Apocalypse Tao

by Clyde Lewis

"When the sky is rent asunder, when the stars scatter and the oceans roll together, when the graves are hurled about, each soul shall know what it has done and what it has failed to do."–The Qu’ran

As I was sitting in the San Francisco airport I had plenty of time to sit and ponder the entire year and wondered what I would be talking about in 2005. While sipping coffee at the food court, I had a moment of clarity. I was thinking about what the psychic Sloan Bella had said to me about being a psychic.

She kept saying that she believed that I was psychic and that a lot of what I had written in the past year had come true. She also stated that there are still many things that I had written that did not fit the timetable but eventually happened and she was impressed with my track record.

Sloan Bella was very gracious and very sharp. However I still had apprehension about the possibility of seeing into the future. My mind was reeling as I was looking around and waiting for information on my already delayed flight to Salt Lake City.

As the minutes turned into hours and as the fog rolled in off the bay I realized that I was going to be at the airport for a very long time.

While sitting with the other travelers I was thinking that there were so many stories that I had left dangling and so many lose ends that needed to be tied.

I realized that the month and year was about to end and some of the predictions I made still had not been fulfilled.

Many of these predictions dealt with the ideas of a major cataclysm that I had been dreaming about and warning about. From Snowballs to flying pig dragons I must have sounded pretty insane on the air and the words in my articles and essays probably sounded like the ramblings of some pretentious drunk.

I have to be honest when I say that at times I listen back to what I say and wince because much of what I say does sound a bit crazy and yet I always seem to get all uptight when people don’t take me seriously.

That is why I have always said that I could be kidding and yet I couldn’t be more serious.

I was standing in magazine shop looking over the year in review sections of all of the major magazines. It is my way of playing catch up because sometimes I am so preoccupied with other things that I don’t hear about the death of Tony Randall or Julia Child. I had no idea that Peter Ustinov died, or Anne Miller. It was a bit embarrassing.

Another thing that is embarrassing is how these magazines always seem to come out at bad times. They come out two or three weeks before the end of the year and so if anything major happens after the deadline it tends to be forgotten.

Dimebag Darrel never made it into the retrospectives but Johnny Ramone did.

Jack Paar’s photo was in every magazine I picked up but Law and Order’s Jerry Orbach will have to wait before he shows up in retrospectives and the end of the world will have to wait as well.

You see the world ended on December 26th, 2004 for an estimated 500,000 human beings, all victims of a violent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Southeast Asia.

Five million people are all trying to survive trying to find food water and medication. They run the risk of dying. Disease also has to make its mark as death goes from door to door taking no prisoners as this event seems like an apocalyptic drill.

I remember last year I woke up one day and decided that I was tired of hearing about the war on terror. It was about the time that Washington State reported that a large bolide meteor had passed over head lighting up the are and making me wonder if there was something strange happening in the sky.

Around this time I created News at Ground Zero with Michael Goodspeed. The purpose of the news program was to report stories that would otherwise be neglected on the talk show because of the political climate of 2004. We began by reporting the incidents of the meteors and we began to see a trend.

We were able to see that this phenomenon was happening at a much greater frequency.

We knew and were told by skeptics that reports about meteorites falling down on Earth appear all the time in the news. In 2004 Ground zero was reporting all kinds of large bolides making their way to earth during the summer and we were speculating that there was some sort of cover up regarding large meteors coming out of the sky creating what might be termed and extinction level event.

The end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 saw the strange event in Iran that was described as being apocalyptic by the citizens there. It began with sightings of UFO’s during Ramadan and eventually the reports of large fireballs being seen. On December 26th, 2003 a major Earthquake was reported in Bam Iran. The 6.8 earthquake flattened the city and killed nearly 27 thousand people. Fireballs from space then pelted the area and one bolide actually made impact and destroyed a neighborhood.

The Earthquake Struck Iraq December 26 01:56:52 UTC.

As the year progressed it was becoming evident that our fear of terrorism was overdone.

It was becoming clear to me that natural disasters including threats from space should not be ignored and that these bodies from space have a way of triggering all sorts of anomalous activities on earth.

I was criticized for focusing on such matters and there seemed to be an outcry from some members of my audience that I was overreacting.

After pointing out several coincidences that led me to believe that something big was about to happen. There was the report of the Snowball Intercept broadcast that accidentally reported on an open DOD channel that there would be a major impact on planet Earth June 20th, 2004.

I had somehow determined that this impact event would be a meteor or asteroid hitting the earth and killing thousands of people.

There were plenty of scary stories. We were digging up all sorts of dirt on the large Meteor flap until the nefarious "Aussie Bloke." a man claiming to be a scientist made his appearance on the internet and the hoax that he created basically shut down anyone who would even venture a guess as to when this major impact event would take place.

