By Clyde Lewis

Yeah, well it's simple for everybody else - give 'em a Big Mac and a pair of Nikes and they're happy! I just can't relate to 99.9% of humanity. - Seymore speaking to Enid (Ghost world, 2001)

Back in the days of the Holocaust people ignored that fact that Jews were being slaughtered by blood thirsty Nazis. By the time it became a horrible reality in the front pages of the news instead of the back pages there was nothing anyone could do. It was too late. Too many people had been lost and the damage was done. The monsters were revealed and their attitudes were buried along with their evil and power hungry governments.

Many people had asked themselves how a leader like Hitler could have convinced Germany that he was their savior and held them captive through a blood covenant.

The truth is we are seeing how it can be done.

The quick passing of the Homeland Securities bill reminds me of the quick invocation of Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution which stripped the civil liberties of Germans just prior to World War II. This of course happened after the Reichstag fire in 1933.

There have been many in the conspiratorial circles that have compared the World trade Center Attacks to those of the Reichtag fire because it was this event that even Hitler admitted would give him the green light to strip Germans of their human rights and create one of the most fearsome super government forces in history.

It is difficult for people to see this because many people do not pay attention to history. The memory dulls and many details become vague. Now it seems that even young people and those who should know better are allowing themselves to be lured into believing all sorts of things. Many students aren't even aware of where Iraq is or even Afghanistan. All they know is that the people there are evil and they need to be dealt with swiftly.

"I'm just a singer of simple songs I'm not a real political man --I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference between Iraq and Iran" - Alan Jackson from the song: "Where were you when the World Stopped Turning?"

In a scene reminiscent of the television show "Street Smarts" or a skit from Jay Lenno about 100 people were asked if they could find Iraq on a children's Atlas.

A police officer walking down a New York Street pointed to Austria. A construction worker who looked at the map declined to point out anything and exclaimed that He didn't know and really couldn't care because he was certain that there would be nothing left of it after we bombed it.

I got to thinking that if Bush has his way nobody will be able to find Iraq on a map.

Those who knew where Iraq was pointed at it and gleefully said that we would definitely kick Saddam Hussein's ass.

That's good for team spirit but the frightening thing was that 1 in 10 couldn't even find America on the map.

It doesn't stop there.

While many of us take for granted that our sources for news are giving us accurate information about the war, we need to stop ourselves and understand that those who are in the media most of the time are there because they look good on camera. I know that sounds cliché and there are a lot of television new reporters that I have worked with who are very educated and informed but let's face it they are human and quite frankly some have the equivalent IQs to that of a box of hammers.

Many of them are not familiar with pop culture and many of them are out of touch.

They only parrot what they are told.

It was quite comical to read the news and the propaganda being spewed regarding the disappointing turnout for the war protest on October 26th in Washington DC. 100,000 people showed up to the protest and several news outlets erroneously reported that only 10,000 were in attendance.

Everyone in my office was buzzing about the alleged terror attacks in the United Kingdom. The news stories were generating furiously that three men were planning to use Sarin gas in London's Tube. Officials later said the whole thing was a hoax.

According to the BBC:

"There is no evidence whatsoever of bombs or gases. It has been elaborated on by the press ... in this case it doesn't appear to be that there is any evidence whatsoever there was going to be a gas attack or indeed use of bombs regarding the three people who have been arrested." -Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott

Did anybody hear of a retraction about the story? It was retracted in the British press and in Australia.

But not in the United States.

Meanwhile another possible terrorist story was unfolding on the major news networks.

It was reported that Security officers aboard a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel to Istanbul, Turkey, allegedly prevented a man from hijacking the plane. The report from Israel's national El Al airline claimed that the passenger pulled out a small knife and tried to break into the plane's cockpit. Authorities on board the plane overpowered the man, and he was arrested when the plane landed in Turkey.

Now when I read the report I immediately noticed that the media in it's attempt to strike fear in the bewildered herd claimed that the suspect was planning on carrying out a 9/11 type ordeal where he would crash a plane into a tall building in Tel Aviv.

