The Clock Strikes 13

by Clyde Lewis

"The more that you fear us the bigger we get. Don't be surprised when we destroy all of it"—Marilyn Manson

On November 3rd, 2004, all the clocks struck thirteen, and the crow left of the murder stood up and prayed that the decision made by half of the voters would not result in civil unrest. The thought of widespread chaos had haunted so many people prior to the most important election of everyone's lives. The numbers were all in place as the ritual begun. It was the 11th month and the 3rd day of 2004, and it reminded us of a continuation of a haunting sequence.

"The 11, the three, add the two and the four.
It 's nine and 11 waiting at the door.
A Carnival of souls in a mystical game
And the dance with death remaining the same."

While the words of the long man attempted to bring calm, the spiritual damage had already taken hold. Not just in a country of bewildered believers, but in a world that had stopped believing long before.

The headlines around the world sent a peculiar message, as the faces of a critical mass looked ashen and the souls of the losing team felt as if they had been ripped in two.

How could 59 million people forget? How could they allow for the liar to remain as high priest in New World Dystopia? How can the leader pick up the pieces of a divided nation?

Once the pieces are gathered how can they be put back together again when some of them have been removed by thugs and thieves? The pieces removed from the once "United" States seem to be steadfastness and balance. We lean so far towards our self—dug graves. We smell the odor of our own decay and putridity and claim that it is symptom of allowing liberalism to destroy our vision of nationalism, and the lies that are created to keep us from thinking that we are a dying and decaying shell.

We believe in the strength of our worn—out lies far too much. We do not look in the mirror save only to praise our reflection for all those who are not tired of hearing about how wonderful we are. We also forget that the man who continually tells us that we are in need of self—worship is mentally deficient.

The continued patriotic coercion distorts the character of a nation who cheers "four more years" as people die at the hands of a self proclaimed prophet, whose talks with God give him power to destroy lives.

His story is similar to those of Charles Manson, Hitler, or Son of Sam. Yet the image somehow does not seem to fit because none of these killers had the think tanks and advertising agencies available to sell their murders as a necessity for survival. None of them were able to find the words to twist in order for people to buy into a painful Orwellian nightmare.

Our leaders call it a "war on terror", which is a euphemism used for the sole purpose of convincing the fearful people to turn their police forces into armies. This way they can patrol neighborhoods, seize weapons, and usurp and trample freedoms that aren't meant to be preserved because all people in a police state are suspects and they must act as suspects.

We are told that it is necessary because there are "weapons of mass destruction" hidden somewhere and that the terrorists will use them at any time in any place.

However, we are seeing that the weapons of limited destruction used by our armies and our police forces kill just as effectively.

The argument of a horrible death by terrorist design is stale. The right and left wing use it quite effectively. It is difficult to point this out because the labeling of liberal and conservative limits us to only two ways of thinking. It is misleading and frustrating to live in a country that has decided that there are only two sources of ideas.

The programming has worked, creativity is being silenced, and the art of debate has been rendered useless. We have arrived at a place where even the most brilliant thinkers fall into the idea that there needs to be a limit to the range of expression and ideas. Many have expressed that there is nothing new under the sun, that there is no need for speculation because all things have been revealed and that logic dictates that all things are conveniently placed in a box.

We no longer can see beyond the jungle of crime. murder, death, drugs, and the mob.

That is why television programs about coroners and autopsies, police chases, and drug busts overwhelm us. Reality programs demonstrating the ugliness of intellect and beauty of sameness are beamed into our homes.

Rich men pick their mates from a crowd of plastic females. Plastic females pick from a group of men whose sole objective is to win the prize of hot and heavy plundering after the lights go out and cameras are turned off.

Money is given to those who can suffer the pains of eating worms, or sleeping in a cemetery. People with damaged self—esteem volunteer to go under the knife so that they can be socially invited to the club of vampires who before would taunt and otherwise harass them because of their imperfections.

It is all caught on camera and the humiliation does set in immediately, but eventually when the sags return and there is no money to maintain the outer beauty, the soul that has always been ugly returns again, this time demanding that it be remembered and preserved.

In the Orwellian nightmare the "thought criminals" would appear on telescreens, confessing their inadequacies and their perversions for everyone to hear, and today we see it constantly on talk shows and reality programs where people put themselves through humiliation for a reward.

When we see current events that pick at our philosophies like trash birds to carrion, we have to understand that any system that involves millions of people doing what they are supposed to do is open to abuse.

They can be made to laugh, made to cry, made to add the numbers two and two and understand why it adds up to five. They can be made to dance, wear certain clothing, made to feel sick and made to lay down and die. They can be inside a prison and not even know it. They can boast all of their material wealth and forget that it can all be taken away by decree.

A dove that had been holed up in a cage was boasting of the large number of young ones she had hatched. A crow, hearing her, said, "My good friend, refrain from this ridiculous boasting. The larger the number of your family, the greater cause you have for sorrow in seeing them shut up in this prison—house you live in."