June 20th came and went and the world did not end and I was accused of perpetuating a lie. I pointed out that all of the information about the bombardment of large meteorites hitting the earth was all factual.

People were not amused. Nor were they interested anymore. I felt bad about it and then two days later there was a report that I had to mention.

The Maui News published a story on June 22nd headlined "Earth–asteroid collision inevitable, but preventable" written by Harry Eagar and in it, James Heasley a professor at the University of Hawaii’s Institute for Astronomy is quoted as saying:

"There’s no question that there’s a huge asteroid speeding through space somewhere with Earth’s name on it, but it’s the most preventable disaster mankind might ever face"

I later stated to my audience that they had a higher risk of dying in a natural disaster, or being killed by asteroid than dying in a terrorist attack.

Strange weather was also occurring everywhere and it seemed that with the Movie "The Day After Tomorrow " a movie about global cataclysm, it was only topical to remind everyone that we all could be in a major earth disaster.

I still stated that we must prepare for a world calamity brought on by Mother Nature.

There were many skeptics at the time that continued to tell me that all of the "chicken little" stuff was all for nothing and that everything that I had called peculiar was "normal."

I suppose that normal is a matter of opinion.

If you want to see snowstorms and heavy rains in the southwestern desert as normal, Tornadoes in the oddest of places as normal, and a more than average hurricane season as normal then I guess you can continue to be in the deep denial.

A deep denial that will eventually put you deep trouble.

When the earth finally calmed down I was able to break away from these news stories and focus again on other matters.

It started to get interesting around the time Toutatis, a large asteroid passed close to the earth. Mount St. Helens began rumbling again sending plumes of smoke into the air and capturing the imagination of the press. There were updates for several weeks after the Volcano was showing signs of quaking. There were tremors being felt in Washington and in Oregon. California had a few jolts and then it all quieted down again.

I had mentioned that with all of this interesting activity perhaps the magnetic field of the earth was changing and that the poles were shifting. Of course this theory was met with all kinds of derision from some of the skeptics who seem to think that what I say is pseudoscience and what I say I dogmatically believe.

I have to constantly tell them that what I say is speculative most of the time and that I use a lot of circumstantial evidence to support my opinions. Many things that I write about usually turn up in the mainstream media eventually. I am sure that a lot of what I talk about could be considered frightening and could cause a lot of panic in people that are unstable.

The filter of course is there for a reason.

Now it seems that the filter is abused and some of the more interesting facts surrounding a story get lost somewhere and I decide to recover them, dust them off and report them to my audience because I feel that they are relevant.

While the mainstream media laughed at the thought of global warning, while they scoffed at the large meteors in the skies and the peculiar weather, I had declared from my program and from this website that people have a much greater chance of dying in a natural disaster than from a terrorist attack.

I threw in a risk assessment that stated that tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and Asteroid hits are far more likely to kill you in 2004 than any terrorist action.

Now it seems that my words, while at the time were being dismissed by some are now being vindicated by the horrible events in Southeast Asia.

Here we sit in the new year and the shadow of terrorism that has been programmed into us can now take a back seat to the shadow of the earth’s power to wipe out entire cities, and kill thousands even millions of people in a matter of seconds.

With the large earthquake that destroyed property and killed thousands and the resulting Tsunamis I had to stop and ponder some of the stories of strange near earth activities that had taken place prior to the devastating 9.0 earthquake. The data that I had gathered is pointing to the possibility that this earthquake and resulting tsunami may be the result of a near earth impact of an asteroid or meteor.

These stories were reported as UFO stories in the media and we reported them on News at Ground Zero as UFO stories because on one of those rare occasions all of the media outlets were not dismissing these UFO’s as being meteors or asteroids.

I know this sounds funny or peculiar but in the course of developing the story for News at Ground Zero there seemed to be an agreed upon opinion by authorities and the press that what was being seen in the skies over China, Indonesia, Iran and elsewhere were bonafied UFO’s.

On December 18th, 2004 eight days prior to the major earthquake in Southeast Asia, hundreds of people in northwest China’s Gansu Province witnessed an unidentified flying object roaring through the sky about 11:30 pm, followed by earthshaking sounds like a bombing. They also reported that an ensuing tremble was felt within 100 square kilometers around Lanzhou. The local public security department confirmed that more than 700 reports were filed on the case, many claiming that there was a large earthquake accompanying the fireball that was falling from the sky.

