By Clyde Lewis

Making connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena affects the way we experience life. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to explain the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningful but not casually connected events, which have the same or similar meaning. Submitted for your approval is the strange case of Penni Matticks and her friend Susan. Their meeting at a high school reunion and subsequent relationship has drawn them even closer to the "Jonbar Hinge."

Many peopleís lives are affected by the phenomenon known as coincidence. I guess if you look for them you could play connect the dots ad infinitum. Its like when you buy a certain make or model of a car you start seeing the same automobile everywhere you go.

Those are simple coincidences that you hardly place in the category of paranormal events. However there are a few of those events that make you stop and ponder the elusive mystery that our existence on this earth truly is.

For some, coincidences are detrimental to their lives and some often feel as though that they are not in control of their fates. It seems that there is deeper meanings to some synchronicities and the more you tear them away layer by layer you find that it is like a holographic onion that continues to have many layers or meanings.

Some claim that when they walk down the street at night the streetlights turn off as they pass by. Others place a great deal of coincidences in numbers like 13, 7, or 23.

I have talked with people who say that whenever they touch an electronic object that it malfunctions. Others can pull a slot machine and have it hit jackpots time after time. You can call it luck, chance, or fate but coincidence never ceases to amaze the person who experiences it.

We have all felt as if we are being manipulated by events we cannot control. All seem to be cosmic signposts that we are forced to pay attention to in the "Twilight Zone." Some attribute synchronicity to a guardian angel some fear that it is evil, while others think it is a stroke of magic.

It is evident that there is some force that continues to demonstrate itself as being mischievous. Itís as if there is a set program of cause and event that gets rebooted in the matrix and when we witness it our lives are changed forever.

It fortifies the testimony that we are living in a world that is indeed miraculous. We may never know who is behind the forces that put us in the right place and the right time but it should be said that we must cherish their enduring wonder.

I recently received e-mail from a listener that lives in Springfield Illinois. The letter was from Penni Matticks who works in a biology lab in Illinois.

This e-mail was a cry for help. She had been having some very strange things happening in her life and she didnít know who to turn to. She knew that perhaps I would listen and at least try to find out what was happening to her.

After reading the e-mail I realized that she was experiencing some strange phenomena. She left me her number and so I called her on the phone to get her story.

She related to me that she had net up with an Old school friend she hadnít seen in 20 years named Susan. They were at a high school reunion in Decatur Illinois. Susan flew to Illinois to stay with her parents and attend the reunion.

Two weeks later Susanís dad passed away from a heart attack. After this a chain of events took place and synchronicities began happening for both Penni and Susan.

Penni was helpful and supportive of her friend Susan after the death of her father.

It was Penni that helped Susan get to Decatur for the funeral. All this after not seeing Susan for 20 years. While some may see it as pure coincidence there seems to be more connections and synchronicities that need to be explained in order to ponder the importance of this chance meeting.

According to Susan the reunion was not an official High School reunion but a planned get together for old friends. Penni was persistent in talking Susan into coming. Susan was reluctant to return to Illinois however it was chance that she was able to see her father 2 weeks before his sudden death of a heart attack.

After the funeral Susan returned to San Diego.

Two weeks later, Susan called Penni and was very upset about some things that were happening with her mother. Penni claims that Susanís mother heard a strange noise in her house. A noise that sounded like thunder, however there were no storms in the area. Susanís mother had determined that the thunderings were coming from inside the house. She also related that her mother was hearing doors slam. Susan was worried that perhaps her mother was experiencing some sort of trauma after the death of her Father.

Susan then told her that this was only the tip of the Iceberg. Susanís mother saw her dead husband in the home. She describes him as looking sort of "transparent". She says he doesn't talk. He just roves around the house or sits in his recliner, the place where he died.

Penni couldnít believe what she was hearing because she hadnít told anyone that her mother was experiencing the same thing for four years. Everything was the same, the rumblings in their homes and both deceased husbandís appearing to their mothers.

Penni wrote in her e-mail:

"My siblings and I have listened to my mom say that she sees dad in the house every day for FOUR years since HE died and now my friends mom is having the same experience. Both men died unexpectedly in their homes."

She continued to explain in the e-mail of more synchronicities surrounding the deaths of both her father and Susanís father saying that both were from Decatur, both had car dealerships etc.

She then continued with yet another strange coincidence:

"Yesterday, Susan and I were discussing this on the phone at length, trying to figure it out, when suddenly I heard this loud rumbling. At first I thought it was thunder and called my son to go out and see if a storm was coming. There was no storm. This "rumbling" lasted for about 10 seconds and sounded like a train going over my house. I told Susan to hold while I listened and when I came back to the phone, she had been listening to the SAME sound at HER house clear across the country.

