By Clyde Lewis

Even when you are sure you have the truth suddenly you find yourself in a place where reality is not clearly defined. This is where the constructs of the brain are breached and give way to paranoia, schizophrenia, anxiety, dread, and vivid hallucinations. The deeper fear sets in when you realize that the hallucination is very real. It gets even more frightening when you realize that it has manifested out of nowhere. Are you crazy? The answer is surprising when you allow yourself to become fragmented.

It is a fact that the human brain eats up sensory stimulation. It hungers for intellectual food for thought. It is attracted to eccentric viewpoints and unusual occurrences this is why we stop cold to look at the car crash on the highway. No matter if the pavement is spattered with blood. We look forward to the viewing and look away suddenly when we notice that the head has been severed cleanly off the driver who failed to negotiate the low clearance of the flat bed diesel, which had to stop short because a white SUV was in a hurry to get the kids to soccer practice.

The description of such an accident, if the story is told well, creates more images in the minds of those who will listen. The images of the minds eye are far more horrific than the reality, and if anyone missed the story the images on the television will confirm that the accident ended the life of someone.

It is difficult to understand why people have to die. We wonder if it is fate that brings us to our ends or if we have free will in this world. Most religions will tell you that there is free will yet they will also tell you that the future is predictable. If free will exists then the future cannot be predicted.

Unless of course it has been pre programmed and you are mislead into believing you have control of your life when in reality you do not. Is the real world a program? Can you adapt to it before it swallows you up and spits you out?

It can be a bit difficult adjusting to the real world. So man has a tendency to deconstruct his world and rebuild it in his own mind. Giving it flight of fancy, creating mysticism, myth, religion, and fiction. After many years what man dreams he achieves and stories that originally were published in Comic books become the realities later on in what we call the future.

There is nothing wrong with abstract thought. It opens doors that lead to discoveries that are infinite like the stars. It engages the human imagination.

Challenging the mainstream is the last great rebellion we have against a world that is oh so cleverly disguised as an amusement park when in reality it is a place where we go to die.

Abstract thought is not fantasy thinking. It is far from it. It is theorizing and suspending disbelief about things that are not seen but can eventually be true.

Some of these theories are very true, but no one else has agreed or committed it to history or to the annals of the real. But let's ask the clichéd question "What is real?" The "reality" is what you see at your feet. The rest of it exists in alternate universes. Those areas exist in the ether; perhaps those universes exist in your brain. It's always a possibility. Even reality is what your brain is assessing with second hand messages sent to it.

All things are simulated to a degree and all observed data and sensory stimulus has already entered your head thus leaving you knowing for sure that that the world you are looking at, including what you think your perceived body looks like is nothing more than a simulation inside your brain of the real world outside your brain. The real world is never directly perceived.

This means that your thoughts, what you see, what you are told, what you perceive, and what you feel is a direct result of programming. If any of this programming is compromised or breached a paranormal experience is the result. There is a fine line between a paranormal experience and what the professionals call insanity.

Just like there is a fine line between the actor, the channeler, and the person who has multiple personality disorder. Once again we rely on programming to decide what exactly is crazy and what is paranormal.

After all a person who believes that he talks to Extra Terrestrials can be considered crazy, however a person who prays to an Extra terrestrial omnipotent being who has magical powers is not crazy. Worshipping Superman is an act of fanaticism by someone who may be disenchanted with life, yet a religious person will worship a man who came to earth who actually loved us pathetic humans so much he died to save us all.

So it is abundantly clear to the enlightened that you must free the mind of prejudice and realize that all programming is unique and in order to be a citizen of the universe you must realize that all things are possible, even if they haven't manifested themselves yet.

If you look throughout history you will see that outrageous claims that could not be proven with evidence were usually thought of in theory before they actually manifested themselves as material.

Take for example radio waves. They are invisible; there is no proof that they exist. That is of course if you have a box that is able to channel those waves and the equipment to send a signal through the air so it can be heard. Valdemar Poulsen the man who invented the first machine that generated radio waves could not find financial backers in Europe. The idea was insane, transferring messages using magnetics? How absurd is that? Now we take for granted that these invisible waves surround us and that we use them to see images on a screen and hear messages on the radio.

We live in a time where many people laugh at the dreamers and the abstract thinkers. Why? Because they do not see evidence of anything that these "weirdoes" claim exists. Like the UFO for example.

The UFO is a representation of technology that has yet to be realized by human beings. This would explain why UFO's in ancient times were perceived differently by anxious observers. They were illuminated clouds, pillars and chariots of fire, and in the early years of the industrial age they were dirigibles, winged gizmos with propellers, and large illuminated fireballs.

