By Clyde Lewis

The Fate of the Earth is always in the balance. Between the possibilities of NEO Impact , the possibility of Extra Terrestrial Life and psychosocial upheaval are we facing extinction?

From biblical times until now, there have been wonders in heaven that mankind has marveled about. In the book of Luke, in every Christian home there is a hint as to what to expect. In Luke 21:11, the last sentences clearly state that fearful and great signs will be seen in the heavens. This was 2000 years ago. Depending on which seer you believe in, Nostradamus to Edward Kasey the world will be tossed around like a pebble in a fast moving stream. The truth is it always has been. This is nothing new. However, the difference here is that in this time of space age technology, and so-called cosmic awareness, we take for granted that we are safe and secure on this planet. We look to government to give is a sense of security. Many people have this notion that government are our protectors. Many people will eventually give up their freedoms for even more security when they realize that all this time they really have not been protected against the things that Government knew all along were out there watching and waiting for an opportunity to arrive.

I suggest that it is hypocritical for our government to place on our money "In God we trust." And yet that same government denies the very existence of any beings living outside the earth, alien or deity. If this country is a "Christian" nation, and every "Christian" is awaiting the arrival of a deity from heaven, Then there must be some sort of protocol right? A protocol for the arrival of a "god" from space. The government by the very word of their Christian God has to have faith in this. It reminds me of a funny story I once heard. God secretly shows up one day at the Whitehouse. God speaks with the president and says "Mr. President, I have something to tell you. I have an army of millions of angels. By my command, these angels will come down and kill every non believer, what do you think of that?" The president looked up and looked God right in they and said "You really want me to tell you what I think?" God replies "Yes." "Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike."

Lately, religion has had to vigorously fend off the recent onslaught of alien questions. Their solution is to demonize them, which of course is medieval. Avoid them, or in the case of the Pope contemplate whether or not to reveal that a Latin phrase has always been in the holy writings, "res inexplicata volans" which translated means Unexplained flying objects. Why would they have concern for such hypothetical aliens? Because if there was an admission of alien life, it would deflate the God that took religion 2000 years to create.

Lately there have been many hints given to us through the news and other media regarding the possibility of either Alien contact, or near collision with extraterrestrial bodies that have lingered in rumor for many years. Many people are not exposed to the data that exists. How could you be? You go about your Day to day life and it is difficult to really get the truth. You get what is on the news. You get what News organization feel you need to know. You get what the "corporate" clique wants you to hear. You get the cause the reporter feels you need to side with. Wherever you get your information, the subject of total annihilation probably wouldn't be discussed. The idea that we have been receiving signals from space has been buried in the back pages behind who the president has slept with. Now, The story of a shield to protect the earth from a possible asteroid collision has made the headlines, even after NASA has downplayed the possibility of such an event occurring. The shocking part is not what is being said, but what isn't being said. There are many reasons why we won't get a direct answer. I believe that the biggest reason is secret agendas.

That is not a conspiracy theory. It is a reality. I can prove it. Take a look at a typical government Model on a smaller scale. The office. Let's say you are a typical employee. Compare the typical employee with the average citizen of the so-called free world. As an employee, you do your Job, you get paid. You don't concern yourself with what management does, until management makes a decision that has you baffled. So you want to take your concerns up with the big boss. It is then that you have to go through the boss' protective wall. Usually the Big Boss will not see you. Someone will give you an answer below the big boss. That person is paid to cover for that big boss, and so chances are you are getting a company answer from a company man. His job is to protect the power head. That is what he gets paid for. So, ever wonder if there is a power elite in the world? A group that is in place that protects the secrets of the bigger picture? People with money who own big businesses, Television stations, radio stations, newspapers. What about an even bigger elite that own governments? Could that be possible? What if there was an ugly secret that they knew about? Could they pay enough money to keep secrets? These questions have to be answered in your heart.

You see from my perspective, these shadow groups with shadow agendas would silence anything that would put the status quo in turmoil.

So the question of UFOs and aliens do they exist? Well of course they do. In theory. However you will never hear a definite confirmation. Why won't you get a confirmed statement about the possibility? Because the power elite would not want to admit that anything out there could unseat the monopolies of communication and fuel sources . It would eliminate what control they now have. If it were revealed that all of these things exist, there would be a group of individuals that would be passive about it, and another group that would rebel.

Why the rebellion? Well, ask yourself honestly if you would be passive about being lied to by those who you trust? With that in mind would there be civil unrest? Perhaps a massive war? A world wide Panic? Maybe to the point of global extinction? Maybe to the point of worldwide control?

Those with heightened awareness will be ready to take on whatever challenges these new discoveries will offer. In the beginning they may look foolish to others, they may not understand why there is a rebellion against the indoctrination. Others will say that these rebels are possessed by demons. We have to face this reality. Knowing that all things cannot be easily filed, or put under a carpet or box.

Ground Zero has continually tried to give you information regarding these things. It has become somewhat disenchanting that there are some out there that are looking at the show as an entertainment rush. While a lot of the programs we do are about entertainment we need to differentiate what is Science fiction and what is science fact. Just because we give you interviews with Comic book writers and Science Fiction writers does not mean that we do not take serious the fate that awaits us. Our ability to inform, and your ability to empower yourself is crucial to the success of Ground Zero. It is up to you to decide if what we are talking about is false. It is not a matter of true or false. It is a matter of stopping and listening. Regardless of your background, or preconceived belief systems. Nothing is certain except death. That is why it is any wonder that this civilization will survive in it's own ignorance. There will be a massive event. This event will bring us together. Before this happens there will be another event that might tear us apart. Our Pride will get in the way of our reality and some of us may die.

