By Clyde Lewis

The very Idea of Dead and the Undead coming for the living is terrifying. But one can feel safe in the confines of a movie theatre believing that nothing could reanimate a corpse. Zombies, Goblins, Ghouls, and their juxtaposition with all things alien can conjure up all sorts of inexplicable paranormal events. Movies like Night of the living dead, and Gremlins reacquaint us with the all too vivid reality that some things just don't stay dead, and some things that are lurking in the shadows can jump out an convince you that death is the only way out!

When hell is full, the creatures that dwell therein will eventually find their way to earth. It is hard to imagine that in the natural scheme of things, there can be tucked away somewhere an overlooked phenomenon. A Phenomenon that by it's very nature defies all things that we consider being normal.

In the silence we wait and hope that when we pull the covers over our heads the monsters will pass by our homes. We keep the night-lights on and say a silent prayer that even by it's own composition reminds us that when we sleep the angel of death is keeping watch:

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
If should die before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take…"

On your knees with tears in your fearful eyes you hear the wind whisper through the trees and you rush to the window and slam it shut. Your flesh crawls as you draw in your head of the close call that you just experienced. No Demon or Devil will crawl under the bed sheets at night. No terror can harm you if you say your prayers.

Then you hear in your head a small little voice that gurgles out the ice water paranoia you have tried desperately to suppress. It holds you transfixed has you put your hands over your ears;

"When the Children are settled , when all work is done
They sit around the fire having all sorts of fun
Calling out for the demons, and running about,
Because the Goblins will get you if you don't watch out."

The doorknob turns on the door to the outside. A knock that is faint is heard as you throw yourself on to the bed. You don't want to move but think maybe you should. So you try to get up but you feel something sitting on your chest.

You cannot move your limbs. You try to scream but you are too frightened to shriek. You see nothing but the knocks become louder and the terror overwhelms you. You feel that your own death is eminent and you lay helplessly as the unseen demon jumps wildly on your chest causing you to feel nauseous, and shaky. Soon the room begins to become lighter and you understand that your pupils are dilating, in that quick moment of clarity you glance up and see sitting upon you a creature that looks as if it were from the bowels of hell. Grey and sinewy, covered in a viscous liquid drooling on top of you and smiling down as it moves forward to suck the air from your lungs.

The door breaks down and in rushes someone you do not know and turns on the lights. They have heard your screams and wonder what it his that has you in it's ice cold grip. There is nothing in the room. You bed sheet's soaked in sweat and your body feels the paralysis slowly slipping out as if it is oozing from the bed on to the cold hard floor.

Later you are in the bathroom looking at a pale reflection and thinking that no one will ever believe that you were terrorized by a night visitor.

In George Romero's Horror classic "Night of the Living Dead" we feel that claustrophobic sense of hopelessness when we see that a house is being surrounded by ghoulish Zombies who feast on human flesh. The occupants inside the house have to act to survive even though their minds are spent knowing that the world that once was normal, slides out of control when a probe from space crashes to earth and releases a virus capable of raising the dead.

In the case of the story of Night of the living Dead we have labeled the attackers Zombies because there is no other word to describe the walking undead. We may want to call them Revenants because there is no association with Voodoo. It has been my understanding is that a revenant being is a being that has returned from the dead to roam the earth. This is why there is that tendency to combine them all because they have the same characteristics as most phantoms, spooks, and haints. Zombie or Revenant is up to the viewer to decide and terror is often in the eye of the beholder.

When Hollywood deals with the unknown they simultaneously paint the picture of what is terrifying and optimistic. The idea of the undead, or ghosts, and little creatures from nether worlds shows us that while they are horrifying, death is not the end. The dead rising from their graves in some sick way is reassuring.

After all, the Bible speaks of the resurrection of the dead, and Jesus was able to command Lazarus to leave his tomb, but no one ever imagines it to be spooky and terrifying.

No one can picture Jesus pulling Lazarus out of the tomb and not throwing up from the awful stench of the maggot infested man who Jesus considered his friend. Let's face it he was in a tomb a long time before Jesus came by and did the old hocus pocus on his body.

There must be something that triggers the fear of the dead rising from their graves. Are the powers of resurrecting the dead saved for the divine and the sacred? Maybe the power over life and death can come from somewhere else entirely. Can evil energy propel the dead into doing Satan's bidding, and toy with our minds in order to see us suffer? Is it possible for a doorway to open up and allow a "Night of the living dead" scenario to play out in reality? Are ghosts and the undead the only things to fear when the lights go out? Of course not.

There are demons that when angered unleash catastrophes.

In the Movie "Gremlins" a small town must deal with creatures that have more in common with poltergeists as they destroy everything in their path and kill those who are in their way. The irony of the story is that it happens at Christmas, when magic is in the air. However we find that Christmas cheer is sometimes a cover for the dark inner depressions and fears that come when you are a child, and never leave you while you venture into the uncertain journey that comes with adulthood.

In the paranormal field there is a tendency to lump Aliens , ghosts , ghouls, and goblins together. With that in mind I have decided to refer to all of these unseen entities as Night Visitors.

