By Clyde Lewis

He will tell you that you have a second chance, a chance at cleaning the slate. It will give you a sense of security. The only catch is that you will learn to embrace a little something called "nihilism." He will then will clean the slate and replace it with mediocrity, apathy, and famine. Then he will change your wine into water, water into blood, and blood into wine again.

You are reading the newspaper. The headlines are the same old mish mash of rhetoric from politicians and statements of defiance from the local activists. There are a bunch of clowns asking for your vote in the local election. There is the latest in the never ending mess that is the Kerry campaign and you see a picture.

It looks like the angel of death. A dark figure with a hood standing on a box.

Somehow it looks familiar. You take a sip of coffee and then it comes on you like a storm.

It all begins with an unexpected pain in the chest. Then comes a pounding in the head and a feeling that you canít breathe. You look around to see if anyone is noticing that you are feeling like you are losing your ability to maintain your composure.

There are many things that are going through your mind.

Is it a heart attack? Is it a stroke? Perhaps you are experiencing the effects of a salty breakfast?

You become quiet and withdrawn as you keep saying to yourself that you are going to be fine.

You realize that out of the blue you have had what is commonly known as a panic attack. It is all a part of a moment of clarity. There is something wrong and you just canít seem to put your finger on the problem.

You can ignore it, or you can take action to prevent it from happening again.

You tell yourself that you need to relax. You tell yourself that you need to change your life around. You wish that there was a way that you can wipe the slate clean and take back all of the abuse that you managed to do to yourself all these years.

You realize that it is time to make some changes in your life. You also hope that it is not too late.

All of your symptoms are so convoluted that you do everything that you think needs to be done to survive. Eventually you make peace with the idea that no matter what you do; you are going to die eventually.

Why not now?

But you donít die. Your body has the resilience to bounce back and you get all your faculties together. You may change your life, or you may just go on doing what you always have done. You then forget why you were so worked up in the first place.

It all goes into the memory hole.

Human beings are probably the only creatures on this planet that think of their own death. Now more than ever we are constantly being shown how fast life can be snuffed out in a momentís notice. Rather than looking at life as precious we are constantly trying to find ways to do each other in. The question is why we claim to be "pro- life" and yet our actions show that we are "pro-death."

I remember that after the attacks on the United States I was forced to lay low because I was told that I would be insensitive to warn people about what was to come. My fear was not in the possibility of further attacks on this nation. My fear was deeply rooted in the idea that if we were to let our feelings get out of hand and blow them out of perspective we would begin to see our nation slowly go mad.

As I have said before, most people are unaware of the eternal pagan psychodrama that our leaders participate in. They are more concerned about the end of the world, the New World Order, and the rule of a chosen leader that is believed to be the devil incarnate.

Religions have produced some very romanticized nightmares that have graced the pages of the bible; most notably the writings of a mad prophet named St. John.

This seems to have somehow triggered a bit of nihilism within the Evangelical churches and the powerful Christian right. These fanatical attitudes have developed into a crusade to secretly and in some cases overtly demand that those who do not follow the "gospel" should be tortured and otherwise be left to die.

The recent brain fever over the controversial pictures that have been released showing Iraqi prisoners being tortured and humiliated is no coincidence. These pictures were inevitable as Americans were treated to the Hollywood version of torture in the film "The Passion of the Christ."

Those who voluntarily went to the theater were subjected to a prolonged exercise in blood, gore, humiliation and torture. These images were repulsive and shocking. They were however revered by the religious community, and many people would bring their young children to see the carnage.

The idea of allowing oneís self to be subjected to long views of vivid acts of torture in slow motion traumatizes at first, and eventually desensitizes the viewer and soon the whole process drags on and leaves the observer numb.

The first blow is shocking and the second is harsh, after 10 or 15 blows, it becomes tedious and then it no longer is shocking. I remember thinking that Christís death was a relief after all of the horrendous beatings and humiliation.

After your emotional beating other pain and torture loses meaning.