After the scare story was sent out and everyone was thinking that another terrorist was captured, the story was immediately downplayed by authorities. Of Course EL Al used it as another ploy to garner sympathy for the war on terrorism. However the truth is that the passenger who was an Israeli Arab shoved a flight attendant and didn't threaten anyone on the plane.

He never tried to storm the cockpit and the penknife that allegedly was used in the attack was a small penknife in his pocket that he used to open envelopes. He had no plans to crash the plane into buildings.

To my knowledge no American media outlet retracted the statements.

Then of course there is that audio tape of Osama Bin Laden.

A tape that was coincidentally released just before the Homeland defense bill was up for the vote. The tape was "proof" that Al Qaeda was more powerful now than ever and somehow destroys the notion that the war in Afghanistan is effective.

Osama Bin laden is alive and just in time for Christmas. The very funny thing is that now no one cares. I even heard the president say in one of his stammering speeches that it really doesn't matter much if bin Laden is dead or alive.

This from a president who in his strong flexing after 9/11 stated that he would bring him back dead or alive. This from a president who at Ground Zero tried to console the living among the dead with a bullhorn saying to those that couldn't hear him that those who knocked down the towers would hear loud and clear our message.

Meanwhile over a year later we always seem to hear the messages of Osama Bin laden and the idle threats that seem to be buried in the chatter and hodgepodge of spectacular audible threats from Al Qaeda.

We hear him more than we hear about the closure of the attacks on our country.

But who cares?

The new evil doer is in town and he is more important and probably more sexy than the dead Bin laden.

Or the living Bin Laden.

There is even speculation that Bin laden is changing his appearance. Stories were finding their way to media outlets claiming that Bin laden has probably changed his appearance with the best plastic surgeons.

This sounds to me like a good setup for somehow finding some other guy who resembles Bin laden and putting him on video. Not like we have speculated about this before.

Anyone remember that horrible excuse for a Video tape that shows Bin laden allegedly confessing to the terrorist attacks on the World trade center?

For those who have forgotten, the video purported to show the real Osama Bin laden speaking in a room with cohorts. The video itself was fuzzy and unclear.

I had stated that I thought the video was a fake. I stated that the man in the video was not Osama Bin laden but a clever look alike. I was told that I was crazy. Now take a look at the pictures again.

Now I ask you, do these men look the same?

How convenient that the news is now hinting that Osama may have changed his looks. With that being said the man in the video that looks nothing like Bin laden can take over and be Bin laden. The government hopes that you have forgotten this little video. But I haven't nor have I forgotten how it looks nothing like Bin laden.

You see how we are being played?

There is a film that I am sure no one has on their checklist at the local Blockbuster but I urge everyone to see it. The movie is called "Triumph of the Will" by Leni Riefenstahl. The film has been declared one of the best propaganda films ever.

She was responsible for capturing the moment and glorifying the dream of a thousand year Reich that was promised to bring Germany out of the ruins. In the film it is uncanny how she was able to make Hitler and his men look God like and powerful.

One of the first scenes of the film shows the anticipation of the German people watching Hitler come down from the sky in an airplane. It was as if a great God had come down from heaven to deliver the German people from their terrible economic conditions. The symbols of the age, the swastika and the large spires looked like the doppelgangers for the Roman Empire with Hitler as Caligula.

The entire film romanticized Nazism and if you could set aside your judgements of what you know about Hitler and place yourself in the time period you could understand how a movie of this kind could mesmerize and justify the idea of joining in a glorious mission to eliminate the enemy that was used to explain the plight of pre Nazi Germany.

Propaganda is a powerful tool. It is even being used today. The question is whether or not the pictures that we see surrounding the war on terror are an intentional attempt to trigger an emotional bridge between the dispensational view of the world and the realities of war.

The Christian majority is seriously thinking that the end times are upon us and it can be theorized that in order to maintain the attention of the majority, certain images are being used as symbols or portents to the ever-popular notion that Armageddon is just a matter of time.