The Night Visitors inhabit some other realm of reality and at the some time are not far away from reality. When the netherworld meets with the world we inhabit, a doorway can open and something can slip through and disturb us.

The Night Visitors are the intermediaries between The Gods and ourselves. They are the most frequent visitors. They are the most talked about and the most dreaded of all creatures. Mainly because they are superhuman in most respects yet they use that super strength to intrude upon our lives in often horrifying ways. Many times these entities associate themselves with evil, more so than with goodness. Many associate them with death and dread. They have appeared in our literature for centuries. There have been many people who have mentioned that yes the population of "hell" does spill over and some of the slime creeps into our world and leaves a cold chill in the hearts of men.

A classic well documented night visitor story has all of the fear of "Night of the living Dead" and all off the nastiness of "Gremlins." Yet it has graced the annals of UFO lore only because as I have said before, all of these Night visitors can be lumped together into one big bogeyman.

It happened in Christian County Kentucky in 1955, and while some may argue that aliens invaded a small town called Kelly others argue that it was little demons that came knocking at the door of a farmhouse that sat on Madisonville road near Hopkinsville about eight miles further north.

The papers had said a spaceship had landed and "little green men" attacked the property of Lucky Sutton but police found no signs of a space ship.

The attack took place on the nights of August 21st and 22nd 1955. Billy Ray Taylor was visiting the Suttons that night and while getting some water from the well saw a bright glow in the gully near the Sutton House. He went in to tell the others and they told him that it must have been a falling star. The Dog however began to howl and go crazy as the glow moved from the gully toward the house. According to the witnesses, the glow was coming from what appeared to be a creature with pointy ears roughly 3 feet tall with it's arms outstretched above it's head. It had enormous eyes that glowed a pale yellow.

Billy Ray Taylor and Elmer Sutton grabbed their rifles and started firing at the odd creature. The Creature flipped backwards and scurried off into the woods. The men rushed back into the house to reload their guns. The family inside was panicking and soon another creature appeared in the window peering in on the pale and frightened children.

Another shotgun blast echoed throughout the woods as bullets shot through the screen and knocked the demon looking entities back into the night.

There were sounds on the roof of the house suddenly and the Suttons realized that there were many more little creatures scuttling about on the house. The men ran to the door with their guns. As they walked out of the house to see what was happening a hand with talons reached down from the roof and Touched Billy Ray Taylor's hair. Bill Ray blasted his rifle at the creature but rather than falling dead, the creature floated to a fence 40 feet from the house.

Again a barrage of gunfire made it's mark but according to the men the bullets bounced off the creature. The creature looked at the men with it's glowing eyes and then fled back towards the gully.

There was a sound in the maple tree that startled the men and as they looked up another goblin flung itself toward the men and once again they shot first without stopping to see what it was that was terrorizing them and their family.

It was then that another night visitor screamed and came from around the corner of the house. The creature was close enough to be shot at point blank range but according to Sutton the bullet hit the head of the creature, but it didn't affect it, it bounced off and sounded like a rock bouncing off a metal bucket.

Another creature was a few feet away on a barrel. Billy Ray took aim and shot the creature. The creature floated down and rolled into a glowing ball and disappeared.

The men had enough and bolted their doors as the goblins continued to climb all over the house and peer in the windows. The beings would glow as they continued their surreal siege of the house. It was then that one of the Family member suggested that if they put down their weapons perhaps the beings would go back to where they came from.

Things were quieting down, but the children were frightened and the family had to make a run for it.

Finally, the witnesses all escaped into their car and drove from the tiny community of Kelly to the somewhat larger town of Hopkinsville. There, the witnesses told the horrific story of the "goblin" encounter to the police.

The police noticed that the family was troubled and immediately went back to the house where the encounter had taken place. Sheriff Russell Greenwell and State Trooper Ferguson were among those investigating the scene. Later, the Air Force was called in to investigate the possibility of "little green men" and a Flying Saucer.

It needs to be said that while this encounter sounds incredible both the Airforce and local authorities concluded that both Billy Ray and Lucky were sane and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Also the family inside were competent albeit startled by the whole affair and wondered what was terrorizing their home.

The authorities concluded that while there was no evidence of dead creatures, there were some strange anomalies that were present. The authorities filed in their report that strange electromagnetic charges were present in the area. Many of the officers felt sick to their stomachs and an eerie feeling existed at the homestead. There was also area where there appeared to be plasma like glowing -near the Barrel, the roof and other places where the creatures were apparently hit.

Needless to say the Sutton family abandoned their home and moved out of the county.

This story reinforces the notion that demons or night visitors or more than just mythologies that have been embraced by the superstitious. That sometimes we are powerless to the unknown.

There are some that claim that through the powers of God we can combat such foes, the Sutton family can testify that perhaps we live in a demon haunted world.

If demons want to bust down the door and wreak havoc on their human counterparts, they will. All they need is the combination to the lock on the brain that opens the gates of fear and terror. Once they can get you to die of fright, you will cross over into their territory. There they may have the power to torment you through eternity. I guess that is what it means to have your special place in hell.


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