Liu Yanan, astronomy professor at the Northwest Normal University, said that it might have been a large meteorite entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

On Sunday December 19th 2004, one week prior to the devastating earthquake that has killed thousands of people, an unidentified flying object was seen hurtling toward earth close to Jakarta. The incident happened at approximately 7:30 am as explosions and the local residents could hear rumblings. The explosions were heard just west of Jakarta, and witnesses could see trails of fire in the skies above them. The story was reported on el Shinta radio.

The Indonesian airforce first reported that radar registered an unidentified flying object, falling down to the ground at a very high speed.

The UFO reports were numerous and then of course it was finally revealed that what was probably in the sky were Meteorites that were falling to the ground and were tracked by radar.

The Indonesian Air Force confirmed that the meteorites were responsible for explosions in Jakarta.

Apart from these sightings there was yet another sighting of what was first reported to be a UFO over Australia and what can only be described as impact earthquakes that later followed the incident.

The Asteroids, meteors and UFO’s had returned at the end of the year and it looked as if the earth was being hit by these extraterrestrial threats.

In the cases of large meteors falling near Iran last year it was evident that rumblings and quakes would happen at about the same time.

With the reports of fireballs being seen in China, Jakarta, and Australia just prior to a major earthquake that triggered a tsunami, it becomes more apparent to me that what we have witnessed is perhaps a meteor or asteroid direct hit that somehow triggered these phenomenon.

If you think this is all far fetched then I need to give you some back ground stories that will show you that we are not getting the full story on what has happened with this major quake that is considered the worst natural disaster in modern times.

Apart from the several reports of fireballs and UFO’s over or near the geographical area of the quake and tsunami there was a report that slipped by the mainstream news that once again spoke of an asteroid or meteor near miss on planet earth.

On December 22nd, 2004, four days prior to the major earthquake it was reported that astronomers spotted an asteroid on a course that took it so close to the earth that it was below the orbits of some satellites. Of course it was reported that this asteroid was so small that it would not have affected the planet or harmed anyone if it were to enter the atmosphere.

The object, named 2004 YD5, was about 16 feet by most estimates and passed just under the orbits of geostationary satellites, which are at about 22,300 miles.

On December 26th, 2004 one of the most powerful earthquakes to ever be felt on planet earth hit the Asian Continent with its epicenter at Ach Indonesia. This major earthquake triggered tsunamis that moved as far as 91, 000 miles from the epicenter of the 9.0 magnitude quake, which was located about 100 miles off the coast of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island at a depth of about 6.5 miles.

This story seems to have an air familiarity to the Bam Iran quake. UFO’s or large meteors are seen prior to the shaking of the earth. Some of these meteors cause explosions and rumblings and then a large earthquake hits the area.

The apparent deja vu doesn’t stop with Meteors, UFO’s, and Asteroid reports. It also is a peculiar coincidence that the Indonesia quake happened on December 26, 2004 01:56:52 UTC and the Bam Iran Quake happened on December 26th, 2003 00:58:55 UTC.

Exactly one year apart to the hour, 58 minutes shy of being to the minute!

What are the chances of this?

Also what are the chances that large asteroids and meteors are reported in the skies days prior to both quakes and the mainstream media does not even report on the possibility of near earth impacts?

The whole year has been a turbulent one in space and places all over the world were seeing these large rocks coming down out of the sky and somehow the possibility of a Asteroid hit has not even been considered?

Earthquakes have been known to kill thousands of people, but the death toll in Southeast Asia may reach half a million people.

Does this seem a bit peculiar to you?

Here is another strange anomaly about the earthquake and what it was reported to be capable of doing. It has been reported that the quake was able to change the inclination of the earth spin on its axis!

Here is a translation of a statement mad in Rome Italy about the quake:

"The catastrophic sisma of 26 December has been so violent to modify in considerable way the inclination of the earth spin axis". This has been verified by the scientists of the Center of Geodesy of the Italian space Agency (ASI) of Matera who are elaborating in real time data produced from the world–wide net of satellite laser telemetry, of which the Lucano observatory is one of the fundamental bench marks. "these numbers are preliminary and come out at 12,30 of today – said Giuseppe Bianchi, scientist of the Center of Space Geodesy "G. Columbus" of the ASI – the earth spin axis shift is approximately of 2 millesimum of arc second (angle like dimensions of 1 Euro coin at distance of 2000 km), correspondent to a linear movement of 5–6 cm. Moreover such movement – adds doctor Bianchi – has happened just along the direction of the epicenter of the earthquake: from a first analysis it does not look to affect along the direction of the meridian of Greenwich."

To my dissatisfaction, there has been no real explanation as to why this happened. It just seems to me that people feel that it is logical that a quake with such magnitude could do that kind of damage and causing the earth to speed up three microseconds of time, an earthquake that has accelerated the earth’s rotation.

Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy’s National Geophysics Institute, likened the quake’s power to detonating a million atomic bombs the size of those dropped on Japan during World War II! The report also stated that the quake cause the entire planet to vibrate.

The entire planet vibrated when Alaska had a violent quake in 1964, but it didn’t affect the earth’s general rotation.

A meteor or asteroid hit could do that to the planet and the resulting impact could cause earthquakes and tsunamis. If the object was large enough it could stop the earth’s rotation.

Depending on the size and velocity of the asteroid, the earth might even break apart.

Looking back in time to when Shoemaker Levy 9 hit the surface of Jupiter the planet was hit by a series of fragments and the planet rang for about 10 hours after the impact.

The earth rang after the earthquake in Indonesia and our planet moved as if a gun had shot it.

On December 22nd, 2004 it was reported that Scientist have been monitoring a series of strange energy blasts coming from some unknown source in space.

These surges have been happening now for at least five years.

There has been a number of curious scientists who are seeing that the bombardment of these surges are happening at the poles. These cosmic surges may be responsible for changes in weather patterns and also Scientists are not ruling out the possibility that massive extraterrestrial bodies that are moving towards the earth are causing these surges!

Some of the world’s top scientists are beginning to see an astrophysical correlation between these cosmic ray blasts to our planet and an ever increasing number of global events relating to atmospheric explosions of inbound meteors, such as those that were reported Indonesia just prior to the earthquake!

The question needs to be asked, Was the earth hit by a fairly large meteor and did it trigger the massive earthquake that has now devastated Southeast Asia? Was the impact enough to change the rotation of the earth and cause it to ring like a bell?

It seems that circumstantial evidence points to the possibility.

Most everything happening right now would go over the heads of the average person and the tragedy shocks us all.

But when you look at the strange anomalies in the facts most of the roads lead to an impact event that has been covered up by the mainstream.

The epicenter of this earthquake was a little over six miles deep. Most Megathrust quakes occur anywhere from 10–500 miles below the surface.

This could indicate that perhaps a rock hit the ocean and exploded at six miles sending the shock wave through the water like a bomb.

Here is another oddity, the earthquake was a solid 9.0 on the Richter scale.

That means that this earthquake generated 30 times more energy than an 8. It can be said that this energy was the equivalent of 31,800 1–megaton nuclear bombs going off all at once. The quake released so much energy it actually disturbed the rotation of the earth and made it ring.

Remember this is from an earthquake megathrust that was estimated to be six miles deep. This is relatively shallow compared to those at 10–500 miles. So are we to determine that if a massive nuclear bomb was to dig six miles into the earth it could cause the same type of changes to the earth?

I am having a hard time swallowing this. The shallow quake is supposed to create heavy damage and tsunamis and cause ringing and rotation changes?

Now look at this table of other tsunami producing quakes:

Unimak, Alaska – 4/1/1946: depth 25km / 15.53 miles
Kamchatka, Russia – 11/4/1952: depth 30km / 18.64 miles
Chile – 5/22/1960: depth 33km / 20.51 miles
Prince William Sound, Alaska – 3/27/1964: depth 23km / 14.29 miles
Peru – 10/17/1966: depth 60km / 37.28 miles
Mexico – 9/19/1985: depth 17km / 10.56 miles
Vanimo, New Guinea – 7/17/1999: depth 32km / 19.88 miles
Kocaeli, Turkey – 8/17/1999: depth 17km / 10.56 miles
Vanuatu, SW Pacific – 11/26/1999: depth 33km / 20.51 miles
Honshu, Japan – 9/5/2004: depth 14km / 8.7 miles

Look at those numbers compared to the latest quake.

Fascinating isn’t it? The earthquake of Indonesia was probably right at the ocean floor. Could this mean that something may have hit the bottom and triggered an earthquake and tsunami?

I think it is pointing more and more to that conclusion.

But of course I am no scientist and I am sure that numbers can be crunched and changed to keep people like me from asking to hard of questions. The numbers will eventually be altered after the fact to keep the people from panicking about some other asteroid or meteor on the horizon.

Meteor an near earth threats were all over the news last year and this new year we should all raise our glasses as they did anciently when the earth was passing through a tempest in space. The New Year had ancient roots to Saturn and Cronos who would use his scythe to wipe out many people and slay the innocents.

Back then the New Year meant something more. It meant that once again the earth had passed the sun and that many inhabitants were spared the horror of dying from some sort of natural disaster. Some natural disaster brought forth by the Gods or the planets.

Something that in this year’ end and new beginning is an echo of what might be looming in 2005.

This year we must eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we all could die.