out.

Sometimes the universe has a sense of irony.

The Spike Lee Movie Summer of Sam was released in theatres in the summer of 1999. The movie barely skiffs the personality of David Berkowitz and his motives for gunning down innocent victims in the summer of 1977. The movie deals with scapegoats and how paranoia can make anyone who looks, acts, and dresses differently an agent of corruption. In the summer of 1977 New Yorkers were living a nightmare.

On a dark street at 1am the crack of a .44 caliber pistol being fired ripped a hole in the silence of the July night. Donna Lauria an 18 year old who was talking with a friend was shot and killed instantly. Her Friend Jody Valente was shot in the leg as she got out of the car.

Later on October 23, 1976, Eighteen-year-old Rosemary Keenen, and her boy friend 20-year-old Carl Denaro were sitting and talking in Keenen's red VW. Out of the shadows the killer walked up to the passengers side window and fired into the Volkswagen. Denaro's was shot in the head; luckily the bullet missed his brain but damaged a part of his skull. He survived.

The next Month another shooting. The victims were Joanne Lomino, and her friend Donna DeMasi. They were sitting on the front porch of Joannes house in Queens. Joanne was ready to go to bed and decided to stand up and open the door. The killer walked across the road in front of Joannes house when he began to ask for directions. Before he could finish his sentence he pulled out the .44 bulldog pistol and started firing. The first bullet pierced Joanne Lomino's spine; the second went through DeMasi's neck. The next three missed both girls as they fled into the bushes. DeMasi was not badly injured; Joanne was paralyzed and now uses a wheelchair.

John Diel and Christine Fruend, were having sex in their car and fogged up the windows. They didn't know the killer was watching, until a bright flash of light and an explosion of glass stopped their lovemaking. All Diel knew was that his girlfriend was bleeding to death and the killer was gone. She died a few hours later in hospital.

Police got a bullet out of her body that matched the bullets from the other victims. However police still didn't believe they had a single murderer as a suspect because the descriptions of the killer were all different.

The Killer struck again. Virginia Voskerichian was walking home and she decided to let a young guy pass her on the street. He pulled a gun. She held up the books but the bullet shredded through them to find their target, her skull. The bullet entered her mouth as she was screaming and ripped out her teeth. Death was instantaneous. A witness gave yet another different description of the killer; the bullet was the same. It came from a .44 caliber Bulldog. The result convinced police they were after one guy.

The suspect was first called the .44 caliber killer because of the weapon he used. His name soon changed when the killer left notes at the murder scenes, and sent letters to newspapers about his crimes. His first letter revealed his identity to the police and the press:


Valentina Suriani and her boyfriend Alexander Esau were in their car having sex. The Son of Sam fired into the car. The bullets smashed Valentina's skull, killing her instantly. The other two shattered Esau's head. Another note was left a few feet from the car in the middle of the road Police found the note; Esau died two hours later in the hospital.


In front of the Elphas Disco Slavatore Lupo and Judy Placido were sitting in a car. Ironically the couple claimed they were talking about "Son of Sam" when the window shattered in gunfire. A bullet hit Lupo in the wrist and bounced out into his girlfriend's neck She also took a bullet in the shoulder. Both survived.

Robert Violente was blinded when he and his girlfriend Stacy Moskowitz were entering his car. Sam fired into his face. He didn't see what happened to Stacy. More bullets entered her body and she died two days later.

After Twelve shootings and 5 fatalities the world found out who Sam really was. It was a loner postal worker named David Berkowitz. Police used witness testimony and a parking ticket to get their killer. As he was being hand cuffed Berkowitz confessed "I am Sam."

At the time of his capture, Berkowitz told police that he was carrying out the wishes of Sam, a 6,000 year old demon who gave his instructions through his neighbors black Labrador retriever named Sam. Of course the very thoughts of any satanic influences on Berkowitz were talked about in the book "The Ultimate Evil" by Maury Terry. Terry has been investigating the Satanic Conspiracies surrounding Son of Sam.

The book has been criticized as being a blown out freak out fest that has shoddy proof of a satanic conspiracy brought about by certain churches. Namely the Process Church of the final judgement. Berkowitz claimed that he was just one part of an elaborate Son of Sam murder conspiracy. He also says that he did not act alone. Berkowitz claimed that he had become a soldier in an army led by Satan's generals. He also claimed that He was heavily involved into Satanism and the occult before he began the killing spree. The idea that he did not act alone can be supported by the fact that by multiple composites of the suspects looked nothing like Berkowitz. Berkowitz says that he was involved with the murders. Just not all of them.

Later Berkowitz made the claim that he lied about the Demons. Was he really lying? Or were the pressures of becoming a born again Christian changing his story in prison?

Then the on again off again demon story was on again. This time it was the satanic cult that held ritual and the sacrificing of animals. A ritual preparatory for the sacrificing of human beings.

While a Satanic conspiracy has been widely criticized, that doesn't mean that with all of the blood that was spilt during that summer in 1977 some strangeness may have happened that could easily show a sick cosmic practical joker had a hold on people during that time. If you consider that the cosmic trickster is the dark entity known as Satan then the 6000-year-old demon may have possessed Berkowitz.