There is no question that UFO's are real. If they are figments of the imagination then they are what we will be seeing in our future. They will be space vehicles that will be capable of transporting us off of the earth and open our minds to new discoveries. The mind is capable of many things. What it conceives it can usually achieve.

Human consciousness has maintained that there are wonders in the heavens they have been with us since man had the ability to look up. Man has also wondered how he could leave this world and visit other worlds. What if some other being out in the cosmos wondered if he was alone? What if abstract thinking is instinctive and has a universal fascination?

If that instinct is universal then the idea of an extra terrestrial race colliding with ours is not too far off. It is only logical that in a chaotic universe that our meeting will be accidental and not pre meditated. This only works if aliens perform the way we humans do.

We put our human consciousness into the personalities of these alien beings. That is why in the past aliens have told us to save the environment, stop nuclear war, and maintain a sense of self-control. Today aliens are sinister and rob us of our virtue, which may tell us that the human consciousness feels violated or victimized and these beings have gone from being sublime to profane and in most religions have achieved the image of the demon.

We are always creating these worlds on our own, regardless of their credibility. The reason why is because somewhere deep in our consciousness we know that they will eventually come to pass. We don't know the exact time, but it is something that keeps eating away at us like a cancer. It can be argued that religion is based on a world that the mind has created in order to keep us from becoming morally incorrigible. Could it be that we have created God in our own image because it is instinctive to do so?

What difference is the fate of the Heaven's gate Cult and those who believe that they will be silently taken into heaven by something known as the rapture? Will this rapture have to be self-starting if God decides he is just too busy making a hurricane to kill 144 thousand people in Florida?

It all depends on your programming. It all lies within your imagination.

Heaven's Gate could very well have been a starting point for religion and technology to form a bond. Perhaps the members of the group were pioneers in a sense, because they realized that our bodies were only containers for energy that is needed elsewhere. Perhaps to power an even greater purpose. No one can truly understand what they were thinking at the time of their deaths.

Technology is now with us. Technology is going to crank up the power of imagination by leaps and bounds. Technology is going to give us the power to create technological companions and machines that will be considered magical to the primitive. Technology is going to find a way to explain to us that everything mystical, magical, and paranormal is all tied to technology that was created millions of years ago. It will all find its way into our hands full circle.

It is then that we may learn that we are living in a mental construct that is stimulating the brain into thinking that it is in a dreamland delicately hiding the ugliness of what is real and what is left after protons and light combined with stimulus are removed from our veiled eyes.

God and spirits will be replaced with images and electrical impulses. This of course sounds Satanic and unwholesome but we will eventually remove the disguise and realize that our spirits are electric, our God's are ourselves and that perhaps we are a part of a huge program that had its beginnings thousands of years ago that was as simple as the internet that we have forged today.

I know that the internet is not the human mind, but if we could just hoard all of the information that is transmitted every day on the net and put it into a biological form similar to a brain and attach it to a physical upright being with a framework, we could very well have something similar to a God. If not a God, a human being with the intellectual codes of everyone who has ever left information in its memory.

Yes I am insinuating that the potential of the Internet is to become the building block for saving our consciousness, the very personalities of everyone in this world. I am also saying that Artificial Intelligence and the android are going to be commonplace.

What if this has happened before and that is why we are told that there is nothing new under the sun in the Bible? Or maybe that is why we are told that there are more things in heaven and earth that can be dreamt of in any philosophy.

What if one day something in the Internet was to suddenly happen that would have us question what we have created, that by some sick coincidence the Internet rules us instead of us ruling it? Anything is possible when you apply technology to mysticism and magic.

Isn't it always the case that the more you become familiar with technology your mind tends to see the big picture? That weird concepts begin to flow through you and you realize that if you plug in and get connected the world is closer to you than it used to be?

You start wondering if the mind is nothing more than a computer that was created to move a machine that consists of carbon based flesh and a framework that is a container for energy?

Bob Lazar once commented that when he allegedly was involved with reversing "alien" technology at Area 51 he saw documents that stated that human beings were nothing more than containers that housed energy, or "spirits". There have also been stories of people who claim that they are merely alien souls who have walked into human bodies.

Better still what are we seeing in today's society? Crude prototypes of containers that when a battery or power supply is put in them they entertain our children. There is Tickle me Elmo, Teddy Ruckspin, Tamagachi, Pokemon, and who can forget the Furby?

