The Establishment Of The Old Order Disguised As The New Order
By Clyde Lewis

Alchemy is always been known as the magical art of turning base lead into gold. It is allegedly the substance that engenders hope before we reach our unknown ends. However when alchemy is perverted and used as a diabolical tool it can convince a large group to release Barrabas and crucify Christ.

In these times of the newly packaged anxiety it seems that every old whim is beginning to return and this time with wider television coverage, and a wider and more gullible audience. I have been overwhelmed with the overall interest in Harry Potter the young apprentice wizard who made his appearance in children's literature, much to the dismay of Christian watchdogs who believe that this young boy will entice their youngsters who dwindle in faith to sell their soul to Satan.

This is laughable from my vantage point. My point being that a Harry Potter book or movie teaches as much about witchcraft as a Gilligan's Island episode teaches about how to be a survivalist on an uncharted island.

Now my article isn't going to thwart the efforts of the Christ supremacists but I can't just sit here and let this one go by without opening my big mouth. This is beyond any objectivity because it is so hilarious that I could easily amuse myself into a stroke.

This young witch who is box office gold has divided Christians in opinion and in the 21st century it seems that witch-hunts are alive and well. I eagerly await the new burning times where books about witches are burned with impunity.

It is irritating to see the fearful zealots carrying on like emotional children about this imaginary threat when there has been plenty of other "evil" fantasies that have ruled the children's section of the library. Cinderella, the Wizard of Oz, and the works of Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis are sure to be works of Satan, if we are to apply the notion of Satanic Panic. I do not believe that the Brothers Grimm were burned like witches for spreading their literary Satanic seed. Last time I checked witches aren't cooking children.

Television has beamed Satan into our homes with the invention of CNN, and the O'rielly factor on Fox. O'rielly is actually growing on me, I love to hate him. I guess it goes to show you that the devil also works in mysterious ways.

No one blinked when Barbara Eden blinked for her master, and to use the popular pseudo Christian "intellectualism" It would have to be determined that Bewitched has surely given every yuppie pause in considering sacrificing a goat to Beelzebub.

The vocal Christian groups who have decried Potter the Anti-Christ point out that the books teach some deplorable values. They claim that children will adopt these values because it is assumed that they get most of their value structure from entertainment. They point out that these deplorable values are:
  • Power is the ultimate moral choice nothing else matters

  • The shedding of blood empowers a spell or an engineered cause and effect

  • Dying for a cause is noble and that there is a great adventure that awaits you after death. Rewards await you on the other side.

  • Christ like powers exist in all of us. You can use them without the use of Christ or the Holy spirit.

  • Divination and raising of the dead

  • Using magic spells to thwart serpentine demons
This list is endless and quite confusing when you take a look at what you learn in most religions. The vocal Christian groups against Harry Potter seem to be missing the point that the same techniques spoken of in these books are the same "deplorable" activities that seem to fill page after page and verse after verse in the Bible. They are the same grooming dynamics that are used as tools to engender "miracle" based thinking in religion.

The argument that Harry Potter is introducing a whole new generation to politically correct paganism is Mugglespeak to coin a creative phraseology from the books.

Look at the basic tenants of Christianity and all of those not so subtle pagan aesthetics that have been around since the times of the apostles. I have pointed out in previous articles dealing with Christ that he was not born in the winter as most people want to romantically project.

Our Christmas celebrations are situated around the winter feasts of Saturnalia. Noah and the Ark was a story that was in the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Easter is a word taken from "Ishtar" the symbolism all based in resurrection mythologies, and fertility rights. Many religious practices were moved to the first day of the week (Sunday) instead of the seventh day (Saturday) because of the Mithraic traditions. Mithra was the Pagan God of the sun. Making the sign of the cross came from Mithraic traditions, Symbolically eating the flesh and blood of a god and having it magically transform or transmute in the body was Mithraic. The Apostle Paul of course was Mithraic and brought a lot of his Pagan traditions into the church.