It was really spooky.

We got off the phone shortly afterward. I phoned my mother who lives 40 miles away, and asked her what the weather was like there, and she said she had just heard the same loud rumble in her house. I was like, "was this about 5 minutes ago?" and she said it was. She, too, thought it was going to storm, but said she went outside and no storm."

What they were experiencing was something known as a heliotrope. Itís not easily defined however I can tell you that there have been times in your life where you would be humming a tune of a song and then you turn on the radio and that song is playing. Or at the same moment you have been thinking about having pizza for lunch and you turn on the TV and there is a Pizza commercial on at the same time. There are also situations where you think of someone and then they call you, or you are talking about someone that you havenít heard from in a while and then they show up unexpectedly.

Such insignificant coincidences mean nothing to most people. We tend to look at them and go "Thatís odd" but when synchronicities become a linking "hinge" to three people with ties to one another, it may be time to pay attention to what is happening.

Could meaningful synchronicities be a materialization of some profound linking principle in the universe that completely disregards cause and effect?

In the case of Susan and Penni it seems so. The coincidences didnít stop with the thunderings and rumblings and ghostly appearances.

There seem to be more coincidences to report.

After the first contact with Penni I was sent yet another e-mail that described even more weirdness that the two were experiencing after their phone call.

After Penni and Susan talked and heard the same weird "rumble", over the phone Penni had gone for a walk. During the walk a freak 15-minute "hail storm" hit near her Springfield home. Penni claims that the storm hit just after 6:00PM.

The next morning Penni got an e-mail from Susan. Susan needed to talk to her but there was a freak hailstorm that hit near San Diego just after 4:00 PM. A hail storm in San Diego was happening at the same time that a hail storm was hitting Springfield Illinois!

Penni relates in her e-mail:

"She said all the sudden the wind picked up and that they had a HAIL storm! She said it was penny to nickel sized hail, and that she had never seen hail where she lives. I e-mailed her back and told her I was having the same hail here.

It was isolated to a 4 block area around my house and that if she didn't believe me it is in the State Journal Register today and I could mail it to her...she just e-mailed me back and said it was in her paper today that the hail had been isolated to a very small area in her neighborhood also"

Experiences such as these cannot be analyzed unless we look to the writings of celebrated Psychologist Carl Gutav Jung who was the first to include in his theories something known as the collective unconscious. You could call it your "psychic inheritance." It is the reservoir of our experiences as a species, a kind of knowledge we are all born with. And yet we can never be directly conscious of it. It influences all of our experiences and behaviors, most especially the emotional ones, but we only know about it indirectly, by looking at those influences.

Some of the trigger examples of what he means by the collective unconscious are the experiences of love at first sight, deja vu and the immediate recognition of certain people, symbols, and the meanings of certain myths.>BR
These examples could all be understood as the sudden conjunction of our outer reality and the inner reality of the collective unconscious. Synchronicity it seems demonstrates this on a grander scale. When synchronicities are connected as in this case it demonstrates a more profound example.

Carl Jung has said:

"The more that coincidences multiply and the greater and more exact the correspondence is the more their probability sinks and their unthinkability increases, until they can no longer be regarded as pure chance but, for lack of a casual explanation have to be thought of as meaningful arrangements."

Synchronicities are difficult to grasp when we align ourselves in the rigid cause and effect thinking. We are more than likely willing to interpret events such as these as pure chance.

However, when these types of coincidences happen to two people especially after not being in touch with one another for 20 years and in the aftermath of tragedy, it becomes necessary to pay attention to these coincidences as meaningful events.

Maybe something has happened upon their meeting.

Perhaps the death of Susanís father is a turning point, that the appearance of both Penniís Father and Susanís Father to both mothers is significant.

The rumblings, the slamming doors, and the storms that happen simultaneously out of nowhere is significant only to them.

After all the freakishness of such anomalous storms and their isolation it is important to ponder their significance in the whole chain of events.

These are cosmic signposts that are pointing to some sort of unfinished business in the world of the collective unconscious.

Each of us can relate to amazing coincidences that we or someone we know has experienced. Some tragic, some laughable, and some are downright eerie. If these events truly occur then we must ask ourselves if our future is totally random.

Is the thought of meaningful collision a way by which the timelines repair themselves. Or get back on track?

The case of Penni and Susan and their synchronicities leaves me thinking that perhaps there are forces in the universe that pull us into line. A line that humankind does not yet understand.

Irony always seems to have a sick sense of humor.


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