Is it any wonder that one of the first pictures to be released of a tortured Iraqi was a picture of a dark robed figure with his hands outstretched like a cruciform?

What did this trigger?

Did it trigger the thoughts that this existence is meaningless and that in order to achieve perfection and "learn" to obey you must be abused and tortured for your lack of faith?

The triggers affect people in different ways. It is more than obvious that these photos were generated as a Psyops experiment to see if the desensitizing has worked.

"Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow"--Psychological Operations/Warfare

It was just one more ritual to prepare us for an even bigger dance.

Think of it as a calibration of the collective. It is a reinforcing trigger to plant the seeds of meaninglessness to the human form. It was another trigger to set in motion the idea that this prisoner in the dark robes is the complete opposite of the martyr who died for you. That some day you will have to die for this Savior in order to obtain celestial glory in the new Utopia of the future.

In order to obtain this future it is being reinforced that we need embrace our own destruction.

I am hoping that those who are not blinded by the triggers can see that this is the darkest form of nihilistic programming ever devised. Little by little a nation embraces madness and becomes an apologist for the Gods of wrath.

They begin to develop suicidal tendencies. They begin to accept torture as a normal part of life and rationalize that "they" had it coming to "them" and that "We" have it coming for "Us."

Just after the second world war, when the extent of Nazi and Japanese atrocities were finally noticed by the rest of the world it was unanimously agreed to a fault that such atrocities would never be committed by American Soldiers.

It has been an unwritten commandment that in order to be a good U.S. citizen you must take the higher road and agree that we would never allow the Jewish Holocaust to happen again, or any other attempts at genocide carried out by evil dictators in any country.

We have comforted ourselves in knowing that Americans do not commit horrible acts on any people. We are allegedly humanitarians and as George W, Bush has declared "We value life more than they do."

That was allegedly one of the many reasons we invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein was an evil dictator who wanted to kill his own people, rape the women and children of his country and spread death and destruction throughout the world.

We picture ourselves as guardians of morality.

War twists and turns the human mind until it is fashionable to accept acts of torture as a way of getting information from the enemy. The truth is that much of the information taken by torture is unreliable because the person being tortured will say anything to get the pain to stop. Many of the tortured believe that their deaths will be rewarded in heaven if they do not speak.

In the case of the tortured Iraqis it must be said that it has become apparent that we have become the enemy that we have painted as evil.

Just after the photos of the tortured Iraqi prisoners made the rounds on the Internet President Bush met with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin at the White House. Bush was asked about his premature declaration a year ago of "mission accomplished."

The smirk came upon his face again and said that a year ago he had achieved an important objective, he accomplished a mission, which was the removal of Saddam Hussein. As a result, he said that there are no longer torture chambers or mass graves or rape rooms in Iraq.

George W. Bush has no sense of irony and is once again showing us his dissociative disorder that he the many Americans that support him have developed after September 11th, 2001.

It is obvious that there are rape rooms and torture chambers and a few troops are using them for their own sadistic "passion plays."

He condemned the activity and in the same breath is unable to connect the activities of rape and torture by his own troops and still connects them to Saddam Hussein and his unconnected war objectives, that range from revenge, to the removal of the fictitious weapons of mass destruction.

Bush is supposed to represent America and it seems he is doing it quite well.

With no objections the President can present a shallow apology, a shabby investigation, and the often worn out promise that policies are in place to insure that this will never happen again.

Itís better to say Iím sorry then ask for permission.

We all know that most Americans that march lock step behind Bush would give him permission. They are craving for their oblivion and the destruction of those that have been dehumanized. The more the world continues to deteriorate the closer they come to the rapture and to the Second Coming of Christ.

Our Government, with the political support of a mad faction of fanatics has deliberately abandoned any attempts to be decent and moral because the "enemy" is not a part of Godís great plan. The fanatics have rejected the very principles that they claim to hold sacred.

In the process they know that their lives hang in the balance and they await the great gamble of who will be left behind and who will be taken into Christís presence without facing the fires of the predicted cataclysm.