To this day we have a hard time parting with such traditions and rituals. It is the old order of things re-packaged and sold to a more gullible and less learned audience. If Pagan symbolism and ritual is the basis for an argument and magic is not used in the bible, then explain how water was turned into wine, waters were turned to blood, and destroying angles killed the first born, and laid to waste cities with fire and brimstone.

Not Magic?

Saul even spoke with the witch of Endor. He still became St. Paul and as far as I can see, got in on the ground floor of Jesus' church preaching the gospel with his roots firmly planted in paganism.

So were the saints selling their souls to the devil?

The very idea is blasphemous but the sad reality ignored by Christian groups is that their rituals are handed down from ancients who couldn't part with their "witchy" ways. We can find other outrageous ideas in the bible that Christians kind of hope you don't figure out about such as

  • Incest

  • Ritual Killing

  • Child abuse

  • Polygamy

  • Suicide

  • Betrayal of friends

  • Bigotry

  • Idolatry
Here we have the beginnings of another laundry list of horrible "evils" in the Bible that can fill page after page.

I am sure that Harry Potter is child's play when you put it up against the occult and oft times mystical stories that are told in the Bible. The Harry Potter book is not a religious text so why are they treating it as some sacred witch "how to" book?

Then there are those that will not find fault with the book, but will attack the author J.K. Rowling by pointing out such insignificant things such as her being a single mother and a bad role model.

The website ran an "expose" on J.K. Rowling stating:

"There are many books out about Witchcraft, but none so cleverly packaged like the latest. Satan is up to his old tricks again, and the main focus is the children of the world. The latest craze is a series of books by author J.K. Rowling, known as Harry Potter ... The whole purpose of these books is to desensitize readers and introduce them to the occult."

It all is reminiscent of Falwell's accusation that the Teletubby, Tinky Winky was gay.

The concern I have is focused on the mental health of people who actually forbid their children from reading Harry Potter because of the fear that a demon is going to jump out and mesmerize their 8 -year old into becoming some follower of Anton Lavey.

It seems to be another example of how parents in the 2K times project the worst in their children, when they need to take a look at what evil's they have succumbed to as adults.

But I can hear loud and clear the bemoaning that is said on talk shows of how defending the Harry Potter series is the liberal media's attempt to justify the introduction of the occult to the masses.

Well I have to say to that is wise up; the media is far from being liberal.

If one wants to learn about selling ones soul to the devil, you need not look any further than what our country has done out of fear brought on by terrorist acts.

The hilarity overcomes me when I hear of fearful Christian minorities saying Lo here and Lo there about a bespectacled fictional character that plays with magic and allegedly luring children into the realms of dark forces. It seems that the real forces of darkness have prevailed in places that aren't found in literary fantasy.

It feels as if it is a little too late to be rallying the troops to fight against an antichrist that comes from a fantasy book. The principalities of darkness have already attacked, and have won in creating a vicious circle of war and hatred that has no chance of going away soon.

What I think the release of the new movie "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" signifies is a unique sense of timing and an even more peculiar choice for a rewording of the original title of the medium from which the movie was produced.

The Original name of the book for which the hit movie is based is "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone." The title change and the events that are taking place in the real world are highly serendipitous.

In order to understand my epiphany I must acquaint you with what the "Philosopher's Stone" is and how it all plays into apocalypse channeling and revelation that has been keeping me from sleep, as ideas spin in my head and bounce around like bee bee's in a boxcar.

I must warn you that these thoughts are speculations on a compendium of ideas that may need more input before they reach their full potential. If there are any sages out there who can point me in the right direction I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

The "Philosophers Stone" has hit me between the eyes as a metaphor for what is taking place in our 21st century infancy. The use of "the stone" and "the rock" in the bible and elsewhere have my mind reeling and I have made some weird connections that may be apropo of nothing or it may be a seed for further research into what is to be our future. My glimpses are fleeting and I am not a perfect seer, but I think that I am on to something and I believe that "the stone" or "the rock" will be a metaphor that will find itself appearing in all kinds of places in the next few years.