The totem of the black bird or crow has somehow crept into my consciousness. It has been haunting me for some time. I know what the totem means and it makes me feel uneasy when I receive thoughts that can be made into ghastly verse.

One such verse appeared in my head one morning after I had heard about the death of Victoria Snelgrove, a young journalism student that was shot by a weapon of limited destruction in Boston:

"There is one crow left of the murder
One crow in the middle of clover
Another to the right of the dead man
As hell proceeds to breeze over."

She was just an innocent bystander who was capped by a zealous police officer who was just "doing his duty" of serving and protecting the citizenry from riotous revelers after the baseball playoffs.

She was a victim of those who did not wish to stand in line, those who were marching out of synch of the homogenized flock. She was one crow left of the murder.

It is impossible for everyone to do what they are supposed to do all of the time, and that has always been an obstacle for governing bodies that want so badly for the people to unite around them.

They demand that their faithful surrender what little individuality they possess in order to put forth an effort for what they contend to be the greater good. In their conditions for approval, one must adopt a standard of hostile behavior against groups who are different.

The engenderment of intolerance becomes standard, the indoctrination becomes a constant, and that supernatural part of your existence, your soul, begins to change its frequency allowing for an air of intolerance to occur.

Bertrand Russell said in 1953 that in the future all of our convictions would be generated for us. We would be given the illusion that the decisions that we have made are based on solid intelligence and wisdom.

"The subject which will be of most importance politically is Mass Psychology. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen. As yet there is only one country which has succeeded in creating this politician's paradise."—Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society

Our current state as a people regardless of the warming over or glossy coat of denial is indeed divided. There is still a critical mass of people that somehow feel their cause has been ignored and is secretly beginning its agenda of how to marginalize and single out those who don't particularly agree with them.

We are now living in an era of zero tolerance

Apparently this intolerance is aggravated by the mass wave of fear that has been brought on by the preponderance of circumstantial evidence demonstrating that time is running out.

The masses in America and in many parts of the western world are clinging fast to the eschatology that an apocalyptic end can not be avoided and that there is indeed an evil force fighting against us. The evil, of course, remains invisible, and becomes an alien threat of sorts. It is an invader that can consume any group who believes that they are incapable of having their thoughts and their actions hijacked by master manipulators.

The apocalyptic world that has been successfully preached about by our leaders has taken hold in the United States, and it is so vast that it dwarfs our ability to think in the long term. Many people are now realizing that if the time is ticking away, they must do whatever is necessary to maintain what they think is the fitting and approved lifestyle by another invisible force that also can be rendered as an alien threat.

That is of course the wrath of an angry God. God becomes in essence an alien that threatens our very survival. We obey this invisible threat in hopes that it will spare us from death and suffering.

We see in the apocalyptic world a very interesting phenomenon.

We see a negative reaction that produces passivity, apathy and despair, and an overcompensation of what is destructive. However looking at what is happening, now extremes are beginning to look more and more like psychotic assaults on the impossible and the improbable.

The intolerant individual has already been bitten by the vampire of fear and despair, and that mark has been left in the minds of those who wish to seal upon their foreheads a covenant that promises to annihilate upon command any moving or breathing creature that we are told is there to destroy us.

If we are told to attack a defenseless kitten, we will move upon it and crush its skull. If it is a baby in the womb, we will use whatever means necessary to remove its parasitic existence.

If anything is an inferior specimen, it must not be allowed to breathe. If it has different skin color, or if its beliefs are not ours, they will be dealt with according to our masters.

As you can see, if the intolerance is left to grow in an individual mind like a cancer, the individual can give into a thought form we share with all carnivores. The actuated impulse to become a predator. The impulse to become a greater evil than our perceived evil. This impulse is widely diffused. It can be found in children and adults, the mentally ill, mentally refined, the well educated and the ignorant.

It can also be the fantasy of anyone who has not had the opportunity of gratifying it. We all know that it continues to be a rush for the person who is gratified by it, regardless of their moral, social or religious backgrounds.

A human being who looks upon another human being as inferior and can choose, from that perspective, to eliminate or wish to eliminate that person or group of people, can actually have thoughts of love and compassion.

They can coexist.

Many people want you to believe that Adolf Hitler was always a monster, and this is why it is so hard for most people to comprehend how Germany was so oblivious.

Well, it may come as a surprise that he loved Disney movies. He had a pet dog named Blondie. He was an artist; he would kiss his wife Eva and all of the other things that a person would do. The sad thing is that we have created an image in our minds that no man who could kill so many people could have a human side.

His thoughts of murder, his hatred for the Jews, artistry, love for his countrymen, for his wife and his dog, all coexisted in his brain. To the Germans he was a savior.

In history he was a vampire and so many people were "fooled."

This is what we tell ourselves because we don't want to think that any of us could fall for a similar "monster."

Oh, but you can, and you probably already have.

It can start as simply has having an indifference to human suffering. It can also be the pleasure of knowing that you can have someone killed if they cross you. Or knowing that killing of innocent people goes on and on under the eye of a leader who has a beautiful wife and charming family. A man who claims his allegiance to God, a man who can turn on the charm of a dullard, then in the next moment bark and attack like a slobbering mastiff.