Could it be that the Devil was commanding demons to put fear in the minds of New Yorkers during that time period? Maybe a group of people unlocked Pandora's box and unleashed a number of coincidences that cast an eerie shadow over the whole case. Opening a doorway and dusting off a welcome mat for Old Scratch does have its consequences. At least we are told this. In the Son of Sam Case the writing is on the wall. The Devil was showing his sick sense of what "art" is all about.

A sinister force was carrying out an act of mental Masturbation during the killer's rampage. If you review the case over and over you come up with poetic chaos. First The Devil Uses animals to get his point across. In this case dogs.

All of the victims in the murder cases were gunned down with a .44 Magnum Bulldog. Berkowitz claimed he received his orders to kill from a dog-named Sam. Sam Carr owned the Dog. Sam was Berkowitz's neighbor.

Berkowitz claimed that the Cult he dabbled in, Sacrificed animals. Obviously Berkowitz and Dogs did not get along. Many Dogs were dying in his neighborhood. Mainly on Wicker Street. Berkowitz shot a dog-named Rocket at 18 Wicker Street. Two days Later 3 German Shepherds were found in the gutters. They were killed on Wicker Street. Donna Lauria was shot while her father Mike was bringing her pet poodle down from the apartment.

If dogs won't get the point across it's time to kill a few random human beings.

Berkowitz claimed that the Cult was ready to make the jump from animal Sacrifice to Human Sacrifice. One ancient ritual of human sacrifice was the burning of the Wicker. Humans were placed in a great Wicker man and were burned alive. This is important to consider when you realize that Ironically during the height of the Son of Sam murders a 1973 movie was re-run at a theatre. The Movie was called the Wicker Man A few weeks later Berkowitz found himself on Wicker Street firebombing the house of Joachim Neto; the owner of the dog named Rocket. That was the dog he shot back in December of 1976.

If that doesn't work send letters to the police and the press telling them who the real killer is and that you will never catch him.

A letter was then sent to New York Daily News Columnist Jimmy Breslin from someone who said that he had inside knowledge of the murders that were taking place. The letter ended with occult symbols and was signed "Son of Sam the Wicked King of Wicker." Berckowitz lived a block away from Wicker Street.

The people were getting scared. The murders were said to have been targeted at women with dark hair. Women were dying their hair blonde or wearing wigs. People were now jumping through hoops for the Devil. Which is indicative of a true artist. An artists work was affecting its audience.

The letters of course were creepy reminders that evil forces had its demented grasp around the people of New York in 1977.

Add a few satanic symbols and symbolism along with eerie coincidences from the palette and your picture will paint itself.

In a letter to the Police found at the scene of the Son of Sam Murders of Valentina Suriani and Alexander Esau the killer signed off with the words: "I am the monster-Beelzebub the Chubby Behemoth."

At the bottom of the letter sent to Jimmy Breslin was drawn an occult symbol, or sigil, created by the 19th century French occultist, Alphonse-Louis Constant, who called himself Eliphas Levi. "Eliphas" was a play on the Latin word for Elephant. Elphas. The Demon that is associated with the elephant in the occult is "Behemoth."

When Judy Placido and Salvatore Lupo were shot you need to remember, that they claimed that they were thinking and Talking about the Son of Sam in the Parking lot after they went Dancing at the Elphas Disco in Queens. Eliphas, Elephant, Chubby Behemoth, shows an almost poetic coincidence.

Elpihas of course is the designer of Baphomet the goat, symbolism for the evocation of demonic powers. He also designed elaborate symbolism for the demon Berkaial and Amasarac. These demons could have been the demons responsible for the influencing of the people. Who would carry out the Sacrifice? Berkowitz the agent of Berkaial and Amasarac an approximate anagram for the man named Sam Carr the owner of the dog named Sam.

Lets turn up the creepy level a few notches.

Six months after Berkowitz was captured, Sam Carr The owner of the black dog that allegedly spoke to Berkowitz committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a rifle.

Can't you see? It's a sick and twisted mural painted out for everyone to see. One of Satan's best Masterpieces since Helter Skelter. Now it's a feature film.

A film that doesn't sensationalize the murders. It only uses the Son of Sam murders to show the tensions that were going on among a nervous group of people who lived in the Bronx. It tells the story of a record heat wave that hit New York in 1977 followed by a massive blackout; StarWars was on the big screen and the lines in front of the theatres and discos diminished. No one wanted to be in the Killers way.

The week summer of Sam opened in theatres, The "Born Again" David Berkowitz who now calls himself the Son of Hope, scolded Spike Lee for making The Movie saying "This madness, the ugliness of the past is resurfacing again all because some people want to make some money."

He was only half-right. Everything was resurfacing; the only thing missing was him. Luckily he will remain in Prison for another 300 years. The Devil however is still out doing his handy work.

After Berkowitz made his statement to the New York Times something strange happened. New York was gripped in a massive heat wave. Temperatures climbed above the century mark in some areas. A black out happened soon after and 44 people died as a result.

As in 1977 Star Wars was on the screen again. The lines were diminishing at the theatres for this Star Wars movie as well. Not because of a killer. Because of an annoying computer animated creature named Jar Jar Binks.

Only the Devil could have something to do with "art" like that.


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