By Clyde Lewis

Six years ago a group of "conspiratorialist nut cases" came forward and said that the Waco compound was burned to the ground by our government forces. Many people had looked at these nut cases as a group who were trying to make heroes out of the followers of David Koresh. The truth is when one tries to explain the injustices that were carried out at the compound they become thrown together with those who have the "militia" mentality. The thing that is even more disturbing is that Waco wasn't the first time and it won't be the last time that the system has shown its force. What did they expect?

History has this tendency to be only half right. It is written and rewritten to try and appease those who might feel that their story has been forgotten. History now usually is rewritten on the big screen by Oliver Stone or is sandwiched between the Sopranos and a bad Chuck Norriss film on HBO. The Internet also has a hand in rewriting history. The people's press as it is called now, has tried to explain many times that what you hear is not necessarily the truth. That is why Conspiracy theory, tries to fill in the blanks that history does not explain.

As we come to that dark precipice known as the end of the 20th century new revelations have been brought to light regarding one of the most controversial debacles known in history. The Siege at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas.

The general attitude among Americans is that a group of apocalyptic zealots got exactly what they deserved. There is also the attitude that it was a mass suicide and of course the only other exposure we had to this kind of "cultish" activity was with Jonestown and so it is always the norm for "no good" cults with counterfeit Christs to burn in hell.

The Branch Davidians are not alone in their unfortunate and untimely deaths at the hands of those who claim they are in control of a situation. Whether or not you blame their leader David Koresh or the BATF or FBI, one thing is for certain, this was not the first time commando like action against a small group of subversives has resulted in a public relations mess that has sparked a virtual undermining of the confidence and trust in the very government who claims that they are here to support and help us. I have managed to compile a few incidents that people would like to forget.

Black Panther Fred Hampton assassination:
Fred Hampton and fellow Black Panther Mark Clark were murdered in a 4 A.M. raid of Panther headquarters. The heavily armed Chicago Police attacked the Panthers' apartment. They entered the apartment by kicking the front door down and then shooting Mark Clark pointblank in the chest. Their automatic gunfire entered through the walls of Fred and his pregnant girlfriend's room. Fred was shot in the shoulder. Then two officers entered the bedroom and shot Fred at pointblank range with a bullet in the head to make sure he was dead.

The Kent State Massacre:
Students protesting the U.S. bombing in Cambodia were gunned down on May 4. 1970. When the National Guard showed up to break up the demonstration They were pelted with stones, The guardsemen then turned and fired into the crowd. Four students were killed, and nine were wounded.

The MOVE Organization Bombing:
The MOVE Organization was more or less the African American equivalent of a militia group in the United States. They were a non-violent resistance group, claiming they would only commit acts of violence when necessary to defend themselves. MOVE claimed that all governments were corrupt, destructive and psychotic. They never backed down to the system. To do so was to accept the system. In 1985 Police attacked their compound in Philadelphia one Policeman was killed in the melee. After a trial, nine MOVE members were convicted of murdering the policeman and were sentenced to thirty to one hundred years each in prison. It was later speculated that perhaps the officer, James Ramp was killed by friendly fire, many of the officers claimed that when the first attack took place that their visibility was hampered by he use of smoke grenades. After other members of MOVE relocated to another facility the police had plans for group. A bombing of their new compound. The MOVE bombing was probably the first time in history that an American City was bombed from the air.

The John Singer Shooting:
John Singer was a polygamist fundamentalist Mormon who had a long battle with Summit County Utah officials over whether or not he could educate his children at home. When Singer refused to accept court judgments that would force his children into the public school system police came to raid his property. Singer raised his gun and told them to leave his property and was shot and killed as he walked back towards his home. In January of 1988, Adam Swap bombed a Mormon church in Kaman, Utah in retaliation for the death of John Singer who became his father in law through a polygamist marriage. Swap and his family then proceeded to hold off an army of police officers and federal agents in a 13 day standoff before police finally stormed their cabin and took them into custody following a violent gun battle in which one officer, Jeff House was killed.

ABCs Peter Kennings commented that the incident at Waco was an omen of things to come. It is evident that when a cloud of uncertainty envelopes a nation the forces prepare for the worst. That is why you should prepare for anything in the new millennium. As far back as the 1970's people were seeing the buildup of the police forces to quell urban unrest.

Counter Intelligence groups have been organized for a purpose. Not just to keep a close eye on terrorist activities abroad but to look in your own back yard as well. If you think these are mere rantings of a paranoid conspiritorialists you aren't listening to the words of the police force themselves. Counter Intelligence organizations have always feared a civil war and whether it be a race riot or Waco you can bet that they will do everything in their power to avoid a riot. If anyone has wild ideas of defiance whether it be tax evasion, religious asylum or uprising of the people, They will be met with a much bigger force that is trained to deal with unrest, dissent that deals with disruptions of violence, contemporary insurgency, domestic terrorism and mass arrest procedures.

It is always nice to say that you will fight for your rights, or that the citizenry has a right to rebel. History shows otherwise. After the Oklahoma City Bombing the government stepped up its efforts to repress and control political dissent. The scary thing that needs to be brought up here is that Oklahoma City was a result of vengeance from the alleged Waco coverup. The very cover-up that is leaking out to the public at large.