I realized how serious this all is after we did our asteroid warning on Ground zero. It was abundantly clear that we could face extinction at any moment. While sometimes I don't always realize the power of my own statements and my own intuition I must say, that with all of the Knowledge that the audience has demonstrated and with all of the knowledge my guests have demonstrated we have successfully informed people months before the actual mainstream. We must continue to do this. No one has the market cornered in the Truth Department. When Art bell left his show, his audience was alarmed at the fact that there would be no one there to give the truth. Well he isn't the only one who tells the truth, and be honest with yourself, do you tell the truth always? Do you think I do? Do you think Art Does? This is not an assassination of character it is a human trait. Lets stop making people guardians of morality. Guardians of truth. Let us find the truth in our own hearts. Responsibility is the hard part. Relying on someone else to give us the truth is a dangerous co dependency.

You experience things you cannot explain. Phenomena where callous scientists explain it away by ignoring and suppressing or even discrediting inconvenient data and evidence. Unexplained mysteries are never simple just because someone explains them away with an uncomplicated answer. Ground zero suggests this. Why not dismiss any preconceived notion of what ought to be happening and observe things that are happening. Listen to what people are saying, and trying to understand why things aren't being said. Without labeling it as a conspiracy theory. But an educated guess, and in some cases a hunch. No blind skepticism and no blind belief. Just sharing, listening, learning and understanding of the general belief systems that motivate us.

You see a crop circle being made by two drunk guys on television. Immediately you say That it is all a lie. An alien is carved like a Christmas goose on network Television. The alien does not perform the way it is supposed to. Because of our indoctrination, from a Spielberg movie some discredit it.. No one is asking you to be a blind believer, no one is asking you to reject your religious upbringing. No one is asking for a politically correct response. It is there for you to observe. It is there to prepare you.

Richard Hoagland comes on Ground zero and tells you that a meteor is about to hit the earth. No one is asking you to panic. No one is asking you to believe. It is merely placed there for you to think about. I guess when the power elite decided to print it in a newspaper it became factual.

I guess the reason I write this is out of frustration. I still get intellectual eyebrows raising. Most to discredit what I try and tell people. But what I have told you has happened. I do it without an agenda. I do not fly away at the first sign of trouble. I do not leave it alone at the first sign of losing my money. It continues to eat at me. It should eat at you as well.

There are all kinds of internal wars going on. Mind wars, economic and social wars, political wars, and for what? A chaotic degeneration of the human spirit. psychosocial suicide. Passive conspiracy.

No hero in Space, or on earth is doing anything to combat this. They are unwittingly allowing it. Allowing the self-destruction. I believe we have found the alien threat.

It is among us now. Render the planet passive. Render the planet co-dependent. Render the planet untrusting. Render it ignorant. Consider it conquered.

We are unstable. We are scared. We are confused. But we can overcome.

There is wisdom in old philosophy. There is a Celtic ballad that I have always loved. It is about a young boy who met a false knight, or demon on his way to school. This same demon convinced the boy's father to drown himself out of fear. But the young boy listened to the demon. He did not run in fear, he stood his ground and used wisdom against him. I am going to share it with you.

O where are you going?
Said the false knight on the road
I'm going to school, said the small boy and still he stood

What are you carrying on your back?
Said the false knight on the road.
They're my books, said the small and still he stood.

Who is the owner of those sheep?
Said the false knight on the road.
They are mine and my mother's said the small boy and still he stood.

How many of them are mine?
Said the false knight on the road.
All that have blue tails said the boy and still he stood.

I wish you were hanging in that tree
Said the false knight on the road.
With a good ladder to hold me up said the young boy and still he stood.

And the ladder for to break!
Said the false knight on the road.
And you to fall down said the small boy and still he stood.
I wish you were in the sea
Said the false knight on the road.
And a good ship under me, said the small boy and still he stood.

And the ship for to break!
Said the false knight on the road.
And you to be drowned
Said the small boy and still he stood.
I wish you were in the well
Said the false knight on the road
And you do that deed in hell!
Said the small boy and still he stood

The Boy stood against the very demon that convinced his father to drown himself. He choked back tears, and fought off the urge to be bullied. He did not run he stood firm. If you do not listen, to all things no matter how crazy or scary they sound, you may find yourself in the sea. Drowning in ignorance.

We are living in a time of social surrealism. This may be an indication of a crisis on the horizon. Or a time of transition. It can be an easy ride into the millenium, or a difficult one. Fear of an imaginary monster could mean our extinction. Even if it looks real, we can still over power it with wisdom. With the turning of the new millenium, Images of monsters haunt our dreams in broad daylight. We can learn about them ,and eventually tame them. After that they will be ignored. Or become the new Gods, or the fodder printed in a book about ancient mythology. That is if we make it past our silly fighting over individual belief systems.

If you hear anything on Ground Zero, which ends up in a newspaper later, don't be surprised. It's not because I am a psychic, or because I know more than you. It is because those who I surround myself with are listening. Listening to their hearts, and acting on instinct. I am proud of my audience. I am proud of those who are working on trying to find truths I hope that these same people can see through the villainous snake oil salesman that are really cowards, waiting to succumb, and urging others to do the same. I would hope that we will still be standing, navigating through the chaos that is sure to be a part of our lives in the coming years.


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