Alchemists in ancient times sought after the philosopher's stone which was a mysterious, unknown substance, which they believed, had the power to transmute base lead into gold. If anyone found the philosopher's stone, they would rule the world. It was a stone of destiny, a stone that would make gold plentiful. It was a means to the rest, Gold was the means to everything that could be bought or sold.

The Philosopher's stone was also known as the elixir of life. The elixir that gave immortality. It was also a metaphor for changing the minds of the masses and create a new spirituality by taking old methods and repackaging them and fooling people into believing that they are doing something for the benefit of their spiritual and physical well being. It was the ultimate placebo. It offered all human values, life, freedom. and spiritual well being. It was a means to all wealth, and literally a means to all ends.

It was the miracle cure for all of the woes of the world. The final solution.

It was noted by alchemists in the 12th century that the "Philosopher's stone" was a substance that was found everywhere but it was unrecognized and under appreciated.

A true alchemist knows a little something about the end justifying the means. If you want your spell to work you must use all of your resources, tinctures, and basic shamanism in order to bring the end result to fruition.

In my experience I have found that Strippers are the ultimate alchemists. If the dancer wants a man to pay her a tip she can use whatever means necessary to get it. She will dye her hair, get extensions, go through painful breast implant surgery, paint her nails, hike up her skirt, wear painful high heeled shoes, binge and purge, and go through all sorts of augmentation and change in order to get that dollar bill in the g-string. The end result justifies the means in her opinion, and some men think that paying the stripper a little more will get them a little something afterward. They are looking for that gold for all of the silver they have laid down for the woman.

But sadly it has always been the mantra of most strippers "Men think that giving us money is going to get them a screw - "They won't get screwed but they get fucked all right."

The "Philosopher's stone" can be the best weapon of the trickster. It is a weapon that is used upon everyone's basic value system. Some people's values are baser than others and so the reward that is sought can actually be a trap. It is plainly a deal with the devil.

But for some people, selling one's soul for an end result can be justifiable. All you need is a good salesman that will make your actions for the end result look keen to your intellect.

Most sales are final, and it is easier to sell one's soul in a crisis. When you are without hope, you are without fear. It is easier to crack a weakened mind.

A Faustian bargain is there for you if you so choose it. All you need is to be convinced of its value. When the deal is closed you may not have the luxury of getting a refund.

I understand that this argument can be used by the paranoid Christian against Potter, Pokemon, Marilyn Manson, Dungeons and Dragons, it even was used against Elvis. Variety is the spice of life and if parents are worried about their children , it would be wise to pay attention and encourage them to have a well rounded diet of fantasy, and reality. Children should be encouraged to ask questions. It is interesting to me just how aware children are of what they are being exposed to.

Children constantly demonstrate that they are smarter than their parents and J.K. Rowling says that she has never been told by a child that her books have convinced a child that he or she should begin a budding career in witchcraft.

Parents are responsible for teaching a child fact and fantasy and reinforce a value system. In times where the fact and fantasy lines are dulled parents have an even greater responsibility to engender values and lessons that they have learned through life experience.

Somehow there are a few people who have decided to neglect this responsibility and decide that it is best to shun or shelter a child and eventually the child rebels. Then when parents think they have lost control they either lash out at the child or ignore the child.

This leads to susceptibility to the real evils that exist. Then a dysfunctional child grows into the dysfunctional adult and becomes prey to the opportunistic salesmen that have the tools necessary to fool those who feel that they are the most confident of minds. Ego keeps you from admitting that you have fallen for a lie and no one wants to feel inadequate. This is why i believe this passive or apathetic conspiracy exists in the world. It is the cancer that enters the brain and urges you to "give up."

When you are in this state of mind, a crisis state, the salesmen enter.