Could a container that is made up of human flesh be next? Many would say that it would be blasphemy.

I am sure that there were many angels or the technological equivalent in heaven or in the mental construct of another dimension that said

"Make this new container similar to us, but please don't give him knowledge or else he may create an even worse monster and that would be blasphemy."

In 2001 a space Odyssey we see that after the ape touches the Monolith,
When Adam eats the forbidden fruit in Huston's the Bible,

After Neo takes the red pill in the Matrix, He stops being a certain way and is catapulted into the next phase of his evolution.

So tell me is reality clearly defined? Are we all some residual program that was set and forgotten in a huge construct in our minds or even more complex, in the mind of God, or even the consciousness of another civilization?

Can we trust our thoughts? Can we trust the new creations that we mold from our own intelligence? If we decide to create something from our own intelligence and technology does that make us mad? Does it make us insane?

If we are crazy, then our creator is just as insane.

The computer and technology will eventually detach and alienate us from what the life experience offers us. We will eventually look at life as taking an energy source to animate something that appears lifeless. Much like plugging in a computer to get it to work.

As man went from an apelike existence to the thought processing creation we are now, so we will transform yet again using modern magic, or science coupled with technology. The marriage between man and machine will take time in order for it to be accepted gracefully. But of course there will be those who are disenfranchised with the idea.

They will see it as a means to an end. There will be many that will claim that it is ungodly and that it represents the signs of the times. It will be considered an implementation of a controlled world. That is why the idea of a microchipped society is considered a fulfilled prophecy of the great beast. Some think that it is the work of the devil.

But is it? How can technology and religion co exist?

Perhaps technology will be the new religion? A Techgnostic philosophy that interprets the Bible and many other religious texts as technological blueprints that reveal the very secrets of God. The religious will band together to prevent the secrets of God to be revealed. However it is Jesus himself who said in Mathew that the Apocalypse or the revealing of all things is inevitable.

"There is nothing covered up that will not be uncovered, nothing hidden that will not be made known."-Jesus speaking in Matt. 10:26

We can see the social tension now has we begin our journey into the technological phase of our existence. There seems to be this apocalyptic fever that is very contagious and old sacred images are being replaced with a new reality. It is opined that the faces of the beings that grace our religious texts are being replaced by symbolic faceless aliens with large eyes with no souls, and bodies that are atrophied. Their heads are large and their intelligence is greater than ours.

This could be the projection of our future selves. It is uncomfortable to wonder if it is so, but we have received this image from somewhere deep in our unconscious. We have put a technological face on what was once an angel or a demon. No horns nor halos, nor wings of flight. Just reptilian creatures that use technological saucers to go from point to point easily.

Isn't that what we are doing fundamentally in the world we have created on the Internet?

We are beings who are attached to laptops, we go from point to point easily and we eat up information on a daily basis drowning ourselves in all kinds of thought and philosophy. We watch our news waiting for the sound bite. We are drowning in radio waves. We send e-mails to the person in the cubicle next to us in the office rather than walking over and saying hello. Artificial life forms now communicate with our children. We see animated artificial worlds at our amusement parks and we question what is real and what is staged.

If you were an alien being monitoring our television transmissions and you had the curiosity of a child would you understand fully the difference between what is reality and what was staged? Of course you wouldn't. It is not impossible to fool anyone with something that appears to be reality but isn't. Yet we can't be so sure so reality cannot be well defined can it? Not with the advent of technological breakthroughs.

It is becoming evident that the only way we can distinguish what is real and what is manufactured is when someone tells us that it is manufactured for our amusement. If someone didn't tell you, you would never know now would you?

Technology can fool you. It can give you the feeling of reality when everything that surrounds us can be Virtual Reality.

It was the new technology that convinced us that man landed on the moon in 1969. The crude images of man dancing on the lunar landscape could have been manufactured, there are many who believe they were, but the human consciousness says otherwise.

When I saw the Movie Jurassic Park I saw real Dinosaurs. Of course they were holographic imagery that fooled the mind into thinking they were real, however this was only the beginning of what is possible.

Is this door opening and are you seeing what our future is?

Can you see the new Matrix emerging? The way we are connecting to one another and are able to look into the electronic looking glass and follow the white rabbit into the hole? Are you Mad as a hatter because you are realizing that the line between fantasy and reality is hair thin? I am beginning to believe that crazy may eventually disappear.

There is so much evidence to prove that there are many worlds within worlds to discover and technology will eventually give us the means to explore them.

The sky is not the limit anymore.


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