By Clyde Lewis

Of every malice gaining the hatred of Heaven, injustice is the goal, and every such goal injures someone either with force or with fraud. But because fraud is an evil proper to man, it is more displeasing to God; and therefore the fraudulent have a lower place and greater pain assails them. - Dante

In the main lobby of the CIA Headquarters there is an ironic message that is engraved in the stone wall under the emblazoned seal of the eagle. The message says "And Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." The Truth. The words of truth on the wall of a building whose very job is to lie. Their job, according to Former CIA Chief William Casey was to keep secrets not only from groups that would threaten the United States, but from it's own citizens as well. We have been told that The CIA was organized as a peacetime intelligence service.

In the beginning it was clearly stressed by Harry S. Truman that the CIA was not a Homegrown Gestapo agency that was spying and lying to the American People. But cold war Paranoia had set in and it fueled the new CIA. It was growing into a much bigger monster.

A Monster that was affiliated with covert Ops, communications control and spin doctoring, and mind control experiments like MK Ultra. Not that the CIA even bothered to tell President Truman. They were given the reigns of power and with a little twist were able to get virtually what ever they wanted. Truman later learned what the CIA was doing and realized that this mob was taking over. That the CIA was becoming the subversive group that used propaganda and psychological warfare, for control of the populace. The CIA was also spying on American citizens. President Dwight David Eisenhower in his farewell speech warned us of what was to come. An all out influence by the military industrial complex. But Pandora's Box apparently was already opened. The lies and the cover-ups got way out of hand. Deals were being made under the table, with past enemies and with even worse ideals. It was documented that we were even hiring Nazi researchers to carry out similar experiments on the American people, much like the Jews.

The CIA even got the services of Reinhard Gehlen who served as chief of Nazi Intelligence during the war. Even when the hiring of Nazi's was illegal in the United States. Gehlen's purpose or so it seemed was to manufacture a "Evil Empire" Moniker to stir up a hatred towards the Russians.

Russia was our ally against the Nazis and then with a little Nazi tinkering we were against the Russians. The sentiment lingered and we soon were in a cold war.

This would mean fundamentally that the CIA was created with Nazi Ties. That the whole cold war was manufactured. It was always perceived that the Russian Empire was combat Ready that they had a 10-1 advantage over American troops. It was also said that the Russians were ready to attack West Germany as early as 1946.

The sad truth that never made it to the history books is that the red Army was under equipped over extended half of their transport vehicles were still horse drawn. This "evil" empire was battle weary and poor. Yet the Russians were demonized by the Nazi attitude in the CIA and the Networks within the group exaggerated weapons figures and Army capabilities. The Russians were no threat.

American policy however was manipulated and the people wanted to be protected from the once trusted Russians. Only they did not that a notorious Nazi spy had orchestrated the propaganda with Allen Dulles who was head of the OSS the pre CIA. Allen Dulles was the same man who approved the CIA Drug experiments that were used to create assassins. The Mk Ultra experiments. He also was involved with open Air tests that killed many U.S. citizens. He was later fired by Kennedy and the CIA was about to be broken up. Kennedy stated that he was going to splinter the agency into thousands of pieces and scatter them to the winds. He didn't live to see that dream come true.

Even after the death of Kennedy the man responsible for the lie of the cold war, Alan Dulles was on the Warren Commission. The very group that investigated the assassination of Kennedy. It's no wonder that the official word from the Warren commission was that Oswald acted alone. It has been said that when Kennedy was shot in Dallas our innocence ended. Our innocence ended when we decided to make deals with evil emissaries. What worked before continues to work. The bigger the lie the easier we seem to believe it. The stranger the coincidence the easier it is to dismiss as chance. There are no mistakes. Things are happening because the puppet masters are pulling the strings. The puppet masters that run the much rumored shadow government whose soul purpose to prepare the world for virtual servitude. When the rebellion starts it will be squashed by a policing of the world. There is no doubt that there will be a policing of the populace. The policing will not only be conducted by the system but by people who believe it's their duty to police others. Soon you will not be able to trust the barber, the paper boy or even your own brother.

Many people do not believe this but you believed in a Cold war that was manufactured by 20,000 known Nazis that were serving in the CIA. I am just a messenger.

Go ahead and think that it is all one big coincidence that gun control issues are being raised again.

Think that it is one big Coincidence that NATO continues to Bomb every one who does not conform. That they will continue to do so until someone cracks.

Be complacent that what you listen to, and what you see will not be policed, not only by a group of zealous politicians, but by those who feel they are doing you a favor by burning your books and boycotting subversive talk show hosts and writers.