It is estimated, there are 90 million evangelical Christians in the United States. There is no possible way to estimate how many of those are fanatical and caught up into millennial madness.

Of course, not all of the American evangelicals are fanatics any more than all Muslims are Islamic extremists. However it seems that it is anathema to declare that you are troubled by the actions of the dispensationalist bible-thumping mob.

According to a Time Magazine poll 59% of Americans believe that the prophecies found in the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled during their lifetime.

While keeping this in mind, remember that the apocalyptic writings speak of uncertainty, the rise of the antichrist, a war of desolation, and eventually the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. If these things are to happen then they will happen in due course.

However it needs to be pointed out that the actions of a few fundamentalist fanatics are giving this "prophecy" an added push. They are intentionally bringing about their own oblivion.

They are embracing the coming destruction in hopes of rebuilding a better world that they have been promised by writ of scripture.

The Bible is being used as a "how to" book for self-destruction.

Now connect the dots and understand that this is what the world is up against at the moment. A frank and brutal group "think" that embraces the promised brutality and murderous hearts of man. The death fetish and horrible example of the Bush regime is merely a practice run for the next one in line.

If you think that Bush is godly, then the Antichrist should have an easy time becoming the leader of a nation that embraces brutality, dehumanization and murder of a group of people singled out and marked because of their beliefs and lifestyles.

All it takes is a few miracles where the Antichrist hides in plain sight turning wine into water, then water into blood. The blood will inebriate the beast, which will in turn become his wine again. He will offer to wipe the slate clean and eliminate those who do not agree with him. He will have the zeal of a savior, he will claim his divinity, and urge his followers to embrace a corrosive nihilism.

In the Bob Woodward book "Plan of Attack " I read a passage that reminded me of an old French saying that I used in one of my previous articles called "Deus Irae 2004: Letís get Ready to Crumble. The article is one of my annual "predictions" articles and in it I wrote:

"Keep in mind that whatever happens, it has already been planed and that the elite have already planned out the middle of the story. From 2004 to 2006 we will see some very significant changes and that many people will be fearful of what awaits them.

In parting I will leave you with a French phrase that will apply to 2004.

AprŤs nous, le Dťluge

The phrase translated directly is "After us, cometh the flood." It also has a hidden meaning that loosely interpreted means "Ruin all if you wish, after you are dead it wonít matter." ófrom the article Deus Irae 2004: Letís Get Ready to Crumble ©2003 by Clyde Lewis

While interviewing President Bush in the book that was released three months after I published my article, Bob Woodward asked Bush how he thinks history will regard his war in Iraq. Bush gazed out the window, and said

"History, we don't know we'll all be dead."

AprŤs nous, le Dťluge! It is the same meaning. It wonít matter what we do now, history has us all marked for a horrible death. So says President George W. Bush!

When you are a child, the mind is an open canvas and anyone that you held in great regard, could paint a picture on that open canvas. Teachers at school could take a brush and give an outline of reality. From numbers, to letters, history, and science to what it means to be a good citizen, teachers are the first artists on the scene.

Later there was always the graffiti artist known as the television. From Big Bird that saw things meekly, to Walter Cronkite who told it like it is, the canvas is stained with the paint that make up the things that you put on your palate to care about.

Then comes religion. Religion comes in and smears the teacherís artwork, and discourages you from using your palate to paint pictures that are not about God. Before long you get a nice whitewashing and your canvas is once again open for suggestion.

The artists in religion create a sponge painted world, where children run around naked with wings, and adults wear Teri-cloth robes and stand around for eternity listening to a bearded man with a mullet telling us how much he loves us.

He explains that this is why we are here listening to him talk and talk about how much he loves us, and that since we lived a good life we are here listening to him talk and talk about how he died for us and that for this we should be willing to keep listening to him talk and talk about how much he loves us.

This is what they call heaven.

I was taught that the man with the mullet was Jesus.

I was taught that he was the prince of peace. That he helped the poor and destitute. We were told that he is the example that we should follow.

However there is more to the story.