The new breed of salesmen know what buttons to push. They are not here to peddle housewares, and soap. These salesman have a much bigger agenda.

The salesmen hide in the places you'd least expect them to. They show you great rewards but they are offered for a price. They resort to group dynamics and conditioning that will get you to move in directions that you never thought you would succumb to.

These dynamics exist in therapy groups, political groups, and many businesses use group dynamics to instill pride and loyalty. Religion uses the same dynamic, where a centralized figure tells you what is best for you, and human nature sometimes gives in to the nurturing aspect. It can lead to great joy, and for others it can be looked upon as enslavement.

Governments are also responsible for creating dynamics that engender loyalty, and pride. Within this dynamic they can convince you that what they do is for your own good and for the good of the whole. When this conditioning is long term you find yourself in voluntary entrapment. It is alchemy of the people, the great "Philosophers stone" to change the way a person thinks of himself. Taking a soul that is similar to base lead and making it think that it is pure gold.

It is a programming mechanism that we are all familiar with. Whether it is a religious influence, a political influence, or patriotism we have allowed ourselves to make the claim that we would be willing to sacrifice our time, our well being, and even our lives for that ideology.

It takes a great deal of conditioning to get someone to change their way of thinking. Harry Potter will not change your child's mind about the occult no more than the movie Battlefield earth changed people's minds about Scientology. It takes more exposure, and putting that exposure into lessons and grooming.

Even in the times of Christ, when he was making a last ditch effort to build heaven on earth everyone denied him. It was hard to change the minds of people even in his day. The "Philosophers stone" was perverted and it somehow allowed for the release of Barrabas and the crucifixion of the Christ to take place.

But not to worry, Christ himself became the "Philosopher's stone" and soon he became the way to eternal life. Another example of how the end justified the means. He said to Peter "Upon this rock I build my church." Peter of course was a name that meant "stone or rock" and the foundation was the chief corner stone that held the group together so that they could be of one mind turning lost souls into valued commodities.

Isn't it funny how it all worked out?

There is also destructive group dynamics that are used to groom for negative ends and are just as effective. Keep in mind that the conditioning process takes time and there are tools needed to bring about the change in attitude.

Eeven though I stress that it takes time to condition a mind There are other drastic methods that can be used so that the mind can be turned in an instant. There are ways to weaken it and make it vulnerable. There is torture with the threat of killing, abuse, and psychotropic drugs. Many people have been mind controlled to do dastardly deeds similar to that of a Manchurian Candidate. The end result makes the nightly news with stories of assassins that take out schools, bomb federal buildings, and destroy centers of open infrastructure.

A history lesson in assassination is applicable today as we focus our attention to Middle Eastern terrorists and what they may have been seeking. After Mohammed died in 632 AD, Islam split. There were Shiite Muslims and Ismailis.

By the year 1078 AD a mystic by the name of Hassan-I Sabbah split the Ismailis into a secret society known as the Nizaris. This secret religious cult eventually became known as the Hashishin. Sabbah would program his followers while they were under the influence of Hashish. The sect would later be known as the assassins, a corruption of the word Hashishin.

Now, for those who have used Hash, it would be a bit disingenuous for me to say that these assassins killed while high. After all it is a drug that when smoked makes you relaxed and laid back. To clarify, Sabbah knew that when his men were high he could convince them of great rewards that would await them if they killed for him.

He would take them to gardens that were flowing with milk and honey. He would show them beautiful women. He would tell them hat if they killed for him that Allah would be pleased. All of the riches he showed them, and gardens of milk and honey would await them in heaven. The price for this reward was their own deaths. Their assassinations had to be public spectacles that would eventually bring about their demise. These assassinations would spread fear and terror resulting in political shifts even wars.

Sound Familiar? What is old is new again. Using the "Philosophers Stone" metaphor we learn that something old can be gold.