I released in my newsletter pictures that somehow made it into the mainstream press that I feel that they illustrate this strange new form of propaganda where the military and the government are being depicted in religious ways.

I have also seen the manipulative pictures that also capture the Christian romanticism of the age and I can only see them as triggers to get a reaction. Even if the reaction is subtle it still burns a familiar likeness in the memes of so many people who are now wondering if their world is crumbling before them in a biblical conflagration.
I was completely engaged in a photo of a C-130 that was dropping decoys. These photos and a video made the rounds on the Internet. The decoys are aptly titled "angel decoys." After the balls of fire are dispersed you see what is left behind the plane? It is a smoky image that looks like an angel.

Symbols and signs are powerful things and during wartime it seems that the media is manipulating you with all kinds of mystical and religious imagery that seems to be overwhelming. This idea has been haunting me ever since a story ran in the mainstream media about a cross that was found in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

However it can be argued that the first signs of this manipulation was probably triggered after both CNN and other media outlets ran pictures of demons in the smoke of the World trade center.

Copyright Mark D. Phillips
We all know that when the WTC attacks happened photographers had made claims that when they had shot pictures of the smoke, strange occurrences of simulacra took place. In at least two instances demonic images had formed in the smoke. These images were blatant images that really didn't leave much to the imagination.

There were several other instances where coincidental religious images have shown up in mainstream newspapers and websites. One of the most compelling religious simulacrum is a picture of John Walker Lindh better Known as the "American Taliban"

Here we see Lindh strapped to a gurney in a very familiar fashion to those who are familiar with Christian Iconography. This press photo was used in stories all over the world without comment on how it resembled the image that appears in the Shroud of Turin.

Ask yourself are you seeing things?

Is this an uncanny coincidence or is this a habit among photographers? Is there a hidden agenda behind the photos? Are they being used to trigger an emotional response?

When Israeli occupation forces opened fire at the Church of Nativity in May of 2002 there were some pictures that ran in newspapers and the same images ran on CNN and Fox news showing a bright flare over the place where Jesus Christ was allegedly born. The result was an eerie tableau that looked like macabre Christmas card.

In the latest photo to circulate President George W. Bush appears to be ready for sainthood as the seal of the President hangs behind his head and the shot that is snapped appears to give the president a halo. This picture is uncanny after many people have accused the new administration as being far too Christian.

This picture was released after The president signed legislation that reinforced support for the words "under God" in the pledge, and for "In God we trust" as the national motto.

These pictures may raise suspicions that we are being manipulated or it may just cause you to laugh. However it is a remarkable coincidence that these types of photos are creeping up more and more in mainstream media.

You can accuse me of being ultra sensitive on these matters and you may think that it is a bit premature to say that the press intentionally releases these photos.

However I do recall that when O.J. Simpson wound up on the cover of a few news magazines after the murders of Nicole Simpson and here boyfriend Ron Goldman there was some controversy over whether or Time magazine darkened O.J's mugshot to make him appear evil.

This was not the first time the magazine attempted to make someone look sinister.

When Patty Hearst was arrested in San Francisco Time magazine once again was able to touch up her photo making her look tired and harder looking.

This reminds me of the age-old conspiracy theory that the old rifle photos of lee Harvey Oswald were faked.

In a close up of the photo you see the man in the picture has a square chin, while Oswald, at far left, has more of a pointed chin with a cleft in the middle. There also seems to be a crop line below the lip in the rifle photos. Oswald even said they were fakes.

We need to ask ourselves if there is a possibility that events and photos surrounding major events can be manipulated in order to get an emotional response.

History has shown that the art of faking or fudging data is not beyond the realm of possibility.

The television screen is a powerful tool and the media has a responsibility to give an objective view of the world. It seems however that we have seen in the past and now in the present that the image you see isn't always the real thing.

Sometimes it is hard to get the real picture, however it may be wise to use our common sense to somehow evaluate what all of these images mean in the big picture.


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