The subversives will be targets and will be pulled from their homes and will be beaten to death. Much to the delight of those PC megalomaniacs who feel that what is said, or displayed influences people to commit acts of Violence. Some will just disappear only to turn up floating in a lake, or buried in a cement wall.

Be ready to be flagged at an airport and detained because you are someone who fits a certain criteria as a terrorist.

Notice the news and how it always pushes the same agenda. That you are not capable of figuring things out on your own. That you need to use them as your source. That you need them to shape your opinions about issues. Watch the blame game be played at every instance. Not acknowledging the fact that Evil is a choice. Watch the counter programming take shape and the virtual rewriting of history.

Your money will lose it's value. There will be a Microchipped population and a cashless society.

Then of course the final blow. The Human Genome Project. The secret Project that is supposed to eliminate 2/3's of the worlds population. This will be brought about secretly by using Biowarfare to render a population sick and then dead. Contrails or Chemtrails are just a warm up to what is to come.

It will happen.

The bottom line is what is said under the noise of the opening theme of Ground Zero. People always have sick and twisted ideas of what to do with people that don't agree with them. Whether it is office politics, or on a greater scale world government we see that those with the means to control you, will. Even if it means that they have to kill you or make you suffer to get what they want.

You may ask yourself Clyde what is your opinion of the alien threat? Will we be invaded? Well this can only be opinion. I do not have a perfect knowledge of such beings. All I know is what I was programmed to believe about Jesus and a second coming. It is becoming more apparent that everyone expects a savior to rescue us from the trouble we have brought on to ourselves.

It will be a rescue in a sense. Where you will give anything to escape what was the aliens idea to do in the first place. Confused?

There is a story I like to tell that illustrates just what I mean.

An alien space ship lands in a field in the northwest and out comes three alien greys. A farmer meets them and the Aliens tell this farmer that it is important that they speak with the wisest men in the world. The farmer being the human sheep he is recommend that the Aliens speak with their elected leaders in Washington.

The Aliens attend a huge summit where not only world leaders gather but religious leaders gather as well to meet with these beings. The beings say that they watched our creation, they helped in our agriculture, and helped with medicines. They also tell the leaders that yes there is a God. That the God of the Universe is the God of all , and that the earth was chosen as a gathering place for the arrival of God.

The Attendees are very pleased and many ask what kind of God this God is. They mention that he is the son and that the earth has been chosen for his arrival and that they are here because his arrival will be in the morning and that the world has only a few hours to prepare for this God's arrival. Many Religions step forward and say .. we have this God in our faith.. and we wish to be in the presence of this God.

The world broadcast that the arrival of the God will be in the morning and soon many people come in droves to meet this God. Christian Leaders form a friendship with the greys and are allowed to be the first delegates to meet this God.

A bright light forms in the sky and everyone is stunned. People begin to cry ..and as their tears well up in their eyes they see the appearance of Winged men descending out of the sky.

The aliens scream this is a trap! Quickly get your weapons. A war breaks out between these aliens and these winged beings. Many are killed and the Earth people scream out "But these are angels! They are coming to herald the great coming of the God you seek. The aliens say that these are not angels that they are evil on their planet and have to be destroyed or they will destroy the earth. The human Leaders then side with the Angels and demand that the earth fight the Aliens. The Aliens are out numbered. And soon many die, and many are taken prisoner. After it is over The aliens are bound, and the Angels stand at attention and ask that many earth people walk towards a bright light that is near an alter. They ask the Humans if they are willing to sacrifice even death to meet their God. Many say yes. They walk to the light and enter. Each one walks through the doorway and screams as they are pulverized. Some are afraid and decide to enter the prison with the chained alien greys. They remain with the greys until the final human walks into the light and passes away. The light then rises up into the sky and darts through the clouds.

The Angel then walks to the head alien and unlocks his shackles. The Angel speaks to the alien.

"These human prisoners should be enough food to last you for another thousand years."

The Alien then asks, "Will the procedure continue on other planets?"

The Angel says "Yes according to plan."

The Alien says "I almost forgot,"

He hands the angel a number of books, one being the Bible.

"Here are the books I was telling you about, be sure and drop a few off on the next planet you want to take over."

The control Mechanisms have been with us forever. Our existence has been the greatest conspiracy of all.

The end will be the harvest. The farm is becoming more and more ripe.

Who ever comes to reap the harvest will be looked at as a God No matter how evil it will be.

We will follow.

We always will.

We always have.

Like a snake eating it's own tail.

End Game. Play again.

I guess this is what they call Eternity.


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