The acts of Sabbah on his mind controlled assassins are deeply rooted in mysticism and the "Philosophers stone" idea that the end justifies the means. A murder where everyone can see it is a great tool for changing the minds of people.

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction."-Blaise Pascal

We have seen proof positive effect in the attacks of September 11th, 2001. This of course was carried out in the same spirit as those assassins of antiquity. It was referred to as the Pearl Harbor of this generation, and fireman putting a flag in the ruins of the world trade center was a concocted piece of magic made to kick in the meme of Iwo Jima.

All of it for patriotism but repackaged, printed on a Franklin Mint plate, wrapped in red white and blue and sold on television to the majority of people to get an end result.

What was the end result? Blind patriotism combined with fear that gave carte blanche to government, which has degenerated into the passage of new restricting laws, and more government entanglement.

But you can justify this new crackdown by asking what is the end that justifies the means?

The answer, Your safety.

What was the sacrifice for you reward?

Answer, your civil rights, your liberty, and privacy.

Selling the soul of America never was easier.

Are you convinced that you are safe now?

Well who knows? Your body maybe protected but your mind is ripe for the raping. Obviously freedom is just a state of mind.

There have not been as of this writing any major attacks on a US city since these laws have been passed. Now the catch 22 in this sticky little trick. If anything slips through the cracks and another major attack happens on U.S. soil, the means has not justified the preferred end result. So there is no need to fear right?


Because we are awaiting the backlash from this new restrictive law making. We are awaiting the boomerang effect from it all.

Regardless of all of our new restrictive laws and harsh measures flights on major airlines have dropped. The economy has taken a hit, and companies have laid off employees.

Does this show a lack of faith? Are the magicians who have packaged this old bag of tricks lacking in their ability to do conjure up a convincing stronghold?

What will it take for the magic to work?

Probably more terror and an even greater solution.

Isn't it funny how it all works out?

This would solidify the demand for tighter controls and a more restrictive police state. The triggers have been put in place and they are pulled to get you to react. Changing the way you think, and placing you in a position of being reactive and not proactive. Placing you in a position to be delivered from your perceived demons. Putting you in a position of following a centralized ideal, government or person who has all of the answers. Someone who somehow knows how to grasp on to one of your sacred memes and you can't help but follow and pay attention.

Now are we beginning to realize that Harry Potter is far from being the Satanic antichrist we are being warned about? Prophecies, warnings, and portents, have been placed in your subconscious and they all rise to the surface when you start to see the world crumbling around you.

Your reaction to a conditioned prophecy would be the elemental in the black magic that will activate the consequence of changing your way of thinking.

The blueprints exist and the prophecies have been laid out in biblical texts and in Quatrains left behind by people like Nostradamus. They can be used to confuse, and manipulate you. In some cases the fulfillment of Armageddon prophecy is evident if you are paying attention.

The patriarchs, revelators and prophets have spoken. They have left clues if you choose to listen. Beware the power of the "Philosophers Stone" that repackages the Old order convincing you that it is new. It may lead to involuntary entrapment.

Bishop Malachy O'Morgair had a vision on a pilgrimage to Rome in 1139, which prophesied that the successor to the current pontiff, John Paul II, would be the second last to reign before the world ends.

The current Pope is the 110th nominated in the Malachy Prophesy, in which Bishop O'Morgair named 112 popes, the last of whom would reign as the world came to an end.

Each pope identified in the prophecy had a mystical title, with the 110th described as De Labore Solis - "from the Labor of the Sun" - and is taken by many to allude to the fact that John Paul II is the son of a laborer, or a reference to his globe-circling missions, or even that he was born on a total eclipse.

The Prophecy says the 112th pope will be named Peter II and his reign will coincide with Armageddon.

Peter the stone or the rock of the church.

Moreover we look at the future of another holy realm and that is of the Monarchy in the Anglican Church. In the House of Windsor the heir to the throne is Prince WILLIAM ARTHUR PHILIP LOUIS MOUNTBATTEN of Wales.