Of course, there may be a few reading this saying that they are not responsible for what horrors await us because they voted for "anyone but Bush" or they neglected to vote because of indifference.

These people call themselves rebels, or revolutionaries. I am beginning to believe that Americans have been coddled for so long that they are unaware of just what a revolution entails.

It is a mistake to think that just because a whole country does not agree on a fascist ideology that it is not culpable for allowing it to grow.

There is so much intense nationalism, exclusionary sense of identity, and patriotic coercion being used as a tool today that even the idea of peer—pressured voting is an evil that forces someone into doing something to avoid persecution.

There are those that believe that both ideologies are in need of restraint and do not want to contribute to the whittling away of freedom and democracy.

They should be allowed to have their say. Unfortunately, the experience of the election of 2004 has left many hungry for change empty and deflated.

I contend that the reason it all didn't work was because many people were led into spending their energies in places that made no impact.

Their energies should have been focused on disrupting the momentum of the tired processes that have demonstrated time and again that they are flawed, corrupt, and incapable of delivering any kind of justice or change.

You look at all of the hypocritical movements that emerged in this campaign.

Groups like Move—on.org that claimed to be rallying the troops for a "grassroots" candidate and then giving their donations to further the cause of "Skull and Bones" and the Kerry campaign. Kerry seemed like a forced card on all those with ideas for change.

It was pathetic and cowardly to lead people into the trap of telling them that they can make a difference in a corrupt system that has no tolerance for things that are different or make a difference. I am sure that you will disagree with me, but the election results confirm what I wrote all year, all that I have said before. I quoted Einstein when he wrote:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." - Albert Einstein

I was more than angry at the naivete that turned hostile when I had stated that the country had allowed itself to be delusional into thinking that change can happen in a system that abhors change.

Other groups, like the "punk voters" and MTV's tired "Rock the Vote", said the system needed change, and were willing to generate anger to destroy a system of anger.

Well, as an old "punk rocker" from the eighties I knew what it meant to get your ass kicked for listening to the wrong music and wearing the budget—bin fashions.

The punk ideal was to be non—"system"

So here we have "Punk Voters" and out—of—touch MTV misfit groups becoming shills for the Democrats and for Kerry, who is a corporate fat cat, when most punks in my time eschewed the very thought of decedent institutions and American mainstream conformist programming.

So goes the world.

In the 21st century even the "punks" and "anti establishment" pundits are manufactured by a branch of the information syndicate that try to label them as "future leaders" or "new thinkers."

The "new thinkers" that claimed that they could change the system embraced the system and everyone were mislead into believing that it was some radical movement.

The "revolution" that they were participating in was bullshit. They need to swallow that bitter pill and understand that they can't change a system that has been allowed to be a criminal element in our society for decades.

Real change happens when a revolution takes place outside the boundaries of an imposed system. You use unconventional methods within your legal means to make changes that are binding and long satisfying.

A true revolution would have been voter disobedience.

What I mean is that you refuse to vote until all parties are invited to debate. You organize groups that just don't talk revolution.

You practice it. You obsess over it. You talk about it at every moment that is appropriate.

To be a true revolutionary you have to be one crow left of the murder.

The so—called "new thinkers" didn't do anything revolutionary.

They just settled for something with a fresh coat of paint and presented it as culture "cool."

Many of those "new thinkers" are actually victims of social engineering. Their convictions were generated by an advertising agency that knew full well that they were going to give the appearance of change, the appearance of revolution. All for the cause of maintaining the illusion of subversion.

How subversive and revolutionary is voting Democrat against Republican?

The idea that it is revolutionary is ludicrous because people do it every four years!

Molding the culture is an industry!

You need to understand this in before you change anything!

When is any business or industry, (in this case the election and the molding of thought,) in business to confront the system? When that very system feeds its bank accounts?

Anti—Bush music CD's sold in stores, bumper stickers, propaganda videos and DVD's, Fahrenheit 911 movie tickets, and Air America Radio are all cottage industries benefiting from your illusion of being a rebel.

Do you feel betrayed yet?

The revolution that you participated in was a sales pitch. The results will be tallied up like the Christmas take.

In "le resistance" what was it that you were rising against? In this so—called war of ideologies did any of these resistance groups give a plan to keep the liberty and freedom?

All of these so called progressive groups, these self appointed system rejecting rebels, were so glad to take your hard—earned cash and give you empty rhetoric, and offer you a shined turd.

How much of this so—called resistance and revolution was safely channeled into things that honestly did not aggressively challenge or slow down the momentum of the controlling homogeneity?

None of it did, and that is why when I didn't go to the Moveon.org bake sale or participate in the fundraisers for Kerry I was considered a spoilsport, a party pooper, even a traitor.

You see, when I told my audience to get used to being on the losing team, I wasn't kidding.

We all lost on Election Day.

We lost our hope, we lost our money, and we lost our sense of true revolution.