When I was a kid, I was always told that I would live to see a time where man would turn on man, blood would run in the gutters, and brother would turn against brother. At the time, I didnít know what it meant to be fatalistic. I just took it as gospel that the future looked bleak and terrifying.

But through all of it Jesus was supposed to love me. I was told that the men, who claimed to be chosen by him to run his planet, even my country would make decisions that were ordained by God for my safety and future liberty. My land was a land that was choice above all other lands.

I pledged allegiance to a flag that represented one nation under God. The God that brought us the Prince of Peace. I was invincible. No evil or flames of hell would burn me to stubble because it would be the evil non-Christians that would destroy this world and they would all eventually burn in hell.

I was "lucky" enough to be raised in a dispensationalist religion that used the Apocalyptic Method to traumatize their members and then promise that devotion to the faith was "fire insurance" against the conflagration that awaited a murderous and sinful world.

Now that I am an adult I am seeing it all play out, but not as I had envisioned on my open and suggestible canvas.

When I was a child the thought of an all out extinction level Armageddon seemed too far away to care about. In my young adulthood it seemed to be a preposterous idea. In my midlife I am beginning to see that it truly is happening and the frustrating thing is that it is being orchestrated by those who believe that if it is carried out that good old J.C. is obligated to show up and save us all.

Perhaps I am in denial, maybe it is the real deal, however I highly doubt it.

I escaped the "cult" to find myself surrounded by it. Now I am warning you of it.

Is it any wonder that what I write about is coming to pass?

I am not lying to you or trying to manipulate you. I am admitting to you that I am seeing it and I have the compulsion to warn you of what is to come. I urge you to pass the word about what I am doing because there may come a time where I will be unable to do any of this.

In early February there was a news story that became a significant parable for what we are up against. American Airline passengers were preparing for their morning flight when the captain greeted them with a chilling message.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been on a mission to Costa Rica, I would like to ask that all Christians on this flight to kindly raise their hands."

There was a surge of fear that came over flight 34 that day.

"Now if youíre not a Christian youíre crazy," The captain continued.

None of the passengers that day raised their hands. They were thinking that they were about to wind up dead. Passengers were looking for the mobile phones to call their loved ones.

The voice of the captain spoke again and this time his words were even more troubling. "Look around at each other and use the flight wisely or just sit back and watch the movie."

This story in my opinion teaches a very important lesson that we should all pay attention to.

While many will argue that the pilot meant no harm and that good Christians should have raised their hands in solidarity, I have an entirely different opinion on what this story is.

It is an excellent metaphor about the mental state of our country, and the attitudes of our captain.

A passenger jet travels through the sky carrying people of different backgrounds to different destinations. The plane has a pilot that directs the plane to that destination. The pilot and the crew look after the people and give them direction on how to have a comfortable flight. In most cases a flight faces no dangers. There is a chance, however small, that the plane can crash. In many of the crashes there are no survivors.

That is why there is always a sense of anxiousness when you board a plane. You count on arriving safely, however you still have in the back of your mind that fear that the plane will crash.

When the Captain makes the passengers feel uncomfortable he deserves a reprimand and in most cases the pilot is replaced with a competent pilot immediately.

Much like the passenger jet our country is a place for people with different backgrounds. Each person has an individual destination, an individual fate. They want to live comfortable lives and in this country they are entitled to inalienable rights. In most cases they face no danger of losing them. They face no danger of untimely death, or even extinction level death.

When the captain of our country starts saying things that make you feel uncomfortable it is your obligation to speak up and question if he is competent to run the country. The man in the most powerful position in the world believes that God has elected him into power, has directed him to preemptively strike two countries slaughtering thousands, and his followers stick behind him because of his religious zeal.

In the process they have advanced the "We will all be dead" philosophy by shrugging off the atrocities of war. Their defense is as flimsy as their belief system that there is a better life awaiting them amongst the carrion of the dead "heathen."

When Ground zero first made its debut on the Internet I had written that "The New World will be paved over the dead bodies of the old world."

In an eerie irony this is a clean slate.

Tabula Rasa.


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