He was named for King Arthur, Prince Phillip, his grandfather, and his father's great Uncle Louis Mountbatten. Now it is assumed that when he is eventually crowned king he will be known as King William. But what if he chose to be King Arthur III?

You may stop me and say "Clyde you are wrong he would be King William." Not necessarily, the practice of taking a new name is a common practice in "sacring" which many western monarchs have done in the past and in which the popes continue to practice, even today. Sacring is also done when proxy attendees do ritualistic services for the dead. Many believe that the time of fullness will be met when Arthur is returned and crowned on Jacobs Pillar or the Stone of Destiny. This is also known as the Stone of Scone.

This stone of course was allegedly anointed by Jacob in the Bible:

"And Jacob rose up early in the morning, and took the stone that he had put for his pillows, and set it up for a pillar, and poured oil upon the top of it." --Genesis 28:8

The stone is placed under a throne and it is believed by the Royals to be the throne of King David. The legends of the stone say that Jeremiah transported it to Ireland where it was used as a coronation stone. It was then brought to Scotland where it was used for a millenium to crown Scottish Kings. In 1296, Edward I stole the stone and took it to England, where it was placed in Westminster Abbey, and used since 1308 for English coronations. On St Andrews Day, 30th November 1996, on Queen Elizabeth's orders, the stone was taken back to Scotland and installed in Edinburgh Castle.

Could this stone be used to crown the antichrist?. Prophecy states that he who possesses the stone shall rule all nations.

What powerful meaning would the name Arthur have on his royal subjects? The Mythology surrounding the Sword and the stone comes to mind. How mesmerizing would it be if Aurthur III raised the sword above Jacobs Pillar and declared "I am Resitiutor Orbis the king that has been foretold to return and rule the world."

The creepy thing of all that on the original King Arthur's resting-place are the words "Hic jacet Arthurus, Rex quondam, rex que futurus". Meaning that Arthur shall resurrect again to reunite his kingdom. So that it will rule the entire world.

How fascinating would it be to see the last Pope crown the last King. The last great defender of the faith. A world wide kingdom to rule with an Iron scepter. The King will be born of a woman according to the book of Revelation in the bible. A woman clothed with the sun and the moon at her feet. This is familiar territory to some because these passages of scripture have an uncanny resemblance to a famous princess. These scriptures have been interpreted differently and I am sure in many different ways, for different times. This proves that time may be cyclical and once again the stories of old can turn into gold:

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars"

One theory that I postulated in 1997 is that this scripture refers to Princess Diana. She is clothed with the sun, meaning blessed by God, but her position changes as she is also a queen with the moon at her feet. The moon goddess which may be a clue to her name. That being Diana. She wears a crown of Israel, 12 stars, perhaps meaning the 12 Disciples, or 12 signs of the zodiac.

"And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered."

Diana is also known as the goddess of child bearing. The moon goddess gives birth to the moonchild or "Babylon Working" which of course is said to be the incarnate Anti-Christ.

"And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads."

The symbol of Wales is the great Red Dragon.

"And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. "

The devouring of the child does not necessarily refer to eating the child. It refers to rearing the child in the ways of Government. Putting it through the conditioning process and grooming it for its destiny; to rule all nations. He who is crowned on the stone of destiny rules all nations. The summary of what is accomplished is wrapped up in the next scripture:

"And she brought forth a man-child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne."

King Arthur returns in his glory, the good looking and charismatic Prince who is able to rule in a messianic leadership. The prince who claims the direct bloodline of Jesus Christ himself.

How long has it been since we have yearned for an Arthurian figure?

Max Mell, a contemporary poet, has said:

"Underneath the thin cosmopolitan surface of today's modern Western World [i.e., the Euro-based, white civilization of Western Europe and North America] lie all the "old heroes" still - Parsifal, Guinevere, Roland, Lancelot, Barbarossa, Tristan, Isolde, etc.