What has happened is yet another vicious circle. If our own government suppressed evidence that would implicate them in the deaths of the 86 people in Waco then the very legislation that was proposed after Waco and Oklahoma City to combat terrorism was made law because of a lie and a media frenzy. These laws gave more power to allow wire tapping and more money given to the BATF, FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

In April of 1993 some people were watching their televisions as the Mt. Carmel compound went up in flames. Some say it was justified because they fired on Federal Agents, but arguably it was in self-defense. Now we are learning that the feds fired first. It was another example of how efficient our own police forces really are. Others will say it shows just how inept our police forces are. What ever camp you are in you cannot argue that the reason why this all happened in the first place was that David Koresh made the big mistake of telling the government to go to hell.

All of these calculated attacks through history proves to us again and again that the good ship U.S. government sends a message to those who wish to mutiny. That they will not hesitate to kill those who oppose them no matter how corrupt you may think they are.

It is everybody's responsibility to keep an eye on government, but when you rebel this is what you see happen. Those who do not listen are the ones who will eventually suffer.

Years of ignoring injustices because of prejudice has taken us beyond just saying "I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore." The catch 22 is that anymore that is all you can say. Go any further and it goes without saying that you may be in a position to be harrassed, arrested or killed.

The American people need to realize that below the political banter and the glitz of politics is the ugly fact that the muscle of this nation lies in the armed forces that are told to protect it. They have the money to continue to fortify the paranoia, and discredit the so called "whackos." They have the money that can be placed in surveillance, eavesdropping and mass arrest if needed.

It is also evident that they have the power to keep certain sensitive knowledge under wraps for an indefinite period of time.

Waco was not an omen of things to come. It was merely a continuation of things that have been "status quo" in a paranoid world. In the case of the Branch Davidians the media also cast their stones in order to indoctrinate the public into thinking that these people deserved the treatment they received.

They were just another cult that would be marked in the media as those wackos from Waco. The seeds were planted in the minds of the people that perhaps whatever needed to be done needed to done quickly and no matter as to what the outcome would be.

The breaking down of the human spirit can be done in many ways and if crazy is what Koresh was then the enhancements may have caused a complete and utter breakdown. The aural assault on the compound was a sickening component that may have caused a number of people to either act on fear or withdraw. The sounds of rabbits being killed were played over loudspeakers. Many don't know that when rabbits have their heads bashed in and their throats cut they scream a most shrieking and horrifying shrill before they die. The Davidians heard that at high decibels and Flood lights kept them from sleeping. Then came the sounds of Nancy Sinatra singing "These Boots were made for walking." However it wasn't just any version, it was a version that was masked over full of echo and subliminal backmasking that included suggestions of killing themselves.

The agents in charge cut off all of their utilities and food supplies. Koresh pleaded with them that the children needed milk that the babies were starving.

The whole surprise attack was not much of a surprise at all. Television mobs would swell in numbers and much of what was happening was all caught on video to beam into homes all over the country. The attack was a mess that ended up with BATF having a 20 percent casualty rate. There were four dead and 16 wounded. Once again it was believed that some of the agents if not all had fallen to friendly fire. By all accounts the first shots fired were accidental, Stephen Willis was killed as a result. It wasn't until a BATF Agent shot himself in the leg when his gun accidentally discharged that a battle insued.

The Agents opened full weapons on the compound. What went from bullets, to grenades to tear gas finally ended up being an armoured vehicle assault. By this time the compound had been through hell, having to endure an entire 8 hour barrage of CS gas. A noxious and flammable form of tear gas. We witnessed on our televisions that the Mount Carmel compound in Waco burst into flames. It was already on the lips of those who report us the consensus reality that Koresh had sent all of his followers to fiery hell. That it was a mass suicide like Jonestown.

Two of the surviving Branch Davidiam members claimed that the tanks that were bashing the walls of the compound actually knocked over Kerosene lamps that were used to light the inside after the power was cut off by the agents.

Koresh died with his followers most of those dead were the children.

Going by the records, it will enrage us to realize that the initial reason of the standoff was to serve a search warrant for weapons. It was suspected that the sect was becoming subversive and taking up arms for some sort of revolt.

It had also been reported by the BATF that perhaps Koresh was molesting the children. Another rumor that was being reported was that he and his group were making methanphetimines.

These were all tools to demonize the Branch Davidians in the media. It apparently worked. If anyone tried to explain that the followers of Koresh were merely practicing their right to freedom of religion and right to bear arms, they were met with disdain and were called "militia minded wackos."

The one thing that cannot be confused is how those in the fringe have made them heroes. However you view them is your choice, nevertheless we all need to understand what Waco means to all of us.

It means that if you suspect the worst in your government and decide to try and bring it down through subversive behavior you are treading in territory that may bring about your destruction. Government hates dissent in an age of paranoia. We may be seeing the most paranoia ever in this country's history since the cold war. The government will not hesitate to kill anyone who opposes them.

Waco and other incidents similar to it , should wake us up to where we stand when we decide to go over our limits.

Alexis de Tocqueville once said:

"In America the majority raises formidable barriers around liberty of opinion; within those barriers you may act as you please, but woe unto him who goes beyond those barriers."

I once expressed my views about Waco and claimed it was a senseless act. I was chastised and was asked "What did you expect the agents to do?"

If I could answer it would have to be "Defend the Constitution." Only you can judge what constitutional rights were violated in the Waco siege. It's not my place to try and make your opinion for you. If I were to force you into an opinion and rally a group against the government that would be wrong. It would be subversive, and history shows us exactly what happens to people who are subversives.


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