They are implanted far too deeply in our collective memory to ever be rooted out by the fleeting fashions of modernity, secularism, and democracy - and who, like Arthur (the "once and future king" - the Resitiutor Orbis), stand ready to re-emerge and rescue us from the chaos and confusion of this present evil world. And there are more people than most would care to admit (many of whom are passing themselves off as Christians) who are calling us to embrace the concept of leadership that these old "warrior kings" represented - a kind of messianic leadership based on nobility of character, charisma and the ability to "get things done."

It was this type of yearning that gave us The Bush administration. The conservative western mindset was looking for a leader that had "dignity." That didn't surround himself with "scandals." "radical feminists," "militant homosexuals," "Hollywood liberal elitists" "covert operative drug lords" and all of the proposed evils that made great sound bites at the close of 1999.

Bush looked better to those who despised Clinton. Republican controls are obviously favored now. The inner conflict that divided us as a nation after our botched 2000 election seems to be simmering.

Take a look at all of the senators who have been targeted for anthrax spores. Isn't it odd that Republicans are immune?

Can this be any more obvious? Look at the scorecard. We start with Tom Daschle a democrat from South Dakota and Senate Majority leader.

As of this writing there have been traces of the anthrax bacteria found in the offices of Senator Edward Kennedy, who of course is a Massachusetts Democrat and Christopher Dodd, a Democrat from the state of Connecticut. The latest Senator to be a target Patrick Leahy Democrat from Vermont.

Oh how we love our new Republican Regime. Someone seems to love it so much they are attacking Democrats. This in a sick sense is similar to a "Jack The Ripper story," where it was rumored that Jack did his ripping for the love of the crown, and to protect it from scandal.

Who now is sending a message and what is the meaning. What will the result be?

This is a typical motive of someone who has allowed himself to be taken in by the myth of a liberal agenda.

Can it be so obvious? Republican leaders have no Idea who is responsible.

Bush arguably brought with him "America first," "Family Values," "Patriotism" and a hope that we would be delivered from our various enemies. It was advantageous for him to be at the helm when America was in dire need of hope. How unfortunate and convenient was it for him to be the saving grace after the attacks on September 11th, 2001.

He is now a savior. No one can question his motives without facing ridicule and scorn. He his held in high regard for not only saving us, but making laws to secure tour safety, arguably undermining the very freedoms we hold dear.

I can predict that we are setting ourselves up for the great and terrible betrayal. We must keep our devotion to any one leader in check especially when we are in times of crisis, or need.

Taken to an extreme it is frightening to see that the same anthropomorphizing of a leading figure has lead to the rise of such notables as David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Charles Manson and Jim Jones.

It also goes without saying that this type of thinking lead to the blood covenant that Hitler and the German people had with one with the other as they went head long towards their final destruction in the time of the second World war. All for dignity, nationalism, and supremacy and wrapped in a red flag stamped with a Swastika. Hitler promised heaven on earth, the new Atlantis, a new empire that would be strong against Germany's enemies.

No devil in hell is worth serving for the promise of heaven on earth.

So if you are looking towards Hogwart's castle to find an antichrist under the bed you are truly looking in the wrong place. I guess there are some who don't want to leave any philosopher's stone unturned.

If you are looking for that magical solution to the ills of society, and the evils that have you fearful of the future, you may get what you wish for. But it won't be all that you think. It is easy to see how you can be tricked into something that is keen to the intellect.

Now we can reveal that there are many nightmare scenarios to choose from when you are dealing with that primeval western bogeyman known as the antichrist.

Some people are foolishly crying out about a Children's book and yet we are so trusting of other facets of our lives that we take for granted.

Like religion and Government and its penchant for control.

The leaders are only mortal men and women, who for some reason have power over you.

It wouldn't be prudent for those in power to use your fears, needs and wants to get you to fall in line. However not everyone in power is altruistic.

The end justifies the means.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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